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Aghaloo Chapel Ruins and Cemetery Grounds.

I got to Aghaloo Cemetery by going south from Ballygalley on the Derry-Dublin road about 2-3 miles south of the junction of the Derry-Dublin road withthe Belfast-Enniskillen Rd., I turned left and went to the next intersection and turned right into the "weeest" road I have seen in all of Ireland.

Down that road about 1/4 to 1/2 mile find the cemetery. It is hard to see through the hedges that shroud the grounds and the old chapel. I think it is about one or two miles from the town of Auchnacloy.

Aghaloo has some very readable newer stones..

This is a picture of the grounds and the old Aghaloo Chapel Ruins. Many inscriptions are still readable here.

Load this picture into a viewer and zoom in and you can read a Givins stone. There are many Givens/Givans gravesites here.

Iaghcem.jpg (247184 bytes)


Iaghcem3.jpg (625080 bytes)

The following inscriptions were for the oldest stones I could find. There were no pictures for these stones because they were lying flat on the ground, protected by moss and grass clippings that fended off the elements.


Partial Interrment List

Neil Mulgrew- 1734 73 rd year of his life

Cullo Murphy Auchnacloy Francis Murphy departed 1747 49 years

In this one it seems that Cullo is burying his father Francis Murphy.

Connor in ???

McKenna 1747 age 67 years

Terrance Cavanaugh 1789 70 years

An old stone in Gaelic ?? died in 1733 at 73 years of age

Acheson Moore had a very large stone near the remains of a chapel.

There was an insrciption with 18?? but all the rest was worn off and I could not decipher it.

Acheson Moore was a member of the Moore family that owned Auchacloy and were headquartered at Ravella. (Per land records at the PRONI.)