WGW Sligo County, Ireland

Castleconnor Parish Records


date, child, father and mother, male and female sponsor

    Jan 1836

  • 3-Bridget MORRIS- Patt Morris and Nelby Gallagher * Rathglass
    Wit:James Jourdan and Bridget Conway
  • 4-Michael CONWAY- James Conway and Salby Jourdan
    Wit:Mark Conway and Bridget Jourdan
  • 7-Robert BEST-nAndy Best and Bridget Sweeney * Tourmore
    Wit:John Brennan and Margaret Howley
  • 7-Bridget LACKAN- John Lackan and Peggy Murphy * Knockbrack
    Wit:Ned Haugh and Bridget Giblin
  • 7-Patt BARRETT- John Barrett and Nelly Doudican * Tourmore
    Wit:Patt and Honor Doudican
  • 8-Thomas COGGAN- Dominick Coggan and Bridget McEnnis * Rathwanny
    Wit:John Cowley and J. Tully
  • 15-Bridget HOWLEY- Patt Howley and Ellen McHale * Carane
    Wit:Michael and Mary Howley
  • 17-Bridget ROUGHNEEN-Owen Roughneen and Bridget Gallagher
    Wit:Patt Gallagher and Anne Gallagher
  • 17-Patt RAFTERY- William Raftery and Mary Bourke
    Wit:Patt Crean and Bridget Bourke
  • 18-Patt MC NULTY- Patt McNulty and Judy Ragan
    Wit:James Kelly and Jane Stokes
  • 20-Bridget MORROW- Thomas Morrow and Nann Coggan
    Wit:Patt Melvin and Catherine Walsh
  • 26-Patt Coolican-Patt Coolican and Atty McKensey
    Wit:G. Coolican and Anne McKensey

    Feb 1836

  • 1-Bridget MC DERMOTT-John McDermott and Catherine Melvin
    Wit:Patt Rouane and Ann McDermott
  • 8-Sibby FOODY- Michael Foody and Mary Keane
    Wit:Patt Murphy and Nancy ?
  • 8-Catherine GALLAGHER-Patt Gallagher and Nappy Gallagher
    Wit:John Gallagher and Honor Gilgan
  • 10-Patt DEVITT- Robert Devitt and Mary Foody
    Wit:James and Honor Devitt
  • 17-James CUNANE- James Cunane and Honor Coggan * Knockbrack
    Wit:Thomas Gettins and Honor Gettins
  • 24-Bepry WALTON- Harry Walton and Bridget Kelly
    Wit:Michael Kelly and Mary Bourke
  • 25-Patt KELLY- James Kelly and Nann Brenan
    Wit:Edward Howley and Mary Brenan
  • 26-John KENNEDY- Thomas Kennedy and Mary Handley
    Wit:John Brenan and Peggy Bourns
    John KENNEDY -died 8 June 1857
  • 28-James CARREL- Thomas Carrel and Catherine Coggan
    Wit:Patt Coggan and Salby Coggan
    Wit:Francis and Bridget Hart
  • 28-Mary KEANE- John Keane and Peggy Keane * Dooneen
    Wit:Francis Keane and Bridget Hart
  • ?-Patt MELVIN- John Melvin and Bridget Jones * Stoukane
    Wit:Patt Melvin and Anne Gaghan

    Mar 1836

  • 6-Patt MOORE- James Moore and Mary Finan
    Wit:Michael Finan and Dolly Dowd
  • 9-Wiliam RAPE- Walt Rape and Bridget Brenan
    Wit:John Walsh and Peggy Brenan
  • 10-Michael DONLON- Michale Donlon and Cicily Crean
    Wit:THomas Donlon and Catherine Donlon
  • 11-Patt WALSH- John Walsh and Mary Keaveny
    Wit:Garrett Keaveny and Mary Hart
  • 16-Dalby FOODY- Peter Foody and Bridget Kilby?
    Wit:Robert Kirkwood and Pegg Devitt
  • 16-James KILCULLEN- John Kilcullen and Barbara Muldoon
    Wit:Michael Coggan and Anne Muldoon
    James Kilcullen died 29 July, 1866
  • 16-Matthew IGOE- Thomas Igoe and Anne Kearns * Castleconnor
    Wit:James Kearns and Maria Igoe
  • 19-John LANGAN- Martin Langan and Ellen Murphy
  • 20-Mary HEALEY- Michael Healey and Hanna Brislane
    Wit:James Healey and Catherine Brislane
  • ?-Patt O'HARA- John O'Hara and Bridget Right
    Wit:? ?

