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Old Families and Their Genealogy

In order to have a correct understanding of the succeeding genealogical tables, it will be necessary to keep in mind, that;


The numbers to the left of the names denote the place in the family, of the person, following.
a—All numbers under a heading denote brothers or sisters.
b—When the dates of the births of the brothers and sisters are positively known to be consecutive, they are preceded by an OK.
c—The small number to the right, in front of the names, denotes the generation in the family, to which the person following, belongs.
d—A horizontal line between two numbers, show that those above that line are only half brothers and sisters to those below it.
e—A perpendicular line before two or three numbers denote that they are twins or triplets.
f—A transverse line ( ) before a name denotes that the person following, is of illegitemate birth.
g—In reading the numbers; read each one separately, giving the last small number at the right, thus; 114210224, should be read, as: one, four, ten two, fourth generation.


The name or names to the right of the first name after the numbers, is that of the husband or wife, or husbands or wives of that person.


All persons dying without issue have an * after their names.


To find the parents of any person; drop the last large number to the right in front of the name, turn back to the preceding generation and find the identical number. To find the grandparents, drop two of the large numbers to the right and turn back two generations and tind the identical numbers. Follow the same retrogression to find the other ancestors.


To find the names of the children of any person, add a large number one, to the number in front of the name of the parent, turn to the succeeding generation and find the identical number, thus giving the eldest child, followed by the names of the other brothers and sisters, according to their relative ages.


The serial numbers, to the right of the names, refer to the numbers, indexing the biographical notes on the preceding names.
Take the following individual family on page      as an example.
11123314 Bushyhead. Nannie Foreman.

2 Richard Fields. Jennie Buffington, Elizabeth Hicks, Nancy Timberlake nee Brown and      Grapp*. A3
OK 3 George Fields. Nannie Brown and Sarah Cody. A9
4 Lucy Fields. Daniel McCoy and James Harris.
5 John Fields. Elizabeth Wickett.
6 Turtle Fields. Ollie, and Sarah Timberlake. A10
7 | Thomas Fields. Nannie Rogers nee Downing.
8 | Susannah Fields. George Brewer and Thomas Foreman.

9 John Martin. Nellie McDaniel and Lucy McDaniel. A11
10 Nannie Martin. Jeter Lynch. A12
11 Rachel Martin. Daniel Davis. A13
The 11123314 is the heading (a) of this family of brothers and sisters.
That the relative ages of the brothers and sisters is correct is indicated by the OK, (b) preceding their names.
That these brothers and sisters are in the fourth generation in this, the Grant family, is shown by the last small number 4 to the right of the numbers of the heading (c) and preceding the name of the Bushyhead, the oldest brother.
The horizontal lines (d) between the first and second numbers and between the eighth and ninth numbers show that Field's are younger half brothers and sisters of Bushyhead and that they are older half brothers and sisters of the Martins.
The perpendicular line (e) before Thomas and Susannah Fields show that they are twins.
Be careful in reading the numbers as indicated by (f), as; one, one, three, one, fourth generation. Richard Fields' number is 11123324, George Fields' number is 11123334 and so on down to the youngest sister, Rachel Martin's number which is one, one, three, eleven, fourth generation.


Nancy Foreman was the wife of Bushyhead.
Richard Fields married Jennie Buffington, Elizabeth Hicks, Nancy Timberlake nee Brown and Grapp and the other brothers and sisters married as indicated.


Richard Fields had children by his first three wives, but not by the last, as is indicated by the * after her name.


To find the parents of this individual family, drop the last large and small number (H) and turn back to the third generation find the number 111233 and you will have the names of the parents (Bushyhead's father Captain John Stuart, a British officer). The grandparents of the Bushyhead-Fields-Martin brothers and sisters will be found by dropping the (3314) from the 11123334, turning back to the second generation and finding the numbers 1112 are before the names of William Emory and his wife who was the daughter of Ludovic Grant.


To find the names of the children of Susannah Fields who married George Brewer and Thomas Foreman, take her number; 11123384, add one large number one and a small number five to indicate the fifth generation, turn forward until you find her children.

1112338415 Aky Brewer. Archibald Foreman.
2 Samuel Foreman. Sallie R. Gourd.
OK 3 Nellie Foreman. Adam Bible.
4 Charles Foreman. Annie Seabolt and Thirsey Colvin.
5 William Hicks Foreman. * Mary Sweetwater.
6 Joseph Anthony Foreman. Narcissa Reeves Carey and Lethe Parris.
7 Sallie Foreman. *
8 David McNair Foreman. Sarah Sweetwater, Agnes Foreman Sweetwater and Mary Foreman nee Sweetwater.
9 George Foreman. Elizabeth Fields and Elizabeth Fields.
10 Thomas Foreman. Elizabeth Chicken.
11 Susan Foreman. Samuel Jones and Walter Stopp.
12 James Foreman. *
13 Edward Foreman. Mary Proctor, Sarah Proctor and Jennie Sosa nee Conrad.
14 Elizabeth Foreman. Johnson Proctor and Redbird Sixkiller.
11 Ludovic Grant. A1
1122         Grant. William Emory.
111213 Mary Emory. Rim Fawling and Ezekial Bulfington. A2
2 Elizabeth Emory. Robert Due and John Rogers.
OK 3 Susannah Emory John Stuart, Richard Fields and Joseph Martin.
11121314 John Fawling. Nannie Vann. A4
2 William Fawling

OK 3 Samuel Martin. Catherine Hildebrand, Charlotte Wickett.

4 Elizabeth Buffington. David McLaughlin and Jeremiah C. Towers.
5 Susannah Buffington. Jeffrey Beck and Surry Eaton.
6 Annie Buffington. * James Daniel.
7 Ellis Buffington. Catherine Daniel and Lydia Snow nee Wright.
8 Mary Buffington. James Daniel.
9 Thomas Buffington Mary Daniel.
11122314 Jennie Due. John Rogers. A 
2 Mary Bufflngton. David Gentry. A 5

OK 3 Charles Rogers. Nannie Downing and Rachel Hughes.
4 Aky Rogers. George Hicks and Daniel Vickery.
5 John Rogers. Elizabeth Coody. A7
6 James Rogers. Nannie Coody.
7 Nannie Rogeri. Looney Price and Nelson B. Grubbs.
11123314 Bushyhead. Nannie Foreman.

2 Richard Fields Jennie Buffington, Elizabeth Hicks, Nancy Timberlake nee Brown and         Grapp.* A8
OK 3 George Fields. Nannie Brown and Sarah Coody. A9
4 Lucy Fields. Daniel McCoy and James Harris.
5 John Fields. Ellizabeth Wickett.
6 Turtle Fields. Ollie and Sarah Timberlake. A1O
7 Thomas Fields. Nannie Rogers nee Downing.
8 Susannah Fields. George Brewer and Thomas Foreman

9 John Martin. Nellie McDaniel and Lucy McDaniel. A11
10 Nannie Martin. Jeter Lynch. A 12
11 Rachel Martin. Daniel Davis. A13
1112131415 Ruth Fawling. John Shepherd.
1112132415 Edmond Fawling. Nellie Lowrey.
1112133415 Brice Martin. Naomi Roach.
2 Joseph Martin. Judith Roach.
OK 3 Lucinda Martin. Joseph Spears and William Dennis.
4 Martha Martin. John Ross Daniel.
5 William A. Martin. Nannie Lucas nee Guinn, Necie Wade.
6 John Martin. *
7 Elizabeth Martin. McKenzie Coats.
8 James Martin. Mary Duncan.
9 Ellen Martin. Nathaniel Green Duncan, Joseph Riley and Aaron Merrill.
10 Susie Martin. Noah Lilliard.

11 Mary Martin. * Levi Jones.

12 George Martin. *
13 Nellie Martin. John Agnew.
1112134415 Ezekial Buffington McLaughlin.         McDaniel* and Hannah Duncan.
2 Andrew McLaughlin. Maria McDaniel and Elizabeth Landrum.
OK 3 James McLaughlin. *

4 Ellis Buffington Towers. Charlotte Eaton.
1112135415 Elllis Beck. Charlotte Downing.
2 Joseph Beck. Cynthia Downing.
OK 3 Ezekial Beck. Ruth Hicks.
4 John Beck. Emily Duncan.
5 Jeffrey Beck. Sallie Downing.
6 Pauline Beck. Aaron Downing, James Crittenden, Stephen Hildebrand and James Kesterson.
7 Arie Beck. Joseph A. Sturdivant and Brice Hildebrand.

