WGW Sligo County, Ireland

Castleconnor Parish Records


date, child, father and mother, male and female sponsor

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    Jan 1841

  • 7-James MURPHY- Michael Battle and Honoria McHale * Carane
    John and Alice McHale
  • 12-Bridget CONWAY- Thomas Conway and Mary Muldoon * Ballymohenry
    James and Mary Conway
  • 17-Denis MURPHY- Daniel Murphy and Bridget Clarke
    Dan Higgans and Nancy Cullen
  • 17-Bridget MC ANDREW- Michael McAndrew and Atty O'Har * Emlimoran
    Ned McDermott and Catherine McDermott
  • 19-Patt KEANE- Thomas Keane and Barbara Conmy * Tourmore
    Michael and Bridget Conmy
  • 20-Mary CONMY- Thomas Conmy and Bridget Walsh * Corbally
    Darby Melvin and Catherine Walsh
  • 24-James FOODY- Thomas Foody and Elias Farris * Carns
    Michael Foody and Mary Dunigan
  • 24-Jane ATKINSON- William Atkinson and Anne Hanan * Carns
    Anthony Dowd and Else McHanna
  • 24-Patt CUNCART- John Cuncart and Bridget Loftus * Rathglass
    Patt Loftus and Anne Conway
  • 24-Michael JONES- Michael Jones and Judith Healey * Stoukane
    John Melvin and Mary Moffett
  • 31-James MURPHY- Michael Murphy and Bridget Phlemon * Knockbrack
    John McCormick and Mary Murphy
  • 31-Bridget DIAMOND- Patt Diamond and Catherine Kilmartin
    Hugh Malone and Bridget Kilmartin

    Feb 1841

  • 2-Martin DOLPHIN- Richard Dolphin and Sicily Boland
    Patt Judge and Bridget Hanley
  • 7-unknown CUNCART- William Cuncart and Mary Foody * Ballymohenry
    Michael O'Hara and Catherine Foody
  • 9-Catherine KILCULLEN-John Kilcullen and Babby Muldoon * Muingwar
    Miles Durkan and Peggy O'Hara
  • 14-Elon GRAMBS- Denis Grambs and Mary Bourke * Muckduff
    Thomas ands Honor Berane
  • 14-Martin CARREL- Martin Carrel and Judith McAndrew
    William Kelly and Bridget Bourke
  • 18-Michael GORDON- Patt Gordon and Sibby Quinn * Carns
    Andrew Dunigan and Elisa Devitt
  • 19-unknown ROUSE- Michael Rouse and Mary McAndrew Carane
    John Rouse and Mary Hart
  • 21-Catherine LOFTUS- John Loftus and Sally Fee * Ballymoneen
    Michael Loftus and Bridget Foody
  • 21-Patt CULKIN- John Culkin and Bridget Durkan
    Michael Culkin and Catherine Harrison
  • 21-James KELLY- James Kelly and Anna Brenan * Corbally
    Anthony Duffy and Ellon Duffy
  • 21-Bridget FOODY- Patt Foody and Anne Mulhearan * Stoukane
    Patt Mulhearan and Catherine Foody
  • 28-James KILCULLEN- Stephen Kilcullen and Bridget McKensey * Touneyboy
    Tony Gallagher and Mary Gallagher

