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History of the Cherokee Indians
and their legends and folklore.

Some parts of the book are not dark enough or smudged so badly that they cannot be read. These areas will be designated in red with either question marks (????) or as a red underline (    ) depending on what's missing. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Continuation of Old Families


11 Nannie Still. Marmaduke Daniel.
1112 James Daniel. Mary Buffington. See Grant 11121384
2 Moses Daniel. Martha Tarrant.
3 Catherine Daniel. Ellis Buffington. See Grant 11121374
4 Mary Daniel. Thomas Buffington and Lewis BlackburnA43.
5 Walker Daniel. *
6 John Ross Daniel. Martha Martin. See Grant 1112133445
7 Nannie Daniel.
8 Jennie Daniel. * Hiram McCreary.
9 Thomas Daniel. *
114213 Susannah Buffington. Alfred Hudson.
2 Joshua Buffington. Elizabeth Welch and Sabra Lynch.
OK 3 Nannie Buffington. * Thomas Fox Taylor.

4 Elizabeth Blackburn. Alfred Scudder.
5 Frances H. Blackburn. Madison Hudson and Samuel Weil.
6 Mary Blackburn. Thomas Fox Taylor and George Harlan Starr. *
7 Sarah G. Blackburn. Jackson Rogers. A42
8 Louisa Blackburn. Alfred Thompson and Henry Curtis Rogers
9 Cynthia Emily Blackburn. John S. Oliver.
10 Martha Catherine Blackburn. William Pierce Nichols.
11421314 Louisa C. Hudson. * Jacob Alberty.
2 Joshua Thomas Buffington Hudson. Sarah Berry.
11422314 Nannie Buffinglon. William West Alberty, James Blake and William Levesque Wilder.

2 William Wirt Buffington. Josephine Bell and Caroline Thompson nee McCord.
OK 3 John Ross Buffington. Nancy Jane Bryan
4 Webster Buffington. *
5 Eliza Buffington. Joseph George Washington Vann.
6 Mary Jane Buffington. Robert Fletcher Wyly.
11424314 Josephine Helen Scudder. Matthew Bell.
2 Frances Henrietta Scudder. Thomas Allen Warwick.
OK 3 Jacob McCarty Scudder. *
4 Lewis Blackburn Scudder. Malinda Elmira Kelly.
5 William Henry Harrison Scudder. Margaret J. Garmany.
11425314 Lewis Blackburn Hudson. Nannie Malinda Williams.
11426314 John Martin Taylor. *
11427314 Laura Rogers. Thomas Dunn Bard.
2 Emily Lovely Cherokee Rogers. Nathan Wofford.
OK 3 Sarah Rogers. William Cavender.
4 William Ridge Rogers. Lucy P. Rogers.
11428314 Mary Kinney Rogers.
2 Catherine Rogers. Isaac Newton Strickland.
OK 3 Lucy P. Rogers. * William Ridge Rogers.
4 Eugene Overby Rogers. William Rufus Greer.
5 William Henry Rogers. Margaret Elizabeth McGee nee Pemberton.
6 Stonewall Jackson Rogers. Fannie Kelly.
11429314 Georgia Ann Oliver. William Hamilton.
2 Joshua Oliver. *
OK 3 Albert Gallatin Oliver. Stella Roberson.
4 Homer Oliver. *
114210314 Mary Jane Nichols. Nicholas Bittings.
2 Henry Nichols. *
3 Jackson Nichols. Octavia Lowe.
4 Augustus Beauregard Nichols. Alice S. McGhee.
5 Sarah Catherine Nichols. Micajah Pope Haynes.
6 Emma Nichols. *
7 Elizabeth Nichols. *
8 Taylor Osceola Nichols. Laura Stafford.


11 Malinda Wharton. Thomas Chisholm and William Wilson. A44
1112 Jennie Elizabeth Chisholm. Joseph Blagne Lynde and Caswell Wright Bruton.
2 Alfred Finney Chisholm. Margaret Harper.
OK 3 William Wharton Chisholm. Susie Pindar.
4 Narcissa Clark Chisholm. Robert Latham Owen.

5 Emily Walker Wilson. Napoleon Bonaparte Breedlove.
6 William Wilson. * Alice Coody.
111213 Alice Lynde. William Otway Owen.

