Parish of Castleconnor
Diocese of Killala
Barony of Tireragh
Co. Sligo
Tithe Applotment 20 August 1834
Commissioner: Robert Ormsby
FHL Film 256,580
Note: The land was numbered by the Irish Land Commission only to number 60; the rest are our addition. There are several books photographed on the film; we selected the last one. Instead of indicating one name and & Co., Mr. Ormsby appears to have included all the tenants; very helpful!

Atyoree [Attichree] 1 William Burns

2 Patrick Killernagh, Michael Killernagh, Daniel Coleman

3 Henry Atkinson

4 John Wright

5 Michael Murphy, Denis Murphy, Patrick Murphy

6 Patrick Gallagher, Andrew Gallagher, James Hannon
Ardvally [Ardvally] 7 Mr. William Strong

8 William Watts

9 William Keys

10 Patrick Nawry

11 James Keys

12 Martin Harrisson, James Hindry, James Kilroy, Francis Anderson

13 John Strong

14 John Carter

15 Bartholomew Haran

16 James Watts

17 Bridget Cain, John Harrisson

18 Mathew Cain

19 George Rutledge Esq., Anthony Feenaghty

20 James McCleery, Arthur Bell

21 Hugh Haran

22 John Watts

23 Thomas Hendry, James Leech

24 George Rutledge, Esq.

25 James Dixon, James Watts, James Morrow, Thomas Hendry
Ballymoghamy [Ballymoghany] 26 James Howley, Peter Howley, Owen Feenaghty, Thomas Conmy, James Feinaghty, Dennis Feinaghty, Thomas Goorivan, William Kilcawley, Thomas Conmy Jun., Frank Kilcawly, John Gallagher, Anthony Gallagher, Thomas Loftus, James Ford, Martin Conmy

27 Thomas Goorivan

28 Partick Concart

29 Terence Sweeny, Owen Sweeny, James Kilcawley, Patrick Connell

30 Bartholomew Conmy, Roger Jones, Peter Harrisson

31 William Cain, James Cain, Martin Devitt

32 James Sweeny, Owen Sweeny

33 Martin Kilcawley

34 Mark Conmy

35 John Boland, Francis Boland

36 James Foy

37 Martin Culkin, Thomas McDermott, Terence Carroll, Thomas Carroll, David Flynn

38 William Boland, Christopher Boland
Bartra [Bartragh] 39 Patrick Rafter
Bunanulra [Bunnanilra] 40 John Gallagher, Patrick Hope, Thady Kelly, Micahel Kelly, James Kelly, John Mullen, Thady Howly, Patrick Mulroony, Anthony Howly, James Mullen, Thomas O’Hara

41 Domnick Feenaghty, Thomas Wright, Laurence Foody, John O’Hara, Patrick Wright, John Foody, William Mulroony, Michael Donegan, Anthony Feenaghty, Darby Wright, John Bigley, William Foody, Michael Birrane

42 Michael Birrane

43 Samuel Rey

44 John Gallagher

45 William Mulroony

46 Hon. Edward Wingfield

47 Patrick Rowane

49 George Cullion

50 Laurence Sweeny

51 Martin Howley Sen., Martin Howley Jun., John Rouse

52 James Diamond

53 John Howley

54 John Howley, Redmond Dolphin

55 Patrick Carroll
Carns [Carns] 57 Mary Donegan, Walter Rouse, Patrick McCann, Patrick Kilcawley, Michael McCaine, Edward Devanny, John Kevany, Michael Hawley, James Conway, Andrew Conway, Michael Best

