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Baptisms registered at St George the Martyr in Prizzi (from sheets copied for research oftranscriber's family's surnames).

Contributed by Shirley Gillespie Moore
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Use your browser's "find" link if you wish to search for a specific name. Also, surnames often varied in spelling when people came to the USA, not to mention that these first names are in Latin, so you may find it worthwhile to read through them to see if there are names close to those you are researching. Please remember that these transcriptions are from old record books, not the best copies, and not the greatest handwriting. Having said that, I am also not proficient in Latin, so please be aware that there are most likely spelling errors, as well as deciphering errors. When there are multiple spellings of the same first name in an entry, I am assuming it is because of the relationship as it is used in the entry. One of the better web sites for converting Latin names to Italian or English is Behind the Name. One of the most common first names you will find here is Joann(e, is, i, ii, a, ius) which is Giovanni_a or John.

Not all information was provided on every baptism. Where there was a Matrim. Contrx. entry/stamp, the date will be when the named infant married (close, if in the USA), to whom (if it was written), and where (if not in that diocese.) The numbers at the end are referencing the page and entry number in the church register. There were wonderful notations designating marital status/relationships of the Godparents. A "married couple" indicates that the Godparents were specifically man and wife, and not just individuals married to other people.

Keep an open mind, good luck, get the original to look at for yourself, and if you have any questions about, or changes to any of the transcriptions, do not hesitate to email me. Shirley

1894 June 30 Francisco Buccellato of Vincentii and Francisca Girgenti of Francisci a son Petrus. Godparents: Antoninus Alongi of Mri Sebastiani and Josepha Alongi of Mri Sebastiani (assumption is bro/sis ) 125/242
1894 June 30 Francisco Campagna of Antonini and Angela Raimondi of Nicolai a dtr Rosalia. Godparents Franciscus Macaluso and Rosa Cancellieri married couple. 125/240
1894 June 27 Salvatore Camparetto of Georgii and Barbara Danegle of Rosarii a son Datum Rosarius. Godparents Petrus Sinatra and ? Gristina The first name of Godmother looks like-Nioscha married couple 125/238
1892 March 20 Joanne Anfossi of Petri and Rosaria Cannetta of Joannis a dtr Constantina. Godparents: Joannis Gori of Rapheris and Carmella Pizzarilla of Carmeli married couple. MC=20 Nov 1920 584/106
1894 June 19 Philippo Ferrara of Castrensus and Magdalina Leone of Gasparus a son Castrensus. Godparents Bartholomeus Verga and Rosalia Accomando married couple. MC= 22 Jan 1921 124/232
1894 June 22 Antonino Gristina of Hieronymi and Antonino Spallina of Josephi a dtr Maria. Godparents Bernardis Gristina of Mri Barnardi and Ninfa Gristina of Mri Barnardi unmarried children of Mariani Barnardi 124/235
1894 June 21 Josepho Lercara of Petri and Antonina Ballone of Antonino a son Petrus. Godparents: Jacobus Bellone of Antonini and Rosalia Lercara of Peter. MC= 3 Jan 1912 to Louis Lombarde in Trinidad (I would try Colorado) 124/233
1894 June 30 Mro Josepho Lombardo of Mri Silvii and Anna Vajana of Francisci a son Silvus Joseph. Godparents: Antoninus Mancuso of Rosarii and Catherina Mancuso of Rosarii unmarried children 125/241
1894 June 30 Salvatore Macalusa of Cajetano and Rosalia Orlando of Josephi a dtr Carmela. Godparents: Salvator Colletto of Vincentii and Anna Fucarino of Francisci a married couple. MC= 23 June 1922 125/243
1894 June 28 Josepho Rizzuto of Josephi and Francisca Leone of Rosario a son Vincentius. Godparents: Librator Rizzuto of Josephi and Rosalia Coniglio of Josephi The surname Coniglio is not a certainty. The year of MC unreadable. The date of the baptism looks like 28 but the 27 follows. 124/236
1894 June 27 Josepho Romano of Labortoris and Jeliiui Vallone of Josephi a son Salvator. Godparents: Josephi Vallone of Georgii and Maria Vallone of Georgii unmarried children 124/237
1894 June 30 Antonino Romano of Salvatoris and Santa Vallone of Josephi a dtr Joanna. Godparents Giav Vajani of Joachim unmarried 123/239
1894 June 22 Laurentis Sciacca of Francisci and Vincentia Alongi of Josephi a dtr Francisca. Godparents: Vincentia Sparacio of Paolo unmarried. MC= 22 Feb 1914 to Salvatore Collura of Georgii in Chicago 124/234
1894 July 1 Augustine Sinatra of Philippi and Maria Damiano of Joannis (there was no other info in this entry) 125/244
1892 March 21 Ignatis Raimondi of Josephi and Matthia Cannella of Dominici a dtr Rosalia. Godparents: Castrensis Pollera of Josephi 584/107
1892 March 22 Vincentis Vallone of Hieronymi and Joanna LoBue of Josephi a son Vincentius. Godparents: Vitus Macaluso of Epiphanii and Vincentia Sparacio of Antonino married couple. 584/110
1892 March 24 Joanne Vajana of Joachim and Maria Antonia Vallone of Cajetani a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Joannis Garagliano of Mariani Georgii and Antonina Vajana of Rosarii unmarried 584/111
1892 March 26 Ignatio Vallone of Vincentii and Dominica Pecoraro of Salvatoris a son Joachim. Godparents: Antonius Fucarino and Maria Milazzo married couple 584/113