2 Caroline Walton Bruton. John Washington Breedlove.
OK 3 Robert Owen Bruton. *
4 Wilson Otho Bruton. Mary L. Goodman.
113213 Alice Chisholm. James Henry Cobb.
2 Narcissa Chisholm. * Matthew Archer and Frank Taylor.
11421314 William Otway Chalmers Owen.
OK 2 Robert Latham Owen. Daisy Hester.
115213 Lelia Wilson Breedlove. James Senora Stapler.
2 Waller Winchester Breedlove. Priscilla Williams.
OK 3 Emma Maria Breedlove. *
4 Florence Breedlove. Othie Andrew Smith.
5 Jennie Breedlove. *
11121314 Robert Otway Owen. Rowena Booth.
2 Jennie Owen. Charles Heald.
OK 3 William Otway Owen. Mary H. Severs.
4 Charles Owen. Pauline Webb.
5 Owen Owen. Cassie Breedlove.
6 Alice Owen.
11122314 James Willloughby Breedlove. Mary Beatty Eiffort.
2 William Otway Breedlove. Cecil Watts.
3 John Chisholm Breedlove. Allie Rhea Garrett.
4 Cassie Breedlove. Owen Owen.
5 Wharton Hicks Breedlove. Ordie Boozman.
6 Walton David Breedlove. Ora Walton.
7 Charles Winchester Breedlove. Esther Snyder.
11124314 Caswell Bates Bruton. Nina Smith.
OK 2 Robert Otho Bruton. Edith Browntield.
11321314 James Edward Cobb. Sarah C. Morris.
2 Charles Henry Cobb. Addie Watson.
OK 3 Andrew Jackson Cobb. Lucy Watson.
4 William Wharton Cobb.
5 Susannah May Cobb. Roy Zufall.
11421314 William Otway Chalmers Owen. Una.
11422314 Dorothea Owen. John Hawkins.
11521314 Lorena Oklahoma Stapler. Earl Hampton Fleming.
2 Anna Phillips Stapler. Williams Jerrems.
OK 3 Otway Hicks Stapler. * Evelyn Gidney.
4 John Wharton Stapler.
11524314 Lee Breedlove Smith.
2 Lelia Lucile Smith.
OK 3 Ruby Emily Smith
4 Owen Philip Smith.
1112131415 Otway Owen.
2 Owen Owen.
1112231415 Willoughby Walton Breedlove.
2 Jack Thompson Breedlove
OK 3 William Curtis Breedlove.
1112232415 Bessie Breedlove.
2 William Otway Breedlove.
1112233415 John Chisholm Breedlove.
1112235415 Jane Gail Breedlove.
1112236415 Walton David Breedlove.
1112237415 Signa Gloria Breedlove.
1112431415 Dale Bruton.
2 Joseph Bruton.
OK 3 Wilson Otho Bruton.
1142231415 Owen Hutchins Hawkins
1152131415 James Stapler Fleming.
2 John Barton Fleming.
3 Anna Eugenia Fleming.
1152132415 Alexander Stapler Jerrems.


11 Nathaniel Carter.
1112 Alexander Carter. Nannie.
2 Jennie Carter. Reuben Tyner.
OK 3 David Carter. Jennie Riley. A45
112213 Nathan Tyner. Elizabeth Childers.
2 Mary Tyner.          Irving, William Riley Butler and John Ramsey.
OK 3 Jackson Tyner. Delilah Seabolt and Letitia Gunter nee Keys.
4 Eliza Tyner. John Ramsey, Jefferson Hair and Samuel Ward.
5 Leroy Tyner. Mary Sanders.
113213 Richard Carter. Nannie Coody.
2 Alexander Carter.
OK 3 John Ross Carter. * Sarah Rogers.
4 Benjamin Wisner Carter. Nannie Elliott and Serena Josephine Guy.
5 Diana Carter. William Parrott.
6 Sallie F. Carter. Looney Rattlinggourd.
7 Jefferson Carter. Susie Robertson nee Lowrey and Mary Webb.
8 Nannie Carter. James Brown.
9 David Tecumseh Carter. Emma Williams Chambers.
10 Osceola Carter. *
11221314 Lewis Tyner. Sallie Parris and Ellen White.
2 Alexander Tyner. Catherine Smith and Jennie Cain.
OK 3 Medley Tyner. Nannie Childers.
4 Seaborn Thorn Tyner. Elizabeth Bender and Catherine Sampson nee McLish.
5 Reuben Bartley Tyner. Mary Ann Rogers and Roxie Ann Pierson.
6 Doctor Jayne Tyner.
7 Sarah Jane Tyner. John W. Baker and John Thomas.
11222314 Eliza Irving. Neeley Denton.
2 Cynthia Irving. Isaac William Keys.

3 Ruth Ann Butler. Hugh Russell.
4 William Butler. *

5 Mary Ramsey. Schooler Cobb and Calvin L. Kinyon.
11223314 Reuben R. Tyner. Almira Irons.
2 Elizabeth Tyner. * Edward Melton.

3 Nannie Tyner.. William Pettit.
4 Lydia Tyner. Bluford West Rider.
5 George W. Tyner. Mary Shaw and Mary Ann Elder.
6 Fannie Tyner. *
11224314 Jennie Ramsey. Isaac William Keys.
2 Lewis Clark Ramsey. Sarah Ruth Mosely.
3 Catherine Ramsey. Cyrus Lawrence,         Holt, Samuel Keys and Moses Harris.

4 Frances Marion Hair. Sarah Watkins.

5 Joseph Ward. Malissa York.
6 John Ward. Annie York.
7 Sarah Ward. William Clemens York.
11225314 Martha Tyner. Frank Boyd Swift.
11321314 James Madison Carter. *
2 Jennie Carter. *
3 Nellie Carter. * Talbert McNair.
4 Richard R. Carter.
11324314 John Elliott Carter. Mary Eliza Heald.
OK 2 Charles David Carter. Ada Gertrude Wilson and Cecile Jones nee Whittington.
11325314 Elizabeth Parrott. * John R. McNair.
2 Cynthia Parrott. Dr. Thomas Benton Dickson.
OK 3 Serena Carter ParrotL William Fair McSpadden.
11326314 James Gourd.
OK 2 Henry Gourd. Tottie M. Trotter and Sarah Hair.
11329314 Minnie Carter. * Stephen Riley Lewis.


