WGW Sligo County, Ireland

Castleconnor Parish Records


date, child, father and mother, male and female sponsor

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    Aug 1845

  • 1-Michael WALSH- John Walsh and Mary Keaveney * Carane
    Thomas Howley and Bridget McHale

    Sep 1845

  • 5-Mary TIMLIN- Thomas Timlin and Nancy Judge * Knockbrack
    John Rhay and Mary Timlin
  • 7-John HARRISON- Mark Harrison and Mary Lacken * Carane
    Thomas Howley and Bridget McHale
  • 18-Michael MORAN- Michael Moran and Nancy Duffy * Corbally
    James Duffy and Mary Corey
  • 24-Catherine BATTTLE- Owen Battle and Margaret Loftus * Muingwar
    Edmond Berane and Catherine Morrison
  • 27-Henry KEANE- Martin Keane and Catherine Cosgrove * Castleconnor
    James Renalds and Elonor Keane
  • 28-Patt MC GLONE- Patt McGlone and Mary Keane * Dooneen
    Patt and Bridget Durkan
  • ?-Mary ROUSE- Michael Rouse and Mary McAndrew
    Michael McAndrew and Mary Connor

    Oct 1845

  • 5-Martin HARTE- Anthony Harte and Nancy Walsh * Corbally
    Michael and Catherine Harte
  • ?-Catherine ROGAN- James Rogan and Kitty Berane * Fidane
    Matthew Berane and Anne Morrison
  • 12-Anne CREAN- Patt Crean and Mary Sweeney * Muingwar
    Thomas and Anne Sweeney
  • 12-Patt ROUGHNEEN- Owen Roughneen and Nancy Gallagher
    John Timlin and Honor Roughneen
  • 14-Anne BERANE- Michael Berane and Mary Rhay * Carane
    James Walsh and Mary Keaveney
  • 17-Edward CREAN- Ned Crean and Bridget Cullen * Corbally
    (Twin) Anthony and Catherine Crean
  • 17-Bridget CREAN- Ned Crean and Bridget Cullen * Corbally
    Roger and Bridget Gordon
  • 19-Michael MULLANEY-Owen Mullaney and Mary Carty
    Patt Carty and Mary Battle
  • 26-Michael FOODY- Patt Foody and Catherine Foody * Emlimoran
    Michael Foody and Mary Gilmartin

    Nov 1845

  • 2-Martin RUANE- Patt Ruane and Bridget Brenan * Emlimoran
    laurence Jourdan and Anne Ruane
  • 2-Catherine REAP- James Reap and Catherine Keane * Caragaree
    Patt Culkin and Honoria Keane
  • 4-William CREAN- Martin Crean and Honor Keaveney * Muingwar
    Patt Keaveney and Mary ?
  • 8-Mary LANGAN- John Langan and Salby McDermott * Emlimoran
    Thomas Langan and Mary McDermott
  • 9-Catherine MC ANDREW-John McAndrew and Bridget Carney * Muingwar
    Michael Coggan and Anne ?
  • 27-James MILES- Patt Miles and Ellon Rogan * Muckduff
    Ned Miles and Ellon Cowley
  • 29-Mary LOFTUS- Michael Loftus and Bridget Cavanagh * Muckduff
    (twin) Thomas and Eleanor Loftus
  • 29-Beddy LOFTUS- Michael Loftus and Bridget Cavanagh * Muckduff
    (twin) Michael Cavanagh and Bridget Cowley
  • 30-Mary LACKAN- James Lackan and Mary JudgevNewtown
    John Judge and Bridget Judge

    Dec 1845

  • 18-Anne KILCAWLEY- Owen Kilcawley and Mary Berane
    Michael Berane and Anne Kilcawley
  • 23-Mary MELVIN- Thomas Melvin and Mary O'HaravWilliam Rafter and Mary Bourk
  • 28-Thomas GIBLEN- John Giblen and Anne Hanan
    ? ?

