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Articles that give a glimpse into events in Sicily, as well as the lives of Sicilians in the United States. These articles are also interesting for the ways in which they capture biases and assumptions about Sicilians in general. Short articles are transcribed on this page. Longer articles are linked to.

Los Angeles Times, 27 September 1885: THE CHOLERA/King Humbert Goes on a Tour of Inspection ROME, Sept. 26--King Humbert, accompanied by the Minister of War and Minister of Justice, proceeded to Palermo to-day on a tour of inspection of the cholera districts of that province.

New York Times, 21 February 1891: Sicilian Characteristics

New York Times, 29 December 1893: Sicilian Socialists Make Trouble

New York Times, 27 February 1895: PALERMO, Feb. 26.--The prevailing distress among the poorer classes has revived disorders in many parts of Sicily. Numbers of armed conspirators have been arrested in Cefalu, Corleone, Prizzi, and elsewhere.

New York Times, 26 September 1895: Sicilians Have a Social Club

New York Times, 25 August 1904: There Is a Way

New York Times, 24 June 1906: Sicilian Emigration Diverted from North America

Washington Post, 13 October 1906:Earthquake in Sicily

New York Times, 26 April 1907: Seven for Sicily

New York Times, 28 June 1908: Sicilians Here Dine Signor Palizzolo

New York Times, 01 December 1908: Sicilian Players Please

New York Times, 01 July 1914: Took Her Sicilian Way

New York Times, 14 October 1919: 30 Dead in Sicilian Rising

Sicily and the SiciliansHarper's Weekly, July 1873. OFFSITE LINK to the Library of Congress