WGW Sligo County, Ireland

Castleconnor Parish Records

Date Of Marriage * Husband * Wife * Residence of wife * witnesses: * Male * Female

    June 1845

  • 4-Patt Devaney and Anne Cunnane * ?
    Wit:James Hamilton and Batty Humber
  • 11-Michael Boland and Peggy Giblans? * ?
    Wit:Michael Murphy and Maria Duffy
  • 15-James Gallagher and May Cullen * Carns
    Wit:James Gallagher and Winny Cullen
  • 29-Patrick Wright and Ellen Keane * Castleconnor
    Wit:? ?

    Aug 1845

  • 31- Dominick Moran and Catherine Keane * Castleconnor
    Wit:John Kean and Margaret McDonaugh

    Nov 1845

  • ?- Thomas Harrison and Margaret Howley * ?

    Dec 1845

  • 5-Andrew McGowan and Winny Naaree * ?
    Wit:Michael Gallagher and Bridget Finan

    Jan 1846

  • 15-John Cunane and Judith Loftus * Muingwar
    Wit:Michael Cunane and Mary Loftus
  • 20-Patt Cunane and Mary Rouse * ?
    Wit:Michael Hanan and Bridget Fee
  • 22-Pat Langan and Elizabeth Bourke * Ardvooly
    Wit:Patt Rafter and ? Hamilton

    Feb 1846

  • ?-Thomas Atkinson anf Mary Boland * ?
    Wit:Michael Foody and ?
  • 6-William Sargeant and Mary Timlin * Knockbrack
    Wit:John Melvin and Mary Ragan
  • 8-John Howley and Mary Dempsey * ?
    Wit:Thomas Howley and Mary Jourdan
  • 8-Michael Foody and Mary Finlon * ?
    Wit:? ?
  • 24-Michael Cuffe and Bridget Durkan * Fidane
    Wit:Thomas Cuffe and Margaret Durkan
  • 24-Patt Hope and Bridget Walsh * Bunanurla
    Wit:Martin Howley and Bridget Diamond

    Mar 1846

  • 19-Michael Monelly and Anne Keane * Fidane
    Wit:Thomas McNulty and Bridget Rogan
  • 21-Michael Battle and Winifred Murphy * Cloonloghane
    Wit:Michael Regan and Bridget Durkan
  • 23-John Finlan and Mary Helly * Farrengerode
    Wit:Thady Judge and Anne Helly

    April 1846

  • 1-Thomas Mullen and Mary Dooher? * Emlimoran
    Wit:James Moran and Mary Jordan
  • 19-Michael Gallagher and Mary Connor * Carane
    Wit:Michael Gallagher and Mary Rouse

    May 1846

  • 19-Martin Gallagher and Bridget Nary * Tullylin
    Wit:Patt Gallagher and Anne Gallagher

    June 1846

  • 3-Anthony Harrison and Bridget Mulderig * Emlimoran
    Wit:Anthony Mullany and Anne Mullarky

    Sep 1846

  • 3-Michael Dempsey and Margaret Bournes * Dooneen
    Wit:William Wynne and Mary Duffy
  • ?-Patt Bourke and Mary Murphy * Emlimoran
    Wit:John and Catherine Brenan

    Jan 1847

  • 26-Michael Redington and Jane Sheridan * Tully
    Wit:James Devaney and Mary Devaney

    Feb 1847

  • 17-Patt lacken and Bridget Judge * Newtown
    Wit:James Lacken and Mary Howley
  • 17-Martin Hallinan and Bridget Bourke * Carns
    Wit:James Hallinan and Anne Morris
  • 20-James Boland and Catherine Murphy * Clookeelane
    Wit:Thomas Boland and Catherine Murphy
  • 24-Patt Doudican and Eleanor Murray * Stoukane
    Wit:Ned Casey
  • 29-Patt Murphy and Sarah Foody * Stoukane
    Wit:Christopher Boland and Anne Foody

    Mar 1847

  • 7-James Diamond and Bridget Rafter * Muckduff
    Wit:Thomas Tuffy and Mary Anne Kilcullen
  • 7-Michael Boland and Catherine Murphy * Muingwar
    Wit:Michael Moran and Margaret Boland

    Apr 1847

  • 9-James Helly and Bridget Foody * Carns
    Wit:Patt Foody and Anne Cuff

    May 1847

  • 19-Patt Culkin and Winny Murphy * ?
    Wit:Michael Kilmartin and Bridget B.?