58 Thomas Coleman, Marfgret Hanley

59 John Gordon

60 Thomas Quinane

61 Edmond Coleman, Dudly McGuinness, john Coleman, Patrick McGinnis, Edward Burke, James Coleman

62 Gilbert Kivleghan

63 Owen Murphy, John Brenan

64 Thomas Kenedy, John Kenedy

65 Philip Scott

66 Michael Coleman
Clookelane [Cloonkeelaun] 67 Daniel Coleman

68 Michael Haran Sen., Michael Haran Jun.

69 Patrick Gordon, John Gallagher, Owen Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher

70 John Gallagher, Owen Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher

71 John Kilcullen, Stephen Kilcullen, John Gallagher Sen., William Roughneen, Owen Raughneen, John Donegan, Owen Reape

72 James Murphy, Thomas Murphy, Patrick Kilcullen, Patrick Gallagher, Frank Boland, Margret O’Connor, Michael Boland

73 James Haran, James Flynn, William Flynn, Anthony Donegan, James Gallagher
Carrowgun [Carrowgun] 74 Henry Atkinson

75 George Browne

76 Thomas Atkinson

77 Thomas Browne

78 Neal Lackin

79 Thomas Carroll

80 Patrick Killernagh, James Kelly
Carane [Carraun] 81 Patrick Howley Sen., Patrick Howley Jun., James Walsh, Patrick Birane, Michael Burane, Thomas Howley, Bryan Morrisson, Michael Battle, Patrick Battle
Knockbrack [Knockbrack] part of Carane 82 Daniel Donegan, Patrick Loftus, Patrick Carney, Michael Murphy, James Morrisson, Hugh Regan, Patrick Finlan, Martin Finlan, James Melvin, Anthony Dunbar, Michael Harrisson, Patrick Durken, William McDermott
Knockanenir part of Carane 83 Daniel Donegan, Bartholomew Connor, Michael Harron, Martin Connor, Bartholomew Morrisson, Bartholomew Howley, Dudley Morris
Kytestown part of Carane 84 Anthony Gildea, Patrick Kyles, Martin Goodwin, Martin O’Hara, Martin Harrisson, Michael Rouse, Thomas Kyle, James Connor, Mark Harrisson, James Kilroy, Patrick Howley

85 Charles Howley, Patrick Howley, Domnick Howley, Bartholomew Morrisson, Richard Moffet, Richard Culkin, Ed. Kelly, Martin Connor, Bartholomew Connor, Bartholomew Howley, James Howley, Dudley Morris, Bartholomew Morrisson
Corbally [Corbally] 86 (Riverstown)

87 Martin Hart, Mary Hart, Patrick Battle, Michael Higgins, Anthony Boland, David Foody, Edward Messit, Anthony Messit, James Dunlevy, Anthony Dunlevy, Simon Mulroony, Bridget Diamond, Patrick Battle Jun.

88 Michael Murphy, Patrick Murphy

89 Rev. James Haran

90 John Brenan, Patrick Hanly, John Giblan, Thomas Conmy, Patrick Rouse, Bridget McNulty, Edward Hanly, Mathew Hanly, Thomas Brennan

91 Patrick Herbert, John Herbert, Roger Gordon, Thomas Cullion, Barbara Cullion

92 James Kelly, Owen Donegan, Michael McAndrew, Peter Foody, William Kelly, James Quinane, Andrew Sheridan, John Shivlane, Andrew Shivlane, Michael Donnelly, Mary Kenedy
Carrowgaree [Carrowgarry] 93 Thomas Bournes

94 Patrick Bournes

95 James Bournes

96 William Durken

97 Thomas Lonigan

98 Francis Nicholson

99 Farrell Conelly

100 Thomas McDermott

101 William Rafter

102 Thomas Bourke

103 James Rutledge, Esq.
Castleconor [Castleconor] . 104 George Rutledge, Esq.
Cloonaloghane and Doosaghry [Dooeyeaghny or Cloonloughan] . 105 Michael Howley, John O’Donnell, Patrick Mulroony, Anthony Morrisson, Dudley Morrisson, James Judge

106 Mrs. Winter

107 John Barrett, William Barrett, Thomas Barrett

108 Anthony McGowan, Michael Culkin, Patrick Cavanagh

109 Michael Judge, Patrick Judge

110 Thomas Rogan, Parick Loftus

111 Patrick Cawley Sen., Patrick Cawley Jun.

112 John Dempsey, Michael Dempsey, Myles Culkin, John McAndrew

113 Martin Jordan, Peter Murphy, Michael Kelly, Hugh Kelly, Michael Kilgallon, Dennis Kilgallon, Martin Donegan, Patrick Cawley
Carrowanarlar [Carrownurlar] 114 Martin Conway, John Fenny, Thady Boland, Michael Boland, Patrick Boland

