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Some Deaths Registered at St George the Martyr Church in Prizzi, Palermo Province.

Contributed by Shirley Gillespie Moore
Email address is registered at The Registry
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Please remember that these transcriptions are from old record books, not the best copies, and not the greatest handwriting. Having said that, I am also not proficient in Latin, so please be aware that there are most likely spelling errors, as well as deciphering errors. When there are multiple spellings of the same first name in an entry, I am assuming it is because of the relationship as it is used in the entry. One of the better web sites for converting Latin names to Italian or English is Behind the Name.

Numbers "2" and "1" within the transcription appear to refer to second marriages. (I assume this only because I know that Castrenze Ferrara was married a second time to Rosalia Pecoraro.) Unless specified, all were "buried" (they do not do in ground burials) in Campo Sancto=Sacred Ground.

Good luck, keep an open mind, get the original to look at for yourself, and if you have any questions about, or changes to any of the transcriptions, do not hesitate to email me. Shirley


14 April 1865
Vincentius Blanda 53
son of Hieronymi (deceased) and Joanna Mosca
husband of Maria Ragusa

11 April 1865
Joanna Bufalo 73
dtr of Vincentii (dec) and Rosalia Giambertone
wife of Georgii Rao (this was a second marriage for one of them)
Burial: Eccl Carmali

25 March 1865
Franciscus Paulus Cincimino 59
son of Salvatoris (dec) and Antonina Orlando
husband of Maria Ferrara

13 April 1865
Rosa Cincimino 17
dtr of Andreas and Anna Cocchiara

19 April 1865
Dominicus Collatti 37
son of Sancti (deceased) and Francisca Accomando
husband of Vincentia Mancuso

16 April 1865
Josepha Collura 76
dtr of Matthei (deceased) and Jacoba Coniglia

21 March 1865
Georgius Ferrara 76
son of Josephi (dec) and Vincentia Maro
husband of Rosa Costa

26 April 1865
Maria Anna Gristina 51
dtr of Salvatoris (deceased) and Hieronyma Campagna
wife of Philippi la Susa

26 April 1865
Franciscus lo Bue 40
son of Matthei (deceased) and Nicolina Dino

12 April 1865
Innocentia lo Bue 38
dtr of Mri Rosarii and Philippa Sparacio
wife of Manuelis Mariani Mario son of Pauli
Burial: Eccl St Michaelis

12 April 1865
Antoninus Marino 41
son of Philippi and Catharina Raimondi
husband of Angela Macalusa

14 April 1865
Andreas Orlando 65
son of Antonini (deceased) and Josepha Algozini
husband of Anna Canala (second marriage for one of them)

23 April 1865
Catharina Pecoraro 44
dtr of Philippi and Anna Sparacio
wife of Castrenze Ferrara

29 April 1865
Simon Pecoraro
son of Michaelis (deceased) and Rosalia Accomando
husband of Julia Piniani
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2 April 1865
Maria Pollara 48
dtr of Gasparis and Blasia Ajello
wife of Mri Aloysis Dino.
Burial: Eccl S Antoni Abbatis

17 April 1865
Philippus Provenzano 70
son of Jacobi and Angela Maria Spariacio
husband of Petra Francaviglia (second marriage for one of them)

28 April 1865
Rosa Ragusa 76
dtr of Viti (deceased) and Vincentia Sabella
wife of Philippi Pecoraro

27 April 1865
Carmela Scianni 54
dtr of Georgii (deceased) and Anna Gristina
wife of Salvatoris Badami (second marriage for one of them)
Burial: Eccl SS Crucifixi


17 May 1872
Philippa Accomando 25
dtr of Andreas and Libora Zimmardo
wife of Philippi ?Grassi? son of Mri Joannis Baptsa

27 May 1872
Da Maria Bruno 34
dtr of D Michaelis and Da Maria Collura
wife of D Joannis Bapta Tagliarini

17 May 1872
Anna Maria Collura 56
dtr of Vincentii and no guess Dino
wife of Josephi Vallone son of Fortunati

21 May 1872
Paula Dino 18
dtr of Mri Rosarii and Josepha Foraci

17 May 1872
Castrensis Ferrara 59
son of Marci (dec) and Hieronyma Raimondi
husband of Rosaria Pecoraro (second wife)

16 May 1872
Sancta Fucarino 22
dtr of Petri and Rosalia Orlando

9 May 1872
Vincentia Lobue 28
dtr of Salvatoris (dec) and Vincentia Siragusa
appears unmarried

31 May 1872
Antonia Macaluso 46
dtr of Mri Salvatoris and Dominica Petralia
wife of Petri Dangelo (second marriage for one of them)

31 May 1872
Augustinus Marretta 30
son of Philippi (dec) and Anna Tessitore

28 May 1872
Josepha Vajana 45
dtr of Gasparis and Anna Merlo
wife of Mri Salvatoris Petraja

If you connect to any of the following surnames, please contact me at Shirley. Thank you.
Calandra, Canzoneri, Collura, Costa, Ferrara_o, LoBue, Lorino, Loreno, Merlo, Messina,
Raimondi, Rosselli, Sparacio, Vacante, Vallone ---Actually if you connect to PRIZZI :-)