WGW Sligo County, Ireland


    The following is not a full list of graveyards in County Sligo and it is not a full list of names for any graveyard. The details were collected over a number of years from graveyards and published sources but excluding those available online.
    Caution: use only as a guide, may contain errors.
    Jim McDonald culrua@gmail.com January 2004

    RHUE CEMETERY (Tubbercurry)

    Erected by
    the Irish people and their exiled brothers
    of New York, Boston and Philadelphia,
    in memory of John STENSON
    who when striving in the cause of the land for the people,
    was murdered on this spot, by the orders of Dublin Castle, on 29th October, 1908".
    (There is a Monument in Riverstown)

Visitors to graveyards should not clean gravestones. The best time to view headstones is at low light, early or late in the day and during winter when growth of weeds is restricted. A full record of gravestone inscriptions can be viewed in the Sligo County Library. In addition the desired information can be purchased from the Sligo Heritage & Genealogical Centre (online).

Contributor: Jim McDonald

Disclaimer:there may be errors due to transcription ofinformation from both early and late (current contributors) work.