115 Martin Conway, Thady Boland, Michael Boland, Patrick Boland, James Boland, Anthony Clarke, Thomas Judge

116 Thomas Conway, ? Conway, ? Conway

117 Patrick Howley, Esq.
Carrowcarden [Carrowcardin] 118 Bryan Kilcullen

119 Edmond Mulroony

120 Roger Grier

121 Patrick Wills

122 Hon. Edward Wingfield

123 Rev. James Burrowes

124 Rev. James Haran, P.P.

125 Richard Cavanagh

126 Patrick Loughlane

127 Thomas Loughlane

128 William Watts, James Watts
Castletown 129 Samuel Kirkwood, Esq.
Ballymoneen [Ballymoneen] part of Castletown 130 Samuel Kirkwood, Esq.

131 Robert Missett, Mathew Mehin, Michael Loftus, Thomas Dorigher, Patrick Quinnane, ? Wright, ? Wright, ? Wright, Francis Fee, john Loftus, Stephen Fee, Thady Foody, Darby Wright, Walter Jordan, Michael Loughlane, Joseph Price

132 Edward Flinn, Owen Flynn

133 Ulick Herbert

134 Darby Bournes

135 Austin Welsh

136 James Callaghan

137 Michael Donegan

138 Anthony Duffy
Rathglass [Rathglass] part of Castletown 139 Patrick Healy, Thomas Healy, Bryan Carroll, Catherine Howly, Owen Killroy, Denis Loftus, Francis Loftus, John Kincart, Michael Quinane, Patrick Quinnane, James Loftus

140 Domnick Kenedy, Patrick Kenedy, Mathew Kenedy, Robert Kenedy, Patrick Coggin, Thomas Coggin, Patrick Quinnane, Michael Quinnane, Francis Carroll, John Carroll, Michael Loftus, Anthony Loftus, Patrick Reynolds

141 Denis Carroll, John Carroll
Fiddane [Fiddaun] part of Castletown 142 Hobbert Culkin, Michael Curken, James Culkin, Patrick Rowane, Michael Birrane, Owen Flinn, James Durkan, Mathew Birrane, Mathew Birrane Jun., Thomas Durken
Dooneen [Dooneen] 143 Darby Bourns

144 William Warren

145 Daniel Cain, William Cain Jun., Robert Goodwin, William Cain Sen.

146 Bridget Bourns

147 Anthony McDermott

148 Peter Culkin

149 Elizabeth Grier

150 Michael Diamond

151 Timothy Rogan

152 Daniel Cain

153 Jeremiah Lonegan, John Atkinson, George Atkinson

154 Jerry Lonegan

155 James Murphy

156 Edward Mulroony

157 Patrick Wills

158 Lewis Atkinson, Esq.

159 Hon. Edward Wingfield

160 Mr. John Boyd
Emlymoran [Emlymoran] . 161 Thady McDermott, Patrick Browne, Mathew O’Gara, John Reap, Michael McAndrew, James Henigan, Francis McAndrew

162 Patrick Myles, Patrick McDermott, John McDermott, Martin Rowane, Martin Judge, Dominick McDermott, James Henigan

163 Laurence Jordan, Patrick Mularchy, James Mularchy

164 Mark McAndrew, Patrick Mularchy, Frank McAndrew, Thomas McAndrew

165 John Howley, Anthony Harrison, Bridget Jordan

166 Henry Jordan, Denis Murphy, Mathew Foody, Patrick Foody
Farrinnimrish [Farranimrish] part of Emlymoran 167 John Judge

