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Continuation of Old Families

The descendants of Anthony Foreman, a Scotchman who married two full blood Cherokee wives.
11 Anthony Foreman. Susie Gourd and Elizabeth. A26
1112 John Foreman. Nannie Drumgoole nee Doublehead and Ruth Springston.
2 Catherine Foreman. James Bigby.
OK 3 Thomas Foreman. Susannah Brewer nee Fields.
4 Nannie Foreman. Bushyhead.
5 Sallie Foreman. William Hicks.
6 Richard Bark Foreman.            and Rachel Seabolt.

7 Archibald Foreman. Aky Brewer and Theresa Kerr. A27
8 Elsie Foreman. James Spears.
9 Stephen Foreman. Sallie W. Riley and Ruth Candy nee Riley.
10 Edward Foreman. Minerva Kerr.
11 Mary Foreman. Thomas Barnes.
12 Alexander Foreman. Ruth Phillips * and Sarah Fields.
111213 Richard Foreman. Sallie and Dorcas Rattlinggourd.

2 John Foreman. Lucretia    &nbsTp;     and Va-ki-ny.

OK 3 James Foreman. Delialh (Delilah?) Fields.
4 Elizabeth Foreman. Edley Springton.

5 Elizabeth Foreman. John Elliott.

6 Johnson Foreman. Elizabeth B. Mann.
112213 Mary Ann Bigby. David Taylor. A28
2 Jennie Bigby. Andrew Taylor.
OK 3 Thomas Wilson Bigby. Margaret Catherine Adair.
4 James Bigby. * Louisa Levi.
5 Elizabeth Bigby. Moses Fields.
6 Wiley Bibgy. Mary McLaughlin and Elnora Nich     
7 Sallie Bigby. Leonard Bonaparte Williams.
8 Jackson Bigby. *
9 Susie Bigby. Felix Riley.
10 Malinda Bigby. William Guilliams and Jesse Redman.
113213 Nannie Foreman. Allen Gafford and Martin North.

2 Samuel Foreman. Sallie Rattlinggourd.
OK 3 Nellie Foreman. Adam Bibles.
4 Charles Foreman. Annie Seabolt and Thirsey Colvin.
5 William Hicks Foreman. * Mary Sweetwater.
6 Joseph Anthony Foreman. Narcissa Reaves Carey and Lethe Parris.
7 Sallie Foreman. *
8 David McNair Foreman. Sarah Sweetwater, Agnes Foreman Sweetwater and Mary Foreman nee Sweetwater.
9 George Foreman. Elizabeth Fields and Elizabeth Fields.
10 Thomas Foreman. Elizabeth Chicken.
11 Susan Foreman. Samuel Jones and Walter Stopp.
12 James Foreman. *
13 Edward Foreman. Mary Proctor, Sarah Proctor and Jennie Spaniard nee Terrapin.
14 Elizabeth Foreman. Johnson Proctor and Redbird Sixkiller.
114213 Jesse Bushyhead. Eliza Wilkerson.
2 Isaac Bushyhead. Catherine Ratliff and Ghi-ga-u Snake.
OK 3 George Bushyhead. Go-wo-hi-du.
4 Nannie Bushyhead. John Walker and Lewis Hildebrand.
5 Susan C. Bushyhead. Ezekial Lyons and L. P. Harris.
6 Jacob Bushyhead. Nannie McDaniel and Elizabeth Romine nee Riley.
7 Charles Bushyhead. Polly Starr and Sallie Miller nee McCoy.
115213 Eli Hicks. Isabel Miller.
2 Jay Hicks. Catherine Levi.
3 Ruth Hicks. Ezekial Beck and William Rogers.
4 William Hicks. *
5 Carrington Hicks. *
6 Margaret Hicks. Jacob Nicholson.
7 Ella Hicks. Joseph Spears.
8 Abijah Hicks. Hannah Worcester.
9 Anna Hicks. Charles French.
10 Charles Hicks. *
11 John Hicks. *
12 Sarah Hicks. Spencer Seago Stephens.
13 Nannie Hicks. Sebastian Boynton and William A. Reese.
116213 Jennie Foreman. Celle Robbards and Henry Glenn.

