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Hello Dear People, 
Welcome to our Sanfele Genealogy Website

We hope that you enjoyed your visit through this Sanfelesi Italian Family Tree Genealogy Site. Please check back for future updates and changes & Please let us know if you find a San Fele Ancestral connection to any of our Family Trees and surname interests from Sanfele, Italy. 

If you are submitting San Fele SURNAMES to add to our San Fele Genealogy Researchers List, please read the instructions at the end of the researchers' pages first. Then use the following e-mail address to contact me,
Thank You! Paula Marie Nigro

  • I do not publish my e-mail address on all my WebPages as protection from Spam robots. 

  • Please add your full name as I cannot answer unsigned mail.

  • PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ATTACHMENTS unless we have discussed it in advance. Otherwise, I delete ALL letters that come to me with Attachments without even looking at them.  Please Read about Virus's on various Technical Sites, if you need more clarification on email safety.

Thank you for your patience and understanding about these issues.

This San Fele PZ Basilicata Italy Genealogy Connections Website charges no fees, collects no dues and has no allegiance to any organization or particular belief system. This San Fele Site simply exists to help others connect to possible Sanfelesi relatives throughout the world as a hobby of the webmaster. 

Hopefully our research experiences will benefit others and together we can continue to learn the stories of our San Fele PZ Italia ancestors and discover more San Fele Family Tree Ancestral Connections. (I believe all descendents of San Fele Ancestors are somehow related)

Antenati Candela
Antenati Candela

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