WGW Sligo County, Ireland

Ford Family Bible, dated 1853

The name ROBERT FORD appears on every blank page of the nearly intactbible. There are three scraps of pages from an older bible tucked into the back.

Ford Family Bible, dated 1853
  • ROBERT FORD married MARGARET GILLIGAN, October 8th 1866 in COLOONEY, CO. Sligo, Ireland
  • LOUISA FORD born 25th Aug 1867. LOUISA FORD, died 19th Sept 1870, age 3 years and 3 weeks and 1 day. Buried in Balleymote Abbey Burial Grounds, County Sligo, Ireland
  • ROBERT FORD, his son, (followed by what appears to be the word "junior") born 11th Feb 1869
  • HENRY FORD born 20th August 1870, died 2nd October 1870. Buried with in Balleymote Abbey, Co. Sligo
  • MARY FORD born 9th August 1871
  • EMILA FORD born 30th September 1873
  • MARTIN ROBERT FORD born on 24th October 1974
  • HENRY FORD Married, in America, 15th July 1859, his daughter MARGARET born 21st Aug't 1860, died 24th Jany(?sp) 1863, his second daughter born 10th July 1863 died
  • ROBERT FORD, BALLEYMOTE, Died on the 15th of July 1874 and was buried within BALLEYMOTE ABBEY BURIAL GROUND on the 17th of July 1874
  • CATHERINE MCCARRICK born 27th February 1882,( the date is scratched out, but it appears to be 1882)
  • ISABELLA CATHERINE FORD married RICHARD HANNAGH 22nd October 1864. B-- HANNAH born 1st July 1866. Emigrated to America 25th May 1867.(From scrap of old bible)
  • ROBERT FORD, BALLEYMOTE, Oct 9th(from a scrap of the old bible, year missing!)
  • IRENE McCARRICK, born 27th February, 18--
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    contributor: Gail Holden
    photo © Ann Harney