Slater's Directory for Sligo town and environs proceeds with a page giving a description of Sligo and it is followed by a brief reference to the Post Office and mailing times. This has been omitted from this presentation. However, all the section headings in the original and all the persons named are given here. Because of the length and the condition of the copy some sections only have surnames but the original Directory contains the addresses, etc. M' is used for Mc or Mac in the original and it is retained here.
    This transcription of Slater's 1870 Directory was taken from a faded copy and may contain errors. Where it was impossible to read it is marked thus (?).
    A note has been added to some sections to clarify meaning.
    Comments, corrections, etc., to Jim McDonald


    POST OFFICE, High Street, Sligo, Martin PHILLIPS, Post Master. ...
    POST OFFICE, Rosses Point, James GILLAN, Post Master. ...

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
A--SON(?), Loco Cottage.
ANDERSON, Charles, Esq. J.P. New Bridge St & Larkhill.
ANDERSON, Miss Rebecca, 18 Stephen St.
ARMSTRONG, Mr. James, Victoria Rd.
BAKER, Miss Mary, Charles St.
BALFOUR, James, Esq. J.P. Market St.
BARRETT, Colonel Knox, Boyle Rd.
BARRETT, Samuel, Esq. Cullinamore.
BARRETT, Mr. Thomas, Harbour View.
B-SS(?), Rev. James Craig, Wine St.
BLYTH, Mrs Jane, Mall.
BOOTH, Sir Robert Gore, Bart. J.P. M.P. D.L. Lissadell.
BOYD, Mr John, Union Place.
BROWN, Thomas, Esq. Mall.
CAMPBELL, Harper, Esq. J.P. Hermitage.
CASEY, Rev. James, Gail Rd.
CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Margaret, 10 Wine St.
COCHRAN, James, Esq. Glen Lodge.
COMY, Maurice, Esq. J.P. Market St.
COOPER, Lieut.- Col. Edward H. D.D. J.P. Markree Castle.
DAVIS, Mr. John George, Wine St.
DAVIS, Mr. Munn, Union Place.
DAY, Rev. Edward (rector), the Glebe.
DOBBIN, Abraham, Esq. J.P. Farmhill Cottage.
DOWDEN, Rev. John, Calry Glebe.
DUNCAN, James, Esq. Stephen St.
FLOOD, Rev. James, Ballywillan,
FOX, Charles De Bassyn, Esq. Cleveragh.
GILMOR, Alexander, Esq. 4 Ratcliffe St.
GILLOOLY, Right Rev. Laurence, D.D.
GOODMAN, Very Rev. Bernard, D.D.
GORDON, Richard, Esq. Stephen St.
GORMAN, Mr. Henry, Stephen St.
HANLEY, Rev. Patrick, Gaol Rd.
HARPER, James, Esq. Lynn's Place.
HIBBETTS, Very Rev. Thomas D. D.D. High St.
HOWLEY, Patrick C. Esq. Rathellen.
HUNTER, Robert, Esq. J.P. Wine st. and Washington House.
JACKSON, Rev. Moffat, Manse.
JONES, Chas. Gore, Esq. Raughley.
JONES, James, Esq. D.L. J.P. Mount Edward.
JONES, Jeremy, Esq. J.P. Stephen St.
KEANEY, Rev. Alexander, Mall.
KEIGHRON, Patrick, Esq. J.P. Mall & Farmhill.
KIDD, James, Esq. J.P. Wine St.
LAWSON, Capt. St. Humble, J.P. Albert St.
LEGER, Mrs. Catherine, Catherine St.
L'ESTRANGE, Christopher, Esq. J.P. Kevinsfort.
LYONS, Alex. Esq. J.P. Lynn's Terr.
LYONS, Henry, Esq. J.P. Lynn's Terr.
LYONS, Mrs Margt. Bayview House.
M'BRIDE, Mrs. Mary Ann, Thornhill House.
M'CULLAGH, Robert, Esq. Stephen St.
M'EVOY, Rev. Michael D. High St.
M'MAHON, Timothy, Esq. Stephen St.
M'N-L-(?), Mr. Malcolm, Lynn's Place.
M'NEILLY, Mr. Robert, Union St.
M'TERNAN, Mrs. Susan, Old Market St.
MARTIN, Captain Abraham, D.L. J.P. Cleveragh.
MARTIN, Mrs. Bridget, Charles St.
MARTIN, Miss Elizabeth, Wine St.
MARTIN, St. George Jones, Esq. J.P. Farmhill.
MARTIN, Mr. Thos. Alma Cottage.
MIDDLETON, William, Esq. J.P. Avena House, Ballisodare.
MONDS, Moses, Esq. J.P. Wine St.
MORRIS, Rev. John, Gaol St.
MURRAY, Mr. Daniel, Mall.
NEARY, George William, Esq. Mall.
NOLAN, Rev. Peter, Gaol St.
O'BOYLE, Rev. Thomas, Gaol St.
O'CONNOR, Peter, Esq. J.P. Cairnsfoot.
OLPHERTS, Francis M. Esq. J.P. Mount-Barmount.
ORMSBY, George Duke, Esq. J.P.
PETRIE, William, Esq. Towneyfortis.
PEYTON, Andrew, Esq. Mall.
PHIBBS, Mrs. Alicia, Charles St.
PHIBBS, Harlow, Esq. 3 George St.
PHIBBS, Miss Mary, Stephen St.
PHIBBS, William, Esq. Seafield.
PINCHER, Mr. John, Wine St.
PLUNKETT, Captain the Hon. Thomas O. W. Castle St.
POLLEXFEN, William, Esq. Merville.
RALPH, John, Esq. Stephen St.
ROBINSON, Richard St. George, Esq. Garden Hill.
RUTHERFORD, Mrs. Eliza. Unon Pl.
St. LEDGER, Noblett R. Esq. Mall.
SAVAGE, Mr. William, George St.
SEDLEY, Mrs. Ann, Charles St.
SHAW, Robert, Esq. Kilsella.
SHEPPERD, Rev. Noble, Stephen St.
STRONG, Major, M.D. Rosehill.
TIGHE, James, Esq. J.P. High St.
TRENCH, John Alfred, Esq. Mal.
TUTE, Mr. Wm. Clifford, Rathedmond.
VERNON, Mrs. Eliza. Merino.
WALKER, Andrew, Esq. J.P. Stephen St.
WHITE, Colonel John James, J.P. Newtown Manor.
WILES, Mr. William, Stephen St.
WILLIAMS, Thomas Hitchcock, Esq. J.P. 44 High St.
WOOD, James, Esq. J.P. Woodvill.
WOOD, John E. Esq. Mall.
WOOD, Miss Maria, Wine St.
WOOD, Richard H. Esq. J.P. Wine St.
WOOD, Thomas M. Esq. Seamount.
WOODS, Wm. Abbott, Esq. J.P. Hollywell.
WYNNE, Mrs. Hannah, 25 Mall.
WYNNE, John H. C. Esq. J.P. Hollywell.
WYNNE, Owen, Esq. D.L. J.P. Hazelwood.