    Apr 1836

  • 21-Mary CARDEN- James Carden and Catherine Dempsey
    Wit:Patt Kilcawley and Bridget Carden
  • 21-Ann COGGAN- John Coggan and Nappy Judge
    Wit:John Judge and Catherine Deniston
  • 24-Anne SHAW - Bob Shaw and Anne Howley * Knockbrack
    Wit:James and Mary Flynn
  • 24-Honor BOLAND- Francis Boland and Mary Boland
    Wit:Patt Boland and Ellen Cowley
  • 26-Anne ROUGHNEEN- Owen Roughneen and Anne Coleman
    Wit:James Gallagher and Judy Coleman
  • 28-Mary BROWN- Thomas Brown and Catherine McEvoy
    Wit:Michael and Mary Brown

    May 1836

  • 1-Mary KORICAN- Patt Korican and Jane Gallagher
    Wit:John Gallagher and Mary Naave
  • 1-Michael CAVISH-nOwen Cavish and Catherine Mulderig
    Wit:Michael Reynolds and Bridget Mulderig
  • 8-Chaey? KELLY- Thomas Kelly and Anne Moffett * Caran
    Wit:Patt Kelly and Bridget Moffett
  • 11-John CARREL- Thomas Carrel and Mary Golden
    Wit:Patt Boland and Nelly Golden
  • 15-Bridget HARAN- James Haran and Mary Flynn
    Wit:? ?
  • 22-Peggy CONNEL- Michael Connel and Bridget McLaughlin
    Wit:John Connel and Batty Connel
  • 24-James GRIMES- Cormish Grimes amd Catherine Gettins
    Wit:Michael Foody and Polly Gettins
  • 25-Roger MC DERMOTT-Roger McDermott and Mary Loftus
    Wit:Thomas McDermott and Mary Carley
  • 25-Peggy FLANELLY- James Flanelly and Mary Mulderig
    Wit:Owen Gallagher and Sibby Mulderig
  • 26-Honor CAIN-Matthew Cain and Bridget Filbin
    Wit:William Rea and Eleanor Filbin
  • 26-Anne LACKAN- Michael Lackan and Honor Cain
    Wit:John Cain and Margaret Lackan
  • 26-John LOFTUS- Michael Loftus and Mary O'Donell
    Wit:John O'Donell and Mary Dougherty
  • 27-Mary MAY- Thomas May and Mary Carrell
    Wit:Patt Devitt and Catherine Carden
  • 27-Catherine HARAN- Michael Haran and Peggy Roughneen
    Wit:Anthony Gettins and Mary Roughneen
  • 28-John RHAY- Anthony Rhay and Peggy Coggins
    Wit:Charles Jourdan and Mary Flanelly

    Jun 1836

  • 19-John COWLEY- Patt Cowley and Mary Cowley
    Wit:Patt Cowley and Honor Cowley
  • 19-Eliza FINAN- Bivar Finan and Anne O'Brien * Muingwar
    Wit:Anthony Dowd and Honor Carrel
  • 24-Mary BEST- Matthew Best and Mary Cunnane * Tourmore
    Wit:A. Dunigan and Jane Best
  • 24-Owen DUNLAVEY- Anthony Dunlavey and Catherine Carrel * Corbally
    Wit:James Dunlavey and Anne Moffet
  • 25-James MULROONEY-Nieve Mulrooney and Catherine Battle * Corbally
    Wit:James and Mary Murphy
  • 26-Patt RAPE- Patt Rape and Mary McCavish * Emlimoran
    Wit:John Rape and Mary Rouane
  • 28-Peter JOURDAN- Thomas Jourdan and Mary Flanelly * Knockbrack
    Wit:John Walsh and Nirey Rouane