8 Charlotte Eaton. Ellis Buffington Towers.
9 Sinia Eaton. Solomon Denton and Young Charles Gordon Duncan.
10 Richard Eaton. Elizabeth Alberty.
11 Harlin Eaton. * Rebecca Crittenden.
1112137415 James Buffington. Matilda Benge.
2 Ezekiel Buffington. Louisa Newman.
OK 3 Mary Buffington. * Johnson McBreer and Hiram McCreary.
4 Ruth Buffington. * Robert Agnew and William Langford.

5 Susie Buffington. Martin Root.
6 Jennie Buffington. Charles Dougherty and John D. .Alberty.
7 Clara Buffington. Elllis West and John Wright Alberty.
8 Ellis Buffington. Elizabeth Starr.
9 Elizabeth Buffington. Moses Alberty.
1112138415 Robert Buffington Daniel. Ann Daniel.
2 Ezekial Daniel. Niesa Muskrat.
OK 3 James Daniel. *
4 John M. Daniel. *
5 Susan Daniel. Samuel Knight Weir.
6 Mary Daniel. George Carselowry, Isaac Woodall and Victor Benton.
7 Annie Daniel. Thomas Woodall and Jacob Houston Woodall.
1112139415 Susannah Buffington. Alfred Hudson.
2 Joshua Buffington. Sabra Lynch.
OK 3 Nannie Buffington. * Thomas Fox Taylor.
1112231415 Annie Rogers. John W. Flawey and Thomas Irons.
2 Joseph Rogers. *
3 William Rogers. Nellie May.
4 Tiana Rogers. David Gentry and Samuel Houston.
5 Susannah Rogers. Nicholas Miller.
1112232415 Elizabeth Gentry. Ezekial Williams.
2 Isabel Gentry. *
OK 3 Patience Gentry. *
1112233415 Pleasant Rogers.
2 Eliza Rogers. John Seabolt.
OK 3 Levi Rogers. Margaret Fields.
4 Richard Rogers. * Eliza Lacey.
5 Joseph Rogers. *
6 Charles Rogers. Maria Reynolds.
7 John Rogers. *
8 Elizabeth Rogers. George Whitney Brand.
9 Alzira Rogers. Lewis Fields.
10 Catherine Rogers. * William Elders.
1112234415 Aaron Hicks. * Nannie Riley.
2 Nannie Hicks. * John Bickle.

OK 3 Naomi Vickery. Felix Riley.
4 Moses Vickery. Diana Pheasant.
1112235415 Cynthia Rogers. Joseph Coker and John Crump.
2 Thomas Lewis Rogers. Ruth Maugh, Ellen Lombard and Lucy Brown.
OK 3 George Washington Rogers. Malinda Scrimsher and Martha England.
4 Charles Coody Rogers. Elizabeth McCorkle, Nannie Coker nee Patton and Jennie Harlan.
5 Nelson Rogers. Rose West and Margaret Scrimsher.
6 Granville Rogers. *
7 Randolph Rogers. *

8 Isaac Rogers. Takey Cooley.
1112236415 Delilah Rogers. William D. Shaw.
2 Ruth Rogers. Lewis Mcintosh.
OK 3 Martha Rogers. Peter Harper and William Armstead.
4 Jefferson Rogers. *
5 William Rogers. *
6 Julia Rogers. James Kell.
7 Elizabeth Rogers. Lewis Riley.
1112237415 Moses Price.
2 Alzira Price. Peter May.
OK 3 Looney Price. Coleesta Jolly, Lucinda Phillips and Letitia Coody.

4 Nelson Grubb. * Sarah Williams.
1112331415 Jesse Bushyhead. Eliza Wilkerson.
2 Isaac Bushyhead. Catherine Ratliff and Ghigau Snaker.
OK 3 George Bushyhead. Guwohida Stofel.
4 Nannie Bushyhead. John Walker and Lewis Hildebrand.
5 Susan C. Bushyhead. Ezekial Lyons and L. P. Harris.
6 Jacob Bushyhead. Nannie McDaniel and Elizabeth Romine.
7 Charles Bushyhead. Pauline Starr and Sallie Miller nee McCoy.
1112332415 George Fields. Sallie Daniel.
2 Nannie Fields. William Blythe
OK 3 Elizabeth Fields. William Thompson and John Blagg.
4 John Fields. Elizabeth Wells.
5 Ezekial Fields. Mary Ann Sexton.

6 Moses Fields. Elizabeth Higby and Mahala Cadle.
7 Dempsey Fields. Julia Harris.
8 Henry Fields. Hester Ross.

9 Lucy Fields. George Hicks.
10 James Fields. Elizabeth Miller.
11 Delilah Fields. James Foreman.
12 Isabel Fields. Dennis Wolf.
1112333415 Annie Fields. Bigfeather.

2 Johnson Fields. Rebecca Fawn and Elsie Lee.
4 Archibald Fields. Quatie Brown nee Conrad and Elizabet Hicks.
6 Robert Fields. Sallie Murphy.
7 Susie Fields. Richard Taylor.
10 Rachiel Fields.         Crawford.
3 Richard Fields. Lydia Shorey and Henrietta Ridgeway.
5 Rider Fields. Margaret Bruner, Jennie Huss and Sallie McDaniel.
8 Ruth Fields. John West.
9 Nannie Fields. Richard Ratliff.
11 Dempsey Fields. Annie Claunch.
12 Martha Fields. William Mosley, John Thompson, John O'Bannon and Joseph Riley.
13 John Fields. *
1112334415 Nellie McCoy. Charles Reese.
OK 2 Susie McCoy. John McPherson.
3 Sallie McCoy. *
4 Alexander McCoy. Aky Gunter and Sarah Elizabeth Hicks.
5 Daniel McCoy. Margaret Wolf and Littie Boyd Starr nee Chambers.
6 Rory McCoy. *

7 Rachel Harris. Archibald Lowrey and Harrison Daley.
8 Nannie McCoy. Walter Scott Adair.
1112335415 John Wickett Fields. Susannah Halfbreed.
2 Agnes Fields. Archilla Smtih.
OK 3 Charles Fields. Ollie Rowe and Elizabeth.
4 Richard Fields. * Ghiyoku.
5 James Fields. Lydia Wrinklelside.
6 Tiana Fields. Joseph Swimmer.
7 Tieska Fields. Lydia Vann and Charlotte Rowe.
8 Sarah Fields. Thomas Smith.
9 Elizabeth Fields. Thomas Spencer.
10 George Fields. Rachel Grimmett.
1112336415 Sherain Fields. Ghi-yu-nu-nu Looney.
2 Cat Fields. Liti.
OK 3 James Fields. Ga-yo-ka Eagle.
4 Nannie Fields. *
5 Daniel Fields. Jennie Drum and Susannah Eagle.
6 Thomas Fields. Lydia Drum.
1112337415 Sarah Elizabeth Fields. James V. Hildebrand.
2 Rachel Jane Fields. William Stiff and Henry H. Hickey.
OK 3 Ruth Fields. Jeremiah Bigelow.
4 Richard F. Fields. Rachel Elizabeth Goss and Minerva Kerr.
5 Margaret Wilson Fields. Robert Mosby French and Daniel Fields.
6 Josiah Foreman Fields. *
7 Caroline Matilda Rogers Fields. William Penn Boudinot.
1112338415 Aky Brewer. Archibald Foreman.
2 Samuel Foreman. Sallie R. Gourd.
OK 3 Nellie Foreman. Adam Bible.
4 Charles Foreman. Annie Seabolt and Thirsey Colvin.
5 William Hicks Foreman. * Mary Sweetwater,
6 Joseph Anthony Foreman. Narcissa Reeves Carey and Lethe Parris.
7 Sally Foreman. *
8 David McNair Foreman. Sarah Sweetwater, Agnes Foreman Sweetwater and Mary Foreman nee Sweetwater.

9 George Foreman. Elizabeth Fields and Ellizabeth Fields.
10 Thomas Foreman. Elizabeth Chicken.
11 Susan Foreman. Samuel Jones and Walter Stopp.
12 James Foreman. *
13 Edward Foreman. Mary Proctor, Sarah Proctor and Jennie Sosa nee Conrad.
14 Elizabeth Foreman. Johnson Proctor and Redbird Sixkiller.
1112339415 Martha Martin. George Washington Adair.
2 Annie Martin. Benjamin Franklin Thompson,
3 Joseph Lynch Martin. Julia Lombard, Sallie Childers, Lucy Rogers, Caroline Garrett and Jennie Harlin.
4 Brice Martin. Sarah Jones.
5 Gabriel Martin. Eliza Webber.
6 Susannah Martin. Clement Vann McNair.
7 Richard Fields Martin. *
8 Ellen Martin. * James Jeremiah Vann.
9 Charlotte Martin. Joseph Martin Lynch.
10 Jennie Martin. John Adair Bell.
11 Eliza Martin. Franklin Adair, Devotion O. Wright and John A. Richards.
12 John Martin. Eliza Vann and Martha Chambers.
13 Nannie Martin. David Bell, William Cunningham and    ford West Alberty.
14 Cicero Martin. *
15 Rachel Martin. Samuel W. Bell.
16 Pauline Martin. Braxton Nicholson, Levi Sidney, Thomas Landrum and Robert Rogers.