Academies & Schools
Not otherwise designated are Day Schools.
Thus * are Ladies' Boarding Schools
*BLYTH, Ellen, Mall.
*BURROWS, Jane, Lungy St.
CHRISTIAN, Ann, Stephen St.
COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, Chapel St. - taught by the Marist Brothers.
DIOCESAN SCHOOL, Mall - William C. EDDES, head master.
ERASMUS SMITH'S SCHOOL: - (male), Lungy - Nixon PARKE, master (female), John St. - Rachel THOMPSON, mistress. Mall - Susan SALT, mistress.
FREE SCHOOL, Quay St. -taught by the Marist Brothers.
NATIONAL (model) SCHOOL, Mall, James FEEHAN, head master; William John COLLINS, first assistant; Elizabeth GIBBONS, head mistress.
NATIONAL (model) SCHOOL (infants), Mall. - Jane PINK mistress.
(infants), John St. - Fanny BELL, mistress.
St. Patrick's Convent - taught by the Nuns.
Lower Rosses - Patrick NEAR, master.
PATON, Rebecca, Albert St.
*PINCHER, Mary, Wine St.
*ROGERS, Pricilla V. Wine St.
St. John's Seminary, Chapel St. - Rev. Peter NOLAN, principal.
Ursuline Convent, Finiskilin.
WOLSTENHOLME, Hannah, Stephen St.

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents, & also Emigration Agents)
CAMPBELL, HARPER (to Lloyds, Ulster Marine Insurance, and to Liverpool & Glasgow Underwriters' Association), Union St.
FARRELL, John (house and Land), Albert St.
FAUSSETT, Ellen (China Tea Co.), Market St.
HARPER, James (Liverpool & Glasgow Steam Packet), Quay St.
KIDD, James (estate and commission), Knox St.
MIDDLETON & POLLEXFEN, (ship and commission), Wine St. and Old Quay St.
ROBINSON, Roger D. & George J. (estate), Stephen St.
SMITH, Thomas (house), Mall.
STEWARD & KINCAID (to the Hon. William COWPER), Mall.
WHITE & ALGEO (Simpson's sewing machines), Knox St.
WILLIAM & DAVIS (Wheeler & Wilson's sewing machines), High St.
WYNNE, John H.C. (land), Stephen St.

DENNING, Charles J. 22 Knox St.
JOHNSON, James John, Castle St.
LOUGHEED, John, Ratcliff St.

Architects & Builders
CALDWELL, James, Chapel St.
CURREN, Thomas (builder), Charles St.
HUNT, Wm. & Son, 31 Knox St.
KEIGHARN, Patrick (builder), John St.
KERR, George (builder), John St.
KILGALLIN, Charles, Abbeyville.
MORRIS, Patrick, Union Place.

MacNIFFE, Patrick, Old Market St., & 49 Blessington St., Dublin.
MOLONEY, Michael, Albert St.
PHIBBS, Griffith, Charles St.
POLLOCK, Edward, (solicitors to the Grand Jury for the county), 33 Mall, & Dawson St., Dublin.
SEDLEY, Charles, Quay St., & 66 Lr. Gardner St., Dublin.
SEDLEY, James W, Quay St., & 66 Lr. Gardner St., Dublin.

BURKE, John, Ratcliffe St.
CAMPBELL, George, Wine St. WILSON Thomas, Castle St.

BOYLE, Wm., Holborn St.
BRUEN, Michael, Castle St.
BRUEN, Owen, 38 Knox St.
CHISM, Edwar. Castle St.
COLEARY, Patrick, 35 Pound St.
CROZIER, Andrew, 165 Pound St.
DERHAM, Felix, Knox St.
DEVENNY, James, Pound St.
ENRIGHT, Mary Ann, Knox St.
FEENEY, Patrick, 30 Knox St.
GETHIN, Edward, Ratcliffe St.
KEIGHRON, Michael, Mall.
KELLY, Michael, Pound St.
KEVENY, Margaret, High St.
M’ARTHUR, Alexander, Knox St.
M’CLANE, Patrick, Marker St.
M’DONOGH, Richard, 49 Knox St.
MacGILL, Daniel, Pound St.
M’KIM, Barbara, Knox St.
M’PHIAL(?), Robert, Stephen St.
M’QUAKER, James, High St.
MURPHY, Owen, 104 Pound St.
O’DONOVAN, Thomas, Ratcliffe St.
O’REIDY, [REILLY?] Patrick, Ratcliffe St.
POL, Margaret, Knox St.
SMITH, Martin, Ratcliffe St.
WHITTAKER, Eliza, 14 Stephen St.

DUNCAN, James, Manager Bank of Ireland, Stephen St.
GORDON, Richard, Manager Provincial Bank of Ireland, Stephen St.
M’CULLAGH, Robert, Manager Ulster Banking Co., Stephen St.
DAVYS, Vernon, actuary Savings Bank, Stephen St.

DRUMM, John, Mailcoach Road.
FLATELY, Dominic, Mailcoach Road.
HOWES, Martin, Temple St.
JOHNSTON, Martin, Lower Quay St.
KILKULLEN, Michael. Waste Garden Lane.
LEADEN, Terence, Ross’s Point.
LOGHLIN, George (& implement mkr), Mailcoach Road.
M’DONNELL, Martin, New Bridge St.
M’KEOWN, Patrick, Victoria Road.
M’KIM, Thomas, Union St.
M’LAUGHLIN, Patrick, Corcoran’s Mall.
NAVIN, Thomas, Mailcoach Road.
RYAN, John, Albert St.
RYAN, Matthew, 13 New Bridge St.

Booksellers & Stationers
CAHILL, James, High St.
COSGRAVE, Michael, High St.
FOWLEY, Margaret. (& circulating library), Market St. & Ratcliffe St.
GILLMOR, Alex. (& bookbinder), 4 Ratcliffe St. GILLMOR Jane, Thomas St.
O’MALLEY, Eliza., Castle St.
WILSON, Thomas R, Castle St.

Boot & Shoe Makers
ANDERSON, George. Holborn St.
ATKINSON, John. Market St.
BARBER, Charles. Walkers Row.
BURKE, John. 13 Ratcliffe St.
BURNS, James. Ratcliffe St.
CURRID, Michael. Ratcliffe St.
DUNLEAVY, Gregory. Mailcoach Road.
GILMARTIN, Patrick. Mailcoach Road.
HARGADON, Michael. Mailcoach Road.
HENNY, Michael. Castle St.
M’HUGH, Thos. Lower Knox St.
M’IVER, Robert. New Bridge St.
MERRICK, William. John St.
MURPHY, James, Waste Garden La.
NELSON, Chas, Mailcoach Road.
ORMSBY, Richard, John St.
QUINN, Edward, John St.
SLEATER, Alexander, 26 Charles St.
SLEATER, William, Market St.
YOUNG, William, Market St.

