WGW Sligo County, Ireland

contributor & transcriber: Tom McGinty

Baptisms,Parish of Tubbercurry, Sligo 1859 - June 1892

Source: LDS films #1279230 Item 18 and #1279231 Item 1

This is a list of all occurances of the surnames Ginty and McCarrick that I came across in my examination of these films. There is no guarantee that I caught all of them. Also, the surname Ginty may have been spelled Genty, Geenty or Guinty depending on the parish priest recording the name. I have chosen to spell the name Ginty in all cases.

Year	Date		Child Baptised		Parents			Sponsors
1859	December 25	Mary Mullarky		James Mullarky		Denis Mullarky
			Mullane			Margaret Ginty		Cath. Smith
1860	January 23	Julia McDonogh		Mich. McDonogh		Timothy Kelly
			Carane...		Bridget McCarrick	Mary Connell
	February 18	Anne McCarrick		Peter McCarrick		Edward Kileoyne
			Doone...		Honor Kileoyne		Cath. Do (Kileoyne)
	March 6		John Sweeny		James Sweeny		John Sweeny
			Cursalla		Margaret Ginty		Honor Ginty
	July 30		Catherine McCarrick	Thos McCarrick
			Cororcash(?)		Catherine Stinson	Elizabeth Stinson
	September 2	Dan'l Ginty		Andrew Ginty		Bartly Ginty
			(New Form?) Rafora	Honor Henry		Ann Commons
	October 7	Bridget Ginty		Pat Ginty		Pat Ginty
			Mashilk			Mary O'Hara		Catherine Moss
	November 8	Margret Henry		Petre Henry		Michael May
			Bally...		Mary Ginty		Bridget Ginty
	November 25	Michael Henry		Michael Henry		Andrew Ginty
			Letrim			Honor Ginty		Honor Do (Ginty)
1861	June 21		Mary Ginty		Pat Ginty		Dominick Woods
			Laughil			Mary Woods		& mother (?)
	July 6		Eouord(?) Ginty		Bartly Ginty		Luke O'Connor
			Ballyglass(?)		Bridget O'Connor	& Mrs
	September 22	Ann Ginty		John Ginty		Pat Dunn
			M...t...		Ann Carroll(?)		Katherine Gallagher
	October 28	Pat Ginty		John Ginty		Bartly Ginty
			Ballyglass		Honor Derig(?)		Margret Derig(?)
	December 7	Honor Ginty		Jas Ginty		Jas. Sweeny
			_________		Margret O'Connor	Mary O'Connor
1862	February 23	Bridget Ginty		Thos Ginty		Jas Sweeny
			...ully...		Mary McEntire		Mary McNulty
	May 17		Eleanor(?) Ginty	Pat Ginty		Pat Dowd
			Magshile(?)		Ann Conly(?)		___ Conly(?)
	July 27		Francis Doyle		Michael Doyle		Martin Doyle
			T.curry			Catherine Mullarky	Gracy(?) Ginty
	July 27		Margret Ginty		Pat Ginty		Michel Lang
			Motshire (?)		Mary O'Hara		Margret Ginty
	August 3	Michael Feely		John Feely		Jas Mullarky
			Laughil			Bridget Nelan		Bridget McCarrick
1863	April 12	Eleanora Mullarky	Pat Mullarky		Antony Mullarky
			Corsalla		Eleanor McCarrick	Bridget Gallagher
	June 21		Edward Ginty		Pat'k Ginty		Pat'k Sweeny
			Cloonacool		Mary Woods		Bridget McCarrick
	June 27		Michael Ginty		James Ginty		Bryas (?) Kennedy
			Masshill		Bridget Quinn		Ann Carroll
	July 18		John McCarrick		Thomas McCarrick	James Davey
			Doomore (?)		Bridget Davey		Catherine Davey
	August 23	Mary Henry		Michael Henry		Bartly Ginty
			Leitrim			Honor Ginty		 Judith O'Connor
Year	Date		Child Baptised		Parents			Sponsors
1864	July 17		Catherine Ginty		Pat Ginty		James Ginty
						Mary O'Hara		Sarah O'Hara
	June 28		Honor Mullarky		Pat Mullarky		Jas Ginty
			Masshill		Margret ______		Margret Ginty
