WGW Sligo County, Ireland

Castleconnor Parish Records


Date Of Marriage * Husband * Wife * Residence of wife * witnesses: * Male * Female

    May 1865

  • 6-Charles Humber and Anna Reynolds * Knockbrandane/same
    Wit:Thomas Humber and Margaret Jourdan
  • 9-Charles McDonnell and Bridget Judge * Castletown/Newtown
    Wit:Anthony Fenlon and Sabina Judge
  • 11-Anthony Clarke and Mary Naghton * Kilnane?/Carns
    Wit:Anthony Gallagher and Mary Crean
  • 20-John Loftus and Bridget Helly * Castletown/same
    Wit:Charles Boyd and James Loftus

    Nov 1865

  • 21-John Gallagher and Mary Boland * Cloonkeelane/Stoukane
    Wit:Patrick Boland and Bridget Walsh

    Dec 1865

  • 30-Jeremiah Kelly and Annie McGlone * Kilmar/ Ballymower
    Wit:Monsignore Anthony Finlon and Mary Finlon

    Jan 1866

  • 20-Patrick Kelly and Ella McDermott * Ardvolly/Ballymoneen
    Wit:James Feenaghty and Mary Ann Gilboy
  • 26-Patrick McDermott and Catherine Gourivan * Ballymoneen/Scurinane
    Wit:Anthony McDermott and Margaret Best
  • 30-John Wray and Mary McDonnel * Corballa/same
    Wit:Michael Durkan and Ellen Gordon

    Feb 1866

  • 3-James Mullin and Sabina Melvin * ?/?
    Wit:Thomas Mullen and Mary ?
  • 3-Robert Rogan and Anne McDermott * Corballa/?
    Wit:Patt Coleman and Mary Myles
  • 6-Henry Finigan and Bridget Brennan * Kilglass/?
    Wit:Thomas Finigan and Bridget Cuffe
  • 6-Owen Donigan and Bridget Burke * Corballa/same
    Wit:Patrick Boland and ? Grimes
  • 11-Bryan Morrison and Barbara Conmy * Knockbrack/?
    Wit:John Timlin and Bridget Cuffe.
  • 13-Thomas Jones and Anna Murphy * Kilglass/Dooneen
    Wit:Martin Dolphin and Mary Murphy
  • 13-James Gallagher and Anne Battle * Rathwanny/same
    Wit:Thomas Wright and Mary Wright
  • 18-Thomas Kelly and Mary Crean * Kilmarholgen?/Muingwar
    Wit:John Gallagher and Mary Foody
  • 22-Roger Langan and Margaret Best * Easkey/Stoukane
    Wit:Michael Howley and Bridget Best

    Mar 1866

  • 16-Thomas Walsh and Anne Boland * Muingwar/Stoukane
    Wit:Patt Melvin and Mary Boland

    Jun 1866

  • 2-Owen Kilroy and Sarah Loftus * Ballymoneen/same
    Wit:Michael Wright and Bridget Gurivan

    Oct 1866

  • 27-John Timlin and Margaret Gordon * Corballa/same
    Wit:Patrick Ruddy and Winifred Creane

    Dec 1866

  • 1-James Cullen and Bridget Harrison * Ballymoneen/same
    Wit:Thomas Barrins and Mary Best

    Jan 1867

  • 19-James Murphy and Mary Dolphin * Cloonkeelane/Emlimoran
    Wit:Patt Boland and Bond Coggins

    Feb 1867

  • 14-Richard Hallinan and Mary Timlin * Kilmore/Knockbrack
    Wit:Patt Murphy and Catherine Timlin
  • 14-Patt Rogan and Anne Foody * Kilmore/Emlimoran
    Wit:James Harte and Mary Foody
  • 20-James Jordan and Bridget McAndrew * Kilgaree/Emlimoran
    Wit:? and Catherine Walsh
  • 28-John McLaughlin and Catherine Timlin * Kilgarvin/Knockbrack
    Wit:Martin Ruane and Bridget Timlin
  • 28-John Conway and Margaret Dempsey * Kilglass/Cloonloghane
    Wit:Andrew Conway and Mary Creane
  • 28-John Kenny and Bridget Kilcullen * Ballymote/Tully
    Wit:John Gallagher and Mary Gallagher