2 Annie Laura Foreman. Lord Wellington Shirley.
OK 3 Archibald Foreman. Sarah Walkingwolf.
4 Anthony Foreman. *
5 Susan Louella Foreman. David Sanders, John Horn and John Clark Cleveland.
6 Daniel C. Foreman. Elizabeth Beck.
7 Stephen Foreman. Christine Hogeland nee Sands
8 Catherine Foreman. William McCrearv and Aaron Headin Beck.
9 Robert Foreman. *
10 Martha Foreman. * James Allison.
117213 Mary Foreman. Ellis Fox Phillips and William C. Dickson.
2 Minerva Foreman. Amos Thornton and Wallace Vann.
OK 3 Archibald Foreman. *
118213 Nannie Spears. *
2 Eli Spears. Elizabeth Hall.
OK 3 John Spears. Annie Welch.
4 Elizal)eth Spears. Charles Dobbins.
5 Mary Ann Spears. William Coody Ross.
6 Elmira Spears. Stephen David
7 Stephen Spears. Maria Louisa Roberson.
8 Archibald Spears.

9 Charles Spears. Mary J. Crockett.
119213 Austin Worcester Foreman. *
2 Ermina Nash Foreman. *
OK 3 Jeremiah Everett Foreman. Celeste Stidham.
4 Susie Elizabeth Foreman. *
5 John Anthony Foreman. Eliza Mary BIythe and Nannie Amanda Smith.
6 Stephen Taylor Foreman. Ada Carter McClellan.
7 Jennie Lind Foreman. Charles McClure McClellan.
8 Archibald Alexander Foreman. * Annie Rucks.
9 Austin Worcester Foreman. Emily Josephine Ridenhour and Margaret Edith George.

10 Charles Hodge Foreman. *
11 Flora Elizabeth Foreman. Austin J. Rider.
12 Araminta Ross Foreman.
1111213 John Albert Barnes. *
2 Rachel Barnes. Jenkins Whiteside Maxtield.
3 Alexander Foreman Barnes. *
4 Corinne Abigal Barnes. John Nathaniel Taylor.
5 Theresa Elizabeth Barnes. Thomas Ivey.
6 Henry Clay Barnes. Catherine Chambers, Nannie Catherine Wilson nee Daniel and Mary Cornelia Nowlin.
7 Sarah Barnes. * Stephen Hart.
8 Minnie Barnes. Charles Edward Willey.
9 Fannie Barnes. George Washington Benge.
1112213 Pierce Butler Foreman. *
2 Edward Foreman. Cherokee Brown and Emma Barnes.
OK 3 George Bullette Foreman. Nannie Elizabeth Garrison.
4 Josephus W. Foreman. *
5 Thomsia Elizabeth Foreman. * Thomas W. Collins.
6 Ermina Cooie Foreman. Robert Preston Vann.


11 Sequoyah. Sallie and U-ti-yu.
1112 Teesey Guess. U-ti-yu and Rebecca Bowles. A29
2 George Guess. *
OK 3 Polly Guess. Flying and Thomas Brewer.
4 Richard Guess. *

5 E-ya-gu Guess. George Starr
6 Ooo-loo-tsa Guess. *
7 Gu-u-ne-ki Guess. Sixkiller.
111213 George Guess. Girty.
2 Richard Guess. *
OK 3 Joseph Guess. *

4 Sallie Guess. William Foster or Tu-noo-ie.
5 Joseph Guess. *
6 Catherine Guess. Joseph Downing.
113213 Annie Flying. Joseph Griffin.
115213 Joseph Starr. *
117213 Araminta Sixkiller.
11121314 Mary Guess. George Mitchell and Andrew Russell.
2          Guess.
11124314 Susie Foster. Levi Toney.
11126314 Nannie Downing. Richard H. Bowles.
2 Lucile Downing.         Coggle.
OK 3 Edward Downing.
4 Sequoyah Downing.
5 Maud Downing.
11321314 Ti-du-gi-yo-sti.
1112131415 George W. Russell. Minnie Holston.
1112431415 Calvin Hanks Toney.
2 Cicero Davis Toney.
OK 3 Margaret Toney.
4 | Catherine Toney.
5 | Sallie Toney.
1112631415 Leo Bennett Bowles.
OK 2 Richard Bowles.
1112632415 Cecil W. Coggle
2 Houston Coggle.


