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Introduction To The Ballykinlar Prison Book


The British operated prisons in Ireland where they held Irish citizens without charge or trial. These "internment" centers included Mountjoy, Kilmainham, Kilkenny, Spike Island, Cork), Ballykinlar, Belfast, Dundalk,  Sligo, Curragh, Kilworth, Boyle and others. 

Rath at Curragh was the largest camp with 1,300 men interned there in 60 wooden huts on ten-acres. These huts were lined up in four rows referred to as rows 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D'. 

This compound was enclosed by two barbed-wire fences ten feet high. Between two perimeter fences a 20 foot wide corridor was patrolled. On four corners were machine gun towers and bright searchlights which illuminated the huts. In Jan 1921 James Sloan and James Tormey of Westmeath, were killed at Ballykinlar for standing too close to the wire. Michael Collins later commented that the camps were, "universities of revolution".


BOOK AND RESEARCH BY Patricia Carr Biczynski

The book was purchased in 1909 by Joe Carr's sister. In 1921 she visited Joe in Ballykinlar Prison and left the book with him.

The book was inscribed at Ballykinlar Prison Camp in 1921 by 51 prisoners. In 1923 Joe Carr came to Texas, USA and brought the book with him. Lost for many years, the book found again in 2003. The book was donated by the Carr family to the National Library of Ireland in March 2003.



Patricia Carr Biczynski provided the book and the research.

Lee Blanton scanned and edited the documents.

Don Kelly maintains this website. 

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