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1902 St George the Martyr Church in Prizzi, Palermo Province: Baptismal Entries

Contributed by Shirley Gillespie Moore
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One of the better web sites for converting Latin names to Italian or English is Behind the Name.


20 Aug 1902
b 13 Aug 1902 at 2am
Father: Francisco Leone son of Josephi
Mother:Rosa Sulli dtr of Georgii
Godparents: Antoninus Trentacoste of Josephi unmarried
MC=18 Jun 1932 in Corleone

21 Aug 1902
b hesterna (yesterday) 20 Aug 1902 at 8pm
Father: Castrense Ferrara son of Marci
Mother: Vincentia Gallo dtr of Stephani (of Alcamo)
Godparents: Vincentia Pecoraro dtr of Josephi
MC=30 Jul 1916 in Trinidad to Bernardo Lorino

25 Aug 1902
b hesterna (yesterday) 24 Aug 1902 at 2am
Father: Bernardo Collura son of Georgii
Mother: Catharina Ferrara dtr of Salvatoris
Godparents: Antoninus Vallone son of Antonini and
Castrentia Sinatra dtr of Ignatii (husband/wife)

25 Aug 1902
b 25 Aug 1902 12pm
Father:: Josepho Collura son of Mercurii
Mother: Philippa Amato dtr of Josephi
Godparents: Josephi Fucarino son of Francisci and
Philippa LoBue dtr of Antonini (husband/wife)

25 Aug 1902
b 25 Aug 1902 2pm
Father: Vincentis Fragale
Mother: Concepta Vallone dtr of Joannis
Godparents: Mattheus Marretta son of Gasparis and
Catharina Vajana dtr of Josephi (these two have same mother)

25 Aug 1902
b 22 Aug 1902 10am
Father: Josepho Cannariato son of Salvat.
Mother-Catharina Greco dtr of Josephi
Godparents: D Thomas Di Gregorii son of Philippi
MC=29 Oct 1936

26 Aug 1902
Franciscus Joseph-male
b 24 Aug 1902 6pm
Father: Vincentio Ferrara son of Francisci
Mother: Vincentia Leone dtr of Mariani
Godparents: Joseph and Maria Vallone unmarried children of Joannis

30 Aug 1902
b 27 Aug 1902 6pm
Father: Georgio Raimondi son of Pachalis
Mother: Maria Frisella dtr of Francisci
Godparents: Maria Frisella dtr of Francisci
MC=13 Feb 1935

31 Aug 1902
b 29 Aug 1902 2pm
Father: Salvatore Raimondi son of Domenici
Mother: Jacoba Fucarino dtr of Petri
Godparents: Antoninus Salerno son of Petri and
Francisca Ferrante (ejus noverca-same stepmother)

1 Sep 1902
b 14 Aug 1902 8pm
Father: Salvatore Mosca son of Marci
Mother: Josepha Girgenti dtr of Salvatoris
Godparents: D Thomas Gristina son of D Josephi unmarried

If you connect to any of the following surnames, please contact me at Shirley. Thank you.
Calandra, Canzoneri, Collura, Costa, Ferrara_o, LoBue, Lorino, Loreno, Merlo, Messina,
Raimondi, Rosselli, Sparacio, Vacante, Vallone ---Actually if you connect to PRIZZI :-)