11 Oo-loo-tsa, of the Holly clan.
1112 Ghi-go-ne-li.
111213 Nannie. George Lowrey.
2 Ghi-go-ne-li.
11121314 John Lowrey. Elizabeth Shorey and Ga-ne-      McLemore.
2 George Lowrey. Lucy Benge. A31
OK 3 Jennie Lowrey. Tah-lon-tee-skee.A32
4 Elizabeth Lowrey. Joseph Sevier and John Walker.
5 Sallie Lowrey.
6 Nellie Lowrey. Edmond Fawling.
7 Aky Lowrey. Arthur Burns.
11122314 Catherine. John Gunter. A33
2 Polly.          Smith.
1112131415 Elizabeth Lowrey. William Shorey Pack.

2 Jennie Lowrey. Robert Benge.
OK 3 Eliza Lowrey. Martin Benge.
1112132415 James Lowrey. Elizabeth McLemore.
2 Susan Lowrey. Andrew Ross.
2 George Lowrey. Elizabeth Baldridge.
4 Lydia Lowrey Milo Hoyt.
5 Rachel Lowrey. David Brown and Nelson Orr.
6 John Lowrey. *
7 Anderson Pierce Lowrey. Mary Nave.

8 Archibal Lowrey. Rachel Harris and Delilah Baldridge.

9 Washington Lowrey. Jennie

10 10 Charles Lowrey. Jennie Ballard and Ellen Reese.
George Lovett. Nannie Horn nee Hildebrand and Elizabeth Swimmer.
1112133415 Margaret Sevier. Gideon Morgan.
2 Eliza Sevier. W. Templin Ross.

OK 3 John Walker. Emily Meigs and Nannie Bushyhead.
1112135415 Tsa-gi-na. Pigeon.

2 No-na.

OK 3 Elizabeth.

