WGW Sligo County, Ireland

Castleconnor Parish Records


date, child, father and mother, male and female sponsor

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    Jan 1840

  • 4-Patt RENOLDS- Martin Renolds and Margaret Howley
    James Renolds and Catherine Walsh
  • 7-James CARREL- James Carrel and Honor Haran * Muingwar
    John Coggan and Anne Hanan
  • 7-John GALLAGHER- Patt Gallagher and Peggy Bourke * Touneyboy
    Patt Gallagher and Bridget Bourke
  • 9-Catherine HANAN- Bryan Hanan and Bridget Walsh * Muingwar
    John Cunane and Mary Hanan
  • 16-Martin KILGALLON- Daniel Kilgallon and Bridget Dunigan * Caragaree
    Daniel and Bridget Dunigan
  • 23-Charles BROWNE- Patt Browne and Nancy Ragan
    James and Mary Igoe
  • 25-Bridget ROUGHNEEN-Anthony Roughneen and Mary Finan * Tourmore
    Matthew Kilcawley and Mary Wade
  • 26-James WARRANT- William Warrant and Catherine Gallagher * Dooneen
    John Connel and Mary Mulrooney
  • 29-Patt KILMARTIN- James Kilmartin and Bridget McAndrew * Muingwar
    Andy and Ellen Kilcullen
  • 31-Eleanore MULANEY- John Mulaney and Catherine Hart * Rathwanny
    James and Mary Devaney

    Feb 1840

  • 2-Bridget HEGARTY- Toney Hegarty and Mary O'Rourke * Dooneen
    John Handley and Bridget O'Hara
  • 2-Bridget HART- Thomas Hart and Mary Helly * Corbally
    Michael Hart and Bridget Helly
  • 8-Patt COLEMAN- David Coleman and Salby Kilernagh
    Thomas Coleman and Judy Flynn
  • 9-Michael HEALY- Michael Healy and Hanah Brislane
    Patt Diamond and Catherine Brislane
  • 9-Margaret GALLAGHER-James Gallagher and Catherine Smith
    Michael and Ellen Gallagher
  • 12-Edmond KELLY- Michael Kelly and Bridget Kelly
    Michale Dempsey and Bridget Cawley
  • 13-Anne LANGAN- Owen Langan and Mary Healey
    Thomas and Bridget Langan
  • 13-Edmond RAFTERY- William Raftery and Mary Bourke
    Ned and Peggy Bourke
  • 23-Catherine O'HARA- John O'Hara and Bridget Cuncart
    John Duffy and Mary Wright
  • 24-Patt MURPHY- Martin Murphy and Barbara Kelly * Caran
    Thomas Narey and Mary Howley
  • 25-Patt HARRISON- Mark Harrison and S. Rouse * Caran
    Martin Rouse and Bridget Connor
  • 25-Margaret DUNIGAN- Daniel Dunigan and Mary O'Hara
    Michael and Bridget O'Hara
  • 28-Catherine GRENAGHAN-Ned Grenaghan and Nelby Murphy
    Patt and Catherine Murphy

    Mar 1840

  • 1-Richard JOURDAN- Thomas Jourdan and Mary Flanelly
    John and Mary Gallagher
  • 3-John KILCAWLEY- Patt Kilcawley and Mary Keane * Muingwar
    Martin Battle and Nancy Kilcawley
  • 13-Patt CONMY- Anthony Conmy and Anne Feenaghty
    James Feenaghty and Mary Kilcawley
  • 13-Eleanor DEVITT- Daniel Devitt and Mary Mulrooney
    John Feenaghty and Winny Hart
  • 15-Owen DUNIGAN- Owen Dunigan and Anne Shevnane
    Michael Dunigan and Catherine Sweeney
  • 15-Mary HOWLEY- Theady Howley and Mary Rogan
    ? ?

    Apr 1840

  • 17-James GALLAGHER- John Gallagher and Anna Gallagher * Caragaree
    James Gallagher and Nancy Devaney
  • 17-Patrick TIMLIN- Thomas Timlin and Nancy Judge * Knockbrack
    James Murphy and Nancy Murphy
  • 17-Thomas MC ENNIS- Patt McEnnis and Catherine Sweeney
    Patt Wade and Catherine McEnnis
  • 25-Eleanor BOLAND- John Boland and Nelby Sheridan * Stoukane
    Patt and Molly Boland