    Jul 1836

  • 3-Bridget MC DERMOTT-Anthony McDermott and Ellen McCormick
    Wit:John Roane and Bridget McDermott
  • 4-Michael TIMLIN- Anthony Timlin and Bridget Dunbar
    Wit:James Mc? and Bridget Reily
  • 6-Mary MELVIN- Darby Melvin and Mary O'Hara * Muingwar
    Wit:John and Mary Melvin
  • 8-Honor BEST- William Best and Judy Gallagher * Tourmore
    Wit:James Murphy and Mary Mulhaney
  • 16-Patt BOLAND- Michael Boland and Mary Conway * Carri?
    Wit:John and Bridget Conway
  • 16-Thomas HARRISON- Peter Harrison and Nilby Helly * Knockbrack
    Wit:Henry Donlon and Bridget Sheridan
  • 16-Patt COLLINS-Patt Collins and Catherine Gallagher * Corbally
    Wit:Anthony Dunlavey and Mary Moffett
  • ?-Mary JOURDAN- John Jourdan and Bridget Keane
    Wit:? Mary Keane
  • ?-Michael MURPHY- Thomas Murphy and Sarah Coggan
    Wit:Patt Kilcullen and Honor Coggan
  • ?-Thomas BARRETT- John Barrettt and Nelby Jourdan
    Wit:Thomas Barrett and Bridget Murray
  • ?-Patt MC DERMOTT- Thomas McDermott and Catherine Keane
    Wit:Patt McDermott and Catherine Cowley
  • ?-Peter HARRISON- Mark Harrison and Mary Lackan
    Wit:Hugh Harrison and Judy Lackan
  • ?-Mary CONNOR- Martin Connor and Bridget Ford * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Owen Kilcawley and Bridget Ford
  • 19-Anne GRIMBS- Patt Grimbs and Bridget Clarke * Muckduff
    Wit:John Grimbs and Mary Bourk

    Aug 1936

  • 19-Anthony TIMLIN- Anthony Timlin and Nelby Murphy
    Wit:Mark McAndrew and Catherine Timlin
  • ?-Mary SHEVNANE- John Shevnane and Peggy Gallagher
    Wit:Theady Reily and Bridget Rouane
  • ?-Uney O'HAHA- Thomas O'Hara and Mary Riely
    Wit:Brian Kelly and Mary Howley
  • ?-Michale BOLAND- William Boland and Jane Witters
    Wit:? ?

    Sep 1836

  • 2-Sibby CULKIN- James Culkan and Anne Coleman * Phidane
    Wit:Patt Durkan and Bridget Durkan
  • 4-Anne BERANE- Matthew Berane and Mary Culkan
    Wit:Michael Cunane and Mary Sweeney
  • 8-Mary FOODY- William Foody and Catherine Loftus * Carns
    Wit:Michael and Nancy Foody
  • 11-Michael BOLAND- John Boland and Catherine Feeney
    Wit:Michael and Bridget Boland
  • 11-Peggy CARREL- Terrance Carrel and Mary McDermott * Knockbrack
    Wit:James Carrle and Catherine Keane
  • 16-Dolly MELVIN- Dalby Melvin and Dolly Walsh
    Wit:Thomas Conmy and Bridget Jones
  • 16-Bridget JOURDAN- Walter Jourdan and Mary Callaghan
    Wit:Michael Higgans and Bridget Reynolds
  • 18-Atty COOLICAN- John Coolican and Bridget Carrel
    Wit:Daniel Kennedy and Mary Boland
  • 25-Michael BATTLE- John Battle and Mary Judge * Corbally
    Wit:Edmond Mulrooney and Babby Battle
  • 26-James FOODY- Patt Foody and Sibby Realphe * Emlinmoran
    Wit:Barty O'Mealey and Anne O'Mealey
  • 26-Francis KILCAWLEY-Frank Kilcawley and Peggy Sweeney
    Wit:William Kilcawley and Margaret Lackan