4 Baldridge.

5 Switzler Lowrey. Rachel Brownlow.

6 Rope Campbell.
1112136415 Edward Fowling. * Margaret Smith.
2 Edmond Fawling. Jennie Stanridge.
OK 3 Joseph Fawling. Lydia Brown.
4 Rim Pawling. *
5 Ellis Pawling. Elizabeth Griffin.
6 Elizabeth Pawling. Hiram Moody and Samuel Scharble.
7 James Pawling. *
8 Susie Pawling-. Thomas Smith and Isaac Timmons.
1112137415 Mary Burns. William Alexander Davis.
OK 2 Elizabeth Burns. Michael Huraker.
1112231415 Samuel Gunter. A-yo-ku.
2 Aky Gunter. Alexander McCoy.
OK 3 Martha J. Gunter. Richard Blackurs.
4 Edward Gunter. Elsie McCoy and Letitia Keys.
5 Elizabeth Hunt Gunter. Martin Matthew Scrimsher.
6 John Gunters.
7 Catherine Gunter. James B. Vaught and Oliver Wack Lipe.
1112232415 Walter Smith.
111213141516 Thomas Jefferson Pack. Jennie Taylor.
OK 2 Cynthia Pack. John Cowart.
111213142516 Mary Benge. * John Lee.
2 Eliza Benge. Henry Seabolt.
OK 3 John Benge. Caroline Gordon.
4 Robin Benge. *
5 McLemon Benge. Margaret Seabolt.
6 Young Benge, *
7 Pickens Benge. Angeline Franklin.
8 Sarah Benge *
111213143516 Samuel Houston Benge, Lucy Blair and Nannie Brewster
2 George Washington Benge. * Nannie Holmes.
OK 3 Obediah Martin Benge. Margaret Blair and Etta        
4 Richard Benge. Charlotte Frye.
5 Rhoda Benge. Stephen Teehee.
6 William Benge. Elizabeth Ross.
7 Catherine Benge. George Washington Gunteu
111213241516 Lucy Lowrey. John W. Brown.
2 William Lowrey. Anohi Bigbullet and Lucy Fourkiller.
OK 3 Charles Lowrey.
4 John Lowrey. Elizabeth Blair.
111213241516 Oliver Perry Ross. Susie Vann and Elzina Hair nee Goonan.
2 Daniel Ross. Naomi Chisholm and Sarah Halfbreed.
OK 3 Andrew J. Ross. Nannie Otterlefter and Nannie Halfbreed.
4 Samuel Houston Ross. Sarah Grimmett.
5 William Coody Ross. Mary Ann Spears.
6 Joseph Miller Ross. Rachel Drew.
7 Joshua Ross. Muskogee Yargee.
8 Richard Johnson Ross. Elizabeth Stidham.
9 Jennie Pocahontas Ross. John D. Murrell.
111213243516 Jennie Lowrey. James Brown Choate.
111213244516 Dollie Eunice Hoyt. Amory Nelson Chamberlain.
2 Nancy Ann Hoyt. Hamilton Balentine.
OK 3 Esther Susan Hoyt. James Ward.
4 Hindman Hoyt Hoyt. Ruth Ann Buffington and Elizabeth Candy. *
5 Sarah Hoyt. Richard Hunter.
6 Lucy Lowrey Hoyt. Monroe Calvin Keys.
7 Milo Ard Hoyt. Harriette Washburn nee Folsom.
111213245516 John L. Brown. Ann Schrimsher.
OK 3 Catherine Brown. William Daniel.
111213247516 Daniel Webster Lowrey.
2 Henry Lowrey. Mary Parris and Evaline Evans nee Russell.
OK 3 Lucy Ann Lowrey. Charles Hicks Campbell.
4 Dollie Eunice Lowrey. James Fields, * Thomas Starr and Charles Galloway. *
5 George Lowrey. *
6 Susan Lowrey. Richard Robertson and Jefferson Carter.
7 Eliza Lowrey. William Henry Davis.
9 James Monroe Lowrey. Susie Vickery.
10 Andrew Lowrey. Dora Pinckney nee Bruton.

8 Austin Lowrey. Sallie Coker.
111213248516 James Lowrey. Ellen Pigeon.
11121324951 George Lowrey. Elizabeth Proctor.
1112132410516 Orsinoe Lowrey. Charles Reese Starr.
2 Lucy Lowrey. *

OK 3 Alice B. Lowrey.
4 Return Johnson Lowrey. Drucilyla Medley.
5 Charles Pickens Lowrey. Laura Rider.
111213341516 James Lovett. Annie Quinton and Annie Griffin.
2 Annie Lovett. * Houston DeArmond.
3 David Lovett. Belle McCutchan.
4 John Lovett. * Elizabeth Young nee Tetincha.
5 Louisa Amanda Lovett. * Houston DeArmond.

6 Louisa Lovett.
7 Eliza Lovett.

8 William Lovett. Susie Crossland and Nannie Pettit.
9 Sarah Lovett. Deertrack Candy.
10 Lucy Lovett * John Proctor.
11 Susie Lovett. * Joseph Goings.
111213441516 Margaret Ann Ward Morgan. Robert Taylor Hanks and J. Henry Effort.
2 George Washington Morgan. Martha Keziah Mayo.
OK 3 Elizabeth Lowry Morgan. Hugh McDowell McElreath and William C. Eblin.
4 Cherokee America Morgan. Andrew Lewis Rogers.
5 Rufus Montezuma Morgan. * Mary Holt.
6 Amanda Patience Morgan. Frank Fowler and Joseph Absalom Scales.
7 Robert Hanks Morgan. *
111213442516 Andrew Ross. Lucinda Gentry.
2 Samuel Potts Ross.
OK 3 Benjamin Franklin Ross.
4 Joseph Ross. Priscilla Gentry.
5 Margaret Melvina Ross.
6 Hannah Ross. Fin B. Tompkins.
7 Robert Ross.
8 Mary Ann Ross.
111213443516 Timothy Meigs Walker. Elizabeth Neely Adair.
2 Elizabeth Grace Walker. James Coleman and Pryor Smith.
OK 3 Minerva Jane Walker. Armstrong Lea and Lorenzo Delano.
4 John Osborn Walker. Lucinda Taylor and Georgianna Wilkins.

