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Introduction to the Scandinavian section of IowaGenWeb,

Many of our ancestors came from Scandinavia. Like the Irish and German emigrants who arrived in Iowa in the mid 19th century, the Finn, Swede, Norse and Danes tended to settle where people spoke their native languages. For this among other reasons you will find areas in Iowa predominantly, German, Swede, Irish or other people. 

Researchers in the State of Iowa find many surnames which suggest that some of their ancestors came from Scandinavian Countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden or Norway. 

One surname Williamson from Iowa prior to the Civil War appears prominently in my family tree.  Tracing 1860 Des Moines County backward in time, indications are that the prior generation was in the Ohio Valley with head of household being a soldier. Apparently his parents or grandparents came from New York State.

Great grandma Williamson Beebe told me many stories about Iowa, about Indians and Indian Lore, about Custer's Last Stand, and various stories about battles passed down to her from her grandfather. I am happy now that I wrote those stories down years ago, and still have them. 

About This Section:

Various County Coordinators and Mail List subscribers for Iowa are in the process of providing old photographs passed down to them from their Scandinavian ancestors. We will continue to collect photos and text information and post them on this site. Please submit your information to Webmaster 

About This Section

First selection of photographs with accompanying text was provided by "Norma Bremer" . Norma contacted me through the Blacksheep-L mailing list. List members there all have ancestors who were scurrilous and notorious characters.

We communicated at first about Vikings and Charlemagne, King of France, and finally decided that  such stories and pictures belonged in a forum where others could view and enjoy them.

If one of your ancestors was a bad guy or girl, check in with , submit your story and perhaps you too can qualify to display IBSSG after your name.

The first photographs with explanations were from Norma's family Heiberg who lived in Norway. We hope you enjoy these records. 



Royal Families

Picture hanging in museum. One 

Heiberg coat of Arms. Two 

Sophie Heiberg. Three

Heiberg Collection hanging in museum. Four   

Runic Stones Section, old Scandinavian script on stones

About the Runic Language  Story by Jennifer Smith

The Runic Alphabet Alphabet/Scripts

        More about Runic Stones here Five

        Old Swedish alphabet Sixteen

Minnesota Rune Stone Seventeen

Vikings of That Ilk

Leif Erickson rout in the year 1000 Eighteen

Viking Encampment at Vinland Six

Painting of Leif Erickson and his crew Fifteen   

Bull Heiburg  Seven


Town square in Hammerfest, Norway Eight  

Troll park, I believe Valdres Norway Nine 

Reindeer in City of Hammerfest, Norway Ten

Landscape north of Lyngen, Norway Eleven

Lake Scenery in Sweden Fourteen


Painting called "The Creation" Twelve

Troll in Troll Park, Valdrez, Norway Thirteen