    June 1847

  • 8-Dudley Morrison and Catherine Howley * ?
    Wit:William Howley and Mary Healy

    Aug 1847

  • ?-Patt Judge and Bridget Loftus * ?
    Wit:Patt Judge and Liddy Kirkwood

    Nov 1848

  • 27-John Johnston and Mary McCleary * Knockbrandan

    Jan 1849

  • 21-Charles McDonagh and Mary Duffy
    Wit:John Nolon and Mary Kelly * ?

    Feb 1849

  • 11-Owen Boland and Mary Moffet * Stoukane
    Wit:James Boland and Bridget Doudican
  • 13-Michael Bigley and Bridget Rouse * Muingwar
    Wit:James Coggins and Mary Carrel
  • 14-Patt Rouse and Anne Foody * Stoukane
    Wit:John Brenan and Bridget Foody
  • 16-James Jourdan and Bridget Boland * ?
    Wit:John Howley and Margaret Boland
  • 18-James Berane and Honor Howley * Ballymohaney
    Wit:Michael Berane and Bridget Howley
  • 20-Bryan Henigan and Catherine Jourdan * ?
    Wit:Henry Hart and Mary Muldoon

    Apr 1849

  • 28-Thomas Mulrooney and Anna Lackan * Ardvooly
    Wit:Owen Melvin and Bessy Watts

    May 1849

  • 16-John Gilmartin and Bridget Flynn * Ballymoneen
    Wit:John Foody and Mary Carden

    July 1849

  • 22-Charles Jordan and Cath. Jordan * Bally
    Wit:Bryan and Mary Kilcullen

    Dec 1849

  • 13-Anthony Timlin and Anne McNulty * Newtown
    Wit:Thomas McNulty and Anne Berane
    Wit:Bryan and Mary Kilcullen

    Jan 1850

  • 10-Pat Judge and Mary Culkin * Cloonloghane
    Wit:Michael Cavanaugh and Mary Caraghan
  • 26-Dennis Feenaghty and Mary Kennedy * Rathglass
    Wit:? Howley and Margaret Durkan

    Feb 1850

  • 12-Pat Foody and Catherine Brenan * Corbally
  • 18-Mark Donegan (Dunigan?) and Mary Donegan (Dunigan?) * Tourmore
    Wit:Pat Kilcawley and Mary Kilcawley
  • 20-William Howley and Sibby Fee * Fidane
    Wit:Martin Howley and Eleanor Rouse

    Mar 1850

  • 4- John Jordan and Jane Murphy 8 Cloonkeelane
    Wit:Charles Kelly and Mary Coleman
  • 14-Michael Kennedy and Anne Gallagher * Tullylin
    Wit:Owen McGinnis and Margaret Kennedy

    Apr 1850

  • 4- Thomas Howley and Bridget Berane * Fidane
    Wit:Martin Howley and Bridget Morrison
  • 22-John Durkan and Mary Renald * Rathglass
    Wit:Thomas Collins and Margaret Durkan

    May 1850

  • 15-John Judge and Sicily Price * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Pat Judge and Mary Price
  • 24-Pat Wright and Honor Hanley * Corbally
    Wit:John Kennedy and Catherine Kennedy

    Jul 1850

  • 7-James Kelly and Judith Timlin * Knockbrack
    Wit:Pat Pendergast and Mary Rogan
  • 28-Pat Roach and Bridget Judge * Cloonlog?
    Wit:John Naughton and Mary Murphy

    Nov 1850

  • 26-James Quinn and Margaret Kilroy * Ballymoneen
    Wit:William Foody and Mary Keane

    Jan 1851

  • 16-Andrew Conelly and Anne Best * Attycree
    Wit:Bartley Morrison and Margaret Walsh
  • 20-Luke Boland and Mary Boland * Stoukane
    Wit:John Kilcawley and Anne Sweeney