    Jan 1846

  • 4-Mary KILCAWLEY- John Kilcawley and Mary Melvin * Carns
    Darby and Catherine Melvin
  • 13-James GALLAGHER- Owen Gallagher and Mary Kennedy
    Michael Gallagher and Bridget Thornton

    Feb 1846

  • ?-James BOLAND- Frank Boland and Anna Culkin
    Dick Coggan and Anne Boland
  • 8-John DEACY- John Deacy and Margret Ginty * Stoukane
    John and margret Boland
  • 14-Ellon WRIGHT- John Wright and Bridget Loftus * Rathglass
    Darby and Ellon Wright
  • 22-Sibby DOUDICAN- Thomas Doudican and Mary Maughan
    Michael Foody and Mary Naghlin
  • 24-John CUFFE- John Cuffe and Mary Brennan * Stoukane
    John Culkin and Catherine Cuffe
  • 26-John BOLAND- Michael Boland and Bridget Moran * Touneyboy
    William Boland and Elonor Moran
  • 27-Patt KILCULLEN- John Kilcullen and Barbara Muldoon * Muingwar
    Stephan Hannan and Elonor Kilcullen

    Mar 1846

  • 1-Dennis TIMPLE- Joseph Timple and Mary Timlin * Knockbrack
    Patrick Timlin and Bridget Melvin
  • 2-Eliza MC DONNELL-John McDonnell and Sibby McDermott
    H. McDonnell and Mary Duffy
  • 3-Barbara MELVIN- Darby Melvin and Dolly Walsh
    John Melvin and Anne Gettins

    Jun 1846

  • 2-Andrew MC DERMOTT-Roger McDermott and Mary Loftus * Caragaree
    Patt McDermott and Bridget Rafter
  • 6-Martin CONWAY- Michael Conway and Bridget Rouan
    Patt Leonard and Mary Conway
  • 7-Ellon COWLEY- Martin Cowley and Mary Morris
    George McDonnell and Bridget O'Donnell
  • 7-Bridget RICH- John Rich and Bepry Dooher * Ballymoneen
    Daniel McCavish and Anne Dooher
  • 11-Michael MC HALE- Michael McHale and Mary Renalds
    ? McHale and Nancy McHugh
  • 13-John COGGANS- Patt Coggans and Catherine Higgins * Rathglass
    John and Mary Coggans
  • 19-John GALLAGHER- John Gallagher and Sibby Flynn
    Patt and Margret Gallagher
  • 21-John MC NULTY- John McNulty and Mary Conaghton Corbally
    Thomas McNulty and Bridget Conaghton
  • 24-Catherine CONWAY- Michael Conway and Mary Cuffe
    John Conway and Mary Brenan
  • 29-Daniel SHERIDAN- Patt Sheridan and Mary ?
    George McDonnell and Jane Sheridan

    Jul 1846

  • 3-Honor KILCULLEN- Owen Kilcullen and Bridget Rouse * Touneyboy
    John Kilcullen and Mary Melvin
  • 5-Mary MURPHY- James Murphy and Mary Timlin * Dooneen
    Thomas Timlin and Nancy Judge
  • ?- ? DUNIGAN- Daniel Dunigan and Mary O'Hara * Carane
    Michael and Bridget O'Hara
  • ?-? GALLAGHER- James Gallagher and Honor Gilgan * Toneboy
    Peter Gallagher and Bridget Boland
  • ?-? FORD- Anthony Ford and Mary WalshvCaragaree
    John Walsh and Catherine Kilcullen