1982 March 27 Francisco LoPresti of Josephi and Petronilla Cannella of Salvatoris a son Joseph. Godparents Blasius Romanus and Santa LoPresti married couple. MC= 30 Oct 1921 to Josepho Alongi New York 585/114
1892 March 28 Mariano Josepho Cortese of Ignatii and Josepha Cansoneri of Antonini a dtr Filippa. Godparents: Antoninus Cansoneri and Aloysia Bellone married couple. MC= 10 Aug 1912 586/116
1892 April 8 A boy Nicolaus Zurigo. Godparent: Paulus LoBue of Cajetani 587/121
1892 April 8 Antonino Feragi of Georgii and Angela Gubretta of Philippi a dtr Maria .Godparents: Maria LoBue of Josephi unmarried 587/122
1892 April 13 Rosario Fragali of Joannis and Carmela Pecoraro of Philippi a dtr Anna. Godparents: Salvator Valenza of Hieronymi Victrius and Francisces Orlando. MC= 14 Feb 1912 587/124
1892 April 13 A girl Julia Frazoli. Godparent Paschalis Ferrara of Francisci 587/125
1892 April 17 Gaspare Amato of Mariani Georgii and Matthia Milazzo of Mariani Marzi a dtr Anna. Godparents: Paulus Milazzo of Marii and Josepha Marino married couple. MC= 23 Sep 1914 to Anton. Ferrari 587/129
1892 April 17 Salvator Vallone of Augustini and Carmela Raimondi of Bernardi a dtr Jacoba. Godparents: Franciscus Vallone of Josephi and Josepha Sororesious Sororesious could also be Laboresius unmarried.MC= 24 Jan 1920 58?/130
1892 April 17 Paschale Pecoraro of Andreas and Anna Cannova of Georgii a son Georgius. Godparents: Maria Carmela Spuria After Spuria is written what looks like "dicta (known as) Amenta or Assunta" This child is a twin to Anna /131
1892 April 17 Paschale Pecoraro of Andreas and Anna Cannova of Georgii a dtr Anna. Godparents: Anna Pecoraro of Andreas This child is a twin to Georgius --- Anna Pecoraro of Andreas was also uxor (wife) of Calogeri Costa 58?/132
1892 April 19 Cajetano Cannariato of Vincentii and Maria Governale of Francisii a son Vincentius. Godparents: Salvator Pecoraro and Santa Damiano married couple. 58?/134
1892 April 19 Michaele Sparacio of Nicolai and Matthia Vallone of Georgii a dtr Jacoba. Godparents: Georgius Vallone of Petri and Francisca Vallone of Petri. unmarried children of Petri 58?/135
1892 April 22 Eugenio Ferrara of Rosarii and Antonina Campagna of Damiani a son Rosarius. Godparents: Georgius Marretta of Petri and Concepta Sammartano Sammartano may also be Lormartano married couple. MC= 23 Apr 1925 590/137
1892 April 23 Salvatore Vallone of Matthesi and Elizabeth Macaluso of Salvatoris a son Salvator. Godparents: Antoninus Vallone of Antonini unmarried. 590/138
1892 April 24 Salvator Amato of Vincentii and Francisca Marino of Ignatii a dtr Pilippa. Godparents: Joannis Cansoneri of Viti and Joanna Pecoraro of Josephi 590/139
1892 April 24 Francisco Campagna of Aloysii and Paula Pecoraro of Epiphanii a son Epiphanius. Godparents Salvator Petralia of Castrensis. 590/140
1892 April 26 Georgio Collura of Mercurii and Dorthea Lercara of Rosarii a son Joseph. Godparents: Maria Theresa Molazzo of Andris 590/141
1892 April 30 Michaele Ferrara of Salvatoris and Antonina LaCorte of Matthius a dtr Antonina. Godparents: Joannis Amato and Maria LaCorte married couple. 590/143
1892 May 1 Joseph Girgenti of Paschalis and Carmela Damiano of Joannis a dtr Anna . Godparents: Joseph Mancuso of Paschalis and Josepha Mancuso of Paschalis unmarried children of Paschalis Mancuso 590/145
1892 May 1 Gaspare Raimondi of Josephii and Maria Fucarino of Cajetani a dtr Oliva . Godparents: Cajetanus Nocera of Josephi and Rosa Nocera of Josephi unmarried children. MC= 4 Sep 1915 M1 to Stephano Ma? MC2= 28 Jan 1925 592/147
1892 May 3 Carlo Antonino Lucara of Antoninii and Josepha Pecoraro of Josephi a son Antonius. Godparents: Magiorii Joseph Macaluso of Antonini and Vincentia Macaluso ofAntonini unmarried children of Antonini 592/148
1892 May 4 Didaco Ferrara of Josephii and Cajetana Pollera of Marianni Vincentii a son Joseph. Godparents: Josepha Campagna of Salvatoris uxor(wife) Viti Comaretto. MC= 25 Sept 1920 592/149
1892 May 10 Andrea Greco of Philippi and Paula Macaluso of Philippi a dtr Catherina . Godparents: Antoninus Pecoraro of Carmeli and Lucia Pecoraro of Carmeli unmarried children of Carmeli. MC= 14 Apr 1912 to Castrense Ferrara in Chicago.2-Josephi There is no second entry for an MC to Josephi 592/150
1892 May 10 Francisco Mercadante of Antoninii and Maria Vallone of Castrensis a son Antoninus. Godparents: Theodorus of Liborii, and Jannezus of Liborii unmarried children of Liborii No last name given 592/151
1892 May 11 Calogero Sulli of Jacobii and Philomena Macaluso of Petri a son Jacobus. Godparents: Salvator Vallone of Antonii and Francisca Sulli married couple. MC= 24 Apr 1920 593/153
1892 May 12 Bartholomeo Romano of Salvatoris and Rosa LoBue of Vincentii a son Salvator. Godparents: Maggiori Vincentius Macaluso of Francisci and Antonina Macaluso of Francisci unmarried children of Francisci 593/154
1892 May 13 Josepho Cansoneri of Francisci and Josepha Fucarino of Paschalis Child not given. Godparents: Marianus Virga of Dominici and Antonina Cansoneri Mater ejus-same mother for Antonina and Marianus 594/157
1892 May 19 Antonino Pecoraro of Georgii and Vincentia Gristina of Antonini a son Antoninus. Godparents: Salvator Tagharini of Antonini Baby was born on the 16 May 1892. Tagharini may also be Ragharini 594/162