    Mar 1851

  • 20-Charles Kelly and Anne Boland * Caranarlara
    Wit:Thomas Keane and Bridget Kilcawley

    Apr 1851

  • 27-Peter Carty and Barbara Morrison * Carns
    Wit:Michael Cavanagh and Bridget Morrison

    Aug 1851

  • 28-John McHale and Belby Cowley * Muckduff
    Wit:? McHale and Ann Cowley

    Nov 1851

  • 18-John Brenan and Bridget Howley
    Wit:Patt Brenan and Mary Howley

    Dec 1851

  • 17-Patt Connor and Anne Kilcawley * Ballymohaney
    Wit:Dudley Hanley and Anne Gourivan

    Jan 1852

  • ??-James Coggins and Mary Kilcawley * Muingwar
    Wit:Thomas Coggins and Catherine Kilcawley

    Sep 1852

  • 21-Pat Muldoon and Mary Carroll
    Wit:Bryan Kilcullen and Bridget Coggans
  • 23-Pat Walsh and Peggy Murphy * Corbally
  • 24-Patt Melvin and Mary Jordan
    Wit:Tom Jordan and Mary Walton

    Oct 1852

  • 26-Thomas Wright and Margaret Begley
    Wit:Richard McKinsie and Sally Conaghton

    Dec 1852

  • ??-Michael Rogan and Honoria Gallagher
    Wit:Pat Durkan and Bridget Rouse

    Jan 1853

  • 20-Robert Judge and Catherine Wray * Corbally
    Wit:Pat Brenan and Catherine Wray
  • 22-Pat Durkan and Eleanor Timlin * Knockbrack
    Wit:Charles Cullen and Honor Rouse

    Feb 1853

  • 6 -Ned Ruane and Judy Jourdan * Emlimoran
  • 6 -Peter Howley and Mary Howley * Carane
  • 6 -Peter Mularky and Sally Durkan * Phidane
  • 6 -Michael Berane and Anne Morrison

    Mar 1853

  • 8 -Pat Cunane and Bridget Price

    Nov 1853

  • 14-Peter Flynn and Winny Morrison * Caragaree
    Wit: Anthony Flynn and Honor Flynn
  • 20-Martin Rouane and Nancy Kilmartin

    Jan 1854

  • 17-Patt Gallagher and Bridget Judge * Corbally
    Wit:Thomas Gallagher and Mary Conmy
  • 31-Owen McGinnis and Mary Gurivan * Carns

    Feb 1854

  • 23-Pat Fin and Mary Rafter * Muckduff
  • 25-Thomas Sweeney and Eleanor Kilcawley * Ballymohaney
  • 26-John Rouse and Bridget Morrison * Carane
    Wit:Patt Brenan and Catherine Murphy
  • 26-Anthony Murphy and Mary Cavanagh * Cloonloghane
  • 28-Hugh McCarrack and Honor McNulty * Newtown

    Apr 1854

  • 19-John Dugan and Catherine Culkin * Carane
    Wit:Richard Culkin and Mary Howley

    June 1854

  • 1- Patt Sheridan and Eleanor Rouse * Carns
  • 27-John Cuffe and Bridget Melvin * Stoukane
    Wit:Martin ? and Mary Conmy

    Oct 1854

  • 7 -James Durkan and Mary Melvin * Muingwar
  • 28-Martin DeVitt and Mary Sweeney * Rathwanny
    Wit:Pat Boland and Catherine Boland

    Nov 1854

  • 28-James Cullen and Margaret Best * Corballa
    Wit:Patrick Connelly and Margaret Atkinson

    Jan 1855

  • 9 -John Morrison and Bridget H ? * Rathwanny (both)
    Wit:Thomas Rouse and Bridget ?
  • 9 -Patt Melvin and Bridget Gallagher * Corballa (both)
    Wit:John Kennedy and Bridget ?
  • 11-John Burke and Mary Ferguson * Barracktown (both)
    Wit:Michael Healy and ? Burke
  • 24-Peter Browne and Margaret Walsh
    Wit:Attycree (Peter); Muingwar (Margaret)
    Wit:Patt Judge and Ann ?