17 Amelia Martin. * John B. Duncan.
11123310415 Martin Lynch. James Allen Thompson.
2 Sallie Lynch. Jonathan England.
OK 3 Mary Lynch. John Williams.
4 Berilla Lynch. Marshall and Lowrey Williams.
5 Sabra Lynch. Joshua Burlington and John Adair Bell.
6 Joseph Martin Lynch. Charlotle Martin.
7 Maria Lynch. Johnson Thompson and Andrew Brown Cunningham.
8 Rachel Lynch. Thomas Benjanrin Adair.
11123311415 Martin Davis. Julia Anna Tate.
2 William Davis. *
OK 3 John Davis. Jennie Saphronia Tate.
4 Lorenzo Dow Davis. Susie Miller.
5 Coleman J. Davis. Eliza HulL
6 Jeter Davis. *
7 Elias Earl Davis. Amanda Brown.
8 Joseph C. Davis. * Malissa Stallings.
9 Delilah Davis. *
10 Amanda Jane Davis. *
111213241516 Edward Fawling. Margaret Smith.
OK 3 Joseph Fawling. Lydia Brown.
4 Rim Fawling.
5 Ellis Fawling. Elizabeth Griffin.
6 Elizabeth Fawling. Hiram Moody and Samuel Scharble.
7 James Fawling. *
8 Susie Fawling. Thomas Smith and Isaac Timmons.
111213341516 Samuel Martin. Mary McLaughlin.
111213342516 Mary Martin.
111213343516 Mary Spears. Lewis Duncan.
2 Annie Spears. Wahuska and McKenzie Coats.

OK 3 Elizabeth Dennis. *
4 Martha Dennis. * Isaac Mouse.
5 Margant Dennis.         Meredith and Thomas Tinney.
6 Benjamin Dennis.
7 Missouri Dennis.
8 Marion Dennis.
9 Caroline Dennis. Fredrick Sykes.
111213344516 Eliza Annie Daniel. John S. Freeman and Henry Lee Hill Hill.
2 William Adolphus Daniel. Lucy Ann McGhee.
OK 3 Thomas Webster Daniel. * Amanda J. McCreary.
4 Joshua Buffington Daniel. Sallie Clark.
5 John Martin Daniel. Nannie Josephine Watie * and Alice Rebecca Smith.
6 Marmaduke Daniel. A. E. Dumas.
7 Emma Jennie Daniel. Henry Donnelly.
8 Susie Ellen Daniel. Surry Eaton Beck,
111213345516 John Brice Martin. Lucinda Still.
2 Sarah Jane Martin. Samuel Bryant.
OK 3 Almon Martin. Charlotte Jane Cordery and Sarah Catherine Moore.
4 Mary E. Martin. John McLain and George Still.

5 Samuel Martin. *
6 Susie Martin. Peter Tovey.
7 William A. Martin. Mary Still.
8 Rose Martin. *
111213347516 George Coats. *
2 Charles Coats. Jennie Cope.
OK 3 Mary Coats. *
111213348516 William Penn Martin. *
2 Charlotte Martin. *
111213349516 Bluford West Duncan. Samantha Carter nee Lane.
2 Rebecca Jane Duncan. Francis Marion Conner.

OK 3 James Thomas Riley. Martha Jane Hillen.

4 Oscar Merrell. Mary J. Conner nee Crockett.
1112133410516 Mariammne Catherine Lillard. Thomas Ballard.
2 Minerva Elizabeth Lillard. John Joshua Patrick.
OK 3 Boliver Decatur Lillard. *
4 Andrew Jackson Lillard. Vada Stiles * and Mary White.
5 Zachariah Taylor Lillard. Ella Patrick.
6 William Lillard. * Elizabeth Raft.
7 Cynthia Lillard. Benjamin Talley.
1112133413516 Walter Scott Agnew. Sarah Seabolt nee Riley and Mary E. Cobb.
2 Charlotte Agnew. Allen Roberts.
OK 3 Margaret Agnew. John S. Spradling and William Coffee Woodall.
4 Cynthia Agnew. Josiah Fields Seabolt.
5 Caroline Agnew. Anderson l.andruiu Crittenden Jennings and John George Butler.
111213441516 Mary McLaughlin. Samuel Martin and George W. Hughes.
2 John McLaughlin. *
OK 3 Ezekial Collins McLaughlin. Susan Harkins and Ellen J. Harkins.
4 Jennie McLaughlin. Ellis McDaniel.
5 David McLaughlin. Frances Reynolds.
111213442516 George McLaughlin. Sinia Beck and Sarah Langley.
2 William McLaughlin. Ahoka.
OK 3 Elizabeth McLaughlin. John Calhoun Sturdivant.

4 Rebecca Ann McLaughlin. Andrew Jackson Chick.
5 James Landrum McLaughlin. Sarah Ann Smith.
6 Andrew Leonidas McLaughlin. *
7 Joshua Ezekial McLaughlin. Celia Davis, Etta Renfro and Margaret Caroline Inlow.
8 Mary Jane McLaughlin. * Lewis Glenn and William Hendricks.
9 Joseph Frank McLaughlin. Minnie M. Price.
10 Maria Caroline McLaughlin. Jack Jones.
11 Rachiel Susan McLauglin. William Henry Donaldson.
12 Charles Gordon McLaughlin. *
13 Benjamin Peters McLaughlin.
111213444516 Mary Elizabeth Towers. *
2 Jeremiah Clinton Towers. *
OK 3 William J. Towers. Theodosia Nicodemus.
4 Charlotte Towers. Jacob U. Alberty.
5 Athena Josephine Towers. Henry Clay Mayes.
6 Susie Towers. Sanders Crittenden.
111213541516 Orange Beck. Louisa Tiger and Lethe Parris.
2 Jeffrey Beck. Rachel Muskrat.
OK 3 Susannah Beck. Albert McGhee and Alfred Pigeon.
4 Samuel Beck. Susie Sixkiller, Salina Foreman and Elizabeth Dry.
5 Cynthia Beck. Releford Beck, Henry Mitchell and William Taylor Barton.
111213542516 Aaron Headin Beck. Catherine McCreary nee Foreman and Josephine Downing nee Welch.
2 Arie Beck. Andrew Pettit, Archibald Love and Jonathan Riley.
3 Mary Beck. Frank Pettit.
4 Releford Beck. * Cynthia Beck.
5 Wetherford Beck. Sabra Sturdivant.
6 Joseph Beck. *
7 Jeffrey Beck. Mary Ann McLain.
8 Surry Eaton Beck. Julia Hildebrand.
9 Susie Beck. John Pinkney Chandler.
10 Ellis Beck.
11 Elizabeth Beck. John Riley and John Wilson Howerton.

12 Lethe Beck. John Butler, Wellington Crittenden, L. Harrison and Dr. Peter Tabler.
11121343516 Caroline Beck. Matthew Young.
111213544516 William Wilborn Beck. *
2 David McLaughlin Beck. Mary Vickory, Julia and Amanda Hillen.
OK 3 Louisa Beck. John Pinkney Chandler.
4 Martha Beck. *
5 Tabitha Beck. Andrew Freeny.
6 Mary Beck. John Talbert and Henry Clay Freeny.
7 Aaron Headin Beck. *
8 Elizabeth Beck. Daniel Foreman and Rider Cloud.
9 Joseph Beck. *
10 Sinia Beck. Jerimiah Horn and James Murphy.
11 Susie W. Beck. *
12 Sallie Jane Beck. Seaborn G. Mabry.
13 Emily Beck. John Alexander Sevier and Thomas Dyer.
14 John Walter Beck. Cynthia Ragsdale.
111213545516 Mary Beck. Stephen Hildebrand.
2 Ezekial Beck. Martha Sturdivant and Mary Ellen Woodall.
OK 3 John Beck. *
4 Surry Eaton. Margaret McCoy and Sussie Ellen Daniel.
5 Sinia Beck. George McLaughlin.
6 Sabra Ann Beck. George Selvidge and John Parker Collins.
111213547516 John Calhoun Sturdivant. Elizabeth McLaughlin.
2 Martha Sturdivant. Ezekial Beck.
OK 3 Martin Butler Sturdivant. Matilda Barnett.
4 Sabra Sturdivant. Weatherford Beck.
5 Robert Sturdivant. *

6 William Ballard. Fannie Ann Myers.
11121354816 Mary Elizabeth Towers. *
2 Jeremiah Clinton Towers. *
OK 3 William F. Towers. Theodosia Nicodemus.
4 Annie Charlotte Towers. Jacob U. Alberty
5 Athena Josephine Towers. Henry Clay Mayes.
6 Susie Towers. Sanders Crittenden.
111213549516 Eliza Denton. James Abercrombie Duncan.
2 John T. Denton. Margaret Downing, Sallie Shirley Elizabeth Holt.