See Plumbers, &c.

Anderson & Co. Sligo Brewery.

See Architects & Builders.

BURKE, Michael, 33 Ratcliffe St.
COLLINS, Matthew, Mailcoach Road.
CUNLISK, James, 27 Castle St.
CUNLISK, Thomas, Knox St.
DILLON, Robert, Waste Garden Lane.
FEENEY, John, Thomas St.
FEENEY, Patrick, Market St.
FLYNN, Patrick, Pound St.
GALLAGHER, James, Ratcliffe St.
GILMORE, Samuel, John St.
HANNEY, Patrick, 10 Ratcliffe St.
HENNESSY, Peter, 32 Ratcliffe St.
HUGHES, Patrick, 173 Pound St.
HUGHES, Stephen, Abbey St.
HUGHES, Winnifred, Ratcliffe St.
KEARNEY, James, Mall.
KELLY, Joseph, John St.
M’GARRY, Patrick, Waste Garden Lane.
O’HARA, Charles, John St.
O’HARA, Edward, Ratcliffe St.
O’HARA, James, Knox St.
O’HARA, James Ratcliffe St.
REDDY, Bernard, Pound St.
ROONEY, John, Mailcoach Road.

Butter Merchants
BECKETT, Charles, Butter Market & Quay St.
DOBBIN, Abraham, Butter Market & Union St.
FOLEY, Michael, Butter Market & Finisklin.
FRIZZELL, David, Butter Market & Kinsella.
FRIZZELL, John, jun., Butter Market & Drumcliffe.
GERAGHTY, Jeremiah & Co. Butter Market & Stephen St.
GORMAN, Hy., Butter Market & Wine St.
HART, John, Butter Market.
KEARNS, J(?), Butter Market & Temple St.
KEARNS, Peter, Butter Market & Temple St.
KIDD, James, Butter Market & Knox St.
M’CLANE, Patrick, Market St.
MIDDLETON & POLLEXFEN, Butter Market & Wine St.
MILLER & HALL, Butter Market.
MILLMOE, Michael, Butter Market & High St.
MORAN, James, High St.
O’CONNOR, Daniel, Butter Market & Pound St.
SINCLAIR, James, Butter Market & Knox St.
TIGHE, Patrick, Butter Market & Temple St.
TIGHE, Peter, Butter Market & Pound St.
YOUNG, J. & S. Wine St.

[Note: In 1787 the Butter Market was in Lower Knox St. where the Post Office is today. It moved to a purpose built premises beside Cadgers Field (Emmet Place) wher it enjoyed an internation reputation for its product. It closed in 1919.]

Cabinet Makers and Upholsters, & Undertakers
CAMPBELL, Geo. Wine St.
GREVATT, James & Co. 10 New Bridge St.
MAVEETY, Robert. 27 Stephen St.

CURREN, Thomas. Charles St.
GUNNING, Patrick. Pound St.
HIGGINS, Edward. New Rope Walk.
KELLY, Edward. Holborn St.
KERR, George. John St.
KERR, John. Holborn St.
McGLOIN, Hugh. Mailcoach Rd.
McMARA, Bryan. High St.
O'RORKE, Bernard. High St.
PATTLE, Peter. Pound St.
SMITH, John. Chapel St.

[Note: The membership of the Sligo Branch of the Carpenter's Union of 1871 show many more carpenters. This could mean that they were left out of the Directory and/or the number of tradesmen in the town increased with the construction of the Roman Catholic Cathedral.]

Cart Makers
DOYLE, John. 65 Mailcoach Rd.
EARLY, Thomas. Barrack St.
HYNES, Michael. Mailcoach Rd.
KERR, Robert. New Bridge St.
SWIFT, John. Barrack St.

China Glass & Earthenware Dealers
BURNS, James, Knox St.
CONNELLAN, Hugh, Market St.
WILKIN, John, Knox St.

Clothes Dealers
HOPKINS, John, Old Market St.
KANE, Quinton, Thomas St.
LANGAN, Patrick, High St.
M'QUADE, John, Old Market St.
O'BEIRN, James, Market St.
O'RORKE, Bernard, High St.

Coach and Car Makers
CREIGHTON, John, Albert St.
GRAY, Jas., & John, Corcoran’s Mall.
RYAN, John, Albert St.
WALSH, John, New Bridge St.

Coal, Iron & Slate Merchants
(See also Merchants under their respective heads - Hide, Salt, Timber, &c.)
DUDGEON, Henry & Wm., Knox St.
GREEN, Andrew, Castle St
HENRY, Mary, High St.
HODGSON, John, Quay St.
HUNTER, Robert, Wine St.
O’CONNOR, James & Co., Old Market St.
O’DONOVAN, Thomas, Ratcliffe St.

Commissioners for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women.
BROWN, Thomas D, Mall.
WOODS, Thomas M, Sea View.

Commissioners for taking Affidavits for High Court of Chancery & the Law Courts.
TIGHE, Edward J, High St.
TATE, Wm., Clifford, Old Market St.
WOODS, Joseph L, Castle St.

BRUEN, Michael, Castle St.
ENRIGHT, Mary Ann, Knox St.
HUDSON, Catherine, Ratcliffe St.
KAVENY, Margaret, High St.
M’KIM, Barbara, Knox St.
WHITTAKER, Eliza, Stephen St.

Consuls - Vice
Denmark & Italy, Wm. C. TUTE, Old Market St.
Sweden & Norway, Jas. O'CONNOR, Ballyglass.
United States, James HARPER, Lynn's Place.

BATTLE, Thomas, Holborn St.
BRENNAN, Bryan, Mailcoach Rd.
BRENNAN, James, Pound St.
CARROL, Thomas, Pound St.
CRYAN, James, Mailcoach Rd.
DEVENNY, James, Pound St.
DYER, Peter, the Borough.
EARLY, Chas, Porter's Lane, Mall.
FARRELL, Felix, Holborn St.
GOREVIN, Henry, Pound St.
GOREVIN, Thomas, Pound St.
LYNCH, Paul, John St.
MORAN, James, 9 High St.
MULLIGAN, Henry, 171 Pound St.
MULLIGAN, John, Pound St.
ROONEY, Patrick, Mall.
S---L(?), Stephen, Holborn St.
TIGHE, Charles, 142 Mailcoach Rd.