    Sep 1846

  • 3-Anne MC ANDREW- John McAndrew and Mary Henegan * Emlimoran
    James Gilmartin and Anne Gourivan
  • 4-Bridget TIMLIN- Martin Timlin and Anna Mulrooney
    Patt Morrison and Elizabeth O'Donnell
  • 4-Larry FINLON- Michael Finlon and Mary Gettins * Muingwar
    Anthony Gettins and Bridget Finlon
  • 4-Anne MC GLONE- Patt McGlone and Honor Keane * Emlimoran
    John McGLone and Mary Keane
  • ?-Anne CONMY- Bartley Conmy and Mary Foody * Attycree
    Patt and Sally Foody
  • ?-Michael KILCAWLEY-James Kilcawley and Alice Jordan * Muingwar
    Larry Honoria Jordan
  • ?-Bridget KILCULLEN- Michael Kilcullen and Margret O'Hara * Muingwar
    Darby and Mary Melvin
  • ?-Bridget BEST- Matthew Best and Mary Cunane * Tourmore
    Andrew Best and Elonor Fox
  • ?-Michael O'HARA- Michael O'Hara and Mary Wright * Bunerla
    Darby and Mary Wright
  • ?-Bridget FEE- Patt Fee and Anne Lyons * Ballymoneen
    John and Bridget Foody
  • ?-Martin GURIVAN- Thomas Gurivan and Mary Keane * Ballymohenry
    John and Mary Gallagher
  • ?-James DOUDICAN- James Doudican and Elonor Murray * Ballymohenry
    John Melvin and Sarah Murray
    (Note: James Sr. was deceased at time of his son's birth)
  • ?-Barbara GOWRAN- William Gowran and Eleanor Loftus * Ballymoneen
    Edward Gowran and Bridget Fox
  • ?-Edmond FORD- William Ford and Bridget Feenaghty * Rathglass
    Patt and Mary Ford
  • ?Michael SWEENEY- Michael Sweeney and Mary Kilcawley * Muingwar
    James Sweeney and Mary Diamond

    Apr 1847

  • 15-Honor MURPHY- Thomas Murphy and Bridget Cullen
    Ned and Eleanor Murphy
  • 29-Judy MELVIN- Darby Melvin and Mary O'Hara * Muingwar
    Darby Melvin and Nelly O'Hara
  • 30-Patt LEONARD- Patt Leonard and Mary Conway * Carns
    Andrew Conroy and Anne COnway

    May 1847

  • 1-Mary Cath. CARROLL-Terry Carroll and Mary McDermott * Caragaree
    Frank Dunigan and Winny Ante
  • 3-James RENALDS- Owen Renalds and Catherine Cunane
    James Cunane and Nancy Howley
    (Note: Owen was deceased at time of his son's birth)
  • 7-Barbara HOWLEY- John Howley and Mary Dempsey
    Patt Dempsey and Catherine Howley
    (Note: John was deceased at time of daughter's birth)
  • 8-Anne KEANE- Frank Keane and Mary Jourdan
    William Carroll and Margaret Jourdan
  • 11-Patt DURKAN- John Durkan and Bridget Coggans * Emlimoran
    Charlie Coggans and Catherine Rhay
  • 23-Catherine BEST- Michael Best and Mary Judge * Carns
    Walter Rouse and Catherine Sweeney
  • 27-Thomas COLEMAN- ? Coleman and Honor O'Hara
    Ned Coleman and Mary O'Hara

    Jul 1848

  • 1-Mary BATTLE- John Battle and M. ?
    Hugh Malone and Mary Malone
  • 7-Mary FOODY- Patt Foody and Catherine Foody
    Martin and Mary Foody
  • 9-John BATTLE- Owen Battle and Margaret Loftus
    Martin and Catherine Battle
  • 23-Catherine KILCAWLEY-Luke Kilcawley and Mary Donlon
    Patt and Anne Kilcawley
  • 27-James MILES- Richard Miles and Anne Jourdan * Emlimoran
    James McAndrew and Mary McDermott

    Aug 1848

  • 1-Patt BATTLE- Martin Battle and Mary Foody
    Patt Sheridan and Nelly Foody
  • 6-Thomas HARTE- Martin Harte and Mary Gillard * Corbally
    Michael Harte and Sally Malone
    (Note: Thomas died Dec 8, 1860)
  • 20-Honoria TIMLIN- Thomas Timlin and Catherine (Anne) Timlin * Knockbrack
    John Timlin and Anne Gallagher
  • 25-Peter HARRISON- John Harrison and Mary Keane
    Thomas Boland and Bridget Keane
  • 27-Anne SERGEANT- William Sergeant and Mary Timlin
    Anthony Timlin and Anthony Timlin

    Nov 1848

  • 4-Michael LACKAN- Patt Lackan and Bridget Judge * Newtown
    James Lackan and Mary Judge

