WGW Sligo County, Ireland

contributor & transcriber: Tom McGinty

Marriages, Parish of Tubbercurry, Sligo 1859 - 1892

Source: LDS films #1279231 Item 2

This is a list of all occurances of the surnames Ginty and McCarrick that I came across in my examination of this film. There is no guarantee that I caught all of them. Also, the surname Ginty may have been spelled Genty, Geenty or Guinty depending on the parish priest recording the name. I have chosen to spell the name Ginty in all cases.

Year	Date		Husband/Wife		Witnesses		"Place"
1860	May 6		______ Loughlin		James Ginty
			Nappy Ginty		Margaret Mullarky
1861	February 3	James McCarrick		Thomas Smith
			Elizabeth Coriman	Mary Ginty
	February 12	John Ford		Thomas Loftus
			Mary Smith		Sarah Ginty
	August 26	Charles Moffit		M. _____
			Mary Ann Feely		Mary Ginty
1862	February 25	James Ginty		John O'Donnelly
			Bridget Quinn		Bridget Gallagher
	February 27	Hugh Feely		Pat _____
			Bridget ______		Mary Ginty
	February 27	Pat Gettins		Pat _____
			Bridget Hunt		Mary Ginty
1863	October 12	Andrew Ginty		Jas/Thos Ginty
			Margaret Finan		Catherine Henry
1864	April 13	Bartly Ginty		John ______
			Mary Moffitt		Bridget ______
1865	February 6	Pat Feely		John Burke
			Mary McCarrick		Catherine Henry
	February 12	Pat Quinn		Pat Quinn
			Margaret Ginty		______ Devine
	October 3	Thomas Flynn		Jas. Kilmartin
			Catherine McCarrick	Mary Ginty
1867	February 28	Roger O'Hara		Jack O'Hara
			Sara Ginty		Honor Smith
1869	November	John Madden		Mary McCarrick
			Mary McCarrick		Thomas _____
1872	"late"		Michael McLaughlin	Edward McLaughlin
			Anna McCarrick		____ Smith
1873	After June 23	Daniel Ginty		Catherine Henry
			Catherine McCarrick	_____ McDermott
1875	January 6	_____ Walsh		Joseph O'Brien
			Catherine Ginty		Catherine Smith
1876	After April 10	Patrick Ginty		_____ Ginty
			Honor Feely		Anna Feely
1878	February 26	Augustus ______		Patrick Walsh
			Mary McCarrick		Mary Brennan
	May 12		Thomas _____		James _____ 		Doomore
			Eleanor McCarrick	Mary Moffit
	July 25		Thomas McCarrick	Patrick O'Conner 	Carna...
			Eleanor Gallagher	Bridget Walsh
	December 28	John McCarrick		Patrick Ginty		Carnaleck
			Margaret Henry		Anna Mullarky		Loughill
1879			Walter(?) _____		Matthew Henry		Masshill
			Bridget Ginty		Mary Henry
1884	August 25	Robert Henry		John _____		Carnaleck
			Honor McCarrick		Catherine Feely
1887	June 8		Edward Ginty		_____			Cloonacool
			Bridget Mitchell	Catherine _____
1888	March 19	D____ McEntyre		Pat McCarrick		Doomore
			Bridget McCarrick	Bridget McCarrick
1890	August 18	Patrick Henry		James _____		Masshill
			Catherine Ginty		Catherine _____
	October 19	Barth. McCarrick	_____			Tubbercurry
			Catherine Feely		_____
1892	February 11	James McCarrick		James McGuire
			Catherine _____		Cath. Johnstone
	April 18	Johannes _____		Patrick Gallagher
			Mary Ginty		Bridget Ginty


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