	August 14	Patrick Casey		Pat Casey		John Battle
			Carnaleck		Catherine Battle	Catherine McCarrick
	September 4	Mary Kelly		Timothy Kelly		Thomas McVan
			Denens(?)		Mary McCarrick		Mary McVan
	September 11	Mary Ginty		Bernard Ginty		Pat O'Conner
			Ballyglass		Bessy O'Conner		Mary Ginty
	December 11	Denis Sweeny		Pat Sweeny		Pat Ginty
			___________		Margret _____		Bridget McCarrick
	December 21	John Ginty		John Ginty		Michael Henry
			C_____			Mary Ann _____		Elizabeth Win...l
1865	_____ 23	Dan'l Ginty		Bartly Ginty		Jas. Moffit
			Tullycur...		Mary Moffit		Margret Ginty
	_____ 5		William Henry		Michael Henry		Pat McCarrick
			Loughil			Margret McCarrick	Mary McCarrick
	_____ 25	Edward McGiness		Bartly McGiness		Thomas Ginty
			Thesea(?)		James Dooney		Bridget Mcentire
	_____ 19	Peter McCarrick		Thomas McCarrick	Pat McCarrick
			Car...eash		Catherine Stinson	Mary McCarrick
	July 30		Bridget Ginty		Pat Ginty		Peter Henry
			Cloonacool		Mary Woods		Bridget Gallagher
	September 7	Henry Winne		Luke Winne(?)		Dominick Henry
			Cloonacool		Bridget McCarrick	Catherine McCarrick
	November 7	Mary Henry		Peter Henry		Michael Ginty
			_________		Mary Ginty		Anne Ginty
	November 19	Kate Feley		Pat Feley(?)		Michael Armstrong
			Kilcummin		Mary McCarrick		Catherine McCarrick
	November 26	Mary Ginty		James Ginty		James Ginty
			Masshill		Bridget Quinn		Napy Igo
	December 10	Mary Quinn		Pat Quinn		John Quinn
			Masshill		Mary Ann Ginty		Catherine Quinn
1866	January 11	Joseph Ginty		Thomas Ginty		John Madden
			Mullane			M. Anne Mcentire	Mary Ginty
	January 15	Margaret Henry		Michael Henry		John McEntire
			Leitrim			Honor Ginty		Mary Moffit
	April 14	Mary Ann Ginty		Pat Ginty		Denis D____(?)
			Masshill		Mary O'Hara		Bridget Higgins
	May 13		Margaret McDonogh	Michael McDonogh	Pat Devine
			Carser(?)		Bridget McCarrick	Anne Haran(?)
	May 13		Mary Sweeny		Pat Sweeny		James McCarrick
			Bal...			Margaret Neilore(?)	Mary Woods
	July 17		Pat McCarrick		Thomas McCarrick	Pat McCarrick
			Doomore			Bridget Davey		Bridget O'Connor
	August 29	Catherine McCarrick	Peter McCarrick		William Walker
			Doomore			Honor Kilmore(?)	Beesy Walker
	October 10	Mary Galagher		Jas Galagher		Thos McCarrick
			Cloon... Corsala	Catherine Leonard	Mary McCarrick
	November 2	Pat Mullarky		Pat Mullarky		Jack Goldrick
			Corsalla		Ellen McCarrick		Bridget McCarrick
	November 2	Catherine Ginty		Andrew Ginty		Thomas _______
			Cloonacool		Mary Ann Finian(?)	Ellen Henry
	August	8	Bridget Filey		Pat Feley		Pat McCarrick
			Carnaleck		Mary McCarrick		Anne McCarrick
	September 16	Martin Sweeny		Michael Sweeny		
			Doomore			Mary Davey		Mary McCarrick
	October 23	Sarah Sweeny		Pat Sweeny		Denis Sweeny
			Balrishova(?)		<none>			Bridget McCarrick
1867	February 3	John Ginty		John Ginty		Michael Arnstrong
			Ballyglass		Honor Derig		Catherine Kilmore
	February 28	Pat O'Hara		John O'Hara		Thomas Sweeny
			Thorsalla(?)		Mary Sweeny		Margaret Ginty
	March 24	Margaret Ginty		John Ginty		Andrew Ginty
			C...y			Margaret O'Connor	Honor Ginty
	May 6		Thomas Ginty		Thomas Ginty		Dominick Henry
			Mullanne		Mary A. McEntire	Catherine _____