OK 3 Amanda Cherokee Duncan. John Talbert Scott.
4 Temperance Duncan. *
5 Millard A. Duncan. *
1112135410516 Ellis Manchell Eaton. Mary Frances Alberty.
2 Susie Mary Eaton. Ellas Cornelius Alberty.
OK 3 William Henry Eaton. *
4 Walter Richard Eaton. Margaret Mary Musgrove.
111213741516 Ellis Buffington. Martha Copeland.
2 Jennie Buffington. Joseph Gambold Miller.
OK 3 Elizabeth Buffington. Cornelius Wright.
4 Ezekial Buffington. * Martha Thomas nee Copeland.
5 Ruth Ann Buffington. Hindman Booth Hoyt. *
6 John Buffington. * Mary Burgess.
Male Seminary
111213742516 Catherine Buffington. Leonidas Holt.
2 Mary Jane Buffington. Jerome Lorenzo Greer.
OK 3 Jonathan L. Buffington. *
4 John Daniel Buffington. Fannie Morris.
5 Ezekial Lafayette BulTington. *
6 Senia Elizabeth Buffington. Samuel Benjamin Ward.
7 Thomas Mitchell Buffington. Susie H. Woodall * and Emma L. Gray.
111213745516 William Root. *
OK 2 Martin T. Root. Lucy Crittenden.
111213746516 Ellis Dougherty. *
2 Eli West Dougherty. Jennie Chinosa Vann.

OK 3 Lydia A. Alberty
4 Jacob U. Alberty. Annie Charlotte Towers
5 Flora Alberty. *
6 John A. Alberty.
111213747516 Charlotte Belle West. Jacob West Markhani and William Lavesque Wilder.

2 Bluford West Alberty. Louvina Jane Adair nee Lewis.
OK 3 Ellis Buffington Alberty. * Eugenia Vann.
4 Moses Alberty. Nancy Jane Holland.
5 Joseph Vann Alberty. Nannie Louvenia Akins nee Danenburg.
111213748516 Ezekial Starr Buffington. Annie Scasewater.
2 Jennie Buffington. Samuel Adair and John Bean Johnson.
OK 3 Joshua Buffington. *
4 Ellis West Buffington. Malcena Clementine Fisher and Alice Hanks.
5 Sabina E. Buffington. Rufus Bell Adair.
6 Almenta Buffington. James Scasewater and James Robert Sanders.
111213749516 Clara Eva Alberty. Francis Marion Musgrave.
2 William Henry. *
OK 3 Thomas Buffington Alberty. Julianna Danenburg.
4 George Washington Alberty. Cynthia Musgrove nee Rogers.
5 Ellis Buffington Alberty. Martha Murrell.
6 John Alberty. Norma Adair.
7 Lydia Ann Alberty. *
8 Jacob Alberty. Nevada Jones.
9 Mary Francis Alberty. Ellis Manchell Eaton.
111213841516 Eliza Daniel. John Thomas McSpadden and Frederick W. Strout.
2 Fannie Daniel. Samuel Gunter, Henderson Holt and James Monroe Crutchfleld.
OK 3 Susie Daniel. Daniel O'Conner Kell and Dr. Morris Frazee.
4 Osceola Powell Daniel. Susie Ross, Emma Ross, Flora Riley and Nannie Thompson nee Taylor.
5 Richard T. Daniel. *
6 Walker A. Daniel. * Hester Ketchum.
7 Thomas Fox Daniel. *
8 Robert J. Daniel. *
111213842516 Robert Daniel.
111213845516 Annie Eliza Weir. * Bird Woodard.
2 Webster Wayne Weir. Sabra England.
OK 3 Eudocia Weir. Jordan Clark.
4 Theodore Weir. *
5 Mary Weir. George Washington Fields.
6 Martha Weir. *
111213846516 James Madison Carselowry. Catherine Emory.

2 Annie Woodall. * Robert Wingfield.
OK 3 Susie H. Woodall. * Thomas Mitchell Buffington.
4 Jennie Woodall. James Frederick Charlesworth.
111213847516 Louisa Woodall. Jesse Roberts and William Coble.
2 Mary Ellen Woodall. Ezekial Beck.
OK 3 Charles Woodall. Roxie Ann Morris.

4 Emma Woodall. William Penn Thorne.
5 Elizabeth Ethel Woodall. Howe Leonidas Rogers.
111213941516 Louisa C. Hudson. * Jacob Alberty.
2 Joshua Thomas Buffington Hudson. Sarah Berry.
OK 3 Mary Elizabeth Hudson. Caleb Duncan.
111213942516 Nannie Buffington. William West Alberty, James Blake and William Lavesque Wilder.

2 William Wirt Buffington. Josephine Bell and Caroline Thompson nee McCord.
OK 3 John Ross Buffington. Naimie Bryan.
4 Webster Buffington. *
5 Eliza Buffington. Joseph George Washington Vann.
6 Mary Jane Buffington. Robert Fletcher Wyly.
111223141516 Elmira Flawey. *         Farrington.
OK 2 Elsie Flawey. *
111223143516 Robert Due Rogers.
2 Jennie Rogers. John D. Alberty.
OK 3 Mary Ann Rogers. Josiah Knight and Valentine Gray.
4 Minerva Rogers. James Augustus Choutau.
5 Musidora Rogers. William West Alberty.
5 Caroline Rogers. John Rufus Wyatt.
111223144516 Gabriel Gentry. *
2 Joanna Gentry. *
111223145516 Melzie Miller. *
111223241516 Mary Williams. *
111223341516 Jennie Rogers. John Willingham.
111223342516 Joseph Rogers Seabolt. *
2 William Holly Seabolt. Sallie Campbell.
OK 3 John Looney Seabolt. * Jennie Riley.
4 Francis Marion Seabolt. * Eliza Cozens nee Smith.
5 Sallie Seabolt. * Josiah Pigeon.
6 Emeline Seabolt. *
7 David Riley Seabolt. * Sallie Riley.
8 Nannie Catherine Seabolt. George W. Harkins and Ezekial Starr
9 Martha Seabolt. Joseph Lawrence and George Bark.
111223343516 James Rogers. Mary Sanders.
111223346516 Charles Rogers. * Susie Foreman.
OK 2 Elmira Rogers. Timothy Fields.
111223348516 Elizabeth Brand. Theodore Cummuigs and Solomon Bragg
2 Frances Brand. William Elders.
OK 3 John Rogers. Missouri Emma Quinton.
4 Cynthia Ann Rogers. *
5 Margaret Brown. *
111223443516 Nancy Jane Riley. William Rider, Frederick Hill and Charles Wallace.
OK 2 Samuel Riley. *
111223444516 Nelson C. Vickery. Mary L. James.
111223541516 Minerva Coker. Yocum and John Daniel.
2 Dempsey Fields Coker. Eliza Jane Marlow and Elizabeth Sigmon.
OK 3 John Rogers Coker. Annie Hogan.
4 George Coker. Nancy Patton.
5 Randolph Coker. Minerva Foster.
111223542516 Lucy Brown Rogers. Joseph Lynch Martin.
2 Elizabeth Rogers. John W. T. Spencer.

OK 3 Thomas Lewis Rogers. Ellen Coody and Nannie Martin.
4 Rose Ella Rogers. *
5 John Rogers. *
6 Napoleon Bonaparte Rogers. Annie Charlotte Martin and Jennie Martin nee Harlin.
8 Granville Rogers.
10 Elmira Rogers. Thomas Rodman.
13 Julia Rogers. Martin Payne.
14 Nancy Ellen Rogers. Richard Lewis Martin.
15 Cynthia Rogers. William Due Musgrove and George Washington Alberty.

