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County Tyrone Cemetery Index

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These photographs were taken of stones located in five Tyrone cemeteries, compliments of Big River:

Killens Chapel Cemetery - a few miles east of Aucnacloy.

Aghaloo Chapel Ruins and Cemetery - 1-2 miles northeast of Auchnacloy.

Errigle Cross - Oldest Cemetery in Errigle Cieran Parish about four miles northwest of Ballygawley.

Killeeshil Chapel - about 5-7 miles east of Ballygawley. This has a Protestant Cemetery on the east side and an old Catholic Cemetery behind the Chapel on the west side.

Dunmoyle Chapel Greveyard - in Errigle Cieran Parish about 3-4 miles northeast of Ballygawley.

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Killens #1                                      Directions to Killens Cemetery

Killens #2                                       Burials of McCann families

Killens #3                                       Mostly McCann family

Aghaloo #1                                     Aghaloo Chapel Ruins and Cemetery Grounds

Killeeshil #1                                    Killeeshil Chapel and grounds.

Killeeshil #2                                   Killeeshil Protestant Cemetery

Errigle Cross #1                            The oldest cemetery in Errigle Cieran Parish

Errigle Cross #2                            Errigle Cross Cemetery

Dunmoyle                    NEW           Dunmoyle Chapel and Graveyard

Individual photographs


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