	June 22		Bridget Ginty		Bartly Ginty		Pat McEntire
			Cloonia...		Mary Moffit		Honor Moffit
	July 3		Catherine Ginty		Pat Ginty		James Henry
			Clonia...		Mary Woods		Honor McCarrick
1868	January 19	Francis Quinn		Patrick Quinn		Hugh O'Donnell
			Masshill		Margaret Ginty	 	Mary O'Donnell
	May 10		Francis Ginty		Patrick Ginty		Thomas Ginty
			Masshill		Mary O'Hara		Bridget Ginty
	August 9	Bartly Henry		Michael Henry		Pat Mcentire
			Letrim			Honor Ginty		Margret Ginty
	October 20	Joseph Henry		Walter Henry		Martin McCarrick
			______			Eleanor Davey		Catherine McCarrick
	December 6	Andrew Ginty		Patrick Ginty		John Ginty
			C Cool			Margret Finan		Bridget Henry
1869	January 10	Owen Ginty		James Ginty 		Patk Conway
			Masshill		Bridget Quinn		Catherine Quinn
	April 11	Anne O'Hara		Roger O'Hara		John O'Hara
			C Cool			Sarah Ginty 		Catherine O'Hara
	_____ 17	James Sweeny		James Sweeny		James Henry
						Margaret Ginty    	Anne Mullarky
	October 17	Henry(?) Woods		Dominick Woods		Pat Ginty
						Anne Bettridge		Mary Woods
Year	Date		Child Baptised		Parents			Sponsors
1871	No date given	K____ Ginty		Patt Ginty		Patt Ginty
						Mary Ginty		Sarah O'Hara
1872	August 25	Beesy McCarrick		Thomas McCarrick	James McCarrick
						Catherine Stenson	Catherine McCarrick
	August 25	James Ginty		Barth. Ginty		John Ginty
						Mary Moffit		Catherine Moffit
	July 7		John O'Conner		Roger O'Conner		John O'Conner
						Mary Leonard		Margaret Ginty
	Need date	Patt Ginty		Patt Ginty		Michael Ginty
						Mary Ginty		Bridget Ginty
1873	January 12	Biddy McCarrick		Tom McCarrick		Peter McCarrick
			Doomore			Biddy Davey		Mary McCarrick
	February 2	Ellen Woods		Dom'k Woods		Jas McCarrick
			Leitrim			Anne Rutledge		Anne Ginty
	February 20	Pat Sweeny		Pat Sweeny		Denis Sweeny
			Cloonacool		Margaret Neilan		Mary Ginty
	May 25		Pat Ginty		James Ginty		James Goldrick
			Tullavilla		Biddy Quinn		Biddy Conlan
	May 25		Honor Connor		Pat Connor		James Ginty
			Tullavilla		Honor McVaun		Biddy Devitt
	June 1		Julia Ginty		Pat Ginty		Edward Ginty
			Cloonacool		Mary Woods		Anne Rutledge
	November 27	Bartly Ginty		Bartly Ginty		Tom Connolly
			Cloonacool		Mary Moffit		Margaret Ginty
	December 22	Mary Madden		Martin Madden		John Madden
			Sessue			Biddy Gallagher		Mary Ginty
1874	September 6	Mary Anne McCarrick	Pat McCarrick		Martin McCarrick
			Laughil			Kate McCarrick		Honor McCarrick
1875	September 22	Winfred Mullarky	Patt Mullarky		James Mullarky
			Corsalla		Ellen McCarrick		Bridget O'Connor
	September 22	Peter _______		John ________		______ McDonogh
			Doomore			Ann McCarrick		______ McDonogh
	October		Henry McCarrick		Patt McCarrick		Thomas McCarrick
						Catherine McCarrick	Ann McCarrick
1876	No date		John Ginty		Dan Ginty		Pat Leehety
						Catherine McCarrick	Mary McCarrick
	No date 	Mary Ginty		Bartly Ginty		_____ Henry
						Mary Moffit		Honor Ginty
	No date		Patt McIntire		Connor McIntire		Joseph Ginty
						Mary Henry		Margaret Ginty
	No date		Corneleus McCarrick	Patt McCarrick		John Wave
						Catherine McCarrick	Mary Wave
	No Date		_____ O'Donnell		____ O'Donnell		Hugh O'Donnell
						Margaret L...y		Ellen Ginty(?)