    Oct 1836

  • 23-Thomas MURPHY-Michael Murphy and Bridget Phlemin
    Wit:James Harrison and Molly Murphy
  • 25-John JUDGE - John Judge and Anne Roughneen
    Wit:John and Bridget Roughneen
  • 27-Mary QUINIGAN- Darby Quinigan and Mary Sweeney
    Wit:Patt Sweeney and Catherine Kilcawley
  • 30-Martin GALLAGHER-John Gallagher and Anne Kilcullen
    Wit:Anthony Gallagher and Mary Kilcullen
  • 30-Nellie MURPHY- Patt Murphy and Bridget Foody
    Wit:James Henigan and Mary Keane

    Nov 1836

  • 4-Patt RAGAN- Peter Ragan and A. Judge
    Wit:Patt ? and Nancy McDermott

    Feb 1837

  • 2-Mary CONWAY- Thomas Conway and Bridget Walsh * Corbally
    Wit:Patt Conway and Mary Walsh
  • 2-Mary KELLY-Michael Kelly and Biddy Howley * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Thomas Kennedy and Mary McCarty
  • 5-Matthew CONWAY- John Conway and Honor Conway * Carns
    Wit:Mark Kilcawley and Mary Conway
  • 8-Patt RAGAN- Anthony Ragan and Anastia Battle * Carrane
    Wit:John McNeley? and Bridget Ragan
  • 12-Mary DURKAN- Owen Durkan and Mary Miles * Muckduff
    Mary Durkin dies on 20 Feb, 1862
  • 12-Catherine MURPHY- James Murphy and Mary Timlin * Dooneen
    Wit:Martin Timlin and Anna Mulrooney

    Mar 1837

  • 12-Mary BOURKE- William Bourke and Mary McAndrew * Barrackstown
    Wit:James Kelly and Mary Kelly
  • 18-Honor CARDEN- Patt Carden and Bridget Flynn
    Wit:John Moffett and Sally Fee
  • 19-Patt CONMY- Michael Conmy and Babby McCormick * Ballymohenry
    Wit:Michael McDonnell and Babby Conmy
  • 19-Patt CONNEL- John Connel and Mary Mulrooney * Bunanulra
    Wit:Patt and Bridget Mulrooney
  • 25-Thomas DURKAN- Miles Durkan and Mary Howley * Muingwar
    Wit:Thomas Sweeney and Babby Muldoon?
  • 25-Bridget HOWLEY- John Howley and Bridget Jourdan
    Wit:John Conway and Honor Jourdan

    Apr 1837

  • 2-James LOFTUS- Patt Loftus and Babby Durkan
    Wit:Michael Connell and Sibby Reape
  • 4-Patt ROUSE- Patt Rouse and Mary Haran * Carns
    Wit:Ned and Honor Coleman
  • 9-Mary CONWAY- Michael Conway and Mary Cuff
    Wit:Martin Conway and Catherine Cuff
  • 14-Johm CULKAN- Patt Culkan and Mary Ranken * Castleconnor
    Wit:Charles Kilroy and Mary Kilroy
  • 19-Bridget GALLAGHER-John Gallagher and Anne Bigley * Carns
    Wit:Owen Gallagher and Anne Finan
  • 20- Ellen RAGAN- Thomas Ragan and Mary Rouane
    Wit:James Brenan and Anne Coggin
  • 22-William GALLAGHER-Michale Gallagher and Bridget Donnard
    Wit:Janet Gallagher and Mary Donnard
  • 23-Catherine GALLAGHER-John Gallagher and Mary Kennedy * Caran
    Wit:James and Mary Gallagher
  • 23-John NAUGHTON- Peter Naughton and Bridget Phleman
    Wit:John Phleman and Mary Realph