[Note: A Cooper made barrells from wood. See also on this site the decline of the trade at the start of the Famine.]

SMITH HILLAS (& engraver), 18 Stephen St.
SMITH, Wm. Thomas St.

[Note: SMITH'S of Stephen St. are the oldest surviving business in Sligo town.]

Dyers & Cleaners
KERR, Jane (John STEWART, Glasgow), Market St.
M'Mullen, Wm. 28 Ratcliff St.

Earthenware Dealers
See China, Glass, &c. Dealers

Egg Merchants
(See also Butter Merchants)
BRENNAN, Patrick, High St.
FINAN, Thomas, Holborn St.
M'CLANE, Patrick, Market St.
M'GRATH, John, High St.
MILMOE, Michael, High St.

Emigration Agents
DODGEON, Henry & Wm. 7 Knox St.
GETHIN, Edward, Ratcliff St.
M'DONAGH, Richd. 48 Knox St.
O'DONOVAN, Thos. Ratcliff St.

Fancy Repositories
DOHERTY, M. & C. Castle St.
FOWLEY, Margaret, Market St. and Ratcliff St.
GILMOR, Jane (& toy), Thomas St.
M'DONAGH, Mark Anthony, New Bridge St.
O'MALLEY, Eliza, Castle St.

Fire &c Office Agents
Alliance, R.D. & G.J. ROBINSON, Stephen St; WHITE & ALGEO, Knox St.; & Edward POLLOCK, 33 Mall.
Caledonian, Edward J. TIGHE, High St.
City of Glasgow, Balfour FERGUSON, 23 Knox St., & Moses MONDS, Wine St.
Commercial Union, Robert CRAWFORD, Thomas St.
County (fire), R.D. & G.J. ROBINSON, Stephen St.
Crown, Frederick Henry POLLEXFEN, Wine St.
English and Scottish Law Life, James DOHERTY, Castle St, & James W. SEDLEY, Quay St.
General, Stephen M. CHERRY, Castle St.
Imperial (fire) Standard (life) & General Marine, William Clifford TUTE, Old Market St.
Life Association of Scotland, BALFOUR & Co. Market St.
London & General Plate Glass, Balfour FERGUSON, Knox St.
Norwich & london Accidental & Plate Glass, Frederick H. POLLEXFEN, Wine St.
Patriotic (life), James DUNCAN, Stephen St.
Provident (life) R.D. & G.J. ROBINSON, Stephen St.
Royal, James KIDD, Knox St.
Royal Exchange, John H. C. WYNNE, Stephen St.
Scottish Amicable, John FARRELL, Albert St.
Scottish Equitable, Robert M'CULLAGH, Stephen St.
Scottish National, John FARRELL, Albert St.
Scottish Provincial, James DOHERTY, Castle St., & William & DAVIS, 42 High St.
Scottish Widows' Fund, Harper CAMPBELL, Union St.
Sun, Alex J. MIDDLETON, Wine St.
West of England, John J. KENNY, Union St.

Fish Exporter
PETRIE, William (& ship owner), Lower Knox St.

Fish Importer
O'CONNOR, James & Co. Old Market St.
PETRIE, W. & A. (& curers), Wine St.
TIGHR, James, High St.
WALKER, Andrew, Walker's Row.

CHAMBERS, John (& florist), Market St.
FINNERTY, Catherine, High St.
M'GANN, Bridget, Knox St.

Furniture Brokers
O'BRIEN, Patrick, High St.
REID, John, Market St.

Marked thus * are also Wholesale.
*ANDERSON, Charles, Knox Street & New Bridge St.
BOYLE, Daniel, Victoria Road & Holborn St.
BRENNAN, Patrick, High St.
*CASSIDY, Maurice, Market St.
CHISM, Edward, Castle St.
CLEMENTS, James, 26 High St.
*COLLERY, Bernard, Knox St.
CONNOLLY, John, High St.
CONNOLLY, Thomas, 13 Stephen St.
CONNOLLY, William, 26 Pound St.
*CRAWFORD, Robert, Thomas St.
DERHAM, Felix, Knox St.
DUNNIGAN, Bridget, High St.
*DUNWOODY, John, Market St.
FIFE, Edward, Pound St.
FOLEY, Joseph, Knox St.
GETHEN, Edward, Ratcliff St.
GILLEN, Charles, High St.
GOLDEN, Joseph, 15 & 16 Stephen St.
*GOLDEN, Michael, Knox St.
GORDON, John, 17 Charles St. & 21 Knox St.
HENRY, Mary, High St.
HICKS, George, Castle St.
JORDAN, Patrick, High St.
KEIGHARN, Honoria, Castle St.
KEIGHARN, Michael, Mall.
KEIGHRAN, Patrick, 47 Mall.
KEVENY, Margaret, High St.
M'DONOGH, Richard, 48 Knox St.
MacGILL, Daniel, 11 Pound St.
M'GOLDRICK, John, Mailcoach Rd.
*M'GOWAN, John, Ratcliff St.
M'GRATH, John, High St.
M'QUAKER, James, High St.
MILMOE, Michael, High St.
MORAN, James, High St.
MORRIS, Michael, 30 Knox St.
MURPHY, Owen, 164 Pound St.
*O'CONNOR Bros, Knox St.
*O'CONNOR, James & Co. 38 Old Market St.
*O'CONNOR, Patrick, 36 Mall.
O'DONOVAN, Thomas, Ratcliff St. & Lower Knox St.
QUILTY, Ambrose, High St.
*ROBERTSON, Margaret, 23 and 24 Knox St.
ROSS, John, Ratcliff St.
SINCLAIR, James, 34 Knox St.
SMITH, Martin, Ratcliff St.
TALLANT, Peter, Albert St.
TIGHE, James, High St.
*YOUNG, J. & S. Wine St.

(See also Linen Drapers)
COSGRAVE, Michael, High St.
FAUSSET, Ellen & Sisters, Castle St.
KERR, Jane, Castle St.
O'BEIRN, Andrew, Market St.

Hair Dressers
CLANCY, Patrick, 25 Castle St.
M'GUIRK, John, 28 Castle St.
TIERNAN, Charles, 11 Ratcliffe St.

See Ironmongers &c Hardwaremen.

BURKE, Lawrence, Market St.
CAULKLEY, Daniel, Mailcoach Rd.
M'MULLIN, Wm. Thomas St.

Hide Merchants
CONNOLLY, Wm. 32 Pound St.
GILLAN, Michael (& leather & Irish moss), High St.
HENNESSY, Peter, (& wool), Ratcliff St.
KEIGHRON, Patrick, 47 Mall.

Inns & Hotels
(See also Public Houses)
Commercial, Peter TALLANT, Albert St.
GRAHAM, James, Mall.
Imperial, Mary O'DONNELL, Corcoran's Mall.
Royal Victoria, Rebecca ALLINGHAM, Albert St.