    Mar 1841

  • 5-Patt FORD- James Ford and Catherine Sweeney * Ballymohenry
    Michael Rouse and Mary Sweeney
  • 5-Michael LOFTUS- Michael Loftus and Bridget Walsh
    John and Elonor ?
  • 10-Patt MELVIN- Darby Melvin and Dolby Walsh * Stoukane
    Ned and Bridget Walsh
  • 10-Matthew MELVIN- John Melvin and Bridget Jones * Stoukane
    Michael Jones and Bridget Healey
  • 14-Patt GALLAGHER- John Gallagher and Sibby Flynn * Touneyboy
    Frank Boland and Anne Culkin
  • 17-Mary CONMY- Michael Conmy and Babby McDonnel
    Michael Naree and Anne Feenaghty
  • 17-Patt KILCULLEN- Owen Kilcullen and Bridget Rouse * Touneyboy
    John Kilcullen and Honor Rouse
  • 17-Sarah FERGUSON- James Ferguson and Mary Connor * Emlimoran
    Michael McAndrew and Winny Rouane
  • 25-Michael JUDGE- Thomas Judge and Mary Ginty * Island
    William Murphy and Bridget Judge
  • 25-Catherine WRIGHT- John Wright and ? Mulloney * Tourmore
    Patt Wright and Honor Mulloney

    Apr 1840

  • 1-Anthony KILCULLEN-Patt Kilcullen and Mary Ford * Muckduff
    Anthony and Bridget Rochford
  • 3-Annie MC CAVISH- Edward McCavish and Catherine Mulderig * Castleconnor
    Michael Mulderig and Mary Rafter
  • 6-Anne MC KENSEY- William McKensey and Blyn Keane Ardbolly
    John Coggins and Bridget Howley
  • 6-Mary MELVIN- Patt Melvin and Catherine Durkan * Muingwar
    Patt Durkan and Mary Durkan
  • 18-John HOWLEY- Patt Howley and Elon McHale * Carane
    John McHale and Bridget Durkan
  • 18-Anne GETTINS- Anthony Gettins and Mary Finlon * Muingwar
    Thomas and Mary Gettins
  • 18-John DENISON- John Denison and Ceely Feenaghty
    Thomas and Mary Loftus
  • 18-Catherine MELVIN- Michael Melvin and Bridget Battle * Carns
    James Conway and Margaret Jourdan
  • 22-Catherine LACKAN- John Lackand and Peggy Murphy
    Thomas and Bridget Murphy
  • 31-Mary HARRISON- Anthony Harrison and Nancy Mullen * Emlimoran
    Patt Clark and Bridget Heavey

    May 1841

  • 2-Honor KEANS- Daniel Keans and Mary Callaghan
    Robert Gordon and Mary Diamond
  • 2-Catherine DURKAN- Owen Durkan and Mary Miles * Muckduff
    William Durkan and Catherine Miles
  • 9-Anne FLYNN- Ned Flynn and Bridget O'Brien
    John Price and Elsa McGowan
  • 9-John TIMLIN- Martin Timlin and Anna Mulrooney * Knockbrack
    John Dempsey and Mary Berane
  • 10-Nancy BARRETT- John Barrett and Nelby Jourdan * Island
    Patt MCDermott and Mary Culkin
  • 11-Barbara GALLAGHER-James Gallagher and Honor Gilgon? * Touneyboy
    Owen ? and Sibby Flynn
  • 13-Mary MC ANDREW- John McAndrew and Bridget Kenny
    James Goggans and Nancy Sheridan
  • 16-Margaret CLARKE- Patt Clark and Catherine Murphy * Emlimoran
    Edmond ? and Nancy Mullen
  • 18-John HOWLEY- Martin Howley and Mary Hart
    Redmond Flynn and Mary Howley20-Barbara MULDERIG- Michael Mulderig and Mary Browne
    Patt Loftus and Winifred Browne21-Thomas KILCAWLEY-Matthew Kilcawley and Mary Brogan * Tourmore
    John and Uney Kilcawley23-Thomas FILBIN- Frank Filbin and Mary Mulrooney
    Thomas Mulrooney and Mary Filbin