    May 1837

  • 2-Daniel COLEMAN- Michael Coleman and Catherine Sweeney
    Wit:Darby McEnnis and Anne Sweeney
  • 4-Ned BERANE- Edward Berane and Catherine Morris
    Wit:Patt Berane and Nancy McAndrew
  • 7-Thomas MURPHY- Patt Murphy and Nelby Foody
    Wit:John Foody and Catherine Murphy
  • 14-Owne COWLEY- Thomas Cowley and Molly McCavish * Castleconnor
    Wit:John McHale and Mary Renalds
  • 14-Sibby HOWLEY- Thomas Howley and Bridget Cosgur * Doohaney
    Wit:Patt Cosgur and Bridget Howley
  • 14-Honor TIMLIN- John Timlin and Anne Gallagher * Knockcaper
    Wit:Owen Roughneen and Salby Jourdan
  • 15-James COGGAN- Patrick Coggan and Peggy Carrel * Muingwar
    Wit:Richard Coggan and Anne Coggan
  • 17-Jane KEANE- Robert Keane and Catherine Nicholson
    Wit:Patt Nicholson and Mary Handley
  • 19-Mary KEANE- Anthony Keane and Anne Dunlavey * Stoukane
    Wit:Michael and Catherine Foody
  • 21-Mary ROUGHNEEN- Anthony Roughneen and Mary Finan * Tourmore
    Wit:Thomas Kilcawley and Mary Cuffe
  • 21-Anne KILGALLON- Michael Kilgallon and Bridget Connel * Carane
    Wit:John Kilgallon and Anne Browne
  • 25-Eliza HOWLEY- James Howley and Catherine Battle * Ballymohenry
    Wit:James and Sibby Howley
  • 25-John CULKAN- Richard Culkan and Bridget Kenney * Curran
    Wit:James and Judy Kenney
  • 26-Michael FOODY- John Foody and Catherine Foody * Emlinmoran
    Wit:? Foody and Mary Right
  • 31-Theady FOODY- Theady Foody and Jane Fee * Ballymoneen
    Wit:? and Bridget Fee
  • 31-John LOFTUS- Michael Loftus and Bridget Walsh
    Wit:Patt Walsh and Catherine Battle

    June 1837

  • 4-Honor GALLAGHER-John Gallagher and Margaret Thornton * Ballymoneen
    Wit:John Timlin and Anne Harrison
  • 4-Owen DUNIGAN- John Dunigan and Bridget Langan * Tourmore
    Wit:John Langan and Catherine Helly
  • 4-Bridget MURPHY- William Murphy and Mary Cavanaugh * Corbally
    Wit:Michael Judge and Mary Flanelly
  • 4-Ellen GALLAGHER- Anthony Gallagher and Nelby Dunigan Ballymohenry
    Wit:John and Nancy Gallagher
  • 4-Belty BEST- James Best and Bridget Kilcullen * Tourmore
    Wit:Michael Kilcullen and Mary Boland
  • 15-James COOLICAN- Philip Coolican and Bridget Kenney * Carns
    Wit:Patt Melvin and Mary Henegan
  • 15-John MALONE- Anthony Malone and Ellen Lehany * Corbally
    Wit:Patt Diamond and Bridget Naughton
  • 15-Peggy CONLEY- John Conley and Bridget Donnelly
    Wit:Thomas Ragan and Catherine Durkan
  • 24-Michael RENOLDS- Owen Renolds and Catherine Durkan
    Wit:Thomas and Peggy Smith
  • 26-John GALLAGHER- James Gallagher and Catherine Smith
    Wit:Thomas and Peggy Smith
  • 26-Patrick KILCULLEN- Patrick Kilcullen and Bridget Bourke * Muckduff
    Wit:Bridget KILCULLEN ? ?
  • 27-John KELLY- Andrew Kelly and Anne Lackan
    Wit:Patt and Bridget Lackan