    Mar 1867

  • 2-Bryan Flynn and Bridget McDermott * Ballymoneen/Carrigaree
    Wit:John Conway and Anne FLynn
  • 5-Michael Golden and Mary Boland * Kilglass/Ardvolly
    Wit:Thomas Golden and Mary Boland
  • 5-Michael Barrons and Mary Sweeney * Fidane/Attylonca?
    Wit:Andrew Sweeney and Anne Barrons
  • 5-Bryan Kilcullen and Catherine Battle * Muingwar/same
    Wit:Michael Coggins and Mary Cawley
  • 16-Anthony Hale and Ellen Gordon * Kilglass/Corballa
    Wit:James Carty and Bridget Kenny

    Apr 1867

  • 4-Thomas McGinnis and Catherine Howley * Carns/same
    Wit:Patt Gallagher and Mary Rouse

    May 1867

  • 11-Roger Kilcullen and Mary McNulty * Tully/Carns
    Wit:Patt Gallagher and Mary E. Gallagher

    Sep 1867

  • 14-Patt Boland and Bridget Farris * Corbally/Carns
    Wit:Patt Murphy and Bridget Durkan

    Jan 1868

  • 28-Thomas Kilcawley and Bridget Gurivan * Ballymoneen/same
    Wit:Hubert Culkin and Jane Loftus

    Feb 1868

  • 13-James Mullany and Mary Battle * Kilglass/Rathwanny
    Wit:Thomas Tuffy and Bridget McDonnell
  • 13-Michael L? and Mary Gallagher * Kilglass/Cloonkeelane
    Wit:? Anne Timlin

    Mar 1868

  • 5-Michael Loftus and Mary Kilcawley * Ballymooneen/same
    Wit:James Gourivan and Brbara Gourivan
  • 5-Christopher Taylor and Catherine Rouse * Easkey/Tourmore
    Wit:Patt Sweeney and Honoria Donigan
  • 27-Martin Howley and Margaret Kerigan * Kilgarvin/Rathwanny
    Wit:Thomas Judge amd Anne Kerigan

    Apr 1868

  • 25-Thomas Barrons and Bridget Hegarty * Ballymooneen/Dooneen
    Wit:John Wright and Jane Loftus

    Jul 1868

  • 8-James Boland and Winifred Boland * ?/Tully
    Wit:James Boland and Anne Boland

    Aug 1868

  • 19-James Grimes and Sarah Grimes * Ballina/Muckduff
    Wit:Bernard McPhidy? and Ellen Gurivan

    Oct 1868

  • 17-Peter Conmy and Eliza Rogan * Ardvolly/Corbally
    Wit:John Conmy and Sarah ?

    Jan 1869

  • 14-Patrick Gallagher and Mary Kilcullen * Kilmore/Cloonkeelane
    Wit:James Gallagher and Anne Kilculllen
  • 23-Patrick Howley and Alice Howley * Kilgarvin/Emlimoran
    Wit:John Langan and Catherine Battle
  • 30-Michael Connaghton and Honoria Ford * Kilglass/same
    Wit:? ?

    Feb 1869

  • 4- John Keane and Celia Howley * Carrane/?
    Wit:? ?
  • 20-Batty Cunane and Mary Ford * ?/Rathglass
    Wit:John and Mary Boland

    Mar 1869

  • 4-Patrick Doud and Mary Jordan * Easkey/Muckduff
    Wit:Dudley Hanley and Bridget Feenaghty
  • 4-Patrick McNulty and Mary Murphy * Corbally/same
    Wit:Martin Ruane and Mary O'Hara

    May 1869

  • 4-William Wright and Margaret Handley * Ballymohenry/Carns
    Wit:John Cowley and Mary Foody
  • 9-Patrick Clarke and Bridget Murphy * ?/Cloonkeelane
    Wit:Anthony Timlin and Catherine Battle
  • 9-John Loftus and Mary Finlon * Kilgarvin/Muingwar
    Wit:Thomas Kelly and Bridget Carrell