1892 May 22 Josepho Cannella of Joannis and Margherita LoPresti of Ignatio a dtr Anna. Godparents: Antoninus Pecoraro of Joachim and Carmela Migliacino married couple. 594/164
1892 May 24 Marianno Innocentio Gullo of Marianni Angeli and Antonina Garagliano of Josephi a son Angelus. Godparents: Joseph Garagiano and Anna Pecoraro married couple. Garagliano/Garagiano were spelled as such. I make no inferrence which is correct. 596/166
1892 May 25 Fortunato Vallone of Petri and Maria Fucarino of Josephi a son Joseph. Godparents: Petrus D'Angelo of Luciani and Josepha Ferraro married couple. MC= 31 Jul 1920 596/167
1892 May 25 Paschale Greco of Antonini and Anna Vallone of Antonini a dtr Maria. Godparents: Georgius Ferrara of Josephi and Francisca Orlando of Josephii married couple. MC=10 Feb 1923 596/168
1892 June 1 Castrenze Vallone of Fortunati and Carmela Macaluso of Joannis a son Fortunatus. Godparents: Carmelus Macaluso of Georgii and Josepha Cannariato of Salvatoris married couple. MC= 28 Apr 1920 596/171
1892 June 1 Salvatore Mosca of Marci and Josepha Girgenti of Salvatoris a dtr Lucia Maria Carmela. Godparents: Joseph Pecoraro of Georgii. 596/172
1892 June 3 Georgio Raimondi of Nicolai and Rosalia Sarullo of Natalis a dtr Catherina . Godparents: Joannis Vallone of Nicolai and Dominica Rao of Vincentii married couple. 596/173
1892 June 4 Saverio Miranni of Antonini and Rosalia Vajana of Hieronymi a son Salvator . Godparents: Salvator Cancellieri of Joannis and Vincentia Pecoraro of Josephii married couple. MC= 4 Nov 1922 596/174
1892 June 5 Blasio Ferrara of Joannis and Philippa Verga of Dominici dtr Josepha Maria. Godparents: Salvator Verga of Dominici unmarried. MC= 11 Jun 1911 596/175
1892 June 8 Paschale Amato of Antonini and Maria Merlo of Andreas a son Antoninus. Godparents: Josephi Pecoraro of Simonis and Maria Amato of Antonini 598/177
1892 June 9 Nicolao Cosyro of Georgii and Rosalia Cansoneri of Andreas a son Georgius. Godparents: Gaspar Dino of Ignatii and Jacoba Ignatii Jacoba's father was the same as Gaspar there was no last name entered for her they were unmarried siblings. MC=7 Sept 1919 to Catherina F? 598/179
1892 June 11 Isidoro Vallone of Fortunati and Catherina Nascarella of Salvatoris a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Fortunatus Fragale of Nicolai unmarried. 598/180
1892 June 12 Petro Nascarella of Salvatoris and Paula Falsone of Josephi a dtr Maria Anna. Godparents: Petrus Vallone of Josephi and Joanna Rao of Jacobi married couple. MC=23 Oct 1913 598/182
1892 June 13 Francisco Fucarino of Rosarii and Josepha Colletti a son Franciscus . Godparents: Salvator Costa of Josephi and Anna Vallone married couple. 599/185
1892 June 16 Paschale Bellina of Mri Domenici and Maria Ferrara of Petri a son Petrus. Godparents: Antoninus LoBue of Salvatoris and Joanna LoBue of Salvatori unmarried children of Salvatoris. 600/187
1892 June 17 Antonino Badami of Josephis and Anna Damiano of Salvatoris a dtr Anna Josepha. Godparents: Philippus Damiano of Salvatoris and Maria Zimmerdi married couple. MC= 10 Dec 1911 There is also another MC date of 7 Dec 1966 to ? Sellertini 600/188
1892 June 13 Salvator Patronysii of Francisci and Antonina Migliaccio of Salvatoris a son Joseph. Godparents: Castrenis Mosca of Angeli and Anna Sovoresus unmarried. 600/186
1892 June 19 Francisco D'Angelo of Benedicti and Joanna Bruno of Emmanuelis a son Datum Benedictus. Godparents: Jeruslpha DiGregori of Domenici. Child born 22 Apr 1892 in Ciortatis Corlionensis (Corleone). 600/189
1892 June 20 Sebastiano Castellano of Francisci Pauli and Catherina Mancuso of Fortunato a dtr Lucia. Godparents: Georgius Mancuso of Fortunato unmarried. 600/190
1892 June 20 Josepho Sparacio of Josephis and Francisca Alongi of Sebastiani a dtr Maria Rosa. Godparents: Rosarius Giorrand of Salvatoris and Francisca Sinatra GPs have same mother. No info on marital status of Godparents 601/191
1892 June 20 Paulo Collura of Georgii and Philippa Collura of Francisco a dtr Anna. Godparents: Petrus Collura of Salvatoris. 601/192
1892 June 20 Ignatio Ribando of Nicolai and Angela Butera of Josephi a son Salvator. Godparents: Raimundus Cascio of Leolinas and Anna Ferrar of Petri married couple. 601/193
1892 June 22 Francisco Baccollato of Vincentii and Francisca Girgenti of Francisci a dtr Joanna. Godparents: Joseph LoBue of Gasparis and Vincentia Grisassi married couple. 601/194
1892 June 24 A boy Camillus Joannis Oneto. Godparents: Rosa Tessitore of Gasparis 601/195
1891 May 23 Salvatore Gia?mono of Domenici and Rosa Verga of Salvatoris a dtr Philippa. Godparents: Josepha Mosca of Joannis . MC= 18 Sep 1910 518/176
1891 May 23 Salvatore Vajana of Salvatoris and Antonina Colamuso of Liborii a son Liborius. Godparents: Rosarius LoBue of Petri and Antonina Vajana married couple. 518/177
1891 May 23 Antonino Zimmardi of Gasparis and Maria Milazzo of Josephi a son Gaspar . Godparents: Joseph Damiano of Josephi unmarried. 518/178
1891 May 23 Antonino Sinatra of Paschalis and Anna Spelliora a son Antoninus. Godparents: Joseph Sinatra and Antonina Cansoneri married couple. 518/179
1891 May 23 Salvatore Boccellato of Vincentii and Antonina Provenzano of Vincentii a dtr Anna. Godparents: Georgius Orlando and Josepha Orlando married couple. MC=28 Apr 1928 518/180
1891 May 24 Nicolao Petralia of Andrez and Vincentia Bellone of Salvatoris a son Salvator. Godparents: Domenicus Petralia of Matthus 519/181