    Feb 1855

  • 7 -Thomas Coggins and Ellen Moran * Muingwar (both)
    Wit:Thomas ? and Bridget Coggins
  • 9 -John Boland and Ellen Murphy * Stoukane (John); Corballa (Ellen)
    Wit:Kit Boland and Mary Dunigan
  • 13-Patt Brennan and Marie Boland * Corballa (Patt); Tully (Marie)
    Wit:Michael Howley and Mary Keane
  • 17-John Gallagher and Mary Walton * Knockbrandan (both)
    Wit:Thomas Humber
  • 20-Hugh Malone and Bessy Morrison * (Hugh); Knockbrack (Bessy) * Carrane
    Wit:Dennis Murphy and Honor Connor

    Mar 1855

  • 20-Andrew Barrin and Margaret Healy * Kilglass (Andrew); Beglake (Margaret)
    Wit:Luke ? and Sarah Burke

    May 1855

  • 9 -John Jordan and Ann Dixon * Castleconnor (both)
    Wit:Patt McAndrew and Bridget Harrison

    Aug 1855

  • 7 -John Nucome and Margaret Collins
    Wit:Christopher Boland and Mary Gallagher

    Sep 1855

  • 29-Patt Dolphin and Mary Berane * Bunanulra (Patt); Newtown (Mary)
    Wit:Patt Howley and Bridget Berane

    Nov 1855

  • 6 -Luke Feeney and Anne Boland * Kilglass (Luke); Cara?lar (Anne)
    Wit:Martin ? and Bridget ?
  • 29-George McCleary and Bridget Melvin * Knockbrandan (both)
    Wit:Anthony Cowley and Mary Coggins

    Dec 1855

  • 17-David Loftus and Mary Price * Ballymooneen
    Wit:Francis Carabin and Bessy Price

    Jan 1856

  • 16-Martin O'Hara and Mary Carden * Bunanulra (Martin); Bally...nou?(Mary)
    Wit:Patt Howley and Catherine Loftus
  • 17-James Mulderig and Catherine Dunlavey * Newtown(James); Corballa (Catherine)
    Wit:James Judge and Ellen Keane
  • 29-John Boland and Margaret Howley * Carrandra (John); Ballymohaney(Margaret)
    Wit:Doug Kilcawley and Margaret Burns
  • 31-Patrick Murphy and Bridget Murphy * Cloonloghane (both)
    Wit:Martin Jordan and Mary Jordan

    Feb 1856

  • 2 -Michael McCormick and Bridget Coggans * Carra(Michael); Mingcrase (Bridget)
    Wit:Patt Dempsey and Margaret Mulrooney
  • 3 -Patt Flynn and Mary O'Donnell * Bunanulra
    Wit:Edward Mayle and Margaret Gallagher
  • 4 -Michael Foody and Bridget Melvin * Touneyboy (Michael); Caran (Bridget)
    Wit:Michael Doudican and Dorothea Melvin
  • 5 -Owen Coggins and Bridget Rouse 8 Kilglass (Owen)
    Wit:Roger Grimes and Bridget Kilcawley
  • 8 -Owen Loftus and Mary Re(o)gan * Knockbrack
    Wit:Martin Loftus and Margaret ?
  • 9 -Michael Jordan and Mary Jordan * Knockbrandan (Michael)
    Wit:? and Margaret Howley
  • 19-Charles Cullen and Kay Jordan
    Wit:Corballa (Charles); Dooneen (Kay)
    Wit:Thomas Jordan and Margaret Gallagher

    Mar 1856

  • 6 -Owen Battle and Sabina Finn * Knockbrandan (both)
    Wit:Pat Shannon and Ellen Rogan
  • 27-Michael Rogan and Margaret Gallagher * Knockbrandan (both)
    Wit:Michael Burns and Anna O'Donnell
  • 27-Patt McCavish and Margaret JordanCastleconnor (Patt); Knockbrandan (Margaret)
    Wit:Matthew Keane and Margaret Jordan