11         Adair.
1112 John Adair. Ga-ho-ga and Jennie Kilgore. A47
2 Edward Adair. Elizabeth.
111213 Samuel Adair. Margaret Deeson and Edith Pounds.
2 Walter Adair. Rachel Thompson. A48
OK 3 Charlotte Adair. Stephen Ray.
4 Edward Adair. Martha Ritchie.
5 John Adair. *

6 James Adair.
7 Thomas Benjamin Adair. Rachel Lynch.
8 Margaret Jane Adair. William Richardson Nicholson.
9 William Henry Adair.
10 Charles Duncan Adair.
11 George Washington Adair.
12 Elbert Earl Adair.
13 Mary Adair.
14 Benjamin Franklin Adair.
15 John Alexander Adair. Eliza Keys nee Gunter.
112213 Edward Adair. Nannie Shields and Mary Harnage.
OK 2 Walter Scott Adair. Nannie Harris. A49
11121314 Samuel Adair. Mary Hughes.
2 Andrew Adair. Sallie Copeland, Mary Miller, Elsie and Annie Vann.
OK 3 Charlotte Adair. Stephen Ray.
4 Margaret Catherine Adair. Thomas Wilson Bigby.

5 Mary Adair. Benjamin Franklin Adair and George W. Gage.
6 Rachel Pounds Adair. James Jenkins Trott.
7 Anna Adair. *
8 John Lafayette Adair. Elizabeth Alabama Scrimsher.
9 Elizabeth Adair. Sterling Scott.
11122314 Mary Adair. Thomas Goss.
2 George Washington Adair. Martha Martin.
OK 3 Nannie Adair. Samuel Mayes.
4 Sallie Adair. James Jenkins Trott.
5 John Thompson Adair. Frances E. Thompson and Penelope Mayfield.
11123314 John Adair Bell. Jennie Martin, Elizabeth Harnage and Sabra Buffington nee Lynch.
2 Elizabeth Hughes Bell. George Washington Candy.
OK 3 David Bell. Nannie Martin and Elizabeth Thornton nee Phillips. *
4 Samuel W. Bell. Rachel Martin.
5 Nannie Bell. George Harlan Starr.
6 Devereaux Jarrette Bell. * Juliette Lewis Vann.
7 Sallie Caroline Bell. Stand Watie.
8 Charlotte Bell. William J. Dupree.
9 James Madison BelL Caroline Lynch.
10 Martha J. Bell. Walter Adair Duncan.
11124314 Benjamin Franklin Adair. Mary Adair.
2 John Adair. Annie Berry Graham.
OK 3 Narcena Adair. Collins McDonald.
4 Sarah Ann Adair. Calvin Price Guthrie.

5 Calvin Adair. Lucinda Miller.
11127314 John Lynch Adair. Mary Jane Jeffries.
111215314 Benjamin Franklin Adair. Lola Spurlock.
OK 2 Eliza Adair. George Matthews and Carter Daniel Markham.
11321314 Delilah Adair. Joseph McMinn Starr.
2 Susie Adair. *

OK 3 Jennie Adair. John Perry Oliver Clyne.
4 Edley Adair. Emily Rogers.
5 Elizabeth Adair. John Hildebrand Cookson.
11222314 Elizabeth Neeley Adair. Timothy Meigs Walker.
OK 3 Susan Caroline Adair. Robert S. C. Noel and Edward Dow Allen.
4 Sarah Ann Adair. Wiiiiam Penn Adair.
5 Edward Underwood Adair. *
6 Mary Buffington Adair. Walter Thompson Adair.
7 Hugh Montgomery Adair. Elizabeth Jane Hearst, Martha L. Johnson and Phoeba Acena Morris nee Pace.
8 Lucy Fields Adair. Waldemar S. Lindsley.
9 Minerva Cornelia Adair. *
1112131415 George M. Adair. Catherine Fields.
2 Charlotte Adair. Charles Pettit and Archibald Sixkiller.
OK 3 Audelia Adair. Dennis Gonzales.
4 John Bell Adair. Elizabeth Clingan.
1112132415 George Washington Adair. Malzenie Elizabeth Linder * and Mary        .
2 Margaret Adair. Jesse Mayfield and Samuel Adair Bigby.
OK 3 Jennie Adair. * James Christopher McCoy and John Hunt.
4 Samuel Adair. * Jennie Buffington.
5 Collins Adair. *
6 Emily Adair. William Nucholls Littlejohn.
7 Charlotte Ann Adair. Joshua Sanders.