1891 May 24 Antonino Sinatra of Salvatoris and Maria Pecoraro of Michaelis a son Michael. Godparents: Antoninus Giordano of Jacobi and Dominica Macaluso of Josephi married couple. MC= 3 Sep 1913 519/182
1891 May 24 Joanne Vallone of Antonis and Maria Carmela Comparatto of Blasii a dtr Blasiusa. Godparents: Maria Farragi of Georgii. Likely a twin. 519/183
1891 May 24 Joanne Vallone of Antonis and Maria Carmela Comparatto of Franciscus (I think this was an entry error) a son Franciscus. godparents: Batto Supradito Alongi and Maria Farragi . This is likely a twin to above. 518/184
1891 May 27 Hieronymo Cannariato of Vincentii and Aloysia Maro of Josephi a dtr Paula. Godparents: Augustinius Gristi of Mri Bernardi and Maria Gristi of Mri Bernardi unmarried children of Mri Bernardi 519/185
1891 May 28 Josepho Vallone and Rosa Maro a dtr Maria. Godparents: Rosarius Cansoneri and Josepha Passentino married couple. MC=10 Jun 1908 Additional MC dates are: 23 Jun 1903 and 30 Oct 1920 519/186
1891 May 29 Francisco Nucrio of Salvatoris and Francisca DiReto of Nautii a son Salvator. Godparents: Joseph LoBue of Paschalis and Carmela Orlando married couple. 520/187
1891 May 31 Mattheo Cansoneri of Blasii and Anna Cansoneri of Nicolai a son Blasius. Godparents: Petris Milazzo and Catherina Cansoneri. They also had a twin dtr born the same day in Alia named Catherina 520/188
1891 May 31 Mattheo Cansoneri of Blasii and Anna Cansoneri of Nicolai a dtr Catherina . Godparents: Joseph Ferrara of Philippi and Maria Cansoneri married couple. This child was born in Alia and has a twin brother named Blasius whom it appears was born in Prizzi on the same day. 520/188
1891 June 1 Castrense Vallone of Fortunati and Carmela Macaluso of Joannis a son Fortunatus. Godparents: Vincentius Cannella and Josepha Valenti married couple. 520/189
1891 June 3 Josepho Raimondi of Josephi and Rosa Lercara of Didaci a dtr Carmela. Godparents: Antonina Pollera of Vincentii. This baby was born 31 May 1891. MC= 13 Nov 1912 520/190
1891 June 4 Georgio Pecoraro and Carmela Ragusa a dtr Mariagratia. Godparents: Joseph Collura of Gasparis . 520/191
1891 June 4 Salvatore Damiano of Salvatoris and Rosalia Coniglio of Salvatoris a dtr Aloysia. Godparents: Matthia Sinatra of Thomas. 520/192
1891 June 6 A girl Emilia Baronis. Godparents: Catherina Lercara of Vincentii 520/193
1891 June 6 Georgii Ferrara of Salvtoris and Francisca Orlando of Josephi a dtr Arcangela. Godparents: Salvatore Cincimino of Matthesi and Maria Cincimino of Matthesi unmarried children of Matthesi. 520/194
1891 June 7 Carmelo Fucarino of Philippi and Rosaria Corvao of Matthesi a dtr Carmela. Godparents: Sebastianus Verga of Mariani unmarried. 521/195
1891 June 7 Vincentio Baccellato of Paschalis and Carmela Collura of Andreas a dtr Thommasca. Godparents: Petrus Zimmardi of Vincentii and Maria Zimmardi of Vincentii unmarried children of Vincentii Zimmardi. MC= 17 Jul 1910 521/196
1891 June 7 Joanne LoBue of Josephi and Anna Marsala of Coleus Corlionensis a son Petrus. Godparents: Carmelus Vanno of Sebastiane and Maria Calogna of Laurentis married couple from Corleone as is the mother's father. 521/197
1891 June 8 Salvatore Amato of Antonini and Dominica Cansoneri of Nicolai a son Joseph. Godparents: Maria Pecoraro of Domenici. 522/198
1891 June 8 Josepho Migliaccio of Salvatoris and Rosalia Marino of Caremeli a dtr Maria . Godparents: Gaspar Costello of Josephi and Hieronyma Ferrara married couple. 522/199
1891 June 11 Vito Compagna of Philippi and Matthia Lercara of Georgii a son Philippus. godparents: Gristina Gristina of Isodori unmarried. 522/200
1891 June 12 Francisco Tessitore of Cajetani and Francesca Cansoneri of Michaelis a dtr Barbara. Godparents: Maria Collura of Marii . MC= 29 Apr 1922 522/201
1891 June 12 Nicolas Colletti of Josephi and Blasia Crapis of Georgii a son Joseph. Godparents: Crysantus Crapis of Georgii. MC= 15 Nov 1914 to Rosa Guerrieri in New York 522/202
1891 June 12 Josepho LoPresti of Cajetano and Rosaria Mancuso of Rosarii a dtr Joanna. Godparents: Silvester Orlando and Seraphina Orlando married couple. MC= 4 Oct 1913 522/203
1891 June 14 Michaele Campagna of Joannis and Francisca Francaviglia of Antonini a son Joannes . Godparents: Castrenzis Pellara of Josephi . 522/204
1891 June 14 Antonio Mancuso of Josephi` and Rosalia D'Angelo of Petri a son Joseph. Godparents: Fransiciscus Cortese of Caroli and Lucia Faragi of Josephi unmarried. 522/205
1891 June 14 Salvatore Collura of Joannis and Rosa Marino of Joannis a dtr Rosa Maria Carmela. Godparents: Salvator Coniglio of Augustini and Anna Collura of Joannis unmarried. 522/206
1891 June 15 Antonino LoPresti of Andreas and Maria Anna Fucarino of Josephi a son Joseph. Godparents: Castrenzis D'Angelo of Philippi unmarried. MC= 19 Feb 1914 522/207
1891 June 17 Josepho Governale of Salvatore and Innocentia Pecoraro of Innocentii a son Salvator. Godparents: Franciscus Coniglio of Josephi and Antonina Macaluso of Petri married couple. 524/208
1891 June 17 Franciscus Voraivi of Michaelis and Maria Pollura of Pasqualis a dtr Rosa. Godparents: Petrus D'Angelo of Luciano and Rosarius D'Angelo of Luciano unmarried children of Luciano. Baby born June 3 1891***Father's last name is a reasonable guess. Looking at the type written another guess would be Vajana or Vaiana. MC=29 Apr 1922 524/209