    Apr 1856

  • 7 -Edward Kelly and Mary Murphy * Carra(both)
    Wit:John Kennedy and Catherine Murphy
  • 10-Martin Leonard and Ann Kilcawley * Easky(Edward); Muingwar (Ann)
    Wit:Michael Leonard and Bridget Kilcawley
  • 12-Patrick Durkan and Catherine Kilcullen * Kilgarron
    Wit:(Pat); Muingwar (Catherine)
    Wit:James Durkan and Anne Kilcullen
  • 16-Anthony Coggins and Mary McHale * Castleconnor(Anthony); Dooneen (Mary)
    Wit:James McHale and Elizabeth McHale
  • 24-William Rouse and Maria Boland * Carrane(William); Ballymohaney (Maria)
    Wit:Patt Rouse and Honor Boland

    May 1856

  • 8 -Patrick Howley and Sarah Burke * Bunanulra (Patrick); Corballa (Sarah)
    Wit:Martin Dolphin and Mary Dolphin

    Sep 1856

  • 9 -Michael Gallagher and Anne Gallagher * Corballa(Michael); Attycree (Anne)
    Wit:John Gallagher and Mary Gallagher

    Nov 1856

  • 4 -John Kelly and Elizabeth Feenaghty * Ardvolly(both)
    Wit:John Kelly and Anne Rice

    Mar 1857

  • 3 -Pat Dempsey and Mary KilcullenCloonloghane (Pat); Muingwar (Mary)
    Wit:Patrick Timlin and Anne Crean
  • 29-Pat Mullarky and Mary Kilroy
    Wit:Thomas Cowley and Bridget Cowley

    Aug 1857

  • 18-William Moran and Anne Browne * Kilmoremoy(William); Newtown (Anne)
    Wit:Patrick O'Brien and Bridget Browne

    Sep 1857

  • 12-Martin Dempsey and Mary Re(o)gan * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Anthony Loftus and Ellen Fee

    Oct 1857

  • 15-William Reynolds and Mary Gallagher * Tully(William); Rathwanny (Mary)
    Wit:James Murray and Sabina Murray

    Nov 1857

  • 12-Michael McNeilly and Catherine Loftus * Ballymoneen(both)
    Wit:Michael Regan and Sarah Carden

    Jan 1858

  • 23-Michael Loftus and Catherine Barrins * Ballymoneen(both)
    Wit:Michael Loftus and Sarah Carden
  • 31-? Helly and Ellen Howley * Bunanulra
    Wit:Thomas Moran and Mary Dolphin

    Feb 1858

  • 2 -James Kilcullen and Catherine Timlin * Muingwar(James); Knockbrack (Catherine)
    Wit:Bryan Kilcullen and Mary Timlin
  • 4 -Thomas Wright and Ellen Rogan * Castleconnor (both)
    Wit:William Foody and Elizabeth Rogan
  • 4 -Edward O'Brien and Mary ? * Carns
    Wit:Micheal Conway and Mary Naughton
  • 7 -Patrick Connaughton and Bridget Boland * Easky(Patrick)
    Wit:Michael Kahany and Honor Boland
  • 10-James Foody and Alice Gordon * Ballymoneen (both)
    Wit:William Foody and Mary Loftus

    Jan 1859

    Husband / Wife residence
  • 15-Pat Kilcullen and Mary Hanley * Kilglass/ Carns
    Wit:John Kilcullen and Maria Kelly
  • 20-Roger McDermott and Catherine Dunigan * Carragaree /Carragaree
    Wit:James Walsh and Anna Walsh
  • 29-William Kelly and Bridget McDermott * Ardvolly /Ballymoneen
    Wit:James Feenaghty and Bridget McDermott
  • 29-Patt Kilcullen and Bridget Foody * Cloonkeelane / Stoukane
    Wit:Batty Barron and Mary Conmy