168 John Coggins

169 Anthony Finlin, James Mularchy, Thomas Mularchy, Patrick Murphy
Farringarode [Farrangarode] 170 William Ormsby, Esq.

171 Martin Jordan

172 Andrew Pape

173 Roger Walton

174 Thomas Jordan, Martin Reynolds, James Flannelly

175 Robert McCleery, William McCleery, Widow McCleery

176 Michael Reynolds, Owen Reynolds, Martin Reynolds

177 Anthony Heal, John Fegan

178 Mathew White, John Humber, Henry Humber, Henry Walton

179 James Conmy

180 Rachel Walton

181 Henry Humber, John Humber, John Riley
Killanly [Killanly] 182 Samuel Kirkwood, Esq.
Knockagower [Knockagower] 183 Michael Bourke

184 Patrick Lachan, Patrick Hough

185 John Gallagher

186 James Richards, John Durken
Lecarrownaveigh [Lecarrownaveagh] 187 Darby Bournes

188 Thomas Mark, William Mele, John Gallagher

189 Reverend James Burrows

190 Patrick McNulty, James Stokes, William Reid, William Mele, Robert Reed, John Wilson, Thomas Durken

191 Hon. Edward Wingfield
Muckduff [Muckduff] 192 Thomas Cowley, Margret Cowley, Patrick Cowley

193 James Bourke, Edward Myles jun., Edward Myles sen.

194 Lewis Atkinson

195 Arthur Ford, PatrickFord

196 Thomas Rafter, Martin Rafter, Terence Callaghan, Patirck Burrane, Mary Burrane

197 Thomas Rafter

198 Patrick Grimes, Dennis Grimes, Edward Kilroy
Myngvar [Muingwore] 199 Michaek Melvin, John Melvin

200 Sicily Heal, Edmond Murphy

201 Thomas Gethins, Anthony Gethins

202 William Rouse, James Quinane, John Finan, Richard Coggan, Anne Coggan, James Gethins, Peter Sweeny, Michael Kilcullen, Myles Durkin, Patrick Sweeny

203 Darby Melvin, Bryan Harmon, Stephen Harmon, Michael Sweeny

204 Patrick Sheridan, William Creane, Edmond Burrane, Bartholomew McAndrew, Martin Battle, Andrew Kilcullen, James McAndrew, Andrew Reape

205 Stephen Kilcawly, Owen Kilcawly, Patrick Kilcawly, John Rowane, Martin Battle, Patrick Judge, James Carden, Bryan Kilcullen, James Carroll, Owen Coggans, Stephen Kilcawly, Terence Begley, Owen Kilcawly, Darby Kilcawly
[Stoocane] 206 Patrick Brenan, John Brenan

207 Honor Boland

208 Anthony Dowd

209 John Roughneen

210 Connell Grimes

211 Mary Boland

212 Thady Boland

213 Anthony Cain, Patrick Melvin, Michael Foody, Patrick Foody, Darby Melvin, John Melvin, Thomas Dowdican, Michael Jones, James Gallagher, Patrick Boland, Michael Boland, John Boland, Anne Dowdican, Darby Melvin
Newtown [Newtown] 214 Hon. Edward Wingfield

215 Thomas Walsh, Thomas Durkin, Michael Judge, Michael Mulderrig, James Browne, John Judge, Patrick Browne, Connor Judge, James Carney, Antrhony Walsh, Anthony Walsh jun.

216 Patrick Walsh, Simon Arson, Martin Howley

217 Thady Kelly

218 Owen O’Donnell, Owen Gallagher

219 Andrew Dempsy

220 John Strong, Thomas Jordan
Rathdonnell [Rathdonnell] 221 Charles Knox Esq.

222 Arthur Muldoon
Runroe alias Moyview [Rinroe] 223 Hon. Edward Wingfield

224 John Boyd
Scurmore [Scurmore] 225 Roger Greer

226 Thomas Faucett

227 Anthony McHale

228 Mathew Cain

229 Thomas Murphy, Michael Diamond

230 William Johnston

231 Thomas Murphy, Mary Shannon

232 James Murphy, Patrick Murphy
Rathmurphy [Rathmurphy] 233 Anthony McHeal, John Fagan, Patrick Clarke, Thomas Igoe
Tullylynn [Tullylinn or Ballyfeenaun] 234 James Mcguinness, Martin Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher, Dudley McGuinness, Domnick Coggans, John Mullowny, John Mullowny Jun., James Mullowny