    Feb 1870

  • 3-Patrick Coleman and Bridget Timlin * Carns/Knockbrack
    Wit:Martin Timlin and Anna Timlin
  • 17-Martin Gordon and Anne Boland * ?
  • 19-Anthony McDermott and Judith Howley * ?
  • 19-Michael Boland and Ellen Melvin * ?
  • 21-John McDonnell and Sibby Atkinson * ?
  • 21-James Hallinan and Margaret Timlin * Kilmoremoy/Knockbrack
    Wit:Thomas Loftus and Honor Timlin

    Jan 1874

  • 29-James Carden and Anne Conway * Kilglass/Carns
    Wit:Matthew Carden and Bridget Jordan

    Feb 1874

  • 3-John Keaveny and Maria Brennan * Ballykerry/Corbally
    Wit:Michael Moony and Kate Howley
  • 5-Walter Rouse and Bridget Finnerty * Kilmoremoy/Muckduff
    Wit:Michael McAndrew and Anne McHale
  • 5-John Rafter and Mary Barrins * Killplane/Fidane
    Wit:Edward Lynch and Mary Howley
  • 12-John Cunnan and Anne Gromes * Tully/Bally?
    Wit:John Boland and Jane Foody
  • 17-Laurence Finlon and Honoria Timlin * Muingwar/Knockbrack
    Wit:Batty Conmy and Edith Crane
  • 26-Patrick Donigan and Honoria Rouse * Tourmore/same
    Wit:Michael Donigan and Mary Rouse

    Mar 1874

  • 23-David McAndrew and Ann McAndrew * Ardagh/Emlimoran
    Wit:Michael Walsh and Sibby McLaughlin

    Jan 1875

  • 2-James McGuinnes and Elisa Jane O'Connor * Ballina/Castleconnor
    Wit:Michael ? and Jane O'Hara

    Feb 1875

  • 9-James Keane and Mary Boland * Kilmorehalgn?/?
    Wit:James Haran and Mary Keane
  • 18-John Gurivan and Bridget Coggins * Ardvolly/Muingwar
    Wit:John Haran and Bridget Coggins
  • 26-John Timlin and Bridget Barrins * Knockbrack/Fidane
    Wit:Martin Timlin and Mary Barrins

    Mar 1875

  • 18-John Moran and Margaret Judge * Kilgarvin/Emlimoran

    Sep 1875
    Marriages performed by: John Barrins; Parish Priest

  • 19-Michael Foody and Mary Gallagher * Dooneen/same
    Wit:Patrick McGlone and Winifred Cullen

    Oct 1875

  • 14-Patrick Murphy and Margaret Kilcullen * Corballa/Muingwar
    Wit:William O'Hara and Ann Barrins

    Jan 1876

  • 9-Charles McNamara and Ann Ryan * ?/Corballa
    Wit:John B? and Mary Rouse

    Feb 1876

  • 5-Martin Cunnane and Mary Simpson * Rathglass/same
    Wit:James Cunnane and Anne Murphy
  • 13-Thomas Donnellon and Bridget Sweeney * Corballa/Muingwar
    Wit:John Culkin and Mary Battle
  • 17-James Murphy and Margaret Jordan * Kilmoremoy/?
    Wit:John Murphy and Mary Jordan
  • 24-Martin Sweeney and Mary Hammon * Attycree/Muingwar
    Wit:Michael Hammon and Ellen Wright
  • 26-Patrick Dempsey and Catherine Foody * Cloonloghane/Emlimoran
    Wit:Michael Dempsey and Catherine Coggins

    Mar 1876

  • 9-Robert Rutledge and Catherine Conmy * Kilmoremoy/Stoukane
    Wit:Batty Conmy and Anna Murphy

    Apr 1876

  • 16-Patrick Reap and Mary Mofffet * ?Backs/Carrane
    Wit:Thomas Geraghty and Mary Judge

    Aug 1876

  • 24-John Conmy and Ann McHale * Easkey/Muckduff
    Wit:James O'Dowd and Kate Melvin

    Cathie Timlin-Hebb


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