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Castleconnor Parish Records


date, child, father and mother, male and female sponsor

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    Nov 1837

  • 7- Bridget BOLAND- Theady Boland and Barbara Walsh * Stoukane
    wit:Francis Boland and Peggy Boland
  • 11-Martin O'DONNELL- Owen O'Donnell and Nelby Gallagher * Newtown
    wit:James and Mary Gallagher
  • 15-Bridget RAFTERY- Martin Raftery and Mary Judge * Muckduff
    wit:Thomas and Bridget Raftery
  • 17-Bridget BOLAND- William Boland and Nancy Boland * Touneyboy
    wit:Michael and Mary Boland
  • 21-Bridget HARRISON- Peter Harrison and Bridget Jones * Ballymohenry
    wit:Thomas Jones and Bridget Brenan
  • 23-Mary COLEMAN- David Coleman and Sally Kilernagh
    wit:Thomas Kilernagh and Mary Hanan
  • 24-Catherine CARDEN- James Carden and Catherine ? * Muingwar
    wit:Patt and Uney Kilcawley
  • 26-Denis ROUSE- Walt Rouse and Peggy Murphy * Carns
    wit:Michael and Honor Coleman

    Dec 1837

  • 4-James WALSH- William Walsh and Befry ?? * Carrane
    wit:James Walsh and Mary Keaveny
  • 20-Anne CULKEN- Thomas Culken and Catherine McDermott * Knockbrack
    wit:Michael Raftery and Peggy Bourke
  • 24-Patt MELVIN- John Melvin and Catherine Harrison
    wit:Hugh Harrison and Mary Melvin
  • 24-Catherine BATTLE- Anthony Battle and Jane Murphy
    wit:Thomas Murphy and Mary Coggan
  • 24-Stephen WALSH- Thomas Walsh and Nancy Renolds * Newtown
    wit:Peter and Nancy Browne
  • 27-Mary O'HARA- John O'Hara and Bridget Cuncart
    wit:Michael O'Hara and Bridget Cuncart

    Jan 1838

  • 5-Bridget BOLAND- Patt Boland and Mary Moffett * Stoukane
    wit:Owen Boland and Sibby Loftus
  • 11-Judith JONES- Michael Jones and Judy Healey * Stoukane
    wit:John Melvin and Margaret Lackan
  • 21-James HEALEY- Michael Healey and Honor Brislane * Rathglass
    wit:Pat and Bridget Kean
  • 21-Bridget MCANDREW Michael McAndrew and Ann Mularky * Emlimoran
    wit:Patt Mularky and Bridget Hendry
  • 23-Bridget CONWAY- James Conway and Honor Mullany * Carns
    wit:John Dunigan and Bridget Mullany

    Feb 1838

  • 1-Bridget MELVIN- Darby Melvin and Mary Murphy
    wit:Martin Melvin and Sally O'Hara
  • 4-Catherine FOODY- Patt Foody and Sebby Realph
    wit:Pat McAndrew and Sebby Durkan
  • 7-Ann FEENAGHTY- John Feenaghty and Peggy Hart * Rathmohenry
    wit:Thomas Keane and Nan Feenaghty
  • 18-Catherine BATTLE- Michael Battle and Mary O'Hara * Farrenemrish
    wit:Matthew and Ann O'Hara
  • 20-Anne HOWLEY- Patt Howley and Anne McHale * Currane
    wit:James Howley and Ann McCavish
  • 22-Catherine FOODY- James Foody and Catherine Wright * Bunanulra
    wit:Darby Right and Catherine Mulrooney
  • 22-Patt LOFTUS- William Loftus and Catherine Carden * Bunanulra
    wit:Owen Feenaughty and Selby Carden
  • 22-Michael DEVANEY- Ned Devaney and Mary Conway * Carns
    wit:Michael Haran and Honor Mullaney
  • 25-Mauria MCKENSEY- William McKensey and Bepry ? * Ardbolly
    wit:John Strong and Bepry Bourns
  • 27-James JOURDAN- James Jourdan and Margaret McHugh
    wit:Owen Finn and Mary Nealon
  • 27-Ellen FINAN- John Finan and Mary Rochford * Tourmore
    wit:John Judge and Margaret Rochford

