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San Fele Connections

San Fele had one of the first sewer systems in the entire region.

This historical fountain is located in one of the more populated sections of town. The water in the three main front pipes runs 24 hrs. a day. Before indoor plumbing was available, people traveled here from all over that part of Northern Potenza for their drinking water. The rear three basins on each side, where the water runs more slowly than in the front, were used for washing clothes. Each of those rear basins has a built in cement scrub board. 

Robert J. Pellegrine is standing next to it to give you an idea of the size of this fountain compared to a person.  This fountain was located in a popular plaza area so it also served as a meeting place for the exchange of information and local news. It was also a perfect place to meet a mate under the watchful eyes of benevolent chaperones. Today these fountains remain as historical monuments adding a picturesque backdrop to this ancient town in Southern Italy.  

San Fele, PZ, Basilicata, Italia - Ottobre 2000
Photo by Michael T. Giallella  © 2000 All rights reserved.
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