    June 1841

  • 1-Anne COWLEY- Martin Cowley and Mary Morris
    John and Bridget Cowley
  • 2-John CONWAY- Michael Conway and Bridget Rouane
    Mark Kilcawley and Mary Conway
  • 2-Patt COGGANS- Patt Coggans and Peggy Carrel * Muingwar
    Patt Kilcullen and Anne Carrel
  • 4-Catherine CARDEN- James Carden and Catheine Dooher
    Owen Battle and Maggy Loftus
  • 4-Michael HAMMON- Bryan Hammon and Bridget Walsh * Muingwar
    Torrence and Mary Carrel
  • 9-Sarah SHERIDAN- John Sheridan and Salby Sheridan * Rathwanny
    Thomas Kennedy and Bridget Melvin
  • 11-Thomas RAFTER- Martin Rafter and Mary Judge * Muckduff
    ? and Bridget Rafter
  • 11-Michael BOLAND- William Boland and Anne Boland
    Frank Boland and Anne Culkin
  • 17-Catherine MC CAVISH-Daniel McCavish and Anne Dooher
    Owen Feenaghty and Catherine McCavish
  • 21-Anne CARREL- Francis Carrel and Jane Carrel * Rathglass
    Frank Carrel and Bridget Gallagher

    July 1841

  • ?-Michael CUNCART- Patt Cuncart and Salby Mulhearan * Ballymohenry
    John Gallagher and Salby Foody
  • 7-Anne LOFTUS- Patt Loftus and Elisa Carson * Muckduff
    James Diamond and Mary Atkinson
  • 8-Mary MC NEELY- John McNeely and Judy Ragon
    Hugo Fox and Bridget McEnnis
  • 10-Hannah GALLAGHER-John Gallagher and Hannah Kilcullen * Ballymohenry
    James Gallagher and Selby Devitt
  • 11-Michael COOLICAN- Philip Coolican and Bridget McKenney * Carns
    John Coolican and Anna McKenney
  • 14-John MURPHY- Patt Murphy and Catherine Kearns * Dooneen
    Patt Gallagher and Mary Clarke
  • 29-Bepry WALTON- Michael Walton and Mary Renalds * Doheighney
    John Melvin and Bridget Cavanagh
  • 31-Thomas MC MANUS- Thomas McManus and Margaret Carrelll
    John Foody and Bridget Carden

    Aug 1841

  • 1-Thomas KILCULLEN- Jonh Kilcullen and Nancy Gallagher * Touneyboy
    John McAndrew and Honor Gilgan
  • 1-Mary CARRELL- Terrance Carrell and Mary McDermott
    Harry and Catherine McDermott
  • 2-Matthew BEST- Matthew Best and Mary Cunane
    John Best and Mary Dunigan
  • 3-James MURPHY- James Murphy and Elizabeth Melvin
    Patt Walsh and Bridget Mulrooney
  • 3-Margaret BOURKS- Ned Boukrs and Peggy Kennedy * Carns
    William Rouse and Bridget Brenan
  • 3-Peggy DURKAN- John Durkan and Bridget Coggans * Corbally
    Patt Coggans and Mary Howley
  • 5-Bepry MELVIN- Michael Melvin and Catherine Dooher * Ballymo?
    James Melvin and Anne Dooher
  • 8-Mary MC ANDREW- Michael McAndrew and Mary Murphy * Emlimoran
    James McAndrew and Mary Murphy
  • 9-Anne CONNELLY- Michael Connelly and Mary Cuffe * ?Cananarlar
    Thomas Conway amd Anne Cuffe
  • 19-Anthony GALLAGHER-John Gallagher amd Margaret Thornton
    Anthony Thornton and Bridget Culkin
  • 19-Patt ROCHFORD- Patt Rochford and Mary Flynn * Stoukane
    Michael and Sibby Flynn
  • 29-Mary REALPH- James Realph and Catherine Keane
    Patt and Mary Lackan
  • 30-Ann CONWAY- Anthony Conway and Anna Conway * Carns
    Patt Leonard and Mary Conway
  • 31-Patt MURPHY- William Murphy and Mary Cavanagh
    Theady and Mary Judge