    Feb 1859

  • 2 -John Laughney and Anne Judge * Corbally/ Newtown
    Wit:John Wray and Mary Lacken
  • 12-Anthony Foody and Catherine Murphy * Emlimoran /Dooneen
    Wit:Michael Foody and Mary Timlin
  • 12-Hugh Connor and Anne Devitt * Easky /Rathwanny
    Wit:Owen Connelly and Winifred Ca?gle
  • 17-Michael Foody and Mary Rouse * Stukane /Tourmore
    Wit:Thomas Wright and Bridget Kilcawley
  • 19-John McAndrew and Mary Conway * Kilgarvin /Carns
    Wit:John Ginty and Anne Conway
  • 19-James Murphy and Mary Timlin * Cloonkeelane / Cloonkeelane
    Wit:Thomas Murphy and Catherine Gallagher
  • 19-James Boland and Alice Melvin * Eskey /Carns
    Wit:James Boland and Mary Kilcawley
  • 26-Batty Foody and Mary Dolphin * Emlimoran/ Emlimoran
    Wit:Patt Foody and Margaret Foody
  • 26-James Maginnis and Ann Gourivan * Carns /Cloonkeelane
    Wit:Martin Cagle and Anne Hanley

    Mar 1859

  • 2 -William Donnelly and Margaret McDermott * Carragaree /Carragaree
    Wit:Patt Cowley? and Bridget McDermott
  • 5 -Michael Reap and Margaret Foody * Kilgarra /Emlimoran
    Wit:Anthony Reap and Catherine Foody

    Mar 1860

  • 29-Michael Kilgallen and Bridget Howley * ? / Carranilran
    Wit:Dennis Kilgallen and Bessy O'Neal

    Apr 1860

    17-Michael O'Hara and Catherine Boland * Cullesn? / Corballa
    Wit:Patt Monahan and Mary Grenahan

    June 1860

  • 14-Thomas Doudican and Bridget Morrison * Kilglass / Rathwanny
    Wit:Thomas Doudican and Honoria Finan

    July 1860

  • 12-John Harte and Mary McMalaney * Carrenolran / Rathwanny
    Wit:Michael Jones and Bessy Durkan

    Sep 1860

  • 5 -John Langley and Honor Harrison * Corballa / Emlimoran
    Wit:Denis Murphy and Bridget Judge

    Jan 1861

  • 15-Pat McDonnell and Mary Kennedy * Castletown / Rathglass
    Wit:John McDonnell and Mary O'Hara
  • 25-Michael Timlin and Maria Kennedy * Rathhatenbrack / Corballa
    Wit:Michael McNulty and Mary O'Hara
  • 28-James Kilmartin and Bridget Igoe * Cloonkeelane/ Tully
    Wit:Charles Durkan and Margaret Durkan

    Feb 1861

  • 7 -Michael Durkan and Anne Finan * Tully / Tully
    Wit:Michael Durkan and Bridget Rochford
  • 7 -Edward Barron and Bridget Rafter * Muingwar /Carragaree
    Wit:John Morrison and Elizabeth O'Brien
  • 9 -James Reynolds and Rose Flynn * Rathglass /Ballymoneen
    Wit:Patrick Ford and Ann Flynn
  • 12-Dominick Hallinan and Ellen Mulrooney * Cullen? / Rathwanny
    Wit:Edmond McLaughlin and Catherine Timlin
  • 12-Pat Crean and Mary Timlin * Kilgarren / Knockbrack
    Wit:John Moran and Ann Timlin
  • 21-Edward McLaughlin and Catherine Timlin * Kilgarvan /Cloonkeelane
    Wit:William Loftus and Mary Gallagher

    Mar 1861

  • 12-Henry Cunningham and Mary Conmy * Kilglass /Ballymohenry
    Wit:Anthony McDonnell and Mary Ford
  • 16-Martin Connell (Carrell?) and Ellen Boland * Corballa /Ballymohenry
    Wit:Michael Bourk and Judith Jones

    Apr 1861

  • 11-Denis Kennedy and Margaret Dunlavey * Kilmoremoy /Corballa
    Wit:Charles Durkan and Mary Donnelon?
  • 18-James Best and Fanny Bigley (Biglean?) * Tully / Tully
    Wit:Robert Best and Jane Boland

    Jul 1861

  • 12-Patt Neary and Bridget LoftusCastletown / Castletown
    Wit:Michael Loftus and Ellen Gourivan

    Aug 1861

  • 15-Patrick Melvin and Anne Morrison * Backs? /Knockbrack
    Wit:John Kelly and Anna Heasley
    Cathie Timlin-Hebb


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