8 Ellen Adair. Richard Martin McCoy.
9 Rufus Bell Adair. Jennie Fields and Elizabeth Sabina Buffington.

10 Susan Adair. * John Hunt.
11 Catherine Adair.
14 Malzerine Elizabeth Adair. Caleb Ellis Starr.

15 Rosella Adair. John Downing, George Downing and Mitchell Squirrel.
16 Edward Sylvester Adair. Rebecca Baugh and Caroline Boudinot Brewer.
1112133415 Margaret Ray. Robert Garvin.
2 Sarah Catherine Ray. James Devine and William Covington Ghormley.
OK 3 Elizabeth Ray. Joshua Bertholf Duncan.
4 Ruth Ray. *
5 Wesley Ray. *
6 Walter Adair Ray.
7 Andrew Ray.
1112134415 Samuel Adair Bigby. Margaret Mayfield nee Adair.
2 Mary Ann Bigby. Charles Austin Augustus Rider.
OK 3 James Lafayette Bigby. Nannie Caroline McCoy.
4 Charlotte Elizabeth Bigby. Robert Harrison Fletcher.
5 Benjamin Jackson Bigby. *
6 Stephen Foreman Bigby. *
7 Esther Smith Bigby. Harrison Roberts.
8 Thomas Whitfield Bigby. Rebecca Thompson.
9 David Taylor Bigby. Nancy Jane Guilliams.
10 Malinda Jane Bigby.
1112135415 Martha Jane Adair. Silas Aiken.
2 Ross Adair.
OK 3 Mary Elizabeth Adair. *
4 Benjamin Adair. Sarah Guerin.
5 Rachel Ann Adair. James Roe Trippard and Charles L. Bowden.
1112136415 Nannie A. Trott. Joseph George Vann.
2 John Ross Trott. Emma A. Clayton.
OK 3 James Campbell Trott. Madora Stover.
4 Timothy Trott. *
5 Elizabeth Trott. *
6 William Lafayette Trott. Malinda Stover * and Louisa Moore.
7 Charlotte Trott. Benjamin Johnson.
8 Henry Harden Trott. Eliza Cannon nee Harlan.
1112138415 Levi Adair. Eliza Consene nee Vann.

OK 2 John Martin Adair. Triphena Terrell.
1112139415 Stella Ann Adair. George Washington Scott.
OK 2 Maybelle Adair. Martin Van Benge.
1112231415 Walter Adair Goss. *
2 Benjamin Franklin Goss. Sarah Emily Bean and Demaris Pace.
OK 3 Rachel Elizabeth Goss. Richard F. Fields.
1112232415 William Penn Adair. Sarah Ann Adair and Sue Mcintosh Drew.
2 Brice Martin Adair. Sarah McNair.
OK 3 Walter Thompson Adair. Mary Buffington Adair, Ruth A. Markham and Fannie Gray.
4 John Ticanooly Adair. Martha Nannie Thompson.
5 Mary Ellen Adair. Joseph Franklin Thompson.
6 Benjamin Franklin Adair. Mary Delilah McNair.
7 Rachel Jane Adair. Milton Howard McCullough.
8 Cherokee Cornelia Adair. Jesse Bushyhead Mayes.
1112233415 George Washington Mayes. Charlotte Bushyhead and Sarah Alice Nicodemus nee Taylor.
2 John Thompson Mayes. Cynthia Pack Davis.
OK 3 Frank A. O. Mayes.
4 James Allen Mayes. Ophelia Davis, Ruth Springston and Annie Foster.
5 Joel Bryan Mayes. * Martha McNair, Martha J. Candy and Mary Drew nee Vann.
6 Walter Adair Mayes.
7 Rachel Mayes. Lucullus McNair and John W. Petty.
8 William Henry Mayes. Rachel May, Eliza Jane Bell, Martha McNair and Susan Virginia Weir.
9 Richard Taylor Mayes. *
10 Samuel Houston Mayes. Martha Elizabeth Vann and Minnie Harrison nee
11 Wiley B. Mayes. Emma Bonebrake, Margaret Gillis nee McLaughin and Ermina Cherokee Vann.
12 Noel French Mayes. *
1112234415 Benjamin Walter Trott. Eliza Forester, Sarah Seabolt nee Campbell and Rebecca Statlord nee Moore.
OK 2 Mary Thompson Trott. John P. Stidham, Mark Tiger and Thomas Howie.
1112235415 Jesse Maylield Adair. *
2 Rachel Louvenia Adair. David McNair Faulkner.
OK 3 Sarah Ruth Adair. Charles Washington Starr.
4 Oscar Fitzaland Adair. Mary Catherine Rider and
5 Edward Everett Adair. Rachel Louvenia Twist.
6 John Harrell Adair. Emma Choate.
7 Samuel Houston Adair. Sarah Stapler Ross.
1112331415 Andromache Bell. Harvey Shelton.
2 Maria Josephine Bell. William Wirt Buliington.
OK 3 Charlotte Bell. James W. Ivey.
4 Lucien Burr Bell. Sabra Ann Cunningham and Mary Frances Starr.