Ironmongers & Hardwaremen
CAHILL, James, High St.
CONNOLLY, John, High St.
DOHERTY, James, Jhigh St.
DUNNICAN, Bridget, 19 High St.
GILLAN, Michael (& Irish moss manufacture), High St.
GREEN, Andrew, Castle St.
HENRY, Mary, 42 High St.
HUNT, Michael, 1 High St.
HUNT, Wm. & Son, 31 Knox St.
KILGALLEN, Thady, High St.
LEECH, & Son (and gunsmiths), 9 Castle St.
M'GUIRE Patrick, Ratcliffe St.
MONSON, Elizabeth, Knox St.
NELSON & GRAHAM, 42 Castle St.
QUIN, Winifred, High St.

Leather Sellers
CAHILL, James, High St.
GILLAN, Michael, High St.
HOWLEY, Thomas, Market St.
SLEATER, William, Market St.
WALLACE, James, Knox St.
WOODS, Wm. Abbot, 7 & 8 Castle St.
YOUNG, John, Market St.

Linen Drapers
Marked thus * are also Woolen Drapers.
*BALFOUR & Co. 17 Market St.
BURKE, Laurence (& clothier), Market St.
*CHERRY, Stephen M. 33 & 34 Castle St.
*CONRY, Maurice, 4 Market St.
*DUNLEVY, Francis, Thomas St.
*FLANNERY, John & Co. Knox St.
*GALBRAITH, John H. Market St.
*HENDERSON, James, High St.
*LEONARD, Patrick, 1 Ratcliffe St.
*LYONS, Henry & Sons, Market St.
LYONS, Margaret, 4 High St.
O'BRIEN, Bridget, 2 High St.
*PHILLIPS, Martin W. 6 High St.
ROSS, Percy H. Castle St.
*WHITE & ALGOE, Knox St.
*WILLIAMS & DAVIS, 44 High St.

(See also Merchants under their respective heads - Butter, Hide, Salt, Wine, Provisions, &c.)
CRAWFORD, Robert (tea), Thomas St.
DOBBIN, Abraham, Union St.
GORMAN, Henry, Wine St.
GREEN, Andrew, 31 Castle St.
HODGSON, John, (coal), Quay St.
KEIGHRON, Patrick (corn and flax), Mall.
KILGALLON, Thady, High St.
LYONS, Henry (& Shipowner), Market St.
McGRATH, John (corn and flax), High St.
MIDDLETON & POLIEXFEN, Old Quay St. & Wine St.
O'CONNOR, Jas & Co. Old Market St.
ROONEY, Patrick (corn), 49 Pound St.
TIGHE, James, High St.
WOODS, William A. (leather & seed), 7 & 8 Castle St.

KEIGHRON, Patrick, Millport Mills.
MIDDLETON & POLLEXFEN, Sligo Mills, Camphill Mills, and Avena Mills, Ballysodare.
SIM, Alexander, Collooney Mills.

Milliners & Dressmakers
BALFOUR & Co. Market St.
BARBOUR, Sarah, Holborn St.
CHERRY, Stephen M. 33 & 34 Castle St.
CONINGTON, Mary, Barrack St.
COSGRAVE, Michael, High St.
FAUSSETT, Ellen & Sisters, Castle St.
FLANERY, John & Co. Knox St.
GALBREITH, John A. Market St.
GIBSON Margaret, 24 Ratcliffe St.
HENDERSON, James, High St.
KERR, Jane, Castle St.
LYONS, Henry & Sons, Market St.
M'SHERRY, Catherine, Gaol Rd.
O'CONNOR, Mary, Chapel St.
PHILLIPS, Martin, Wm. 6 High St.
ROSS, Percy H. Castle St.
WHITE, & ALGOE, Knox St.
WILLIAMS, & DAVIS, 44 High St.

Nail Makers
BOYLE, John, New Rope Walk.
BRENNAN, Patrick, Mailcoach Rd.
CONWAY, John, Mailcoach Rd.
DONAGHEY, John, New Rope Walk.
DYER, Patrick, Mailcoach Rd.
FLYNN, John, Mailcoach Rd.
GARDNER, John, Holborn St.
HENRY, Wm. Waste Garden Lane.
MOFFATT, Wm. Mailcoach Rd.
MONSON, Elizabeth, 6 Knox St.
WALSH, Patrick, Mailcoach Rd.

SLIGO CHAMPION (published on Saturday), 7 Ratcliffe St. - Edward O'FARRELL, editor & proprietor.
SLIGO CHRONICLE (published on Saturday), office Quay St. - James W. SEDLEY, proprietor.
SLIGO INDEPENDENT (published on Saturday), 4 Ratcliff St. - Alexander GILMOR, proprietor.

[Note: Only the Sligo Champion has survived. It is online. Back copies of all Sligo's newspapers are in the Sligo County Library and in the British Library.]

Notary Public
MOSTYN, George, Seamount.

Oil & Colourmen
HUNT, Wm. & Son, 31 Knox St.
M'GUIRE, Patrick, Ratcliffe St.

Painters & Glaziers
BURROWS, James, Lungy St.
HUNT, Wm. & Son, 31 Knox St.
M'GUIRE, Patrick, Ratcliff St.
M'KIM, James, 16 Knox St.
WALLACE, James, Knox St.

O'DONOVAN, Ellen, 29 Knox St.
O'DONOVAN, Thomas, 26 Ratcliff St. 20 Holborn St. & Old Market St.
REIDY, Jeremiah A. 15 Old Market St.

JOHNSTON, James, Castle St.
LITTLE, William, K.A.M., M.D. Gaol St.
M'MUNN, John. M.D. Lunatic Asylum.

Plumbers & Gasfitters, & Brassfounders
CRUMMY, Edward, High St.
GALLOWAY, James, Castle St.
ROBINSON, John, Market St.
RYAN, Matthew, New Bridge St.

Posting Houses
ALLINGHAM, Rebecca, Castle St.
GRAHAM, James, Mall.
M'GOLDRICK, Michael, Lr. Knox St.
M'NULTY, Maurice, Mall.
O'DONNELL, Mary, Corcoran's Mall.
TALLANT, Peter, Albert St.
WARD, Thomas, Castle St.
[Note: A Posting House was a fixed place where horses could be hired out and stabled. It was a main stop off point for Posting Carriages.]

Printers - Letter Press
GILLMOR, Alex, Ratcliff St.
O'FARRELL, Edward, Ratcliff St.
SEDLEY, James, W. Quay St.
WILSON, Thomas, Castle St.

Professors of Music
AIRD, Thomas, Knox St.
HAGARTY, John, Market St.
MacCARTHY, Wm. Henry, Castle St.