    Dec 1848

  • 16-Michael ROGAN- Thomas Rogan and Eleanor Culkin * Castleconnor
    Anthony McCavish and Eleanor Rogan
  • 20-Annne CONMY- Michael Conmy and Anne Barrett * Castleconnor
    ? ?
  • 20-Mary MELVIN- Thomas Melvin and Mary Durkan * Muingwar
    Michael Kilcullen and Catherine Durkan
  • 24-Margret TIMLIN- Martin TImlin and Anna Mulrooney * Knockbrack
    (twin) Michael Dempsey and Tony Timlin
  • 24-Judy TIMLIN- Martin Timlin and Anna Mulrooney * Knockbrack
    (twin) James Morris and Beddy O'Donnell

    Jan 1849

  • 3-Patt HALLINAN- Patt Hallinan and Bridget Bourk
    Michael and Bridget Howley
  • 11-Ann MC DERMOTT- Patt McDermot and Sally Henegan
    James Henegan and Mary McDermottMar 1849
  • 4-Catherine BATTLE- Owen Battle and Bridget Humber
    Harry Humber and Sibby Humber
  • 7-Patt BOLAND- James Boland and Catherine Murphy * Stoukane
    James Murphy and Margret Boland
  • 18-James COWLEY- James Cowley and Mary COnnor
    Patt Connor and Mary Dyer
  • 20-Thomas & Mary MURPHY-William Murphy and Mary Cavanaugh
    John Hanley and Ann Harkan
  • 25-Bridget FINLON- Michael Finlon and Polly Gettins * Muingwar
    Edward Walsh and Mary Melvin

    Apr 1849

  • 1-Catherine MELVIN- Patt Melvin and Catherine Durkan
    John Melvin and Mary O'Hara
  • 4-Michael COWLEY- Pat Cowley and Mary Cowley
    Jerry and Margret Sweeney
  • 8-Bryan CLARK- John Clark and Bepry Lackan
    Thoams Mark and Anne Lackan
  • 15-Margret BOLAND- Patt Boland and Mary Moran
    John Hanley and Anne Moran

    Oct 1849

  • 3-Michael HANLEY- Michael Hanley and Bridget Culkin * Corbally
    ? Hanley and Bridget Culkin
  • 13-Bessy BOLAND- Andrew Boland and Margaret Bpland * Stoukane
    Patt Boland and Mary McNulty
  • 14-Thomas TIMLIN- Anthony Timlin and Bridget Leonard * Knockbrack
    Patt Leonard and Judith Timlin
  • 21-Henry ATKINSON- John Atkinson and Mary O'Donnell
    John McDermott and Fanny Atkinson
  • 25-Patt CUFFE- John Cuffe and Mary Melvin * Carns
    Patt Cowley and Judy Melvin
  • 28-Walt COWLEY- Patt Cowley and Catherine Rouse * Tourmore
    Michael Rouse and Bridget Cowley
  • 28-Martin SWEENEY- Michael Sweeney and Mary Cowley Muingwar
    Stephen and Anne Cowley
  • 31-Anne CUNANE- John Cunane and Bridget Bourke * Caragaree
    Patt O'Donnell and Anne Monaghan

    Nov 1849

  • 6-Martin KILCULLEN- Thomas Kilcullen and Catherine Duffy * Muingwar
    John and Mary Howley
  • 6-Edmond CONWAY- John Conway and Bridget Dowd
    Ned Dowd and Mary ?
  • 11-Mary CLARKE- Anthony Clarke and Bridget Kelly
    Patt Kelly and Mary Clarke
  • 15-Christopher BOLAND-Rob Boland and Eleanore Goldon
    Henry McDonell and Maria Boland
  • 22-Winifred HOWLEY- John Howley and Anne Kilcawley * Muingwar
    Michael Berane and Jenny Kilcullen
  • 29-Mary ROUANE- Patt Rouane and Anne Foody * Carnes
    John Brennan and Nelly Foody

    Dec 1849

  • 1- James MC ANDREW-James McAndrew and Mary McDermott * Emlimoran
    William McDermott and Anne Moffet
  • 2-Mary REAPE- Michael Reape and Margaret Humber * Knockbrandon
    Patt Melvin and Judith Howley
  • 8-Michael COLEMAN- Anthony Coleman and Honor O'Hara * Carns
    Anthony Conmy and Bridget Brenan
  • 8-Mary JUDGE- Thomas Judge and Mary Kilcullen * Emlimoran
    Robert Best and Anne Kilcullen
  • 9-Margaret COLLICAN- Tom Collican and Mary McDermott
    Stephen Cowley and Mary Ormsby
  • 23-Mary KENNEDY- William Kennedy and Sally Bourne * Tourmore
    Joseph Kelly and Anne Bourne
    (Note: Mary died Apr. 5, 1880)