5 Nannie Bell. Cicero Leonidas Lynch.

6 Nancy Ann Bell. Quinton Kosciusko Gibson and James Ellis Harlan.
1112332415 John Candy. *
2 Maria Candy. *
OK 3 Worcester Candy. *
4 Charlotte Candy. William Fields.
5 Martha J. Candy. * Joel Bryan Mayes.
6 Juliette Melvina Candy. John Gunter Scrimsher.
1112333415 John Francis Bell. *

2 John Martin Bell. Sarah Catherine Harnage.
OK 3 Foster Bell. *
1112334415 George Bell. *
2 John Bell. *
OK 3 Eliza Jane Bell. William Henry Mayes.
1112335415 John Walker Starr.
2 Mary Frances Starr. Lucien Burr Bell.
OK 3 George Colbert Starr. *
4 Ezekial Eugene Starr. Margaret Starr.
5 Joseph Jarrette Starr.
6 Caleb Ellis Starr. Malzerine Elizabeth Adair and Jennie Butler nee.
7 Samuel Jesse Starr. Sarah Ruth McClure.
1112337415 Saladin Ridge VVatie. *
2 Solon Watie. *
OK 3 Nannie Josephine Watie. * John Martin Daniel.
4 Charlotte Jackoline Watie. *
1112338415 Emma Dupree. * John C. Gray.
2 William E. Dupree. Fannie Wright.
3 Annie Eugenia Dupree. Dr. Alfred Marshall Clinkscales.
4 Maude Ethel Dupree.
1112339415 Caroline Bell. Frank Skinner.
2 Charlotte Bell. * Elijah J. Warren.
OK 3 Delia Palmer Bell. Jefferson Jordan.
4 William Watie Bell.
11123310415 Mariamme Celeste Duncan. * Thomas Everidge Oaks.
2 Anacreon Bell Duncan. *
OK 3 Jarrette Mirini Duncan. Nannie Buffington.
1112431415 Martha Jane Adair. Silas Aiken.
2 Ross Adair. *
OK 3 Mary Elizabeth Adair. *
4 Benjamin Adair. Sarah Guerin.
5 Rachel Ann Adair. James Roe Trippard and Charles L. Bowden.
1112432415 Mildred Thomas Adair. John Rufus Allison.
2 Virgil Balentine Adair. Talitha Jane Bates.
OK 3 Edward Alexander Adair. Narcissa Malissa Harrison.
4 Margaret Martha Adair. John Christopher Hogan.
5 Narcena Ann Berry Adair. Napoleon Bonaparte Littlejohn.
6 William Pendleton Adair. Julia Frances Allison.
1112433415 John Ross McDonald. Sarah Malinda Adair.
2 Mary Ann McDonald. David Wilson Harrison.
OK 3 George Washington McDonald. Sarah Elizabeth Boles nee Jernigan.
4 Martha Caroline McLDonald. Levi Anderson, Daniel King Wetzel.
5 Andrew Adair McDonald. *
6 Sarah Jane McDonald. John A. Moreland.
7 Emily Clay McDonald. John Alberty.
8 Nannie Missouri McDonald. Joseph Kincaid and Addison D. Reeves.
1112434415 Mary Harriette Guthrie. Benjamin Gilreath Fletcher.
2 Loren Philemon Guthrie. Sarah Emma Kelly and Mary Simms.
OK 3 Calvin Price Guthrie. Ruth Collins.
4 Sarah Ann Guthrie. William Kelly.
5 Walter Duncan Guthrie.
6 Florence Azilee Guthrie. Joseph P. Willis.
7 Oscar Guthrie.
1112435415 Ephriam Martin Adair. Sallie Starr and Louvenia Jane Lewis.
OK 2 George Washington Adair. Lucy Starr.
1112731415 Thomas James Adair. Lena Harnage.
2 Rachel Louisa Adair. Willliam Peters McClellan.
OK 3 Arthur Franklin Adair. Mary Elizabeth Miller.
4 John Lynch Adair. Abbie G. Boardman.
5 Mary Zoe Adair. Claude Stull Shelton.
11121531415 Alice Adair.
2 Etta Adair.
OK 3 Olney Morgan Adair.
4 William Penn Adair.
11121532415 George Matthews. *