1891 June 21 Vito Alongi of Salvatoris and Sebastiana Lercara of Josephi a dtr Rosa . Godparents: Anna Cincimino of Georgii unmarried. MC= 12 Jun 1912 524/210
1891 June 21 Joanni Vallone of Nicolai and Dominica Rao of Vincentii a dtr Lucia . Godparents: Sebastianus Cansoneri of Salvatoris and Santa Cansoneri of Salvatoris nmarried children of Salvatoris. MC= 23 Nov 1910 524/211
1891 June 23 Francisco LaPorta of Josephis and Anna Amato of Carmeli a son Joseph. Godparents: Maria Sparacio of Josephi unmarried. MC= 19 Nov 1919 524/212
1891 June 27 Michaele Cannella of Philippi and Thommasia Gristina of Salvatoris a son Salvtore. Godparents: Epiphianius Gristina of Silvestris and Gristina Gristina of Silvestris unmarried children of Silvestris. 525/213
1891 June 28 Salvatore Damiano of Josephi and Carmela Messino of Ignatii a son Ignatius. Godparents: Philippus LoPipparo of Antonius. Baby born 20 Jun 1891. 525/214
1891 June 30 Petro Incardona of Josephi and Carmela Romano of Salvatoris a son Salvator . Godparents: Cajetanus Dileo of Calogeri and Josepha Cannariato of Epiphanii married couple. 525/215
1891 June 30 Andrea Costa of Natalis and Rosa Sciacca of Francisci a son Cajetanus. Godparents: Petrus Sciacca of Francisci. 525/216
1891 July 1 Mro Andrea Cansoneri and Antonina Turro of Vino a son Joseph Petrus. Godparents: Eugennis no guess and Angela Sullo of Jacobi married couple. MC= 13 Sep 1919 525/217
1891 July 3 Josepho Ferrara of Francisci and Maria Rosa Compagna of Salvatoris a dtr Maria . Godparents: Franciscus Ferrara of Josephi. 526/218
1891 July 3 Antonino Vallone of Cajetani and Antonina Maretta of Mathiei a dtr Antonina . Godparents: Joannis Maretta of Mathiei unmarried. 526/219
1891 July 3 Josepho Macaluso of Mercurii and Maria Vallone of Georgii a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Joannis Spurius and Ninpha Francaviglia of Josephi married couple. 526/220
1891 July 3 Salvatore Cippo of Salvatoris and Maria Ferrara of Josephi a dtr Antonina . Godparents: Antoninus Pecoraro of Salvatoris and Dominica Pecoraro of Salvatoris unmarried children of Salvatoris 526/221
1891 July 8 Paschale Bellina and Josepha Raimone a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Eustacchius Cannella of Joannis and Rosalia Spalline of Fracisci married couple. 526/222
1891 July 9 Vito Damiano of Franciscus and Anna Pecoraro of Hieronymi a son Franciscus. Godparents: Vincentia Damiano of Francisci unmarried. MC= 18 Oct 1924 526/223
1891 July 12 Cyro Leone of Petri and Anna Orlando of Jacobi a son Jacobus . Godparents: Petrus Vallone of Josephi unmarried. MC=7 Jan 1915 to Nicolina LoBue. 526/224
1891 July 12 Vito Ferrara of Paschalis and Rosaria Milazzo of Andreas a son Paschalis. Godparents: Vincentius Macaluso of Mariani Francisci Macaluso of Mariani and Antonia Macaluso of Mariani unmarried children of Mariani. 526/225
1891 July 13 Salvatore Cannella of Philippi and Anna Bellina of Antonini a dtr Antonina . Godparents: Emmanuel Grassedonio of Matthei and Rosaria Renna married couple. 526/226
1891 July 14 Josepho Clous of Rosarii and Isabella Tagliarini of Joannis Michaelis a dtr Aurelia. Godparents: Salvatore Tagliarini of Antonino. 526/227
1891 July 15 Antonino Campagna of Joannis and Carmela Giacomazzo of Dominici a son Joseph. Godparents: Maria Comparetto of Petri married. 528/228
1891 July 15 Domenico Ferraro of Isidori and Maria Pollara of Paschalis a son Isidorus Maria. Godparents: Antoninus Ferrara of Isidori and Catherina Orlando of Antonini . Godparents are unmarried siblings who share the same mother 528/229
1891 July 17 Mro Francisco Vallone of Josephi and Philippa LaBarbiera of Petri a son Sebastianus . Godparents: Petrus Vallone of Mri Josephi and Pascha Vallone of Mri Josephi unmarried children of Mri Josephi 528/230
1891 July 19 Thoma Mancuso of Vincentii and Antonina Cansoneri of Michaelis a dtr Rosa. Godparents: Eustachius Cannella of Joannis. 528/231
1891 July 19 Vitale Provenzano of Antonini and Blasia Cannella of Salvatoris a dtr Hieronyma. Godparents: Joseph Provenzano of Antonini and Lucia Provenzano of Antonini unmarried children of Antonini. MC= 28 Jun 1911 . 528/232
1891 July 19 Salvatore Sor?? of Philippi and Rosalia Salerno of Andreas a dtr Margherita . Godparents: Petrus Cannariato of Thomas and Maria Raimondi married couple. MC= 6 June 1914 to Jocobo Gulla. 528/233
1891 July 19 Salvatore Coniglio of Ignatis and Joanna Cannariato of Josephi a son Joseph. Godparents: Vincentius Accomando of Jacobi and Carmela Accomando of Jacobi unmarried children of Jacobi . 528/234
1891 July 19 Cajetano Morandante of Josephi and Rosa Pecoraro of Sigismundi a dtr Antonina . Godparents: Vitus Vajana of Joannis . MC=1 Feb 1911 Add'l MC date is 30 Jul 1927. 528/235
1891 July 19 Silvestor Orlando of Salvatoris and Carolina Ferrara a dtr Catherina . Godparents: Antoninus Orlando and Oliva Rao married couple. MC= 23 Feb 1924 528/237
1891 July 19 Georgio Collura of Mri Gasparis and Rosa Fucarino of Petri a son Vincentius. Godparents: Vitus Cansoneri of Salvatoris 528/236
1891 July 19 Georgio Sulli of Calogeri and Vincentia Bagerella of Antonini a son Carmelus. Godparents: Calogerus Sulli of Petri . Bagerella may be Bazerella MC=10 Jun 1927 530/339
1891 July 21 Bernardo Cansoneri of Sebastiani and Vincentia Leone of Gasparis a dtr Rosa. Godparents: Salvator Sparacio of Mri Josephi and Anna Sparacio of Mri Josephi unmarried children of Mri Josephi. MC= 1 Oct 1921 530/340