    Jan 1850

  • 6-Laurence BOLAND- Martin Boland and Catherine Mulrooney
    Martin and Catherine Timlin
  • 10-John TIMLIN- John Timlin and Anna Gallagher
    Patt and Honoria Gallagher
  • 16-Catherine KILCAWLEY-Patt Kilcawley and Bridget Tuffy * Ballymohenry
    James Kilcawley and Dolly Tuffy

    Jun 1850

  • 11-Mary FOODY- Michael Foody and Mary Finlon * Rathglass
    Rodger and Bridget Finlon
  • 31-Anthony MC DERMOTT-Patt McDermott and Bridget Hinnegan * Emlimoran
    Michael and Mary Hinnegan
    (Note: Anthony died Jan. 20, 1880)

    July 1850

  • 2-Mary BERANE- James Berane and Honoria Howley * Fidane
    Thomas Howley and Mary Melvin
  • 7-James CONWAY- James Conway and Hennie Mullany Muingwar
    Patt Sheridan and Catherine Sheridan
  • 7-Bridget CUNANE- Michael Cunane and Nancy Scott * Tullylin
    Patt Gallagher and Nancy Gallagher
  • 12-Patt O'HARA- Matthew O'Hara and Bridget Loftus * Emlimoran
    James Barrett and Bridget McAndrew
  • 14-Billy BOLAND- Thomas Boland and Dolly Kennedy * Tullylin
    Thomas and Nelly Kennedy

    Aug 1850

  • 8-Thady CLARKE- Patt Clarke and Honor Connor * Carane
    Dennis Connor and Mary Rouse
  • 20-Margret JONES- Michael Jones and Judith Healy * Stoukane
    Thomas Jones and Margaret Lackan
  • 21-James MULROONEY-Thomas Mulrooney and Anne Lackan
    Patt Murphy and Mary Duffy
  • 25-mary WRIGHT- Patt Wright and Honor Hanley * Corbally
    Barty Conmy and Mary Kennedy

    Sep 1850

  • 8-Honor DOUDICAN- Patt Doudican and Nelly Igoe * Emlimoran
    Patt Pendergast and Anne McAndrew
  • 22-Michael TIMLIN- Anthony Timlin and Jane McNulty * Knockbrack
    James Kelly and Judith Kelly
  • 29-Catherine HOWLEY- Patt Howley and ? McHalevCarane
    Bob and Mary Morrison
  • 29-Michale KILCULLEN-Michael Kilcullen and Margaret O'Hara * Muingwar
    Bryan and Anne Kilcullen

    Oct 1850

  • 5-Margaret FOODY- Anthony Foody and Mary Walsh * Caragaree
    Michael and Margaret Walsh
  • 19-Margaret HALLINAN-Martin Hallinan and Bridget Bourk
    Anthony and Mary Hallinan
  • 23-James BOLAND- James Boland and Catherine Murphy * Stokane
    John and Bridget Boland

    Nov 1850

  • 1-Anthony KILCULLEN-John Kilcullen and Barbara Muldoon
    Stephan Hannon and Mary Kilcullen
  • 16-Henry CARROLL- Frank Carroll and Mary Howley * Rathglass
    John Carroll and Winny Bourke
  • 26-Jane MERICK- John Merick and Bridget Foody * Ballymoneen
    Patt and Bridget Merick

    Dec 1850

  • 15-Thomas BOURKE- Patt Bourke and Mary Murphy * Emlimoran
    Martin Hallinan and Bridget Bourke
  • 17-Anna BOLAND- Patt Boland and Mary Moran
    Michael Cunane and Anne Moran
  • 19-Winny GALLAGHER- John Gallagher and Bridget McGinnis
    Dudley and Winny McGinnis
  • 26-Mary LACKAN- Patt Lackan and Bridget Judge * Ardbolly
    James Lackan and Anne Judge
  • 29-Martin TIMLIN- Thomas Timlin and Anne Judge * Knockbrack
    James Jordan and Mary Judge (twin)

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