1877	July 15		Richard Ginty		Pat Ginty		Bartholomew Ginty
			Cloonacool		Mary Woods		Bridget O'Conner
	August 5	Helewise McLaughlin	Michael McLaughlin	Patrick McCarrick
			Kilcummin		Anna McCarrick		Mary Feely
	August 22	Francis Monau(?)	Johannes Monau(?)	Francis Mullarky
			Corsalla		Bridget Mullarky	Margret Ginty
	August 26	Penelope Ginty		James Ginty		Edward Conlon
			Tubbercurry		Bridget Quinn		Mary Conlon
	December 30	Patrick Ginty		Daniel Ginty		_____ Doherty
			Carnaleck		Catherine McCarrick	Mary McCarrick
1878	February 3	Helewise Claren		John Claren		Patrick Calvey
			Sessue			Mary McCarrick		Mary Ginty
	March 21	Andrew Ginty		Partick Ginty		Andrew Ginty
			Balfara			Mary Ginty		Sarah Ginty
	May 19		Bridget McCarrick	Partick McCarrick	Patrick Henry
			Loughill		Catherine McCarrick	Catherine O'Donell
	October 18	Catherine Ginty		Denis Ginty		Patrick McHugh
						Sarah Gallagher		Margaret Ginty
	November 14	Margaret Ginty		Bartholemew Ginty	Bartl. Sweeney
			Heutonn(?)			Mary Moffit		Mary Dyle
1879	March 9		Elleanna McCarrick	Thomas McCarrick	Patrick Henry
			Doomore			Bridget Davey		Bridget O'Connor
	May 3		Honor Ginty		Patrick Ginty		John O'Hara
			Ballyara		Mary Ginty		Ann O'Hara
1880	January 4	Patrick McLaughlin	Michael McLaughlin	John McCarrick
						Anna McCarrick		Mary McCarrick
	January 18	Mary McCarrick		John McCarrick		Patrick McCarrick
						Bridget Henry		Honor McCarrick
	March 14	James Ginty		Dan Ginty		Patrick Feely
			Carnaleck		Catherine McCarrick	Catherine Feely
	June 13		John McCarrick		Patrick McCarrick	John Kelly
			Loughil			Catherine McCarrick	Mary McCarrick
	August 29	John Madden		John Madden		Michael Madden
			Sesue . . .		Mary McCarrick		Bridget O'Connor
1881	August 21	Martin McCarrick	Patrick McCarrick	Pat McCarrick
			Loughil			Catherine McCarrick	Mary McCarrick
	August 28	Bridget McCarrick	John McCarrick		Pat McCarrick
			Loughil			Margaret Henry		Catherine McCarrick
	October 30	Anna Ginty		James Ginty		Pat Ginty
			Masshill		Bridget Quinn		Bridget Ginty
1882	March 17	Mary McCarrick		Pat McCarrick		Pat Henry
			Carnaleck		Mary Henry		Honor McCarrick
	June 25		Jane Ginty		Pat Ginty		Richard Woods
			Cloonacool		Mary Woods		Mary Woods
	September 10	Michael Ginty		Dan Ginty		Pat McCarrick
			Carnaleck		Kate McCarrick		Catherine Feely
1883	February 4	Honor McCarrick		John McCarrick		Pat Ginty
			Loughil			Margaret Henry		Kate Henry
	April 7		Denis Ginty		Denis Ginty		James Ginty
						Sarah Gallagher		Kate Wynne
	April 14	Joseph McCarrick	Pat McCarrick		Thomas Henry
			Loughil			Catherine McCarrick	Mary Henry
	May 17		John Joseph Henry	Pat Henry		Pat Moffit
			Tobbercurry		Catherine Ginty		Bridget Moffit
	June 10		Joseph Ginty		Bartly Ginty		James Henry
						Mary Moffit		Honor Ginty
	September 9	Thomas Madden		John Madden		Thomas Duncan
			Sessue . . .		Mary McCarrick		Bridget McCarrick
	September 12	Ellen McCarrick		Pat McCarrick		Mike Loughlin
			Carnaleck		Mary Henry		Anne McCarrick
1884	February 3	Pat McCarrick		John McCarrick		Pat McCarrick
			Loughil			Mary Henry		Mary Henry
	April 29	Mary Ellen Ginty	Pat Ginty		Jo O'Hara
			Ballyara		Mary Ginty		Anne O'Hara
Year	Date		Child Baptised		Parents			Sponsors
1884	November 16	Martin McCarrick	James McCarrick		Pat Sweeny
			Doomore			Bridget Davis		Mass McDurel(?)