Provision Merchants
BLAIR, George, Knox St.
DOBBINS, Andrew, Union St.
DUDGEON, Henry & Wm. 12 Knox St.
GORMAN, Henry, Wine St.
HUNTER, Robert, Wine St.
KIDD, James, Knox St.
KILGALLEN, Thady, High St.
M'ARTHUR, Alexander, Knox St.
MacGILL, Daniel, Pound St.
MIDDLETON & POLLEXFEN (and ship owners), Wine St.
O'CONNOR, James & Co. Old Market St.
POL, Margaret, Knox St.
ROONEY, Patrick, 49 Pound St.
TIGHE, James (& herring importer), High St.
TIGUE, Thomas, Knox St.
YOUNG, J. & S. Wine St.

Public Houses
AEMSTRONG, George, Knox St.
BARRY, Patrick & Son, Riverside.
BOYLE, Daniel, 2 Holborn St. & Victoria Road.
BRADLEY, John, Quay St.
BREE, Patrick, 46 Knox St.
CAMPBELL, Wm. Holborn St.
CLEMENTS, James, High St.
COLEARY, Patrick, 35 Pound St.
CONNOLLY, John, High St.
CONNOLLY, Thomas, 13 Stephen St.
DALE, Henry, Old Quay.
DEIGNAN, Judith, 129 Mailcoach Rd.
DERHAM, Felix, Knox St.
DOLAN, Margaret, Old Quay.
FEENEY, John, Barrack St.
FEENEY, Matthew, Mailcoach Rd.
FEENEY, Patrick, 39 Knox St.
GALLAGHER, John, 11 New Bridge St.
GILLEN, Charles, High St.
GOLDEN, Joseph, Stephen St.
GOLDEN, Michael, 27 & 28 Knox St.
GORDON, 21 Knox St. & Castle St.
GRAHAM, James, Mall.
HAGARTY, John, Market St.
HIGGINS, Grace, Castle St.
HUNT, Michael, High St.
JORDAN, Patrick, High St.
KEIGHARN, Honoria, Castle St.
KELLY, Edward, Holborn St.
KELLY, Michael, 175 Pound St.
KILCULLEN, Mary, 16 Pound St.
KIVLEHAN, John, Holborn St.
LAVENDER, Mary, Old Quay.
LEONARD, John, Holborn St.
MARRON, Patrick, Pound St.
MAY, Michael, Mall.
McCARTNEY, Patrick, Barrack St.
McGETHRICK, Thos. Ratcliffe St.
McGRATH, John, High St.
McNULTY, Maurice, Mall.
MORRIS, Michael, 30 Knox St.
MULLIGAN, James, 68 Holborn St.
MURPHY, Owen, Pound St.
NEVIN, William, New Bridge St.
O'CONNOR, Daniel, Mailcoach Rd.
O'CONNOR, Patrick, 36 Mall.
QUILTY, Ambrose, High St.
REA, Mary Jane, Pound St.
SINCLAIR, James, Knox St.
SWEENEY, Denis (& Oyster Saloon Thomas St.)
TALLANT, Peter, Albert St.
WARD, Thomas, Ratcliffe St.

FEENEY, Francis, Ross's Point.
GILLAN, John, Ross's Point.
WALLACE, Joseph, Rosses Point.

[Note: A Public House is a place licensed to sell alcohol. A Bar.]

Saddlers & Harness Makers
BURROWS, Thomas, New Bridge St.
DAVITT, James, Thomas St.
LYNCH, John, Pound St.
O'FLYNN, James, 167 Pound St.
STOKES, Robert, Castle St.
WHITTAKER, Robert, 17 Stephen St.

Salt Merchants & Dealers
HENRY, Mary, High St.
HUNTER, Mary, Wine St.
KEIGHRON, Patrick, 47 Mall.
M'MANUS, Margaret, Knox St.

Seed & Grain Dealers
GILLAN, Michael, High St.
HENRY, Mary, High St.
HUNT, Michael, 1 High St.
HUNTER, Robert, Wine St.
LEECH & Son, 9 Castle St.
MARTIN, Thomas (& agricultural implement warehouse), 20 Knox St.
MURPHY, Owen, 164 Pound St.
O'RORKE, Hugh (& agriculture implements warehouse), Ratcliffe St.
TIGHE, James, High St.
WOODS, Wm. Abbott. 7 & 8 Castle St.

Ship Brokers
HODGSON, John, Quay St.
MIDDLETON & POLLEXFEN (& owners), Wine St.

Ship Chandlers

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries
ADAMS(?), Adam, Rosses Point.
BVINGTON(?), James, Albert St.
BARR(?), George, Knox St.
BOYLE(?), William, Holborn St.
BREE(?), Patrick, Knox St.
BRENNAN, Ellen, High St.
CARROLL, Thomas,
CLEARY(?), Ann, Holborn St.
CROZIER(?), Andrew, 165 Pound St.
DEIGNAN, Judith, Mailcoach Rd.
DEVENNY, James, Pound St.
ECCLES, Bridget, 18 Lr. Knox St.
FARRELL, Patrick, 53 Knox St.
FEENEY, John, Barrack St.
FEENEY, Patrick, Knox St.
-----(?), Patrick, Lr. Knox St.
GALLAGHER, John, Mailcoach Rd.
GAVIN, Thomas, Rosses Point.
GIBLIN, Ellen, 10 Knox St.
GILLAN, Michael, High St.
GILLAN, Thomas, Rosses Point.
GILLAN, William, Rosses Point.
GOREVAN, Henry, Pound St.
GUNNING, Patrick, Pound St.
GOGARTY(?), John, Market St.
HART, Dominic, Holborn St.
HENRY, John, Mailcoach Rd.
HIGGINS, Grace, Castle St.
HOPPER(?), John, Lr. Abbey St.
--ARAS(?), John, Pound St.
KELLY, Michael, 175 Pound St.
KILCULLEN, Mary, Pound St.
LAVIN, John, Pound St.
M'CANN, John, Gallows Hill.
M'GOWAN, Bridget, Knox St.
M'GOWAN, Patrick, Holborn St.
M'HUGH, John, Thomas St.
M'MANUS, Margaret, 11 Knox St.
M'MORROW, Thomas, Holborn Hill,
--ION(?), Patrick, Pound St.
MULLIGAN, Martin, Mailcoach Rd.
MURPHY, Bridget, Knox St.
MERION(?), Catherine, Mailcoach Rd.
O'CONNOR, Bridget, Chapel St.
O'CONNOR, Daniel, Mailcoach Rd.
REYNOLDS, Thos. Mailcoach Rd.
ROONEY, Dennis, 18 Knox St.
SCANLAN, Thomas, Thomas St.
TIGHE, Thomas, 13 Knox St.
WALLACE, Joseph, Rosses Point.
WARD, Thomas, Ratcliffe St.
WEST, Catherine, Pound St.
WHITTAKER, Eliza, 14 Stephen St.
WILLIAMS, Samuel, Pound St.