7 Victoria Rogers. Joel McDaniel and Amos Flint.
9 Eliza Rogers. William North West.

11 Joseph Rogers. Elizabeth Carpenter.
12 Antoine Rogers. Elizabeth Rogers nee Carpenter
111233543516 John Lewis Rogers and Harriettee Meeks, Margaret Cummings and Sabra Berilla England.
2 William Wilson Rogers. Martha Frazier.
OK 3 Georgia Ann Rogers. Richard Prather.
4 Ella Ann Rogers. *
111223544516 Cynthia Rogers. *
2 Sarah Rogers. *
OK 3 John Benjamin Franklin Rogers. * Annie F. McCoy.
4 William Charles Rogers. Nannie Haynie.
5 Mary Ann Rogers. Reuben Bartlev Tyner.

6 Joanna Coody Rogers. John Calhoun Duncan.
7 Charles Patton Rogers. *
8 Augustine Rogers. Archibald McCoy.

9 Delilah Beatrice Rogers. William Henry Mclain.
10 Charles Henry Rogers. Mary V. Brady.
111223545516 Lewis Rogers. Josephine Landrum, Helen Ross and
2 Sarah Rogers. David Vaught, William Wilkerson, Alfred Campbell and J. J. Griggs.
OK 3 Eliza Rogers. Virgil Rogers and Alexander McDaniel.
4 Wellington Rogers. Mary Scrimsher, Susie Reed and Dora E. Hicks nee Scovel.
5 Charlotte Rogers. Rogers and Patrick Shanahan.
111223548516 George Rogers. * Sallie Colston.
OK 2 Nannie Rogers. * William Reese.
111223641516 Houston Shaw. *
OK 2 Henry Shaw. * Nannie Rhoda Ross nee Stitf.
111223642516 William R. Mcintosh.
2 Alexander Mcintosh. *
3 "Fisky" Mcintosh
111223643516 Margaret Harper. * Alfred Finney Chisholm.
OK 2 Nannie Harper. Edward Cobb and John M. Burns.
111223646516 Helen Alice Kell. Thomas Fo.x French.
2 Catherine Delilah Kell. Robert Mosby French.
OK 3 James Kell. *
111223647516 James Riley. * Ida Gustavia Dance.
OK 2 Flora Riley. Osceola Powell Daniel.
111223742516 Elizabeth May. *
2 Rachel May. William Henry Mayes.
OK 3 Laura May. *
111223743516 Joseph Price. Sallie Rogers nee Colston.

2 William Shorey Price. *
OK 3 Daniel Goody Price. Mary Ann Jones.
4 Montezuma Price.
5 Millard Filmore Price. *
6 George Murrell Price. Eliza Jane Vinyard nee Roach.
7 Annie F. Price. Otis Saladin Skidmore.
8 Caroline Walker. James Lee Floyd.
111233141516 Jennie Bushyhead. Richard Drew.
2 Dennis Wolf Bushyhead. Elizabeth Alabama Adair nee Scrimsher and Eloise Perry Butler.
OK 3 Daniel Colston Bushyhead. * Amanda McCoy.
4 Charlotte Bushyhead. George Washington Mayes.
5 Edward Wilkerson Bushyhead. * Helen Nicholls nee Corey.
6 Caroline Elizabeth Busheyhead. William Robert Quarles.
7 Eliza Missouri Bushyhead. * David Rowe Vann and Bluford West Alberty.
8 Jesse Bushyhead. *
9 Nannie Sarah Bushyhead. Dr. Felix Hurd McNair.
111233142516 Ann Olivia Bushyhead. John Brown Choate.
2 Nancy Abigal Bushyhead. William Watson Walker and Thomas Nathaniel Cropper.
111233143516 Tip Bushyhead. *
2 Smith Miles Bushyhead. Elizabeth Sixkiller and Nellie Summers.
OK 3 George Wilson Bushyhead. Martha Sixkiller.
111233144516 Sarah Walker. George Washington Lasley.
OK 2 Eben Walker. Sarah Lasley nee Harlan.
111233145516 Sarah Lyons. John Dance and Saturday Vann.

2 Vivian Harris.
3 Josephine Lyons. *
4 Emma Lyons. John Bradshaw.
5 Flora Harris.
111233146516 Henry Bushyhead. Sarah Langley and Emma Crittenden.
2 Joseph Bushyhead. Delilah Sixkiller.
OK 3 Lovely Ann Bushyhead. John Beard.
111233147516 Runabout Bushyhead.
2 Jesse Bushyhead. Sallie Walker and Jennie Snail.
111233241516 Richard Fields. Mary Wilds.
2 James Fields. Jennie Berry.
OK 3 Nannie Fields. John Crutchfield.
4 Elizabeth Fields. Charles Mograin.
5 Louisa Fields. William Kendall.
6 Mary Ann Fields. George Grimmett.
7 Thomas Monroe Fields. Martha Jane Clin^an.
111233241516 John Blythe. Justine Cadle, Jane Lane nee Harlan and Polina James nee Tucker.
2 Martha Jennie Blythe. Alexander Adam Clingan.
OK 3 William Blythe. Fannie Hammondtree.
4 Elizabeth Blythe. Ira Goddard.
5 Mary Blythe. Andrew Jackson Tucker.
6 Elijah Blythe. Martha Clingan.
7 James Chastine Blythe. Sarah Jemima Rogers and Sarah Matila Kell nee Harlan.
8 Absalom Ellis Blythe. Mary J. Millsap.
9 Nancy Ann Rogers. Archibald Henry and William E. Bean.
10 Joseph Riley Blythe. *
111233243516 John Thompson. Margaret Fields, Minerva Biggs and Elizabeth Griffin.
2 Charles Thompson. Susie Taylor.
OK 3 Alexander Thompson. Ruth Phillips and Elmira McLain.
111233244516 Martha Fields. Hilliard Rogers.
2 Richard M. Fields. Margaret Ann Wolf.
OK 3 Nannie A. Fields.
4 Mary A. Fields. Louis Mograin.
5 James W. Fields.
6 John R. Fields.
7 Sabra Jane Fields. Robert Donald Foster and John Secrest.
8 Sarah E. Fields. *
111233245516 Delilah Fields. John Scroggins.
2 Jennie Fields. Frank Padgett.
OK 3 Ruth Fields. Isaac Scrimsher.
4 Richard Fields. Elizabeth Blagg.
5 Martha Fields. Jacob Muskrat.
6 George Washington Fields. Mary Melvina Weir, Sarah McGhee and Elizabeth Silversmith.
7 Ezekial Fields. Margaret Weir.
8 Mary Fields. Ellis Dick.
111233246516 Catherine Fields. James Rawles.
2 Mary Jane Fields. James Rawles and William Phillips.

OK 3 James Sanford Fields. Charlotte Stover.
4 Margaret Fields. James Smith.
5 Samuel Igo Fields. Caroline Belvidere Phillips.
6 Martha Emeline Fields. John Ross Simons and Louis Langley Horsley.
7 Sarah Penelope Fields. John Jackson Smith.
8 Laura Victoria Fields. Jacob Yeager.
9 Moses Albert Fields. *
10 Saphronia Fields. Franklin Pierce Milligan.
11 Susie Fields. * William Tweedle.
111233247516 Charles Fields. Nannie Hornet.
2 Daniel Fields. *
3 Elizabeth Fields. Taylor Girty.
4 Sarah Fields. * Charles Thompson.
111233248516 Richard Fields. *
111233249516 Delilah Hicks. * Bryan Ward.
2 Jefferson Hicks. Nannie Lowrey and Margaret Lowrey.
OK 3 Eleanor Ophelia Hicks. Gilbert Wilson.
4 Henry Hicks. *
5 David Hicks. * Elzina Wilson.
6 Frank Hicks. * Celia Baldridge.
7 | William Hicks. Priscilla Thompson.
8 | Mary Hicks. W. A. Coleman.
1112332410516 Martha Fields. * Richard Wofford and Joseph Martin Hildebrand.
2 Andrew Fields. Virginia Doherty.
OK 3 Elmira Fields. James Starr, John Walker Starr and John Joshua Patrick.
1112332411516 Susan Henrietta Foreman. Anderson Benge and Henry Harrison.
2 Elizabeth Foreman. Samuel Worcester McCoy.
OK 3 John Foreman. *
4 Margaret Foreman. James Christopher McCoy.
5 Spencer Foreman.
1112332412516 Thomas Wolf. Sarah Nix.
2 Nancy E. Wolf. * Thomas Jefferson Monroe.
OK 3 Margaret Ann Wolf. Richard M. Fields and George Ewers.
4 James Wolf. *
5 Martha Wolf. *
111233341516 Washington Lowrey. Jennie.