	December 2	Bridget McCarrick	Pat McCarrick		John McCarrick
			Carnaleck		Mary Henry		Bridget Feely
	December 25	Thomas Ginty		Dan Ginty		Mick McLaughlin
			Carnaleck		Catherine McCarrick	Anne McCarrick
1885	October 11	Catherine McCarrick	John McCarrick		Mike Mullarky
			Loughill		Margaret Henry		Catherine Henry
	October 18	James Madden		James Madden		Mick Madden
			Sessue Cummins(?)	Mary McCarrick		M. H. Madden
1886	July 25		Mary Ginty		Dan Ginty		Pat Henry
			Carnaleck		Catherine McCarrick	Mary Ginty
1887	May 7		John McCarrick		Pat McCarrick		John McCarrick
			Carnaleck		Mary Henry		Anna McCarrick
	July 24		James McCarrick		John McCarrick		Mick McLaughlin 
			Loughill		Bridget Henry		Catherine Mullarky
	August 7	Anna			Denis Ginty		John Battle
						Cecelia Gallagher	Sarah Dunley
	November 20	David McCarrick		John Madden		Patrick Madden 
			Sessue Cummins(?)	Mary McCarrick		Mary Madden
	December 17	Anna Ginty		Edward Ginty		James Wynne
			Dencius(?)		Bridget Mitchel		Alice Mitchel
1889	August 4	Mary Anna McCarrick	John McCarrick		Michael Mullarky
			Loughil			Mary Henry		Anna McCarrick
	October 13	Honor McCarrick		Patrick McCarrick	John McLaughlin
			Carnaleck		Mary Henry		Margaret McCarrick
	December 8	John Ginty		Edward Ginty		Bartly Ginty
			Ballyglass		Bridget Mitchel		Ellen _______
1890	September 21	Thomas Ginty		Patrick Ginty		Patrick Ginty
			Ballyara(?)		Mary Ginty		Bridget Keaton
	October 12	Bridget Madden		John Madden		Patrick Madden
			Sessue			Mary McCarrick		Bridget McLean
1891	June 21		Honor McCarrick		John McCarrick		Henry McCarrick
			Loughil			Margaret Henry		Bridget McLaughlin
	June 30		Mary McCarrick		Patrick McCarrick	Mick Loghlin
			Carnaleck		Mary Henry		Anna Loghlin
	August 22	Aussest Ellen McEntee	Denis Mc Entee		Patrick McCarrick
			Leitrim			Bridget McCarrick	Catherine McCarrick
	September	Margaret Anna Henry	Peter Henry		Patrick Ginty
			Masshill		Catherine Ginty		Margaret Ginty
1892	October 10	Michael Henry		Peter Henry		Peter Ginty
			Masshill		Catherine Ginty		Mary Ginty
November 25	Bridget Ginty		Edward Ginty		Edward Ginty
					Bridget Mitchel		Bridget Feeley


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