    May 1840

  • 3-Michael CARLEY- James Carley and Catherine Walsh * Corbally
    Michael McManus and Nancy Walsh
  • 5-Catherine CONWAY- James Conway and Honor Mullaney
    Anthony Mullaney and Mary Conway11-James GALLAGHER- James Gallagher and Anne Melvin * Carns
    Anthony Timlin and Mary Timlin
  • 13-Patt CONNOR- Patt Connor and Bridget Sweeney * Carane
    Michael Browne and Anne Morrison
  • 17-Bryan LANG- Tony Lang and Winny McMorrrow
    Bryan McMorrow and Mary Sweeney
  • 17-Martin DUNIGAN- Bryan Dunigan and Mary Sweeney
    Patt Loftus and Bridget Dunigan
  • 26-Margaret HOWLEY- Thomas Howley and Catherine Cosgur * Doohaney
    James Howley and Bridget Carbine

    Jun 1840

  • 2-Owen TIMLIN- Anthony Timlin and Nelby Murphy
    Patt Murphy and Bridget Foody
  • 11-Catherine CREAN- Ned crean and Bridget Cullen * Corbally
    James Gordon and Bridget Crean
  • 11-Patt FINAN- Owen Finan and Anne O'Hara * Muingwar
    Michael Rouse and Mary Melvin
  • 12-Bridget KELLY- Patt Kelly and Eleanor Keane * Ardbolly
    ? ?
  • 13-John RENALD- Patt Renald and Anne Loftus * Rathglass
    James Loftus and Bridget Feenaghty
  • 16-Sally BOURKE- Thomas Bourke and Mary McGowan * Caragaree
    William Rafter and Betty Bourke
  • 27-John KEANE- John and Margaret Keane * Dooneen
    James and Anne Keane
  • 27-Honor DUNIGAN- John Dunigan and Catherine Mullaney
    Martin Hanan and Bridget Mullaney
  • 28-Mary HOWLEY- Bartley Howley and Mary Battle * Carane
    Owen Battle and Anne Morrison
  • 30-Bridget MC CORMICK-Patt McCormick and Nancy D.?
    John Brenan, Margaret Judge and Simon Mulrooney

    Jul 1840

  • 1-John BEST- James Best and Bridget Kilcullen
    John ? and Honor Dooher
  • 10-Bridget ROUANE- John Rouane and Bridget Cawley
    Michael Rogan and Catherine Feeney
  • 10-Patrick JUDGE- Patt Judge and Catherine Richard
    James Browne and Mary Judge
  • 12-William CULKIN- Richard Culkin and Bridget Kenny
    Charley Howley and Mary Howley
  • 12-Bridget BOURNS- Named by her mother who gave her name
    as KELLY. Illegitimate
  • 14-Hanah WALSH- James Walsh and Mary Keavey * Carane
    Francis O'Keane and Mary McHugh
  • 19-Bridget MURPHY- Ned Murphy and Bridget Melvin * Muingwar
    James Murphy and Bridget Gallagher
  • 19-John REALPH- James Realph and Catherine Keane
    William and Bridget Keane
  • 19-Mary HOWLEY- James Howley and Bridget Renalds * Knockbrack
    Michael Renalds and ? Renalds
  • 23-Mary BARETT- John Barrett and Nelby Doudican * Salty
    Patt McAndrew and Honor Doudican
  • 28-Thomas MC DERMOTT-William McDermott and Jane Boyd * Knock?
    Thomas Rhay and Bridget Gallagher

    Aug 1840

  • 7-Anne FOODY- William Foody and Catherine Loftus
    Owen Feenaghty and Mary Morrison
  • 12-Michael QUINN- Martin Quinn and Judith Sweeney * Touneyboy
    John Brenan and Catherine Sweeney
  • 21-Ann HARRISON- Patt Harrison and Bridget Jones * Ballymohenry
    Barty Connor and Nelby Rouse
  • 23-Barbara GALLAGHER-Nappy Gallagher and None given * Knockcapul
    John and Nancy Gallagher
  • 24-Mary HARRISON- James Harrison and Mary Murphy * Knockbrack
    Michael Murphy and Bridget McDermott
  • 24-Mary DUNIGAN- Michael Dunigan and Bridget Sweeney * Bunanulra
    Patt and Catherine Murphy
  • 30-Anthony MC HALE- Anthony McHale and Peggy Coolican * Corbally
    Anthony Rhay and Catherine Rhay

    Sep 1840

  • 3-Anthony BOLAND- Patt Boland and Mary Mofett * Stoukane
    Henry Mofett and Margaret Conway
  • 3-Mary HARRISON- Martin Harrison and Mary Lackan * Carrane
    Jn. and Bridget Harrison
  • 13-John BOLAND- Francis and Mary Boland * Bally
    John Boland and Bridget Brenan
  • 15-Mary FOODY- William Foody and Honor Morrison
    Patt and Eleanor Culkin
  • 18-James CLARKE- Patt Clarke and Honor Connor * Carrane
    James Clarke and Anne Rogan
  • 26-Ann BOLAND- Anthony Boland and Jane Murphy
    Michael Murphy and Anne Foody
  • 27-Michael BOLAND- Michael Boland and Bridget Moran * Touneyboy
    Richard Coggan and Mary Boland
  • 27-Michael BEST- Andy Best and Bridget Sweeney * Tourmore
    Bartley Conmy and Ketty Sweeney