1891 July 22 Joanne Corr-ao of Matthesi and Vittoria Lercara of Georgii a son Matthesus. Godparents: Vincentia Lercara of Ignatius unmarried. Surname Corr-ao is an abbreviated form of some surname. MC= 3 Jun 1919 530/341
1891 July 22 Gaspare Mostacchio of Josephi and Aloysia Cansoneri of Salvatoris a dtr Philippa. Godparents: Castrensis Pollara ofJosephi 530/342
1891 July 22 Laurentio Cannariato and Arcangela Razeique a dtr Antonina. Godparents: Petrus Ferrara of Salvatoris . Baby born 17 July 1891****Mother's maiden name is a guess 530/343
1891 July 22 Nicolas Dedato of Nuntis and Petra Ferrara of Salvatoris Baby born 17 July 1891***** No other information was written 531/343
1891 July 22 Mro Laurentis Cannariato of Thomas and Arcangela Rao of Jacobi a dtr Antonina. Godparents: Andreas Cansoneri of Francisci and Antonina Turrolino married couple. 531/344
1891 July 24 Francisco Costa of Josephi and Joanna Diva of Antonini a dtr Philippa. Godparents: Maria Diva of Antonini married. 531/345
1891 July 24 Mro Paschale Spellina of Josephi and Rosa Bonenno of Alphonsi a dtr Rosa. godparents: Mertius Sparacio of Salvatoris and Maria Vallone married couple. 531/346
1891 July 27 Marco Ferrara of Vincentii and Josepha Cansoneri of Joannis a son Salvator . Godparents: Lucia D;Angelo of Petri 531/347
1891 July 27 Francisco Mancuso of Petri and Anna Algozini of Georgii a son Paulus. Godparents: Maria Scianni of Francisci 531/348
1891 July 28 Georgio Romano Vajana of Ferdinandi and Antonia Balcia of Joannis a dtr Aloysia Maria Carmela. Godparents: Marianus Vajana of Ferdinandi and Aloysia Vajana of Ferdinandi unmarried children of Ferdinandi. Baby born 8 Jul 1891. MC= 29 Jul 1915 to Augustino Camin. 532/349
1891 July 29 A boy Franciscus Paulus Catalano. Godparents: Rosa Tessitore of Gasparis 532/350
1891 July 30 Joanne Francaviglia of Salvatoris and Rosa Pecoraro of Josephi a dtr Antonina. Godparents: Franciscus Cansoneri of Antonini 532/351
1891 July 30 Thoma Maretta of Ignatis and Josepha Algozini of Cajetani a dtr Pascha. Godparents: Petrus Vallone of Francisci and Anna Marretta of Josephi married couple. MC= 18 Jun 1910 532/352
1891 July 31 Michaele Macaluso of Vincentius and Agata Boffano of Cajetani a son Vincentius. Godparents: Josepha Macaluso of Vincentii unmarried. 532/353
1891 July 31 Carmelo Mancuso of Paschalis and Maria Amato of Antonini a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Georgius Ferrara of Georgii and Josepha Cannella of Georgii married couple. 532/354
1891 August 2 Josepho Rizzuto of Josephi and Francisca Spuria a son Rosarius. Godparents: Josephi Rizzuto of Josephi . Baby born 25 July 1891. MC= 22 Nov 1913 532/355
1891 August 4 Calogero Sulli of Petri and Maria Campagna of Joannis a dtr Maria. Godparents: Rosa Campagna of Joannis 532/356
1891 August 4 Andrea Cannariato of Vincentii and Philippa LoBue of Benedicti a son Vincentius. Godparents: Joseph LoBue of Mri Benedicti and Maria LoBue of Mri Benedicti 532/357
1891 August 5 Augustino Sinatra of Philippi and Maria Damiano of Joannis a son Philippus. Godparents: Vincentius Sinatra and Carmela Grisatti married couple. MC= 3 Jan 1940 532/358
1891 August 7 Augustino Vallone of Georgii and Vita Caniglio of Augustini a son Georgius. Godparents: Petrus Costa of Vincentii and Carmela Macaluso married couple. 534/359
1891 August 10 Salvatore Grassedonio of Matthesi and Rosa Leone of Josephi a dtr Leonarda . Godparents: Melchior Amato of Georgii and Francisca Collura of Gasparis married couple. MC= 21 Oct 1922 534/360
1891 August 10 Francisco Costa of Natalis and Dominica Collura of Matthesi a son Natalis Calogerus. Godparents: Georgius LaCorte of Joannis and Ninpha Francaviglia unmarried siblings with the same mother. 534/361
1891 August 10 Francisco Pecoraro of Benedicti and Antonina Pennino of Petri a dtr Maria. Godparents: Antoninus Mancuso of Mri Rosarii and Catherina Mancuso of Mri Rosarii unmarried children of Mri Rosarii. Baby born 16 July 1891MC=26 Feb 1911 534/362
1891 August 14 Mro Georgio Grisatti of Georgii and Catherina Ragusa of Gasparis a son Georgius Salvator. Godparents: Magr Ephiphanius Alongi of Gasparis and Petra Grisatti of Mri Petri married couple. 534/363
1891 August 16 Dominico Marretta of Georgii and Antonina Marretta of Jacobi a dtr Crocifixa. Godparents: Maria Marretta of Jacobi unmarried. Baby born 12 Aug 1891 535/364
1891 August 16 Sigismundo Termine of Salvatoris and Anna Rao ofVincentii a son Dominicus. Godparents: Petrus D'Angelo of Mariani unmarried. Baby born 4 Aug 1891 535/365
1891 August 18 Salvatore Termine of Georgii and Antonina Cascio of Francisci a dtr Maria. Godparenets Joannis Faragi and Josepha Marretta married couple. 535/366
1891 August 18 Isidoro Lercara of Salvatoris and Antonina Garagliano of Mri Antonini a dtr Maria Carmela. Godparents: Joannis Garagliano of Georgii unmarried 535/367
1891 August 19 Francisco Cortese of Caroli and Maria Anna Faragi of Josephi a dtr Theresa Maria Assunta. Godparents: Gaspar Amato of Mri Georgii and Matthia Milazzo of Mri Marii married couple 535/368
1891 August 19 Antonino Fucarino of Josephi and Josepha Orlando of Joannis a son Joannis. Godparents: Antoninus Gristina of Mri Bernardi and Maria Gristina of Mri Bernardi unmarried children of Mri Bernardi. MC=31 Oct 1920 to Lorna Marretta 536/369