2 Fortner Covel Markham.
OK 3 Beatrice Markham.
4 DeWitt Markham.
5 | David Hogan Markham. Joy Pratt.
6 | Earl Byrne Markham. Camille Lannom.
7 Lucile Markham.
1122131415 Nancy Ann Starr. William Wirt Duncan and Young Charles Gordon Duncan.
2 George Harlan Starr.
OK 3 Martha Jane Starr. George Washington Crittenden.
4 Joseph McMinn Starr. Sarah Crittenden and Susie Shell.
5 Walter Adair Starr. Ruth Ann Alberty nee Thornton, Ella Elizabeth Christie and Saphronia Barrett nee Crutchtield*
6 Sallie Elizabeth Starr. Frank Howard.
7 Edward Bruce Starr. Rachel Pauline Henry.
8 Clement Vann Starr. *
9 Caleb Wilson Starr.
1122133415 Emily Clyne. Frank Howard.
2 Edward Adair Clyne. Nannie J. Whitmire.
OK 3 Elizabeth Clyne. Martin Jackson Bradford.
4 Sallie Clyne.
5 Timothy Walker Clyne. Nora Alice Smith.
6 Ella Clyne. Frank Stapler Howard.
1122134415 Ruth Adair. *
2 James Adair.
1122135415 Andrew Griffin Cookson. Mary Jane Carlile.
2 Edley Levi Cookson. Agnes Pettit.
3 Joseph J. Cookson. Eliza Pettit.
4 Delilah Cookson. Michael K. Patrick.
1122231415 Emily Walker. John Polk Drake.
2 Nannie Adair Walker. James Albert Coleman.
OK 3 John Walker. Susie Danenburg.
4 Suake Walker. * Mary Delilah Johnson.
5 Richard Martin Walker. Elizabeth Pettit and Edith Smith nee Hicks.
6 Edward Adair Walker. Catherine Deerinthewater.
7 Lowrey Pack Walker. Sarah Brown.
8 Timothy Meigs Walker. *
9 Thomas Hindman Walker. *
1122232415 Penelope Adair. Philip T. Johnson.
2 Nannie Ruth Adair. John Pinckney Painter.
OK 3 Mary Lucinda Adair. William Gott.
4 John Walker Adair. Sarah Tula Smith.
5 Margaret Elizabeth Adair. Alfred Estis Holland.
6 Minerva Cornelia Adair. Thomas H. Horn.
7 George Starr Adair. Stella Rhodes.
1122233415 Walter Alanson Allen. Frances E. Leatherwood.
1122234415 Martha Caroline Adair. * George Humiston Lewis.
OK 2 Mary Elizabeth Adair. Colonel Johnson Harris.
1122236415 William Penn Adair. Margaret Rogers.
2 Ella Adair. DeWitt Clinton Wilson.
1122237415 Edward Henry Adair. Martha M. Leatherwood.
2 James Warren Adair.
OK 3 Mary Louella Adair. *
4 Timothy Meigs Adair. Martha Sanders and         
1122238415 Sarah Elizabeth Lindsley. Nathan Baron Danenburg.


11 Ghi-goo-ie. William Shorey. A50
2 Elizabeth Shorey. John Lowrey.
111213 Mary McDonald. Daniel Ross. A51
112213 Elizabeth Lowrey. William Shorey Pack.
11121314 Jennie Ross. Joseph Coody.
2 Elizabeth Ross. John Golden Ross.
OK 3 John Ross. Quatie and Mary Bryan Stapler.
4 Lewis Ross. Fannie Holt.
5 Susannah Ross. Henry Nave.
6 Andrew Ross. Susan Lowrey.
7 Annie Ross. William Nave.
8 Margaret Ross. Elijah Hicks.
9 Maria Ross. Jonathan Mulkey.
11221314 Thomas Jefferson Pack. Jennie Taylor.
OK 2 Cynthia Pack. John Cowart.
1112131415 William Shorey Coody. Susan Henley and Elizabeth Pack Fields.
2 Mary Coody. Nicholas Dalton Scales.
OK 3 Daniel Ross Coody. Amanda Drew, Sarah Ross and Eliza Levisa Bennett.
4 Elizabeth Coody. * Greenwood LeFlore.
5 Letitia Coody. Looney Price.
6 Maria Ross Coody. John Gabriel Madison Hawkins.
7 Louisa Jane Coody. Frederick Augustus Kerr.
8 Flora Coody. General Daniel Henry Rucker.
9 Joseph McDonald Coody. Mary Rebecca Harris nee Thornberry and Mary Muskogee Hardage.
1112132415 William Potter Ross. Mary Jane Ross.
2 Daniel Hicks Ross. Catherine Gunter.
OK 2 Eliza Jane Ross. *
4 John Andrew Ross. Eliza Wilkerson.
5 Elnora Ross. *
6 Lewis Anderson Ross. Nellie Potts.
1112133415 James Ross. Sallie Mannion.
2 Allen Ross. Jennie Fields.
OK 3 Jennie Ross. Return Johnathan Meigs and Andrew Ross Nave.
4 Silas Dean Ross. * Nannie Rhoda Stirt, Jennie Sanders and Elizabeth Raper.
5 George Washington Ross. Nannie Otterlifter.

6 John Ross. Elizabeth Chouteau and Louisa Catherine Means.

7 Annie Bryan Ross. * Leonidas Dobson.
8 John Ross. Caroline Cornelison Lazalear and Christine Foreman nee Haglund.
1112134415 Minerva A. Ross. * George Michael Murrell.
2 John McDonald Ross.
3 Araminta Ross. James Springston Vann.
4 Robert Daniel Ross. Caroline Todd.
5 Mary Jane Ross. William Potter Ross.
6 Amanda Melvina Ross. George Michael Murrell.