Spirit Dealers
(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants)
ANDERSON, Charles, Knox St.
COLLERY, Bernard, Knox St.
DOBBIN, Abraham, Union St.
HIGGINS, Grace, Castle St.
MacGILL, Daniel, 11 Pound St.
M'GOWAN, John, 23 Ratcliffe St.
ROBERTSON, Margt. 23 & 24 Knox St.

Steam Saw Mills
ANDERSON, New Bridge St.
O'CONNOR & Co. Wine St.

FAWCETT, John, Union Place.
Johnston, James, Medical Hall, 19 Castle St.
LITTLE, Wm. S. Albert St.
TUCKER, James (medical officer of health for borough, &c.), 5 Albert St.
WOODS, Richard H., Wine St.

Marked thus * are Merchant Tailors.
*BALFOUR & Co. Market St.
BREE, Patrick, Albert St.
*CHERRY, Stephen M. 33 & 34 Castle St.
COAN, John, Waste Garden Lane.
DEVENNY, Patrick, New Rope Walk.
DUGGAN, John, 28 Wine St.
*DONLEVY, Francis, Thomas St.
FITZPATRICK, Terence, Pound St.
*HENDERSON, James, High St.
LANGAN, Patrick, High St.
*LEONARD, Patries, 1 Ratcliffe St.
LOVETT, William, Old Quay.
LYONS, Henry & Sons, Market St.
O'BEIRN, JAMES, Market St.
O'BEIRN, John (& clothier), 12 Market St.
REDDY, Bartley, Rosses Point.
TYRRELL, Patrick, Mailcoach Rd.
*WHITE & ALGEO, Knox St.

Tallow Chandlers & Soap Boilers
CONNOLLY, John, High St.
DUDGEON, Henry & Wm. 7 Knox St.
M'GOLDRICK, John, Mailcoach Rd.
TIGHE, James, High St.

Timber Merchants
GREEN, Andrew, Castle St.
O'CONNOR, James & Co. 38 Old Market St.
PETRIE, W. & A. Wine St.

Tin-plate Workers
CRUMLEY, Denis, Mailcoach Rd.
FINNERTY, Catherine, High St.
LEECHMAN, John, Market St.
ROBINSON, John, Market St.
RYAN, Matthew, New Bridge St.

BRENNAN, John, 16 High St.
DUNNIGAN, Bridget (& manufacturer), High St.

Watch & Clock Makers and Jewellers
NELSON & GRAHAM, (jewellers & house furnishers ironmongers), 22 Castle St.
ROY, William, 11 Castle St.
WILKIN, John, Knox St.

Wine & Spirit Merchants
ANDERSON, Charles, Knox St. and 1 New Bridge St.
CASSIDY, Maurice, Market St.
CLEMENTS, James, High St.
COLLERY, Bernard, Knox St.
CONNOLLY, John, High St.
DOBBIN Abraham, Union St.
GOLDEN, Michael, Knox St.
O'CONNOR Brothers, Knox St.
ROBERTSON, Margt. 23 & 24 Knox St.
SINCLAIR, James, Knox St.

Wood Turners & Wheelwrights
GETHIN, James, Mailcoach Rd.
GETHIN, Peter, Thomas St.
M'NABOE, John, Lr. Knox St.

Woolen Drapers
See Linen & Woolen Drapers

AIRD, Thomas, pianoforte warehouse, tuner and music teacher. Castle St.
COSGROVE, Patrick, --- and tract depository, Lower Knox St.
DUNWOODY, John. Druggist, Market St.
FERGUSON, John H. Dentist. 1 Albert St.
FOLEY, Joseph, soda water and lemonade manufacturer, and rope, &c. maker, Knox St.
GETHIN, James, jun. Brush maker, Mall.
GETHIN, Peter, ship block & spar maker, Thomas St.
GIBSON, Margaret,straw bonnet maker, 21 Ratcliffe St.
HENRY, Wm. Locksmith and bell hanger, Waste Garden Lane.
HICKSON, Richard, sewed muslin agent, High St.
HOPPER, John, coach painter, Lwr. Abbey Street.
HUGHES, Stephen, beef and ham curer, Abbey St.
KERR, Jane, servants' registry, Market St.
LEECH & Son, fishing and sporting tackle warehouse, Castle St.
LOCKETT, Margaret, umbrella maker, Waste Garden Lane.
M'MULLIN, Wm., dryer & cleaner, Thomas St.
MARSHALL, George, vet, surgeon, Chapel St.
M'NABOE, John, block and pump maker, Lower Knox St.
M'NEILL, Malcolm, bobbin maker turner, Lynn's Place.
NELSON & GRAHAM, photographers, 42 Castle St.
PETRIE, William, leasee of the Sligo salmon fishery, and shipowner, Lower Knox St.
St. LEDGER NOBLETT R. county surveyor.
SCANLAN, Thomas, paste blacking manufacturer, Thomas St.
SHAW, James, whip maker and tanner of sheep skins, 166 Pound St.
STEPHENS, James T., bookbinder & copperplate printer, New Bridge St.
TUTE, William C., lessee of the Custom & Excise Duty Free Warehousees and Peruvian Government Guano Depot, Old Market St.
WARDLOW, John, gun maker, Albert St.

Places of Worship and their Ministers
St. John's Church, John Street - Rev. Edward DAY, rector, the Glebe; Rev.
Alexander KEARNEY, curate, Mall.
Calry Church, Mall. Rev. John DOWDEN, incumbent, Calry Glebe.
Episcopal Church, Rosses Point -Rev. James FLOOD, curate.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Lane. Right Rev. Lawrence GILLOOLY, D.D.
P.P.; Rev. John MORRIS, Rev. James CASEY, Rev. Thomas O'BOYLE, Rev. Peter
NOLAN and Rev. Patrick HANLY, curates.
Roman Catholic Chapel (of Holy Cross) New Abbey, High St - Very Rev. Bernard
GOODMAN, D.D.; Very Rev. Thomas D. HIBBETTS, D.D.
Dominican Friary, High St. - Very Rev.Bernard GOODMAN, D.D. superior - community 3.
Ursuline Convent - Jane DALY, superioress.
Independent Chapel - Rev. Noble SHEPPARD, Stephen St.
Methodist (Primitive) Chapel, Stephen St. - Rev. William LUTTON.
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, Wine St.
Presbyterian Chapel, Charles St. - Rev. MOFFATT JACKSON, Mause.

[Note: The Roman Catholic Chapel, Chapel Lane, was also called St. John's. It acted as a pro-Cathedral for the Diocese and served the town parishes of St. John's and Calry.]