1891 August 20 Vito Alongi of Francisci and Rosa Mancuso of Paschalis a dtr Maria Antonia. Godparents: Antoninus Turrolino and Rosalia Accomando married couple. MC=23 Apr 1947? Church of marriage was Lady of Loreto? Brooklyn NY 536/370
1891 August 21 Petro Sarullo of Natalis and Rosalia Dino of Francisci a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Rosarius Dino of Francisci and Crocifixa Dino of Francisci unmarried children of Francisci MC=1 Nov 1911 536/371
1891 August 22 Salvatore Amato of Josephi and Rosa Cansoneri of Antonini a dtr Josepha . Godparents: Franciscus Cansoneri of Mri Antonini 536/372
1891 August 23 Jacobo Leone of Josephi and Josepha Greco of Philippi a son Joseph. Godparents:Paula Orlando of Josephi Baby born 19 Aug 1891 536/373
1891 August 24 Carmelo Macaluso of Georgii and Josepha Cannariato of Salvatoris a son Salvator. Godparents: Petrus Romano of Salvatoris MC= 22 Jun 1922 536/374
1891 August 25 Georgio Salerno of Josephi and Francisca Cancellieri of Marci a son Joseph. Godparents: Paulus Amato of Antonii unmarried. 536/375
1891 August 27 Georgio Lombardo of Emmanuelis and Jacoba Orlando of Georgii a son Fortunatus. Godparents: Rosalia Leone of Gasparis 536/376
1891 August 28 Georgio Pecoraro of Francisci amd Thommasia Torretta of Georgii a dtr Pascha. Godparents: Vincentius Macaluso of Viti and Maria Torretta of Georgii married couple. 537/377
1891 August 29 A girl Elvira Silvia Calandra. Godparents: Anna Blanda 537/378
1891 August 29 Petro Macaluso of Nicolai and Rosa Sadita of Antonini a son Antoninus. Godparents: Vincentius Cannariato and Catherina Collura married couple. Born 22 Aug 1891 538/379
1891 August 29 Gaspare Dazzo of Viti and Catherina Cansoneri of Rosaris a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Paschalis Costa of Salvatoris and Carmela Dazzo of Viti Baby born 23 Aug 1891 538/380
1891 August 30 Georgio Cincimino of Andreas and Anna Orlando of Gasparis a dtr Matthia Maria. Godparents: Rosa Ferrara of Petri MC=23 Nov 1915 538/381
1891 August 31 Salvatore Carlino of Rosarii and Carmela Macaluso of Vincentii a son Rosarius. Godparents: Carmelus Marino of Joannis and Jacoba Pecoraro married couple. 538/382
1891 August 31 Josepho Vallone of Rosarii and Nicolina Marretta of Petri a son Rosarius. Godparents: Joseph Salerno of Salvatoris and Maria Salerno of Salvatoris unmarried children of Salvatoris MC=12 Jun 1924 538/383
1891 September 1 Carmelo Otto??io of Gasparis and Maria Turrolino of Mri Josephi a son Michael. Godparents: Alphonsus Ainico of Joannis Baby born 29 Jul 1891****Civitalis Cattolicas is entered after Godparents names. After looking this up I do not understand any better.****Turrolino could be Tuzzolino 538/384
1891 September 2 Georgio Demarco of Eugenii and Josepha Ferrara of Isidori a son Joseph. Godparents: Joseph Demarco of Eugenis MC= 2 Oct 1919 to Ma Teresia Panz?? 538/385
1891 September 2 Josepho Pecoraro of Georgii and Thommasia Blanda of Isidori a son Georgius. Joseph Alongi of Epiphani and Maria Mancuso of Cajetani married couple. MC= 26 Feb 1922 538/386
1891 September 4 Dominico Greco of Petri and Nicolina Tessitore of Antonini a son Petrus. Godparents: Antonina Milone of Mri Philippi unmarried 538/387
1891 September 4 Antonino Romano of Salvatoris and Josepha Marretta of Antonini a son Antoninus. Godparents: Laurentius Cannariato of Francisci and Carmela Blanda married couple. 538/388
1891 September 5 Salvatore Sparacio of Nicolai and Maria Anna Campagna of Joannis child not listed. Godparents: Antoninus Provenzano of Nicolai and Vincentia Gristina of Calogeri married couple. 540/389
1891 September 5 Carmelo Campagna of Sebastiani and Maria Napoli of Ignatii a son Joseph. Godparents: Rosalia Napoli of Ignatii 540/390
1891 September 6 Joanne D'Angelo of Marii and Josepha Milazzo of Josephi a dtr Maria Anna. Godparents: Magr Raimundus Grisatti of Georgii Baby born 31 Aug 1891 MC=17 Feb 1923 or 8 540/391
1891 September 9 Antonino Sinatra of Bartholomei and Antonina Nocera of Salvatoris a son Salvator. Godparents: Carmela Nocera of Salvatoris Baby born 5 Sep 1891 540/392
1891 September 9 Nuntio Cancellieri of Philippi and Josepha Orlando of Marci a son Philippus. Godparents: Petrus Orlando of Cyri 540/393
1891 September 10 Laurentio Cannariato of Mri Vincentii and Vincentia Falzone of Georgii a son Vincentius. Godparents: Crocifixa Cannariato of Mri Vincentii unmarried 540/394
1891 September 10 Alphonso Bonanno of Santi and Carmela Pedagno of Josephi a son Antonino Salvatoris. Godparents: Franciscus LoBue of Mri Rosarii and Agnes Macaluso of Viti married couple. 540/395
1891 September 10 Philippo Pecoraro of Viti and Josepha Giacchino of Petri a son Joseph. godparents: Franciscus Ferrara of Francisci and Nicolina Giacchino of Petri married couple 541/396
1891 September 13 Francisco Marretta of Josephi and Anna D'Angelo of Petri a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Salvator Ferrara of Georgii and Thomasia Fucarino of Georgii married couple. 541/397
1891 September 15 Salvatore Vallone of Vincentii and Francisca Cannella of Cajetani a son Vincentius. Godparents: Salvator Gristina of Calogeri and Josepha Gristina of Calogeri unmarried children of Calogeri . MC=4 Sept 1920 541/398
1891 September 15 Josepho Cansoneri of Vincentii and Francisca Alongi of Epiphani a dtr Anna Carmela Crocifixa. Godparents: Magr Aloysius Dieli of Josephi and Vincentia Alongi married couple. 542/399