235 John Sheridan

236 Thomas Gallager

237 Jane Morrisson

238 Hugh Hannon, Owen Gallagher

239 Robert Devitt
Tullylynn (Knockanonin) 240 Thomas Foody, John Foody, James Morris

241 James Devitt, Patrick Devitt
Tullylynn (Towmore) 242 James Conmy, Darby Kilcawly

243 Mathew Best, Thomas McCarrick, James Best, Andrew Best

244 Patrick Dowdican, Christopher Boland

245 Peter Tiernan

246 Owen Donegan, Owen Kelly, Hugh Donegan

247 Owen Kilcawly, Martin Kilcawly

248 William Best, Bartholomew Donegan, Owen Donegan, Honor Best

249 Anthony Mullany, Bridget Mullany

250 Christopher Boland, William Boland, John Maguire
Tullylynn (Ballyfinan) 251 Robert Reid
Tullylynn (Ralston’s town) 252 Chrisopher Boland, William Boland
Tullylynn (Fox’s town) 253 Christopher Boland, William Boland

254 James Gilmor

255 William Reid

256 Robert Reid and Sons

257 Michael Irwin
Tullylynn (McDonnell’s division) 258 Christopher Boland, William Boland

259 Daniel Devitt

260 Michael Morris

261 John Brett

262 Michael Irwin

263 Charles Hindry

264 Robert Boland, Thomas Boland
Turret Park 265 Rev. James Burrowes

The following table of landlords may be useful in researching estate records.

Ardvally [Ardvally] Mrs. Custos
Atyoree [Attichree] George Thompson, Esq., let to James Rutledge, Esq.
Ballymoghamy [Ballymoghany] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Ballymoneen [Ballymoneen] Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Bartra [Bartragh] Hon. Edward Wingfield
[Bellanira or Iceford]

Bunanulra [Bunnanilra] . Hon. Edward Wingfield
Carns [Carns] . Mrs. Ormsby Gore held on lease by Robert Ormsby, Esq.
Carane [Carraun] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Carrowcarden [Carrowcardin] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Carrowgaree [Carrowgarry] George Thompson, Esq., let to Mrs. Scott
Carrowgun [Carrowgun] . George Thompson, Esq., let to James Rutledge, Esq.
Carrowanarlar [Carrownurlar]

Castleconor [Castleconor] . George Rutledge, Esq.
Castletown [Cottlestown] . Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Clookelane [Cloonkeelaun] Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Corbally [Corbally] Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Dooneen [Dooneen] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Cloonaloghane and Doosaghry [Dooeyeaghny or Cloonloughan] . Mrs. Ormsby Gore
Emlymoran [Emlymoran] . Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Farringarode [Farrangarode] William Ormsby, Esq.
Farrinnimrish [Farranimrish] Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Fiddane [Fiddaun] Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Killanly [Killanly] Samuel Kirkwood, Esq.
Knockagower [Knockagower]

Knockanenir part of Carane Hon. Edward Wingfield
Knockbrack [Knockbrack] . Hon. Edward Wingfield
Kytestown part of Carane Hon. Edward Wingfield
Lecarrownaveigh [Lecarrownaveagh] Hon. Edward Wingfield

Muckduff [Muckduff] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Myngvar [Muingwore] . Arthur Knox Gore Esq., let to William Leech Esq.
Newtown [Newtown] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Rathdonnell [Rathdonnell] Charles Knox Esq.
Rathglass [Rathglass] Col. Arthur Knox Gore, Esq.
Rathmurphy [Rathmurphy] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Runroe alias Moyview [Rinroe] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Scurmore [Scurmore] Hon. Edward Wingfield
Tullylynn [Tullylinn or Ballyfeenaun] Mrs. Ormsby Gore
Turret Park


Contributor: Bill McGee