Sligo County men in the Royal Irish Constabulary
West, George19Sligo*18720856066/185B
West, John21Sligo*1857 - To Australia0856063/16
West, Thomas23Sligo*1866 - born 18430856065/133
West, Thomas22SligoY18440856058/166
West, Thos21SligoY1873 - born 18520856067/90
West, William20Sligo*1839 - born 18190856057/140B
West, Richard19Sligo*18900852089/167
West, Wm19Sligo*18870852088/171B
Barrett, Henry21Sligo*1860*
Commons, Patrick
May 1907-Oct 1912
Reason for Resignation:
Emmigration to Australia
Downs, John
Service #9287
20SligoHeight: 5'7" County of birth: Sligo Religion: Catholic Date of marriage: May 8, 1861 Native county of wife: Leitrim, Recommended by : B. O. Cogan, IP, Profession: LaborerJoined: 15 November 1847, Depot; Kerry, 18 Feb 1848; Leitrim, 1 July 1852; Donegal, 1 July 1861 Promotions: Sub. Con.: November 1848; Act. Con.: 1 April 1859; Const.: 1 August 1860; Act. Con.: 15 September 1866; Con.: 1 April 1867
Censured: 21263/917Discharged: 16 June 1873 (No pension)Length of service at time of discharge: 25 yrs., 6 mos.
Carberry, Michael
21Cloonsilla Gurteen ,
20 years
born on Feb. 12th 1883 in Cloonsilla Gurteen son of Patrick and Anne (nee Cosgrove) Carberry.Marriage certificate states he married Mary Kate O'Connell on Nov. 7th 1916 in the Cathedral of Ennis. He was living in Ruan at that time, and Mary Kate's father was Maurice O'Connell who was also in the RIC.*

Reg. no.22806.
20Galway W./SligoJune 1865 to Harriet ClarkeJoined RIC:1858, Promoted to 1st Constable, Pensioned 1888LDS film.No[?] page129

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