    Mar 1838

  • 1-Patt BRENAN- Pat Brenan and Bridget Sweeney
    wit:William Foody and Mary Brenan
  • 3-Patt BOLAND- John Boland and Nelby Shevnane * Stoukane
    wit:John Boland and Bridget Handley
  • 5-Ned MURPHY- Ned Murphy and Bridget Melvin
    wit:James Higgans and Mary Foody
  • 9-Mary FOODY- John Foody and Judy Meer
    wit:Patt Diamond and Anna Moffett
  • 10-Mary MELVIN- John Melvin and Bridget Battle * Carns
    wit:James Melvin and Bridget Gordon
  • 16-Mary RAGAN- Peter Ragan and Catherine Judge * Knockbrack
    wit:John McNerby? and Bridget Ragan
  • 17-Mary CULAGHAN- James Culaghan and Bridget Diorhan * ?
    wit:James and Honor Gallagher
  • 17-Mary CREAN- Ned Crean and Bridget Cullen * Corbally
    wit:Michael Timlin and Winny Cullen
  • 23-John FINAN- Owen Finan and Nancy O'Brien * Muingwar
    wit:Owen Doud and Sibby Kilgallon
  • 25-Mary BEST- Andy Best and Bridget Sweeney * Tourmore
    wit:John Best and Catherine Sweeney
  • 26-Thomas CLARKE- Patt Clarke and Catherine Murphy * Emlimoran
    wit:Daniel and Mary Murphy
  • 26-Mary MCGEE- John McGee and Mary Harrison * Corbally
    wit:Michael Harrison and Anne Rouse
  • 28-Nancy CONNELLY- Farrel Connelly and Nancy Murphy
    wit:James Lacken and Catherine Murphy
  • 28-Mary KILCAWLEY- Thomas Kilcawley and Mary Wade * Tourmore
    wit:Charles Feeney and Mary Brogan
  • 28-Mary TIMLIN- Martin Timlin and Anna Mulrooney * Knockbrack
    wit:Thomas Berane and Anne Judge
  • 29-Michael KEANE- William Keane and Mary Diamond * Dooneen
    wit:John and Martha Loftus

    Apr 1838

  • 7-Mary FERRIS- James Ferris and Mary Connor * Emlimoran
    wit:Michael McAndrew and Anne Jourdan
  • 14-Catherine FOODY- David Foody and Sicily Boland * Riverstown
    wit:John Boland and James Murphy
  • 17-Catherine SWEENEY- Michael Sweeney and Catherine Kilcawley * Muingwar
    wit:Anthony Doud and Bridget Richard
  • 19-Anthony DONLAVEY-James Donlavey and Mary Carrel * Riverstown
    wit:Harry and Mary Mylot
  • 22-Anne DUNIGAN- John Dunigan and Mary Kilcawley * Tourmore
    wit:Michael Rouse and Bridget Kilcawley
  • 22-John CUNCART- John Cuncart and Bridget Loftus * Rathglass
    wit:Dennis Loftus and Bridget Loftus
  • 24-John BOURKE- Thomas Bourke and Peggy Durkan * Ardbolly
    wit:Patt Kelly, William McKensey and Lewis Egan
  • 24-John DUNIGAN- Bryan Dunigan and Mary Sweeney
    wit:John Sweeney and Mary Denney?
  • 24-Sicily GORDAN- Roger Gordan and Bridget Crean * Corbally
    wit:Patt Herbert and Bridget Cullen
  • 26-Charles ROUANE- Michael Rouane and Barbara Battle * Corbally
    wit:Thomas Cullen and Anne Rouane

    May 1838

  • 4-Ann MULROONEY- Patt Mulrooney and Honor Jourdan * Doonling?
    wit:John McAndrew and Bridget Howley
  • 5-Mary COIN- Thomas Coin and Catherine Gallagher * Illegitimate
    wit:Ned Hope and Nancy Flanelly
  • 9-Patt KELLY- James Kelly and Catherine Kilernaugh * Atty?
    wit:John Naughton and Hanah Kilernaugh
  • 13-Catherine KEANE- James Keane and Peggy Hanan * Knockbrandane
    wit:John McNeely? and Peggy Connel
  • 18-Anne BERANE- Patt Berane and Anna Conway * Phidane
    wit:John and Honor Conway
  • 21-Mary KEANE- Martin Keane and Catherine Cosgur * Castleconnor
    wit:? Keane and Catherine Keane
  • 27-John MCDERMOTT- Anthony McDermott and Ellen McCormick * Dooneen
    wit:James Igoe and William Bourns
  • 29-Ann ROUSE- Michael Rouse and Mary McAndrew * Carrane
    wit:Michael Rouse and Margaret McAndrew

    Jun 1838

  • 7-Bridget BOURNS- Henry Bourns and Anne Wright=Illegitimate * Albyorea?
    wit:Nive Murphy and Peggy Dunigan
  • 9-Bridget BARRETT- John Barrett and Ellen Doudican * ?
    wit:Thomas Doudican and Mary Barrett
  • 10-John LOFTUS- Patt Loftus and Bridget Rouane * Clooneghane?
    wit:Henry Jourdan and Peggy Sweeney
  • 12-Salby CAWLEY- Martin Cawley and Mary Morris * Tulleylin
    wit:Michael and Bridget Morris
  • 14-John DONLON- Martin Donlon and Babby McNulty
    wit:John and Bridget Sweeney
  • 14-Patt DUNIGAN- John Dunigan and Bridget Clarke * Tourneyboy
    wit:Patt Rochford and Anna Haran
  • 19-Honor LACKAN- James Lackan and Nelby Naughton * Caragaree
    wit:F. Connelly and Bridget Naughton
  • 19-William ROCHFORD-Owen Rochford and Bridget Gallagher * Tourneyboy
    wit:Patt Gallagher and Anne Gallagher
  • 19-John SHERIDAN- John Sheridan and Mary McDonnell
    wit:Anthony McDonnell and Mary McDonnell
  • 24-John RAFTERY- William Raftery and Mary Bourke
    wit:Patt Gallagher and Batty Bourke
  • 24-James DOLPHIN- Richard Dolphin and Sicily Boland
    wit:Patt and Mary Walsh
  • 24-John MC NULTY- Patt McNulty and Judy Ragan
    wit:Michael Dunigan and Jane Ragan
  • 24-Honoria ROCHFORD-Owen Rochford and Anne Coleman * Tourneyboy
    wit:John Gallagher and Nancy Devaney
  • 24-Mary BATTLE- Michael Battle and Nancy Battle * Carane
    wit:John and Mary Howley
  • 28-Mary HARRISON- John Harrison and Mary Keane * Ardbolly
    wit:Michael Harrison and Michael Keane

