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San Fele, Italy Family Genealogy Connections is dedicated to
those Sanfelesi researching their ancestors who were born in
San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata, Italia.

San Fele Genealogy Interests Family Tree Researcher lists - San Fele descendants doing Genealogy Research on their SanFele Ancestors and hoping to find cousins (cugini) & relatives (parenti)...  "FAMILY CONNECTIONS" 
Surnames/Cognomi : A - C
Surnames/Cognomi : D - L 
Surnames/Cognomi : M - P
Surnames/Cognomi : R - V
Chart for figuring Cousin (Cugino o Cugina) Relationships - Based on the system used by courts and most genealogical societies.
SAN FELE Global SURNAME list - This World Wide list of Surnames from San Fele, Italia is growing larger as more records are sent to me from those researching their Sanfele Family Roots.  If you find an unauthorized copy of this list on another site, please know it is not up to date, unless they "lifted" the additionally researched San Fele surnames as though they did the work. You will see on this site that we try our best to credit to all of our contributors.
Archivio Di Stato * Archivio Comunale - Historical Records of Genealogical Interest for San Fele, Italy; Repositories of Primary Sources
San Fele Panoramic Photos by Vito Mariniello / San Fele Fotografie by Vito Mariniello.  Panoramic photography and other recent views of the town of San Fele, Potenza shown sitting on it's hills; affectionately called "the pyramids" by the locals. Click the photos to enlarge.
Photos of San Fele, Potenza, Italy 2000 Trip by Michael T. Giallella --- from his October 2000 Genealogy Research Trip to San Fele, PZ, Basilicata, Lucania, ITALIA
SANFELESI (people) PHOTOS, snapshots, pics, fotos - people pictures of San Fele Ancestors & descendants submitted by researchers who are on our San Fele genealogy interests list or on our San Fele Connections Family Tree.
MAPS of San Fele and surrounding areas - San Fele is a small town located in the Province of Potenza, which is in the Region of Basilicata (sometimes known as Lucania)
POSTCARDS from San Fele - A small collection of San Fele Postcards from the 19th and 20th Centuries.  Thanks to those who have shared their historical "treasures"  Opens to a new window, close to return here.  Use your browser back button to go back & forth through the list.
San Fele Genealogy, a genealogical study of a small village in Italy - Although this focus is on 50% San Felese descent and back to the ancestors all submitters names are included in the study whether or not they are 50% Sanfelese. Please let me know if you want me to add your branch.  Let us document all of our San Fele Ancestors for posterity!
RADICE FAMILY HISTORY - San Fele, Italy to Buffalo, New York, USA, a family biography by Lawrence Piciulo
A San Fele Story: Grandparents from SanFele, Potenza - a historical, heartwarming S. Fele to America story by MaryAnn Pittaro Spager.
San Fele Potenza Basilicata LINKS of interest

This San Fele, PZ, Basilicata, Italy Genealogy Connections Website charges no fees, collects no dues and has no allegiance to any organization or particular belief system. This San Fele Site simply exists to help others connect to possible Sanfelese relatives throughout the world as a *hobby* of the webmaster.

Hopefully our research experiences will benefit others and together we can continue to learn the stories of our San Fele, PZ, Italia ancestors and discover more San Fele Family Tree Connections.

Thank You for visiting & Best Regards Always,
from all the San Fele Genealogy Connection Researchers

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San Fele Historical Family Trees for Sanfele Genealogy
Email me to add your S. Fele Ancestral branches to our San Fele Family History Report

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