Colonel Sir Robert Gore Booth, Bart M.P. Lissadel and Earlsfield
Custos Rotulorum:
Colonel Sir Francis KNOX GORE, Bart M.P. (T.C. ?.) Colonel of the Sligo Militia, Belleek Manor, Ballina.
High Sherriff
James HALE Esq. J.P. Templeview, Dromore West.
Member of Parliament for the County:
Sir Robert Gore Booth, Bart. D.I., Lissadell and Earlsfield.
Denis Maurice O'CONNOR, Esq. J.P. Cloonalis, Castlerea.

[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:

[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:

[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:

[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:

Head Distributor - William Clifford TUTE, Esq. Sligo.
Ballymote - William LOUGHEED.
Easky - Richard HALE.
Tobercurry Henry DONOHUE.

Divisional Officers -Lieutenant George Truman MORELL, Rosses Point; and Richard BONES Esq Pullendeva.

County Inspector - Timothy M'MAHON, Esq. Castle St. Sligo.
Sub-inspectors' stations
Ballisodare - Vacant.
Ballymote - Vacant.
Easky - Wm. A. O'SHEA,
Grange, Sligo - Samuel A. W. WATERS.
Riverstown - Robert A. SMITH.
Sligo - Edward S. MAYNOE.
Tobercurry - Thomas REEVES.

[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:
[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:

Ballymote - Jackson HAWKSBY.

[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:
[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:
[Surnames from the list. There are further details in the Directory:

Superintendant Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Daniel CLARK, Ballincar.
Registrar of Marriages - James KIDD.
Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages - Robert K. Lynn, M.D. Stephen St; and James TUCKER, M.R.C.S. Albert St; Ballymote, Andrew M'MUNN; Carney, Evory CARMICHAEL & William R. HAMILTON, M.D; Collooney, William ARMSTRONG; Riverstown, Thomas BURROWS, M.D.

ANDERSON, Charles, New Bridge St.
BALTOUR, James, Market St.
CONRY, Maurice, Market St.
DOBBIN, Abraham, Farmhill Cottage.
GALLAGHER, Michael, Stephen St.
GILMOR, Alexander, Ratcliffe St.
HUNTER, Robert, Wine St.
KEIGHRON, Patrick, Mall.
KIDD, James, Wine St.
LAWSON, Captain St. Humble, Albert St.
LYONS, Alexander, Lynn's Terrace.
LYONS, Henry, Lynn's Terrace.
MONDS, Moses, Wine St.
TIGHE, James, High St.
WALKER, Andrew, Stephen St.
WILLIAMS, Thomas Hitchcock, High St.
WOOD, Dr. Richard H. Wine St.
WOODS, William Abbott, Castle St.

Mayor - Elected annually.
Town Clerk - James M'KIM, Knox St.
Solicitors - KERNAGHAN & SAUNDERS, 10 Merchants' Quay, Dublin.
Treasurer - Edward CHISM, Castle St.
Auditors - Thomas GILCRIEST, Wine St; and John GORDON, Knox St.
Surveyors Noblett R. St. LEGER, Mall.
Corner - Richard H. WOOD, Wine St.
Medical Officer of Health - James TUCKER, M.B.C.S.
Sanitory Inspector - Mathew FEENEY.
Town Serjeants - George CARY, Lungy St; & William KYLE, Holborn St.
Weigh Master - James TIGHE, Wine St.

Secretary & Collector of Harbour Dues - Moses MONDS, Wine St.
Treasurer - Provincial Bank of Ireland.
Harbour Master - Thomas BARRETT, Harbour View.
Medical Inspector of the Port - James TUCKER, M.B. C.S.

Collector - John RALPH, Esq.
First Clerk to Collector - John FOGGS.
OUT-DOOR Officers - Michael CAFFRY, John KERINS, & Patrick J. HENNESSY.

Wine St.
Collector - Michael COLMAN, Esq.
Supervisor - Francis DORMAN.
First Clerk - John PINCHER.
Second Clerk - Vacant.
Divisional Officer - Hazlett IRVINE.
Ride Officer - Arthur O'HAGAN.

BARRACK (Constabulary), Gaol Street - Edward S. MAYNOE, sub-inspector; Michael HANNAN, head constable.
Barrack (Infantry), Barrack Street - Cornelius WOOD, barrack seargent.
Cemetery, Boyle Road.
Coast Guard Station, Rosses Point - Lieutenant George T. MORRELL, divisional officer.
Commercial News Room and Exchange, Thomas St. - Alexander LYONS, treasured; Edward J. TIGHE, secretary
Constabulary Station, Rosses Point - Joseph COCHLAN, constable.
Convent (St. Patrick's) Sisters of Mercy, Chapel St. - Julia M'DERMOTT, superess.
Court House, Albert St. - Ann HALL, keeper.
Dispensary, Charles St. - Robert K. LYNN, M.D, and James TUCKER, M.R.C.S., medical officers.
Fever Hospital, Calry - Robt. K. LYNN, M.D, medical officer.
Fire Engine Station, John St. - William MERRICK, keeper.
Gas Works, Wine St. - Thomas GILCRIEST.
JONES'S Car Office, Corcoran's Mall.
Marist Brothers Community, Chapel St.
Markets (corn and butter) - Jas. TIGHE, weigh master.
St. John's Catholic Young Men's Society, Albert St. - Martin W. PHILLIPS, treasurer; Michael LEYDEN and Thomas KEATING, secretaries.
Stamp Office, Old Market St. - William CLIFFORD TUTE, distributor.
Town and Harbour Office, Quay St. - Thomas BARRETT, harbour master.
WALSH'S Car Office, Corcoran's Mall.

To BALLINA, from Corcoran's Mall, a Mail Car, every morning at fifty-five minutes past six, and a Van at halfpast two afternoon.
To BALLYSHANNON, from Corcoran's Mall, a Mail Car, every morning at six; also a Day Car at twenty minutes past two afternoon, during summer months only.
To ENNISKILLEN, Cars leave WALSH'S Office, Corcoran's Mall, every day (Sunday excepted) at seven in the morning.

On the Midland Great Western Line.
Station, Sligo - Charles POWLES, supt.

To BALLINA & KILLLALA, the steamer Hope, once a week - John HODGSON. Quay St., agent.
To GLASGOW, the Rose or Shamrock, every Tuesday - James HARPER, Lynn's Place, agent.
To KILLYBEGS and DONEGAL, the steamer Hope, once a fortnight - John HODGSON, Quay St., agent.
To LIVERPOOL, the Liverpool, Glasgow, or Sligo, once a week - MIDDLETON & POLLEXFEN, Wine St., agents.

[Note: A number of street names found in this Directory have changed in the intervening years.]


Contributor: Jim McDonald