    Oct 1840

  • 2-Owen FEENAGHTY- John Feenaghty and Peggy Hart * Ballymohenry
    Thomas and Sibby Howley
  • 2-John CARREL- Bryan Carel and Bridget Rouane * Rathglass
    Denis Loftus and Mary Hart
  • 11-Mary SWENEY- Morgan Sweeney and Mary Shevnane
    James Kelly and Bridget Sweeney
  • 11-Anne MC ANDREW- Martin McAndrew and Anne Mullarky * Emlimoran
    Martin and Bridget Geraghty
  • 14-Catherine KELLY- James Kelly and Catherine Kilernagh
    James Kilcawley and Judy Jourdan
  • 19-Patt BOURNS- Patt Bourns and Mary Rafter * Caragaree
    Martin Howley and Bridget Bourns
  • 19-Patt CUNANE- Patt Cunane and Mary McDermott * Rathglass
    Francis and Anne Carrel
  • 22-Bridget HARRISON- John Harrison and Mary Keane * Ardbally
    ? ?

    Nov 1840

  • 5-Anthony MARK- Thomas Mark and Catherine McNelly * Bunanulra
    Michael and Honor Gallagher
  • 5-Catherine WALSH- Patt Walsh and Biddy Mulrooney
    James Murphy and Mary Gallagher
  • 8-Martin GALLAGHER- Owen Gallagher and Mary Kennedy * Knockcapul
    Andrew and Ann Kennedy
  • 8-John KILCULLEN- Michael Kilcullen and Margaret O'Hara
    Thomas and Sarah O'Hara
  • 8-Martin JUDGE- John Judge and Anne Roughneen * Carns
    Ned Coleman and Peggy Kennedy
  • 8-John BOLAND- Thomas Boland and Bridget Hendry * Ardbally
    Anthony Feenaghty and Bridget Kilroy
  • 12-Patt MC HALE- Michael McHale and Mary Renalds * Castleconnor
    Owen Renalds and Mary McHugh
  • 19-Anthony FENLON- Michael Fenlon and Mary Gettins * Muingwar
    John Melvin and Mary Fenlon
  • 22-Martin DONNELLY- Ned Donnelly and Ebby Fitzpatrick * Caragaree
    Henry McDermott and Bridget Donnelly
  • 23-Bridget MC GOWEN- Wiliam McGowen and Nelby Loftus
    James Flynn and Bridget Price
  • 25-Anna KILCULLEN- Thomas Kilcullen and Catherine Duffy * Muingwar
    Michael O'Brien and Honor Sweeney
  • 29-Anna HERBERT- John Herbert and Mary Cawley * Corbally
    Thomas Cowley and Anne Kennedy
  • 29-Margaret GORDON- Roger Gordan and Bridget Crean * Corbally
    Ned Crean and Bridget Cullen
  • 29-James DOUGHERTY- James Dougherty and Anne Battle * Carane
    James Mearon and Bridget Dougherty

    Dec 1840

  • 8-Margaret DONLON- Michael Donlon and Sicily Crean * Barracktown
    William Bourke and Mary Donlon
  • 9-Mary RHAY- Anthony Rhay and Peggy Coggans * Corbally
    Charles and Anna Coggans
  • 11-Bridget MC KARNS- Patt McKarns and Honor Devitt * Carns
    Thomas and Bridget Cuffe
  • 13-Patt FEENAGHTY- Patt Feenaghty and Bridget Durkan
    Patt Durkan and Bridget Durkan
  • 15-no name- Patt Gallagher and Honor Roughneen * Touneyboy
    John Gallagher and Mary Kilcullen
  • 16-Betty DUNIGAN- James Dunigan and Mary Kilcawley * Tourmore
    Darby Kilcawley and Nelby Fox
  • 16-Bridget KENNEDY- Thomas Kennedy and Bridget Howley
    ? ?
  • 19-Barbara MULDOON- Arthur Muldoon and Nancy Devaney
    Michael and Mary Devaney
  • 26-John FOODY- John Foody and Jane Mier * Attycree
    John Carden and Mary Fee
  • 26-James MURPHY- James Murphy and Anne Timlon * Dooneen
    ohn Gallagher and Catherine Keane
  • 27-Catherine BATTLE- Owen Battle and Madgy Loftus * Muingwar
    Patt Kilcawley and Mary Foody
  • 27-Bridget BATTLE- Michael Battle and Honoria McHale * Carane
    John and Alice McHale
  • 29-James BERANE- Matthew Berane and Mary Culkin
    Frank Boland and Nancy Morris

Cathie Timlin-Hebb


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