Archibald Sixkiller, Charlotte Petit nee Adair
3 Thomas Sixkiller

4 Tire

5 George Bigfeather. Jennie Sanders.
6 Annie Bigfeather. *
7 Hawk Bigfeather. *

8 Oolagala. Charlotte Rowe.
111233342516 David Fields. *
OK 2 Elizabeth Fields. *
111233343516 Elizabeth Pack Fields. William Shorey Coody and John Shepherd Vann.
2 Amanda Fields. Major General Delos Bennett Sackett U. S. A.
3 William Fields. Charlotte Candy.
4 Wirt Fields. Sarah Woodard.

5 Lucy Fields. Redbird Smith.
6 Richard Fields. Lydia Backbone.

7 Letitia M. Fields. James Daniel Wilson.
111233344516 Jennie Fields. Allen Ross.
2 Louisa Fields. James Mackey.
OK 3 George Washington Fields. Elvina McCoy.
4 John Fields. *
5 Sarah Fields. Alexander Foreman.
6 Martha Fields. * Sanuel McDaniel Taylor.
111233345516 Sarah Fields. Jacob Miller.

2 Ellen Fields. *
3 Rachel Fields. * Benjamin Fife.
5 Susan Fields. Charles Coody and David Steele.

4 Catherine Fields. *
6 Nannie Fields. Lewis Bruner.

7 Annie Fields. Archibald Ballard.
111233346516 Johnson Fields. *Ghigau Teehee and Mary Lowrey.
2 Susie Fields. Catcher Teehee.
OK 3 Cherokee Fields. *
111233347516 Annie Taylor. Robert Buffington Daniel.
2 Mary Jane Taylor. Dr. Jeter Lynch Thompson.
OK 3 Eliza Christine Taylor. Johnson Thompson.
4 Frances Taylor. James Leon Butler.
5 Louisa Taylor. John Osborn Walker.
111233348516 William Mosley West. Elizabeth J. Clyne.
3 George Rider West. *
OK 3 Martha West. Jackson Cozens.
4 John Calhoun West. Margaret Elizabeth Hickey.
5 Kiamitia West. Allen Gilbert.
6 James Polk West. Missouri Barnett.
7 Ruth Elizabeth West. Richard Brewer and William Walter Finley.
8 Franklin Pierce West. Mary Ellen Allen nee Brewer.
111233349516 William Ratliff. Eliza Scales and Martha Crossland.
2 Cherokee Ratliff. George Washington Brewer.
OK 3 Kiowa Ratliff. *
1112333410515 Lacey Wilson. Margaret Johnson.

2 Robin Crawford. Annie Boston.
3 Jennie Crawford. * Wildcat.
5 Mary Crawford. William Griffin and Waspeaker.
1112333411516 Mary C. Fields. J. C. Cromwell and James L. Smith.
1112333412516 Sarah Elizabeth Mosley. John Leak Springston.

2 Ruth Drew. Joseph Miller Ross.
OK 3 George Fields Drew. *

4 Nancy Jane Riley. * Daniel Webster Vann.
6 John Martin Riley. Nannie Ethel Brewer.
5 Richard Fields Riley. * Eliza Webber.
7 Martha C. Riley. John West Markham.
111233441516 Sallie Reese. James Taylor and Redmond.
2 Henry Dobson Reese. * Rachael Wolf and Ellen Keys.
OK 3 Catherine Reese. Thomas Starr.
4 Mary Reese. Frederick Cable and Tatnall Holt Post.
5 Polly Reese. Fields Starr, Matthew Guerin, Oliver Miller.
6 Charles Reese. *
7 John C. Reese. *
8 Eleanor Reese. Charles Lowrey.
9 George Reese. *
10 Margaret Ann Reese. William Cofiin Woodall.
11 Rory McCoy Reese. Martha Josephine Griffin.
12 Charlotte Reese. Henry Nave and McDuff Ross.
111233442516 George Washington McPherson. Elmira Gardenhier.
2 Lucy McPherson. Charles Griffin, John Gordon and Cooweescoowee.
OK 3 Christine McPherson. Nathan Baron Danenburg.
4 Hugh Montgomery McPherson. Harriette Candy.
5 Alexander McPherson. Charlotte Towers.
6 Elizabeth McPherson. Engevine Coody
7 Nannie McPherson. William Starr.
8 John Virgil McPherson. Lucinda Painter, Elizabeth Morris and Mary Dawson nee Ragsdale.
9 Silas McPherson. * Minerva Eldridge.
111233442516 Jorn Lowrey McCoy. Charlotte Ratliff, Emma Bennett and Lucy Jane Adair.

2 Lucy McCoy. James Gatlin.

OK 3 Elvina McCoy. George Washington Fields.
4 Mary Ann McCoy. Washington Starr and George Gann.
5 Richard Martin McCoy. Ellen Adair.
6 Araminta McCoy. Bluford West Rider, James Starr, Andrew Sanders and Joseph Tapp.
7 Edward Hicks McCoy. Sallie Swimmer nee Haley.
8 Charles R. McCoy. * Nannie Watts and Arie Ann Massey.
9 Elizabeth McCoy. * Ellis Sanders.
10 Nancy Caroline McCoy. James Lafayette Bigby.
111233445516 Joseph Rogers McCoy. Mary Hicks.
2 Sallie McCoy. Andrew Miller and Charles Bushyhead.
OK 3 James Christopher McCoy. Jennie Adair, Margaret Foreman and Malinda Carey nee Downing.
4 Rory McCoy.
5 Ruth Emeline McCoy. George Washington Hause and Jerome Newton Kepheart.
6 Samuel Worcester McCoy. Elizabeth Foreman.
7 Mary McCoy. Wiley Vann.
8 Amanda McCoy. * Daniel Bushyhead.
9 Margaret McCoy. * Surry Eaton Beck.
10 Daniel Hicks McCoy. Nannie Davis and Rebecca Fowler.
11 Sabra Buffington McCoy. * John Ross Hicks.
12 John Alexander McCoy. Elizabeth Keys, Jennie Dennis. Annie Coker, Annie Chooie and Margaret Hogan.

13 Annie F. McCoy. * John Benjamin Franklin Rogers.
111233447516 James Lowrey. Ellen Pigeon.

2 Joseph Perdue. Nannie Keener and Martha Matlock.

OK 3 Rufus Daley. Mary Holman and Missouri Weathersby.
4 Nannie Adair Daley. John Washington Hughes.
111233448516 Elizabeth Neeley Adair. Timothy Meigs Walker.
2 James Warren Adair. Susannah Deborah Bean.
OK 3 Susan Caroline Adair. Robert S. C. Noel and Edwin Dow Allen.
4 Sarah Ann Adair. William Penn Adair.
5 Edward Underwood Adair. *
6 Mary Buffington Adair. Dr. Walter Thompson Adair.
7 Hugh Montgomery Adair. Eliza Jane Hearst, Martha I. Johnson and Phoeba Acena Morris nee Pace.
8 Lucy Fields Adair. Waldemar S. Lindsley.
9 Minerva Cornelia Adair. *
111233541516 Elizabeth Fields. * Stand Watie.
2 Mary Fields. * Rufus McWilliams, John Adair Duncan, Thomas Fleming and Daniel Pinson.
OK 3 John McFerran Fields. Elizabeth Smith.
4 Eliza Fields. John Alexander Watie and Samuel Smith.
5 Timothy Fields. Eliza Mcintosh, Polly Fields and Elmira Rogers.
6 Rachel Fields.
7 James Fields. * Dollie Eunice Lowrey.
111233542516 John Smith. * Margaret Hendricks.
2 Rachel Smith. John Rider.
OK 3 Charles Smith. *
4 Elizabeth Smith. John McFerran Fields, Thomas Adkins and George Drum.
5 Samuel Houston Smith. *
6 Eliza Smith. Davfd Grayson, Jackson Cozens and Francis Marion Seabolt.
111233543516 Catherine Fields. Joseph V. Clingan and Edward Pumpkinpile.
2 Jennie Fields. * John Downing.
OK 3 Susannah Fields. Lacey Hawkins.
4 Lucy Fields. Levi Toney.
5 Elizabeth Fields. * Joseph Raper.
111233545516 Seven Fields. * Sallie Guess.

OK 2 Tiana Fields. *
111233546516 Johnson Vann. Margaret Winters.

2 Joseph Swimmer. Sallie Sixkiller.
111233547516 Jennie Fields. Rufus Bell Adair.

OK 2 Thomas Fields. *
111233548516 Eli Smith. * Elizabeth Ashhopper.
OK 2 Nannie Smith. *
111233549516 America Spencer. *
1112335410516 Walter Fields. *
OK 2 George Fields. *
111233641516 Daniel Fields. Margaret Wilson French nee Fields.
2 Aky Fields. *

3 Margaret Fields. * Bearpaw Prince.
111233642516 Martha Fields. Samuel Smoker.
111233643516 Oilie Fields. *
111233645516 Squirrel Fields. Susie Gritts, * and Nannie Bolin.