7 Henry Clay Ross. Elizabeth Campbell and Josephine Pettit.

8 Sarah Ross. Daniel Ross Coody.

10 Helen Ross. Lewis Rogers.

10 Jack Spears Ross. Elizabeth Feelin.
2 Mary Nave. Anderson Pierce Lowrey.
3 John Nave. Rachel Looney.
4 Daniel R. Nave. Jennie Carey.
5 Andrew Ross Nave. Jennie Meigs nee Ross.
6 Elvira Nave. Charles Clayhorn Price, Joseph M. Gilbert and Samuel McDaniel.
7 George Washington Nave. * Sarah Josephine Vaught.
8 Minerva Nave. Riley Keys.
9 Frances M. Nave. John Carroll Cunningham
10 Susie Nave. Watie Robertson
11 Henry Nave. Charlotte Reese
1112136415 Oliver Perry Ross. Susan Vann, Elzina Hair nee Goonan.
2 Daniel H. Ross. Naomi Chisholm and Sarah Halfbreed.
OK 3 Andrew J. Ross. Nannie Otterlifter and Nannie Halfbreed.
4 Samuel Houston Ross. Sarah Grimmett.
5 William Coody Ross. Mary Ann Spears.
6 Joseph Miller Ross. Ruth Drew.
7 Joshua Ross. Muskogee Yargee.
8 Richard Johnson Ross. Elizabeth Stidham.
9 Jennie Pocahontas Ross. John D. Murrell.
1112137415 Mary Ann Nave. John Clark and Flea Smith.
2 Nannie Nave. Samuel Riley.
1112138415 Senora Hicks. Susan.
2 Jennie Hicks. John Wardell Stapller.
OK 3 Daniel Ross Hicks. Nancy Jane Rider, Esther Pritchett and Nancy Evaline Green nee Linder.
4 Mary Hicks. Joseph Rogers McCoy.
5 Charles Renatus Hicks. * Lucinda Ross.
6 John Ross Hicks. Catherine Beavert,* Sabra Buffington McCoy, * Mary A. Chambers and Mary Elizabeth Rockwell.
7 Victoria Susan Hicks. DeWitt Clinton Lipe.
1112139415 James Daniel Mulkey. Elizabeth Cleveland Joy.
2 Lewis Andrew Mulkey. Adeline Coins.
OK 3 William Ross Mulkey. Margaret Rebecca Hudson.
1122131415 Lowrey Vann Pack.
2 William Shorey Pack. Jennie Starr and Araminta Ragsdale nee Gunter.
OK 3 Cynthia Pack. Daniel Harmon.
4 Amanda Pack, Thomas Cordery.
1122132415 Lemuel Cowart. Mary Ann Dameron.
2 Jennie Cowart. Matthew Williams.
OK 3 Thomas Cowart. Jennie Day.
4 John Cowart. Fannie Huey.
5 Slater Cowart. Nannie King.
111213141516 Henrietta Jane Coody. *

2 William Shorey Coody *
3 Ella Flora Coody. Joseph Madison Robinson.
111213142516 Nancy Jane Scales. Abner Sayers.
2 Charlotte Gordon Scales. John Thompson Drew.
OK 3 Eliza Scales. * William Ratliff.
4 Joseph Absalom Scales. Rose Tally and Amanda Patience Fowler nee Morgan.
111213143516 Alice Coody. William Wilson.
2 Lewis R. Coody. Mary Susan Cordery, Elizabeth Collier, Nannie Hanks and Martha Lavina Hill.
OK 3 Mary Coody. *
4 Sarah Coody. *
5 Martha Coody. *
6 Joseph Coody.
7 Margaret Coody. John Stringer Scott.
8 Daniel Ross Coody. Julia Griffin.
9 Letitia Coody. Edward Smith.
111213145516 William Shorey Price.
2 Daniel Coody Price. Mary Ann Jones.
OK 3 Montezuma Price. Alice Johnson.
4 Millard Filmore Price. *
5 George Murrell Price. Eliza Jane Vinyard nee Roach.
6 Annie F. Price. Otis Saladin Skidniore.
7 Caroline Walker Price. James Lee Floyd.
111213146516 Martha Jane Hawkins. Hamilton Alexander Starkweather.
2 | Henry Clay Hawkins.
OK 3 | Samuel Frelinghyson Hawkins.
4 Maria Louisa Hawkins. Henry Graham Wood.
5 John Gabriel Hawkins. Flora Madeline Thorne.
6 Nannie Ross Hawkins. *
7 Sarah Stapler Hawkins. Dennis Wesley Smith.
111213147516 Frank Kerr. Margaret Taylor, Jennie Mclva Ross, Elizabeth Clyne and Fannie Lowrey nee Hendricks.
2 Flora McIva Kerr. Henry Lisenbe.
OK 3 Minerva Murrell Kerr. George Washington Hendricks.
4 William Wirt Kerr.
5 Neville Craig Kerr. Lucinda Lowrey.
6 Annie Eliza Kerr. George Washington Elliott.
7 John Ross Kerr. *
8 Frederick Augustus Kerr. Eva Scott.
9 Mary Elizabeth Kerr. Conrad Koehler and Moses Anspach.
10 Charles Ross Coody Kerr. *
111213148516 Ross Rucker. *
2 Louisa Rucker.
111213149516 Sarah Jane Coody.
2 Flora Rucker Coody. Richard Young Audd.
OK 4 William Shorey Coody. Louvenia Gaylor.
3 Eula Muskogee Coody. Edward Hendricks Walker.
5 Minnie Vann Coody. David Washington.
6 Amanda Ella Coody. Laurel Pittman.
111213241516 William Dayton Ross. *
2 Emma Lincoln Ross.
OK 3 Cora Ross. Dr. Robert B. Howard.
4 Mary Ross. William R. Badgett.
5 Hubbard Ross. Harriette Babb.
6 Phillips Ross. *
111213242516 Edward Gunter Ross.
2 William Potter Ross. Maude Walker.
OK 3 Catherine E. Ross. George Oliver Butler.
111213244516 John Houston Ross. Lillian M. Glasglow.
2 Flora Lee Ross. Charles Walter Phillips.
OK 3 Dannie Hughes Ross. Bates B. Burnett.
4 Eliza Jane Ross. William Finley Blakemore.
111213246516 McDonald Ross.
2 Shorey W. Ross.
OK 3 Eliza Ross.
4 William Potter Ross. Annie May Balentine.
5 Lewis Anderson Ross.
6 Wirt Ross.
7 Daniel Hughes Ross.
111213341516 Susannah Coody Ross. Isaac Alexander Wilson.
OK 2 Gilbert Russell Ross. Emetine Parris and Mary J. Christian.
111213342516 Lucinda Ross. * Charles Renatus Hicks.
2 Victoria Ross. *
OK 3 Susan H. Ross. Osceola Powell Daniel.
4 Rufus O. Ross. Elizabeth Grace Meigs.
5 Robert Bruce Ross. Fannie Thornton.
6 Emma Ross. Osceola Powell Daniel.
7 William Wallace Ross. Delilah Jane Daniel.
8 Elizabeth Ross. * John Ross Vann.
111213343516 John Ross Meigs. Mary Elizabeth Freeman.
2 Henry Clay Meigs. Josephine L. Bigelow.
OK 3 Elizabeth Grace Meigs. Rufus O. Ross.
4 Return Robert Meigs. Jennie Ross, Helen Chrissie Blevins.
5 Submit Meigs. John Francis Lyons.