1891 September 17 Gaspare Gristina of Salvatoris and Rosa Siragusa of Georgii a son Salvator. Godparents: Antonina Mancuso of Josephi unmarried. 542/400
1891 September 18 Francisco Fucarino of Josephi and Josepha Cannella of Salvatoris a dtr Dominica. Godparents: Antoninus Sparacio of Georgii and Lucia Migliaccio married couple. Baby born 7 Sep 1891 MC=18 Oct 1913 542/401
1891 September 19 Simone Damiano of Petri and Philippa Orlando of Josephi a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Cajmus Alongi of Josephi and Vincentia Alongi of Josephi unmarried children of Josephi MC=27 Apr 1911 542/402
1891 September 20 Francesco Mancuso of Salvatoris and Anna Raimondi of Joannis a dtr Catherina. Godparents: Joannis & Michaelis Tagliarini of Antonini and Joanna Tagliarini of Antonini 3 unmarried children of Antonini 542/403
1891 September 20 Gaspare Pecoraro of Viti and Maria Collura of Georgii a dtr Anna. Godparents: Sebastianus Collura of Georgii unmarried. 542/404
1891 September 22 Calogero Pecoraro of Josephi and Carmela Pintocuda of Salvatoris a son Joseph. Godparents: Hieronymus Parrino of Petri and Francisca Pecoraro married couple.MC= 25 Feb 1922 542/405
1891 September 23 Philippo Blanda of Philippii and Rosaria Vallone of Castrenzis a son Castrenzis. Godparents: Lucia Pollara of Francisci 542/406
1891 September 23 Supradictis Blanda and Rosaria Vallone of Gemellum a dtr Antonina. Godparents: Matthia Mancuso of Antonini 542/407
1891 September 23 Antonino Macaluso of Josephi and Josepha Raimondi of Salvatoris a son Salvator. Godparents: Sylvester Cannella and Josepha Marretta a married couple. Baby born 13 Aug 1891 in Girgenti and baptized by Concepta Sammartano (Lammartano) in fear of baby's death or perhaps the baby had died though there are no words indicating that happened.****Catechismi is in front of Godparent's names. (In accordance with the catechism or church teachings?) 542/408
1891 September 24 Josepho Macaluso of Antonini and Seraphina Orlando of Nicolai a dtr Francisca. Godparents: Joseph Ferrara of Francisci 543/409
1891 September 26 Marco Costa of Joannis and Elizabeth Orlando of Cajetani a son Joannis. Godparents: Andreas Marretta of Cajetani 544/410
1891 September 27 Vincentio Mancuso of Josephi and Rosa Rao of Jacobi a son Dominicus. Godparents: Joseph Mancuso of Mri Vincentii and Dominica Pecoraro married couple. Baby born 24 Sep 1891 544/411
1891 September 27 Nicolao Vallone of Georgii and Paula Milazzo of Francisci a son Franciscus. godparents: Joseph Vallone of Georgii Baby born 23 Sep 1891 544/412
1891 September 28 Joanne Baptisto Siragusa of Vincentii and Catherina LaCorte of Cajetani a dtr Carmela. Godparents: Paschalis Ferrara of Francisci 544/413
1891 September 29 Mariano Grillo of Pauli and Josepha Raimondi of Joannis a dtr Matthia. Godparents: Ignatius Blanda of Andreas Surname may also be Griffo or Gritto 544/414
1891 September 30 Salvatore Raimondi of Dominici and Jacoba Fucarino of Petri a son Petrus. Godparents: Magdalena Siragusa of Vincentii 544/415
1891 September 30 Francisco Fucarino of Petri and Agata Gullo of Angeli a son Angelus. Godparents: Innocentius Gullo of Angeli and Antonina Garagliano married couple 545/416
1891 October 1 Gaspar Tessitore of Francisci and Rosaria Colletti of Josephi a dtr Carmela. Godparents: Franciscus Grisatti of Joannis and Crocifixa Bosamonti unmarried children who share the same mother. 545/417
1891 October 2 Emmanuele LaPorta of Antonini and Anna Cascio of Raimondi a dtr Josepha. Godparents: Can^cus Joseph Sparacio of Emmanuelis MC= 23 Apr 1914 to Antonino Lombardo 545/418
1891 October 2 Paolo LoPresti of Ignatii and Catherina Collura of Augustini a dtr Rosa. Godparents: Santus LoPresti of Ignatii MC=7 Jan 1911 545/419
1891 October 4 Justo Costanza of Vincentii and Ninpha Cannella of Josephi a son Vincentius. Godparents: Antoninus Orlando of Viti and Carmela Diva of Josephi married couple. 545/420
1891 October 16 Joanne Blanda of Josephi and Francisca Collura of Ignatii a dtr Philippa. Godparents: Antoninius Pecoraro of Salvatoris and Crocifixa Pecoraro of Salvatoris unmarried children of Salvatoris 548/432
1891 October 17 Salvatore Gianfurtuni of Vincentii and Maria Vallone of Salvatoris a dtr Francisca. Godparents: Dominicus Verga of Salvatoris and Anna Vallone married couple. 548/433
1891 October 18 Antonino Alfonso of Viti and Maria Pecoraro of Salvatoris a dtr Leonarda. Godparents: Casimirus Geraci of Josephi 548/434
1891 October 18 Philippo Marretta of Carmeli and Josepha Lampro Pecoraro of Antonini a dtr Anna. Godparents: Rosalia Sparia Godmother is "dicta" known as Pecoraro. 548/435
1891 October 20 Antonio Leone of Salvatoris and Anna Pecoraro of Carmeli a son Salvator. Godparents: Georgius Rao of Philippi and Marii Rao of Philippi unmarried children of Philippi MC=28 Apr 1937 548/436
1891 October 22 Salvatore Raimondi of Philippi and Anna Cancellieri of Ignatii a son Philippus. Godparents: Petrus Cannariato of Thomas and Maria Raimondi married couple. 548/437
1891 October 23 Petro Milazzo of Andreas and Vincentia Orlando of Josephi a dtr Rosaria. Godparents: Joannus Garagliano of Mri Gerogii and Carmela Garagliano of Mri Georgii unmarried children of Mri Georgii 548/438
1891 October 23 Salvatore Cansoneri of Georgii and Nicolina LoBue of Ignatii a dtr Maria. Godparents: Georgius Caniglio and Catherina Orlando married couple. 548/439