OK 2 Nannie Fields. *
111233646516 Sarah Fields. Finney Hicks and Johnson Waters.
111233741516 James V. Hildebrand. Adelaide Taylor.
3 Elizabeth Hildebrand. * Johnson O'Fields.
OK 3 Jemima Hildebrand. * Matthew Thompson.
4 Martha Hildebrand. James Smart.
5 Ann Eliza Hildebrand. Hugh Miller Howdershell.
111233742516 Nannie Rhoda Stiff. * Silas Ross, Henry Shaw and Thomas McDaniel.

2 Bevelly Bean Hickey. Louise Rolston Kelt.
OK 3 Henry French Hickey. *
4 Margaret Elizabeth Hickey. John Calhoun West.
5 Mary Ann Hickey. George Washington Pettit.
6 Thomas Preston Hickey. Lucinda Gott.
7 George Hickey.
111233743516 Josephine Bigelow. Henry Clay Meigs.
111233744516 Walter Goss Fields. Ella E. Norris.
2 Nannie E. Fields. Colonel Johnson Harris.
4 Thomas Fields. Sarah Simmons.
5 Joseph Allen Fields. Valera Marsh Little.
6 Margaret Penelope Fields. Thomas Fox Woodall.

3 William H. Fields. Fannie C. Doctor.

7 Chauncey Fields.
111233745516 Henry French. *
2 Robert Mosby French. Catherine Kell and Janana Thompson
OK 3 Thomas Fox French. Helen Alice Kell and Nannie Ratliff.
4 Richard Fields French. *
5 Cabel Vaughn French. *
6 Joseph Mason French. Sallie Riley and E. May Elliott.
7 Laura Augusta French. * Lewis Ross.
8 Jefferson Thompson French. Margaret Elizabeth Pennel.
111233747516 Elias Cornelius Boudinot. * Susan Adelaide Foreman.
2 Richard Fields Boudinot. Mary Catherine Treppard.
OK 3 Eleanor Margaret Boudinot. John Henry Meigs.
4 Henry French Boudinot. * Elizabeth Starr.
5 Francis Josiah Boudinot. Annie Stapler Meigs.
6 Caroline Mary Boudinot. Archibald Spears.
111233842516 Nannie Foreman. John T. Foster and Redbird Sixkiller.
2 Sarah Foreman. Benjamin Foster and Elijah Mayfield.
OK 3 Elias Gourd Foreman. Jennie Alberty and Mary Sanders nee Smith.
4 Catherine Foreman. Aaron Crittenden, George Tiesky, Scudders Downing and Nelson Terrapin.
5 Ellis Foreman. Elizabeth Crittenden and Sarah Kelly nee Phillips.
111233843516 Elizabeth Bible. John Anderson.
2 John Bible. Mary Jane Brown.
OK 3 Philip Bible. *
4 Christopher Bible. * Rebecca Jane Sweeten.
111233844516 Minerva Jane Foreman. William Thornton, Alexander Ross and John Childers.
2 Thomas Leroy Foreman. Sue M. Wolfe.
OK 3 William Riley Foreman. Susan Caroline Lattamore
4 Charles Lafayette Foreman. Susie Sanders and Sarah Ross.
5 Samuel Adair Foreman. Caroline Rebecca Guilliams, Jennie Riley, Ellen Martin and Elizabeth Fowler.

6 Ellis Foreman. Margaret Richardson.
7 Edward D. Foreman. Salina Brown.
8 Mary Foreman. William Crowder.
9 Nelson Foreman. Annie Alberty.
Scraper, Annie Scraper and Malinda Centers.

2 Robert Foreman. Amanda Teusdale.
OK 3 Salina Foreman. Jesse Barnett.
111233848516 Heman Lincoln Foreman. Mary Boots.
2 Hannah Jane Foreman. Archibald Coody.
OK 3 Margaret Foreman. *
4 Susan Foreman. Simeon Turnbull.
5 Pauline Foreman. *
6 Caroline Foreman. Calvin Beams.
7 Ruth Foreman. * Samuel Beams.
8 John Wickliffe Foreman. *
111233849516 William Shorey Foreman.
1112338410516 Frances Flora Foreman. Samuel Sixkiller.
2 Bluford West Foreman. Emetine McCoy Robinson.
OK 3 Eliza Elizabeth Foreman. William Johnston.
1112338411516 Elizabeth Jones. Alexander Wolf.

2 Sarah Emeline Stopp. Lemon and Sardine.
OK 3 Ophelia Catherine Stopp. John Walkingstick.
1112338413516 Stephen Foreman. Maude Elizabeth Hunter.

2 Elizabeth Foreman. Yellowhammer Suake.
OK 3 Fannie Foreman. Archibald Turtle.

4 Joseph Anthony Foreman. Rachel Hampton.
5 Susie F. Foreman. * George Washington Smith.
6 Thomas Fox Foreman. Ada Vann nee Chandler.
1112338414516 Margaret Proctor. Spencer Shelton.
2 Charles Proctor. Louisa Townsend and Eliza Pritchett.
OK 3 Eliza Jane Proctor. William H. Horn.
4 Susan Proctor. James Taylor.
5 Nannie Proctor. Jeremiah Springstead, Benjamin Crittenden, Jeremiah Horn and Alburton Brown.
6 Spencer Proctor. *
7 Mary Proctor. *
111233941516 William Penn Adair. Sarah Ann McNair and Sue McIntosh Drew.
2 Brice Martin Adair. Sarah McNair.
OK 3 Walter Thompson Adair. Mary Buffington Adair, Ruth Markham and Fannie Gray.
4 John Ticanooly Adair. Martha Nannie Thompson.
5 Mary Ellen Adair. Joseph Franklin Thompson.
6 Benjamin Franklin Adair. Mary Delilah McNair.
7 Rachel Jane Adair. Milton Howard McCullough.
8 Cherokee Cornelia Adair. Jesse Bushyhead Mayes.
111233942516 Mary Annie Thompson. Caleb Starr Bean.
2 Wirt Thompson. Marjory Hicks.
OK 3 John Martin Thompson. Louisa McCord.
4 Susan Thompson. - John Tipton Lackens.
5 Martha Thompson. * Benjamin Wilson.
6 Ellen Thompson. John W. Wilson.
7 Isabelle Thompson. Benjamin Wilson and Henry Tucker.
8 Benjamin Franklin Thompson. Annie Harden and Gippie Randall.
9 Cherokee Thompson. Joseph Hall Alexander.
111233943516 Polisha Martin. William Bryant and James Thompson.
2 Alexander Lombard Martin. Emily McAllister, Rachel Hunt Sanders, Caroline Shoop nee Pettit, Margaret Green and Saphronia Ann Quinton.

OK 3 Richard Lewis Martin. Nannie Ellen Rogers and Flora Burnett Cummings nee Rogers.
4 Annie Charlotte Martin. Napoleon Bonaparte Rogers.
6 Cicero Holt Martin.
7 Susie Emory Martin. George Washington Mayes.
8 Martha Washington Martin. *

5 Joanna Martin. Frank Consene.

9 Ruth Ellen Martin. James Franklin Benge.
10 John Rogers Martin. Tahitha Louisa West.
11 Hernando DeSoto Martin. Jeanette Birdine Lamb.

12 Victoria Rogers Martin. Joseph Robert Rogers.
13 Jessie Beatrice Martin. John Lee Lamb and George Crittenden.
14 Granville Augustus Martin. Lola Mayes.
15 Willie Penn Adair Martin. Edward Cochran.
111233944516 Helen Marr Martin. John LaHay, Samuel Sanders, Frederick Morley and James S. Phelps.
111233945516 William M. Martin. Mary Still, Margaret Bolin and Agnes Bolin.
OK 2 John Walter Martin. Laura Reasoner and Nannie Brackley
111233946516 Martha McNair, Henry Rogers and John Martin Thompson.
OK 2 John Martin McNair. Mary Jane Hale.
111233949516 John Lynch. *
2 Caroline Lynch. James Madison Bell.
OK 3 Jeter Lynch. *
4 Joseph Martin Lynch. Susan Frances Raymond nee Foreman.
5 Cicero Leonidas Lynch. Nannie Bell.
6 William Lynch. *
7 Braxton Bragg Lynch. * Sarah        .
1112339410516 Andromache Bell. * Harvey Shelton.
2 Josephine Bell. William Wirt Buffington.
OK 3 Charlotte Bell. James Washington Ivey.
4 Lucien Burr Bell. Sabra Ann Cunningham and Mary Frances Starr.
1112339411516 Lucy Jane Adair. John Lowrey McCoy.
2 Nancy Ellen Adair. Samuel Mitchell Couch.

