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Arklow Tenement, County Wicklow in 1865, From Richard Griffith's Primary Valuation of Tenements

Considered by many as the most important civil record is Sir Richard Griffith's valuation of Tenements. Included here is only the occupiers of the house and the number of house where it was available. But a full copy of the valuation is available from the Wicklow Library. This has been matched to an old map of Arklow streets and townlands.
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1 John Browne
2 James Hickey
3 Peter Boland
4 Jane Lipsett
5 George Bates
6 William Philpott
7 Susan Crozier
8 James Lawler


1 Sarah Price
2 Vacant
3 Michael Tyrell
4 Edward Ellis
5 Eliza and Mary Kearney
6 William Fitzhenry
7 Michael Butler
8 Henry Dillon
9 William Hepenstall
10 Patrick Rossiter
11 Pierce Byrne
12 Morgan Condron
13 Francis Smith
14 William Heath
15 George ONeill
16 George Ruskell
17 James Gregory
18 Edward Whelan
19 Nicholas Moore
20 John Oneill
21 William Thackaberry
22 Charles Rigney
23 Ellen Mooney
24 John Hannigan
25 Johanna Reynolds
26 Grave Yard


27 James Kinsella
28 James Kinsella
29 ditto
30 Savings Bank
31 Lodgers
32 James Doyle
33 George McDonald
34 Henry Birthistle
35 Christhopher ONeill
36 Patrick Farrell
37 Thomas Byrne
38 Jane Manifold
39 Vacant
40 John Devine
41 John Redmond
42 Vacant
43 Sessions House (grand Jury)
44 Constabulary force (guards barracks)
45 Thomas Doran
46 Peter Kavanagh
47 Lodgers
48 James Cullen
49 Peter Kavanagh
50 Mary Cunningham
51 Thomas Carty
52 Bridget Carty
53 Vacant
54 Loughlin Hanlon
55 Patrick Kenny
56 Samuel Prescott
57 Robert Finlay
58 Myles Byrne
59 John Byrne
60 Patrick Carty
61 Endowed School
62 John Carroll
63 Thomas Doran
64 Abraham Manifold
65 Martha Evans
66 John Dornan
67 Jane Doyle
68 James Byrne
69 Mary Kinsella
70 Jane Tyrrell
71 William Morton
72 Mary Morton
73 Edward Keeran
74 Eliza Cassidy
75 John Quinn
76 Laurence Somers
77 Edward Keeran
78 John Keeran
79 Mary Coloin
80 John Murphy
81 James Neill
82 Mary Erraty
83 Christhopher Howe
84 Anne Dwyer
85 Rose Kenny
86 John Martin
87 James Kinsella
88 Elizabeth Cole
89 John Dunne
90 John Quinn
91 William Cassidy
92 James Burke
93 Michael Doyle
94 Thomas Meates
95 Peter Kavanagh
96 Letitia Eaton
97 Reverend Richard E Eaton
98 Frances Jones
99 Elizabeth Myers
100 John Kinsley
101 Roman Catholic Chapel
102 Reverend James Redmond
103 Eliza Bradshaw
104 William Williams
105 Mary Neill
106 Patrick Carty
107 John Kinsley
108 Ashley Hunt
109 John Tutty
110 Michael Redmond
111 Lodgers
112 Michael Browne
113 Michael Quinn
114 George W Reville
115 Peter Reynolds
116 Michael Brien
117 John Conran


118 Michael Kavanagh
119 Anthony Hanrig
120 Patrick Lee
121 Edward Kavanagh
122 Samuel Whitmore
123 Anthony Bolger
124 William Kavanagh
125 Isabella Holt
126 Daniel Byrne
127 Church
128 Patrick Donnelly
129 David Condron
130 Thomas Hannigan
131 Jane Greene
132 William Beaky
133 John Kelly
134 Mary Tuke
135 George Willoughby
136 John Dempsey
137 Michael Broderick
138 Peter Nolan
139 Robert Rogan
140 Charles Ellis
141 James Hannigan
142 Jospeh Martin
144 Jane Lipsett
145 George Bates
146 william Philpott
147 Susan Cozier
148 James Lawler
149 Thomas Whitmore
150 Andrew Byrne
151 Grace Annesley
152 Thomas Keeran
153 John Reynolds
154 Michael Troy
155 Patrick Davis
156 George Stuart
157 Anne Brennan
158 Eliza Dickenson
159 Michael Byrne
160 Laurence Furlong
161 Patrick Mc Donald
162 John Brennan
163 Christopher Hunt
164 Lodgers
165 Patrick Ryan
166 John Tuke
167 John H Tuke
168 John Charles
169 John Waters
170 Sarah Kearney
171 Anne Tyrrell
172 James Tyrrell
173 James Charles
174 Coast Guards


1 Peter Meates
2 William Needham
3 William Gahan
4 George Hepenstall
5 James Roche
6 Philip Flood
7 James Hayes
8 Mary Gormley
9 Eliza Dickenson
10 James Neill
11 Patrick Brien
12 Daniel Donovan
13 Patrick Canavan
14 Mary Neill
15 Thomas Grattan
16 John Finn
17 Jane Tracy
18 Edward Nolan
19 William Hughes
20 James Bolger
21 Hugh Fitzwilliam
22 Robert Greene
23 Catherine Lynch
24 Luke Plunkett
25 Anne Mc Cabe
26 Anne Lloyd
27 Thomas Madden
28 Catherine English
29 Marcus Murphy
30 Mary Finn
31 Esther Dunne
32 John Kinsella


33 Catherine English
34 William Heeny
35 Ellen Murphy
36 Patrick Mc Donald
37 Frederick Morton
38 Daniel Loughlin
39 Anne Mc cabe
40 Patrick Loughlin
41 Patrick Canavan
42 James Fenton
43 Michael Grattan
44 Edward Mc Donald
45 Michael Roche
46 James Hurley


Earl Of Wicklow
John Byrne
Margaret Sherwood
Robert Nicholson
William Thackaberry
william Waldron
Henry Hodgson
James Cullen


Henry Hodgson
John Byrne
Michael Byrne


David Wright
Sarah Byrne
George Magrath
Edward Beakey


James Byrne
Thomas Byrne
Peter Boland


Thomas Ruskell
Bryan Carthy
James Fitzwilliam
Lawrence Louth
Stephen Neill
Mathew Kavanagh
John Conway
Mary Neill
Michael Kavanagh
William Ruskell
William Death
Bridget Reynolds
Honourable G.L. Proby
Charles T Tyndall
John TYrrell
John Pierce
John Hamilton

find your ancestors free death records


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