    Jul 1837

  • 2-Theady HOWLEY- Bartley Howley and Mary Battle * Carrane
    Wit:Martin Battle and Mary Howley
  • 2-Anthony TUFFY- James Tuffy and Peggy Best * Tourmore
    Wit:Patt Dunigan and Mary Best
  • 15-Bridget BATTLE- Owen Battle and Catherine Mulrooney * Carrane
    Wit:Martin Cavish and Mary Rafter
  • 16-Andrew CONWAY- Andrew Conway and Anne Conway * Carns
    Wit:Thomas and Catherine Conway
  • 16-Catherine HERBERT- John Herbert and Mary Cowley * Corbally
    Wit:Terence and Batty Cowley
  • 16-Catherine CONNOR- Patt Connor and Bridget Sweeney * Carane
    Wit:Patt Sweeney and Mary Sweeney
  • 17-William MC GLONE- Patt McGlone and Mary Keane * Dooneen
    Wit:James Keane and Bridget Harte
  • 23-Patt GALLAGHER- James Gallagher and Anne Timlin * Knockbrack
    Wit:Thomas Timlin and Anne Gallagher
  • 23-George GRANAGHAN-Ned Granaghan and Mary Keane
    Wit:? ?

    AUG 1837

  • 7-Mary KELLY- Bryan Kelly and Mary Harison * Carane
    Wit:Martin Harrison and Mary Gilroy
  • 8-Michael BOURKE- Ned Bourke and Bridget Shevnane
    Wit:John ? and Nancy Kelly
  • 13-Sibby JUDGE- Patt Judge and Catherine Richard * Cloonighan
    Wit:Michael and Bridget Judge
  • 16-Michael CULKIN- John Culkin and Sally Moffett
    Wit:Patt ? and Mary Flynn

    Sep 1837

  • ?-Michael SWEENEY- Martin Sweeney and Catherine Cuffe
    Wit:Patt Kilcawley and Mary Cuffe
  • 3-Michael DONLON- Ned Donlon and Nilby Fitzpatrick
    Wit:John Carley and Mary Donlon
  • 3-Peter BOLAND- Michael Boland and Bridget Moran * Touneyboy
    wit:Peter Moran and Mary Boland
  • 3-Michael HOWLEY- James Howley and Bridget Renold
    wit:John Howley and Catherine Cunane
  • 6-Margaret KILGALLON-Dominic Kilgallon and Bridget Donigan
    wit:Bryan Donigan and Nelby Jourdan
  • 6-Honor ROCHFORD- Patt Rochford and Mary Flynn * Stokane
    wit:Anthony and Honor Rohford
  • 20-Elizabeth SWEENEY- Terrance Sweeney and Mary Raftery
    wit:Mary SWEENEY-(Twins) Barty and Peggy Conmy
  • 23-Patt COGGIN- Richard Coggin and Mary Boland * Muingwar
    wit:Anthony and Honor Gettins
  • 26-Mary MC DONOUGH-Thomas McDonough and Bridget Kilmartin * Corbally
    wit:? and Anne Rouse
  • 27-Patt MURPHY- Patt Murphy and Catherine Kearn * Dooneen
    wit:Ned Donlon and Catherine Cowley
  • 27-Anne MC DERMOTT- James McDermott and Catherine Miles
    wit:? ?
  • 28-Peggy MULLANEY- John Mullaney and Catherine Hart * Rathwanny
    wit:Roger and Ellen Timlin

    Oct 1837

  • 4-Thomas MC ANDREW-Richard McAndrew and Atty O'Hara * Emlinmoran
    wit:Dominick and Nancy McDermott
  • 6-John WALSH- Anthony Walsh and Bridget Judge * Newtown
    wit:John Judge and Mary Walsh
  • 6-Mary KILCULLEN- Michael Kilcullen and Mary O'Hara * Muingwar
    wit:John and Mary Melvin
  • 12-Honor RIGHT- Darby Right and Margaret Gallagher * Dooneen
    wit:Patt Gallagher and Judy Grumbs
  • 15-James HARRISON- Michael Harrison and Nelby Rouse * Carrane
    wit:Bartley Morrison and Bridget Jourdan
  • 18-Michael MUNNELLY-Michael Munnelly and Ellen Timple * Knockbrack
    wit:(Illegitimate) Owen Farris and Mary McCoen
  • 18-John RUANE- John Ruane and Bridget Cowley * Muingwar
    wit:Patt Kilcawley and Bridget Mylet

    Cathie Timlin-Hebb


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