OK 3 Franklin Wright. *
4 Mary Ellen Wiight. Marion Walker Couch.

5 Joseph A. Richards. Caroline Catherine Kelleams.
1112339412516 Arkansas Cherokee Martin. Hiram Terrell Landrum.

2 Nannie Martin. Thomas Lewis Rogers and David A. Ware.
OK 3 Luther Martin. *
1112339413516 John Martin Bell. Sarah Catherine Harnage.
2 Foster Bell. *
OK 3 Cicero Martin Cunningham. Nannie Bell nee Martin and Sarah A. McCoy.

4 Beatrice Alberty. James B. Markham.
1112339415516 George Bell. *
3 John Bell. *
OK 3 Eliza Jane Bell. William Henry Mayes.
1112339416516 Ann Eliza. Nicholson. * Edward W. Byrd.
2 Joseph Nicholson. *
OK 3 Richard Nicholson. *

4 Mary Sidney. *

5 Benjamin Landrum. Martha Madalene Hyde.
6 Thomas Livingston Landrum. Nannie Rider.
1112331041515 Jeter Lynch Thompson. Mary Jane Taylor.
2 William Thompson. *
OK 3 Johnson Thompson. Eliza Christine Taylor.
4 John Martin Thompson. Corinne E. Washburn, Martha Rogers nee McNair and Mary Jane McNair Hale.
5 Matthew Thompson. Sallie Turner Denman, Lucy Ann Clark and Jemima Hildebrand.
6 Rachel Caroline Thompson. Thomas Gillispie Allison.
7 Maria Ann Thompson. Thomas Jefferson Parks.
8 Mary Eliza Thompson. Thomas Gillispie Allison.
9 Sabra Elizabeth Thompson. William Vann and Joseph Ballard.
10 Martha Nannie Thompson. John Ticanooly Adair and Augustus Van Edmondson.
11 Joseph Franklin Thompson. Marv Ellen Adair, Fannie Adair nee Gray and
1112331042516 Nannie England.
2 Annie England. Livingston Garrett and Thomas Clark.
OK 3 Joseph England.
4 Mary England.
5 Martha England. George Washington Rogers.
6 William Lowry England. Rebecca Trott nee Moore.
7 Sabra Berilla England. John Lewis Rogers.
1112331043516 Almira Williams. Samuel McDaniel Taylor.
2 Louisa M. Williams. James Ward.
OK 3 Rachel Caroline Williams. George DeShields Kinney.
4 Joseph Lynch Williams. Louisa J. Stover.
1112331044516 Cherokee A. Williams. Robert Fletcher Wyly.
1112331045516 William Wirt Buffington. Josephine Bell and Caroline Elizabeth Thompson nee McCord.
2 John Ross Buffington. Nannie Bryan.
OK 3 Daniel Webster Buffington. *
4 Eliza Buffington. Joseph George Washington Vann.
5 Mary Jane Burtington. Robert Fletcher Wyly.
1112331046516 John Lynch. *
2 Caroline Lynch. James Madison Bell.
OK 3 Jeter Lynch. *
4 Joseph Martin Lynch. Susan Frances Raymond nee Foreman .
5 Cicero Leonidas Lynch. Nannie Bell.
6 William Lynch. *
7 Braxton Bragg Lynch. * Sarah        
1112331047516 James Franklin Thompson. Caroline Elizabeth McCord.
2 Joseph Lynch Thompson. Frances Kell, Alice Tucker and Miranda King nee Young.

OK 3 Sabra Ann Cunningham. Lucien Burr Bell.
4 Jeter Thompson Cunningham. Keziah Camille Moore.
1112331048516 John Lynch Adair. Mary Jane Jeffries.
1112331141516 Jennie Davis. William Columbus Patton.
2 Rachel Davis. George Washington Hill.
OK 3 Mary Davis. James Orval Hall.
4 John Davis. Ruth Hall.
5 Theresa Lane Davis. William Little.
6 Martin Davis. *
1112331143516 Georgia Ann Davis. Ezekial Jackson Dunagan.
2 Samuel Tate Davis. Lucinda Pitchlynn nee Starr and Belle Wofford.
OK 3 Susannah Davis. * Taylor Connelly.
4 Daniel Davis. Berilla Davis.
5 Cicero Davis. Sidney Whisenhunt.
6 John Davis. Bessie Satterwhite.
7 Jennie Saphronia Davis. Clark Barker Garmany.
8 Robert Lee Davis. Ruth Pliillips and Hester May Curry.
1112331144516 Daniel Davis. Mary E. Davis.
2 Delilah Davis. Benjamin Davis.
OK 3 Joseph Davis. Martha A. Perry.
4 Hannah Davis. William Corn.
5 Susan Davis.
6 Berilla Davis. Daniel Davis and Newton Satterfield.
7 Lorenzo Davis. Theodosia Whitmire.
8 Miller Davis. Elizabeth Simmons.
9 Elias Earl Davis.
1112331145516 William Davis. Malissa Davis.
OK 2 Jennie Davis. Oscar Sites.
1112331147516 Lorenzo Dow Davis. Malinda Mabry.
2 Elizabeth Davis. Herman Johnson Vann.
OK 3 John Brown Davis. Lucy Kettle and Jennie Barnhill.
4 Jefferson Davis. * Annie Chastain.


Written By MRS. LENA HARNAGE ADAIR. of Tahlequah.
(All rights reserved)

Here's to Tahlequah with her wooded hills.
Her sparkling: springs and tinkling rills
Her rocky cliffs by fern o'ergrown
And her shady nooks by lovers known,
Her maidens fair and cultured dames,
And gifted sons of illustrious names,
Though far he ma wander, fond memory brings
Sweet thoughts of the village that nestles serene
So tranquel and lovely–an enchanted scene
Visions of beauty he will long retain,
And in dreams he will visit Tahlequah again
About her foothills of the Ozarks arise
Like a gem surrounded by her setting she lies
Near by flows the Illinois–a crystal stream
Brightly the waters o'er its pebbly bed gleam.
He who loves beauty, along its banks may find
Picturesque spots to delight the mind
You should see Tahlequah in the month of May
When nature has donned her brightest array
When incense, borne by the perfumed breeze
Blows through the snow-white locust trees
Around the quaint old capital square
Floats out upon the warm sweet air:
When the emerald sward is decked with flowers
And the birds sing in their leafy bowers
And the voice of the school children on the street
Falls upon the air like music sweet
Here many a family its lineage traces
Back to old England's proudest races
For many a noble, to hide his head,
In Cromwell's time, to America fled
They sought the Cherokee, whose open hand
Welcomed them to this wonderland.
And in the days when Freedom's strife
Often endangered the royalist's life.
Over the mountains of Tennesse,
The Tory came to the Cherokee;
For during that period the Indians were loyal
To the British crown and the family royal
The names that Cherokee history adorn.
Were not assumed, but were proudly borne
By dscendents of these old English sires.
Who safety sought at the Cherokee camp fires
The name Talequah to this town was given
By the old Cherokees, when they were driven
From their eastern homes, afar to the west.
Till they reached this spot, "A haven of rest,"
Poor, sorrowing exiles, of their homes bereft.
Grieving for firesides which they had left.
God who takes care of those whom the strong oppress.
And pities them in their sore distress.
Brought it to pass, that the land of the given.
By treaty as sacred and solemn as Heaven,
Was better than that of which they had been despoiled,
Where long years they had lived, and loved and toiled
Little the white brothers knew of this land
Which they gave to the remnant of this proud band.
Knew naught of the mineral wealth which hides
Its bounteous stores in the mountain sides;
Naught of the verdant fruitful plains.
Nor the varied resources this country contains.
Here the Cherokees rested, their long journey o'er.
And this wildwood was given to he theirs evermore.
Here they made the council-ground.
And here their Kihegas oft were found
In solemn assembly and council grave.
When the laws to govern the nation they gave.
Here Sequoyah, the Cadmus, his alphabet brought.
Which with infinite patience and skill he wrought:
Schools were established to teach the youth.
And churches, to spread Christianity's truth.
Soon the wilderness was made to bloom
As homes were built and dispelled its gloom.
And the town by the little woodland stream
Threw its light afar like a diamond's gleam.
Such was the birth of this historic town.
Which for her beauty is of wide renown.
For her fountains that gush from the rough hillside.
And her halls of learning, the Nation's Pride.
Like Athens of old. she is of learning the seat.
So peaceful and quiet, a sylvan retreat:
May contentment and happiness fall to the lot
Of all who dwell here in this romantic spot.
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