    Sept 1841

  • 5-Michael GALLAGHER-James Gallagher and Anne Timlin * Carns
    Martin Timlin and Anna Mulrooney
  • 5-James MELVIN- Patrick Melvin and Betty Hannon * Knockbrack
    James Killaspy and catherine Greaghan
  • 14-Patt GRIMBS- Patt Grimbs and Bridget Clarke * Muckduff
    John O'Donnel and Sarah Nallen
  • 19-Peggy O'HARA- Michael O'Hara and Mary Wright * Bunanulra
    William Foody amd Bridget Wright
  • 19-Michael HARAN- Michael Haran and Peggy Carney * Touneyboy
    James Haran and Mary Flynn

    Oct 1841

  • 3-Uney JOURDAN- Walt Jourdan and Uneyfred Callaghan * Ballymoneen
    Matthew and Mary Flannelly
  • ?-Mary LOFTUS- Daniel Loftus and Mary Murray * Rathglass
    John Kilroy and Mary Murray
  • 3-Catherine BERANE- Michael Berane and Mary Rhay * Carane
    Michael Berane and Catherine Rhay
  • 5-Catherine MULROONEY-Ned Mulrooney and Catherine Battle * Corbally
    Thomas McNaulty and Bridget McDermott
  • 7-Bridget NALLEN- John Nallen and Mary Raftery * Muckduff
    Anthony Leonard and Anne Raftery
  • 10-Bridget HARAN- Bryan Haran and Bridget Langan * Muingwar
    Andrew Walsh and Nappy Howley
  • 12-Andrew SWEENEY- Terrance Sweeney and Nancy Raftery
    K. Jones and Honor Sweeney
  • 12-Mary MURPHY- Thomas Murphy and Mary Coleman * Carns
    James Jourdan and Selby Coleman
  • 17-James LOFTUS- James Loftus and Anna Ferguson
    Ned Murphy and Mary Murphy
  • 18-Anne ROUSE- William Rouse amd Mary Melvin * Muingwar
    Owen Kilcullen and Sibby Melvin
  • 23-Ellon GOURIVAN- Thomas Gourivan and Mary Keane * Ballymohenry
    Patt Fenaghty and Sibby Howley
  • 24-? BOURNS- James Bourns and Mary Burnett * Caragaree
    Thomas Bourns and Mary Cowel

    Nov 1841

  • 7-Mary MORRIS- Patt Morris and Elonor Gallagher * Tully
    John Morris and Mary Gallagher
  • 14-Mary FEENAGHTY- Anthony Feenaghty and Mary Rice * Ardbolly
    Wilson Handry and Margaret Dunbar
  • 14-Nelby FOODY- Bill Foody and Mary Wright * Bunanulra
    Stephen and Honor Foody

    Dec 1841

  • 1-Mary CUNANE- James Cunane and Nancy Howley * Barrackstown
    Owen Renalds and Mary Kennedy
  • 11-Anthony O'DONNELL-Owen O'Donnell and Elonor Gallagher * Newtown
    James Gallagher and Bridget Bourke
    Anthony died mar 14, 1880
  • 11-Honoria LOFTUS- John Loftus and Bridget Cavanagh * Muckduff
    William and Catherine Loftus
  • 12-Bridget DOUDICAN- Thomas Doudican and Mary Hangan
    Patt Foody and Bridget Doudican
  • 12-Thomas CULLINAN- Richard Cullinan and Salby Dixon * Cloonilor -Illegitimate
    Michael and Bridget Judge * Newtown
  • 15-William RAFET- Michael Rafter and Mary Coleman
    John and Mary Rafter
  • 19-Mary CREAN- Martin Crean and Honoria Kennedy * Muingwar
    Peter and Catherine Reaveney ?
  • 26-Bridget GALLAGHER-Owen Gallagher and Winny Flanelly * Newtown
    Thomas and Bridget Jourdan
  • 28-Patt GALLAGHER- Patt Gallagher and Peggy Bourke * Touneyboy
    William Rafter and Mary Bourke
  • 30-Thomas SWEENEY- Michael Sweeney and Atty Kilcawley * Muingwar
    Patt and Mary Kilcawley

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