    Jul 1838

  • 6-Thomas BOURK- Thomas Bourk and Mary McGowan * Caragaree
    wit:John and Sibby Bourk
  • 6?-Mary GETTINS- Anthony Gettins and Bridget Judge
    wit:Anthony Gettins and Catherine Murphy
  • 15-Owen DONIGAN- Michael Donigan and Catherine Gallagher * Ballymooneen
    wit:Thomas and Mary Gallagher
  • 16-Michael MORRIS- Patt Morris and Eleanor Gallagher * Tully
    wit:Patt Gallagher and Nancy Conway
  • 16-Catherine HARRISON- James Harrison and Mary Murph * Corbally
    wit:John McNulty and Mary Scott
  • 19-William GUDDEN- Martin Gudden and Catherine Moffet * Carrane
    wit:? Gudden and Mary Connor
  • 19-Thomas BARRETT- Thomas Barrett and Bridget Murray
    wit:John Barrett and Mary Gallagher
  • 22-Sarah FOODY- Bill Foody and Mary Cuncart * Banunultra
    wit:Patt Cuncart and Catherine Carden
  • 22?-James KEAN- John Kean and Margaret Kean * Dooneen
    wit:John and Ann Kean
  • 22-Mary GALLAGHER- Patt Gallagher and Nappy Gallagher * Knockcapul
    wit:James and Bridget Gallagher
  • 24-William REALPH- John Realph and Nancy Sheridan * Emlimoran
    wit:John Coggan and Mary Gallagher
  • 24-Winny MCHALE- Anthony McHale and Margaret Cookican * Corbally
    wit:Anthony and Judy Howley
  • 27-John QUINN- Martin Quinn and Judy Sweeney * Dooneen
    wit:James and Mary Igoe
  • 27-Eleanor BOLAND- Frank Boland and Mary Boland * Castletown
    wit:Ked. Boland and Bridget Boland
  • 29-Michael DOLPHIN- Redmon Dolphin and Mary Howley
    wit:Ned Gregg
  • 29-James HARAN- James Haran and Mary Flynn * Touneyboy
    wit:Owen Rochford and Sibby Flynn
  • 29-Bridget BEST- John Best and Bridget Loftus * Ballymooneen
    wit:Robert Best and Mary Loftus
  • 30-John MULLARKY- James Mullarky and Bridget Mulrooney * Faramish?
    wit:Mark McAndrew and Anne Mullarky

    Aug 1838

  • 3-James KENNEDY- John Kennedy and Judy Jourdan * Carns
    wit:Peter Gallagher and mary Kennedy
  • 3-John CARNEY- Peter Carney and Nancy Melvin * ?Farrengorrands
    wit:Anthony and Catherine Battle
  • 5-James MELVIN- John Melvin and Bridget Jones * Stokane
    wit:Michael Jones and Bridget Healey
  • 5-Bridget MURPHY- John Murphy and Bridget Giblin
    wit:John and Mary Lackan
  • 5-Eleanor DURKAN- Patt Durkan and Eleanor Barrett * Knockbrack
    wit:William Barrett and Bridget McDermott
  • 7-Mary MC CAVISH- Owen McCavish and Catherine Mulderig * Castleconnor
    wit:Owen Battle and Catherine McCavish
  • 10-Mary MC DERMOTT- William McDermott and Jane ? Bayo * Knockbrack
    wit:James McAndrew and Mary Loftus
  • 15-Michael MC ANDREW-John McAndrew and Bridget Carney
    wit:Michael and Mary Carney
  • 15-Eleanor FLYNN- Ned Flynn and Bridget O'Brien * Ballymoneen
    wit:James Flynn and Mary Feenaghty
  • 22-Michael HOWLEY- Michael Howley and Mary Hart
    wit:Ned Howley and Bridget Hart
  • 25-Catherine FLANIGAN-Michael Flanigan and Catherine Gallagher * Raney
    wit:Patt Kerigan and Jane Gallagher

    Cathie Timlin-Hebb


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