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Locating San Fele (PZ) on a Map of Italy
 San Fele is located north-west of the city of Potenza, and east of Naples (Napoli) & Salerno. Sanfele is in the Province of Potenza, which is in the Region of Basilicata also known as Lucania.  Sanfele is closest to (comuni limitrofi) the comuni of Atella, Bella, Castelgrande, Filiano, Muro Lucano, Rapone and Ruvo del Monte.
The hamlets (frazioni) of San Fele are Agrifoglio, Armatieri, Cecci, Cerrito, Difesa, Montagna, Pierno, Priore, Masone, & Signorella.

click map for area details

San Fele is Mountain Town - charming, hand-drawn location map of San Fele and other mountain villages in that hilly Southern Italian area.

San Fele is northwest of the city of Potenza-  In the Province of Potenza go North West to find San Fele.

San Fele is in the Region of Basilicata - there are 2 Provinces in the Region of Basilicata: Potenza & Matera.  San Fele is in the Province of Potenza.

Easy San Fele, Italia Location Map - Mappa di localizzazione: Italia. San Fele. Posizione del comune di San Fele (on the Italian Wikipedia).

SanFele Google Map / Mappa

Google Maps Italia - type San Fele, PZ into the search bar and click the button > "Cerca sulle mappe" and zoom in. You will also see photos, so click on them to enlarge.

MSN BING San Fele, Italy Map - Good zoom & directions. See the route from Naples, Italy to San Fele, Italy

Map of Sanfele - inline routes in San Fele, Basilicata, Italia

San Fele, Italy Page - from Falling Rain Genomics, Inc.

San Fele (PZ) Location Statistics - Click the longitude & latitude statistics, Coordinates: 4049N 1532E, to go to various map options on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. May 2005 I started that "wiki" when they were going to delete San Fele & the entire Region of Basilicata for lack of contributions.

City of San Fele - Basilicata Region, Italy town profile, useful link from Comuni Italiani

85020 San Fele (PZ) Mappa - includes a list of some local events; in Italian.

Map to San Fele - from MapQuest. Select scale, move around, ZOOM, move in all directions & more.

Via Michelin Maps of Europe - Use the drop down arrow to choose Italy, then type in San Fele.

Via Michelin in ITALIAN

VIRGILIO Mappe San Fele - San Fele un comune di 3.319 abitanti della provincia di Potenza.

Hyperlink Map from GinGen - I Comuni della LUCANIA - good & easy map from GinGen click on San Fele or any other comune in Basilicata.

Towns / Comuni closest to San Fele - Comuni limitrofi: Atella, Bella, Castelgrande, Filiano, Muro Lucano, Rapone, Ruvo del Monte.

Map of Basilicata

Topographical Map of Potenza - from ItalyCyberGuide.

Small map - of Basilicata.

Map of Basilicata - This is a map of Basilicata in Italy.

Basilicata or Lucania - The only region in Italy that can boast two names.

Region Basilicata - Basilicata is a small region, mostly mountainous, situated in Southern Italy and with two short coastlines on the Ionian and the Thyrrenian Sea, and divided into 2 Provinces: province of Matera (MT), Province of Potenza (PZ)

San Fele Weather Long Term Forcast - Meteo San Fele Previsioni a lungo termine (in Italian with easy to understand graphics so it doesn't matter if you can or can't read Italian)

San Fele, Italy - Current Weather Conditions - in English.

Previsioni Meteo Basilicata - Weather Forecast Basilicata.

San Fele, Italy: Current Weather Conditions - & live weather observations for San Fele from the nearest 5 METAR / SYNOP stations (updated hourly)

ITALY: Current Weather Reports- scroll down to see the cities they cover.  For instance Potenza, which will be "approximately" the same as San Fele as they are about a 25 minute drive away from each other.

E N I T - Italian Government Tourist Board > > good at answering email.

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