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Photos of Sanfele Ancestors & Descendants
San Fele Genealogy ancestor pictures, snapshots, photographs, fotos, pics and also their descendants who still live in S. Fele Italy or in other parts of the World submitted by researchers on our San Fele Surname Research list and/or San Fele, Italy Family Tree contributors. 

BAGAROZZA & PETRINO - Five Generations - Vitantonio Bagarozza, his wife Mariantonia Caterina Petrino, their first born son Sebastiano and his first born son Vitantonio were all born in San Fele before  immigrating to the USA. Sebastiano is the great-grandfather of Johnny "Bags" Peffer. 

CAGGIANO Antonino & TOMASULO Mariantonia - with figlia Maria Donata Antonia & sisters Annunziata "Nancy" and other unknown. Photo from San Fele, PZ. Maternal Grandparents of Vincenzo "James" Nigro & great-grandparents of Paula Nigro the webmaster of this site.

CAGGIANO Maria Donata Antonia: - and figlio Antonio "Tony" Nigro.  Photo from San Fele.

CARDONE, Lucrezia widow of Michele PITTARO and their children submitted by MaryAnn Pittaro Spager, great-grandaughter of Lucrezia Cardone and Michele Pittaro.

DOVIZIO Antonio & NIGRO Caterina - both born in San Fele with their granddaughter Catherine DiVizio.

GIALLELLA Sebastiano & DOVIZIO Vittoria - Vittoria was the daughter of Caterina Nigro and Antonio Dovizio.  (Dovizio changed to Di Vizio here in the USA.)

GIALLELLA, Michael T.: Grandson of  Sebastiano Giallella & Vittoria Dovizio.

GRAZIANO Giuseppe & NIGRO Lucia - San Fele Family Photo of their children and grandchildren who were born in San Fele (paternal grandparents of Mario Graziano who was also born in San Fele about a year after this photo was taken)

GRAZIANO Giovanni, NIGRO Donato & CARNEVALE Giustino - all San Fele born connections. Giovanni Graziano is the one in the middle. He is the father of Mario and Giuseppe who were also born in San Fele.

GRAZIANO Mario, wife Pat, son Michael and NIGRO Paula - Disneyland 2006 visit. Mario was born in San Fele.

LORENZO Michele - with second wife Josephine. He is the San Fele born great-grandfather of one of our researchers, Theresa Ann Richardson Dominguez.

LORENZO Francesco, LUONGO Giovanni & brothers - Uncle Giovanni, Giuseppe, Anthony & Vincenzo LUONGO were all brothers of Frank's mother; Anna Maria LUONGO wife of Michele LORENZO

LUONGO Michele and his wife RUSSO Donata Maria - Michele "Michael" Lorenzo's maternal grandparents.  They never left San Fele. (great-great grandparents of Theresa Ann Richardson Dominguez)

MARINIELLO Canio and Sons / Figli - Canio MARINIELLO, and his sons Vito, Claudio and Enzo MARINIELLO.

MUCCIA Michele e TOMASULO Margherita Family and PULONE Robert Joseph - Michele MUCCIA is the son of Potito and they were born in San Fele. His wife Margherita Tomasulo and the 2 sons in this photo (and all their children) were also born in San Fele. Their relative Robert J. PULONE is the grandson of Giuseppe PULONE who was born in San Fele.

NIGRO Antonio "Tony" - San Fele first born son of Maria Donata Antonia Caggiano & Francesco Nigro.

NIGRO Donato (Don Nye) - 6th child of Maria Donata Antonia Caggiano & Francesco Nigro.

NIGRO Francesco and his brother NIGRO Vincenzo - San Fele born sons of Antonio Nigro and Lucrezia Policori. Francesco is the paternal grandfather of Paula Nigro; the webmaster of this site. He was called Frank in the U.S.A. His brother, Vincenzo, officially changed his name to Vincent Nigara after immigration. Paula's dad, who was also named Vincenzo but started being called James in grammar school by his teachers, referred to his father's brother as "Uncle Jim".

NIGRO: - Giovanni "John", Donato "Don Nye", Vincenzo "James".  3 of the 11 sons of Francesco Nigro & Maria Antonia Caggiano. [Snapshot by Michael T. Giallella.]

NIGRO Vincenzo "James"  - Son of San Fele Born Francesco Nigro & Maria Donata Antonia Caggiano

NIGRO Marc Anthony and sons visiting San Fele with his family in 2008.

NIGRO Marc Anthony & Family - Grandson of Francesco Nigro & Maria Donata Antonia Caggiano

NIGRO Paula Marie - Granddaughter of Francesco Nigro & Maria Donata Antonia Caggiano, daughter of Vincenzo "James" Nigro.

Paula Nigro with parents - at Niagara Falls near Buffalo, New York

PELLEGRINO Robert - all four of Bob Pellegrine's grandparents were born in San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata. His birth surname was originally spelled an O at the end.  Now he is known as Robert J. Pellegrine.

PITTARO Vito & SCAPICCHIO, Donata Maria - San Fele born grandparents of MaryAnn Pittaro Spager.

RADICE Pasquale & Sebastiano - Sons of Giambattista Radice & Francesca Maria Filomina Giallella.

RADICE Pasquale & GIALLELLA, Brigida Maria - both were born in San Fele. (Grandparents of Larry Piciulo)

RADICE & PICIULO Wedding photo - Marie Radice the bride, daughter of Pasquale & Brigida Maria Giallella, also shows her brother Sebastian John Radice, their cousin Jane Giallella and the groom Angelo Piciulo.

RICIGLIANO Francesco & TOMASULO Maria Giovanni - Family Photo of the San Fele born couple and some of their children.  (maternal grandparents of Robert Pellegrine)

TOMASULO Angelantonio "Angelo" & CAGGIANO Annunziata "Nancy" - both born and married in San Fele. Shown with their first four children.  Livia the first was also born in San Fele.

These photographs are the property & copyright of the individual submitters
(This page is always under construction. Please check back for the latest photo additions.)

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