5 Sarah E. Walker. George Washington Lasley.
6 Ebenezer Walker. Sarah Lasley nee Harlan.
111213541516 Ellen Pigeon.
2 Lucy Pigeon.
3 Josiah Pigeon.
4 Lucinda Pigeon.
111213542516 Lowrey McCoy. Charlotte Ratliff, Emma Bennett and Lucy Jane Adair.

2 Gu-wo-du-gi-sdi.
3 Gu-yo-ti-hi.
111213543516 Aky.
2 Nellie.
3 Elizabeth.
4 Uwo-no-sdi.
111213544516 Mary Baldridge. Walker Hogner.
2 George Baldridge. *
3 Ewi Baldridge.
4 Ets-wo-ti-sgi Baldridge.
111213545516 Margaret Lowrey. Jefferson Hicks and Wilson Hornet.
2 Edward Lowrey. Rose Welch and Sarah Welch.
OK 3 Samuel Lowrey. *
4 Mary Lowrey. George Foreman and Philip Webster.
5 Nannie Lowrey. * William Roach.
6 Eliza Lowrey. William Roach and William Batt.
111213546516 Sophia Campbell. Jack Fox, Rat and John M. Smith.
2 John Campbell. Lydia Dry.
OK 3 Susie Campbell. * John Brown Wright.
4 Elizabeth Campbell. Henry Clay Ross.
5 Lethe Campbell. Charles Hermann and Napoleon Bonaparte Rowe.
6 Jennie Campbell. John Brown Wright and Levi O'Fields.
7 Hook Campbell.

8 Mary Campbell. Charles Hendricks and Alexander Hendricks.
111213642516 Edmond Fawling. Mary         and Cass Pippins.
2 Henry Fawling. Adeline CoUuni and Margaret Wilson.
OK 3 Susan Pawling. John Williams and Hugh Snider.
4 Mary Fawling. Jacob Williams and John Stafford.
111213645516 Alexander Fawling. Susan Dolusky Hensley.
2 Nannie Fawling. Armstead B. Maxwell.
OK 3 Sarah Fawling.         Kelly and HoUis Lorenzo Chubbuck.
4 George W. Fawling. Sarah Jane Langley, Lena         , Malinda Isreal and         Warren.
5 Mary Fawling. James Horton.
6 Lydia Fawling. * Lafayette Guinn.
111213648516 Mary Smith. George Downing.
2 Jennie Smith. Flying.
OK 3 James Smith. Nannie Youngblood.
4 Hiram Smith.
5 Lucy Smith. Isaac Shade.
6 George Smith. Elizabeth Keener.
7 John Smith. Sarah Whitwater.
8 Elizabeth Smith.
9 William Smith.
111213741516 Cynthia Pack Davis. John Thompson Mayes.
2 Laura Cornelia Davis. *
OK 3 Sarah Ophelia Davis. James Allen Mayes.
4 John Lowrey Davis. Harriette Folsom.
5 William Henry Davis. Eliza Lowrey.
6 George Washington Davis. *
7 Mary Elizabeth Davis. Robert Harrison Akin and Theodora Freeland Polsom.
111213742516 Mary Hufaker. Carter Daniel Markham.
OK 2 Cynthia Hufaker. * John R. McNair.
111223141516 George Washington Gunter. Eliza Nave.
111223142516 Lucy McCoy. James Gatlin.
111223143516 Samuel R. Blackburn. Nannie P. Lattamore.
OK 2 Jennie Blackburn. Carter Walker Maylield.
111223144516 Nannie Gunter. * Wiliam Shipley.
2 Nellie Gunter. Lachlan Beavert.

3 Sarah Gunter. John R. Nicholson
4 James Gunter. *

5 Margaret Gunter. Rufus Goody and Madison Goody.
6 Eliza Gunter. Riley Keys, John Alexander Adair and         Mowry.
8 Daniel McCoy Gunter. *
9 John Gunter. *
10 Catherine Gunter. Daniel Hicks Ross.
11 Martha Gunter. *

7 Jennie Gunter. Leroy Keys

12 Elizabeth Gunter. Alexander McCoy Rider.
111223145516 John Gunter Scrimsher. Juliette Melvina Candy.
2 Elizabeth Alabama Scrimsher. John Lafayette Adair and Dennis Wolf Bushyhead.
3 Mary America Scrimsher. Clement Vann Rogers.
4 Sarah Catherine Scrimsher. *
5 Martha Lucretia Scrimsher. Fredrick William Gulager.
111223146516 Nellie Gunter. John We-tu-su-te.
111223147516 Sarah Josephine Vaught. * George Washington Nave and Olney Sevier Morgan.

2 Dewitt Clinton Lipe. Victoria Susan Hicks and Mary Elizabeth Archer.
OK 3 Nannie E. Lipe. *
4 John Gunter Lipe. *
5 Jennie Catherine Lipe. Pleasant Napoleon Blackstone.
6 Clark Charlesworth Lipe. Libbie Farmer and Margaret Emma Thompson.


11 John Bowles. Jennie, Oo-loo-tsa and Oo-ti-yu. A33
1112 John Bowles. Jennie.
2 French Bowles. *
OK 3 Nellie Bowles. *

4 Lightningbug Bowles. A-yu-su.
5 Tu-noo-ne-ski Bowles. *
6 Du-qu-li-lu- Wagon Bowles. Fannie Davis.
7 Qua-ti-ni Bowles. *
8 Tsa-gi-na Bowles. Bird Tail.

9 Rebecca Bowles. Tee-see Guess. A29
10 Samuel Bowles. I-doo-si.
11 Eliza Bowles. John Porum Davis.
12 Nannie Bowles. * George Chisholm.
111213 James Bowles. Eliza Halfbreed.
114213 Joseph Bowles. *
2 Caroline Bowles. *
OK 3 John Bowles. *
4 Jefferson Bowles. *
116213 Johnson Bowles. *
2 Etta Bowles. *
OK 3 Elizabeth Bowles. *
4 Thomas Bowles. *
118213 Gu-de-gi. *
2 Ghi-go-ne-li.
3 Go-yi-ne. *
119213 Sallie Guess. Wiliam Foster.
2 Joseph Guess. *
OK 3 Catherine Guess. Joseph Downing.
1110213 George Bowles. *
1111213 John Davis. *
11121314 Minnie Bowles. Elijah Hermogene l.erWance and Orlando Shay.
OK 2 Richard H. Bowles. Bettie Blythe and Nannie Downing.
11921314 Susie Foster. Levi Toney.
11923314 Nannie Downing. Richard H. Bowles.
2 Lucile Downing. Goggle.
3 Edward Downing.
4 Sequoyah Downing.
5 Maud Downing,
1112131415 Lillian Leblance.

OK 2 Jessie Lamar Shay.
1112132415 Thomas Bowles.

2 Leo Bennett Bowles.
OK 3 Richard Bowles.
1192131415 Calvin Hanks Toney.
2 Cicero Davis Toney.
OK 3 Margaret Toney.
4 Catherine Toney.
5 Sallie Toney.
1192331415 Leo Bennett Bowles.
OK 2 Richard Bowles.
1192332415 Cicero W. Goggle.
2 Houston Goggle.
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