6 Andrew Ross Nave. Julia Eagle.
7 Henrietta Jane Nave. William Henry Hinton.
111213345516 Jennie McIvie Ross. * Frank Kerr.
2 Silas Dinsmore Ross. Susie Backbone and Sarah Osborn.
OK 3 Sarah Stapler Ross. Samuel Houston Adair.

4 Mary Jones Ross. James Franklin Petty.
111213346516 Emily Jane Ross. Clement Denoya.
2 Mary Ellen Ross. Thomas Joseph Rogers and Oscar C. Hadden.

3 Ida Ross.
4 Floyd Freeman Ross.
111213348516 Addie Roche Ross. William Henry Norrid.
2 Leonidas Cookman Ross. Grace Keam
OK 3 Mary Ross. *
111213443516 Fannie Vann. Florian Haradin Nash.
111213444516 Lewis Ross. Laura Augusta French.
2 Edward Pope Ross.
OK 3 Belle Ross.
4 Alice Ross. Dr. Robert B. Howard.
5 Fannie M. Ross. Herbert Kneeland.
111213445516 William Dayton Ross. *
2 Emma Lincoln Ross.
OK 3 Cora Ross. Dr. Robert B. Howard.
4 Mary Ross. William R. Badgett.
5 Hubbard Ross. Harriette Babb.
6 Phillips Ross. *
111213446516 George Ross Murrell. Margaret Gavin.
2 Fannie Elizabeth Murrell. Frank Alexander and J. Emory Hughes.
OK 3 Rosanna E. Murrell. William Archer Chambers.
4 Louis Edward Murrell.
111213447516 Frank Ross. Ella Fisher.

2 Margaret Jane Ross. Joel Mayes Bryan.
OK 3 Joseph Miller Ross.
4 Felix Henry Ross.
5 Mary J. Ross.
111213448516 Alice Coody. William Wilson.
2 Lewis Ross Coody. Mary Susan Cordery, Elizabeth Collier, Nannie Hanks and Martha Lavenia Hill.
OK 3 Mary Coody. *
4 Sarah Coody. *
5 Martha Coody. *
6 Joseph Coody. Eliza Swett and Margaret A. King nee Lindsey.
7 Margaret Coody. John Stringer Scott.
8 Daniel Ross Coody. Julia Griffin.
111213449516 Rosalie Rogers. Benjamin Franklin Avant.
OK 2 Lewis Rogers.
1112134410516 Jackson Ross. Jessie E. Vann.
2 Lewis Ross. Sarah Hosey.
3 John Ross. Anna Hosey.
4 Nannie Ross. Lewis Mouse.
111213541516 Mary Gunter. Ezekial Jack and Jonathan Riley.
2 Susie Gunter. George R. Johnson and James Choate.
OK 3 Samuel Gunter. Fannie Daniel.
4 Araminta Gunter. John Ragsdale, William Shorey Pack.
5 John Edward Gunter. Mary Lee.
6 George Washington Gunter. Catherine Benge, Mary Davis and Ella Spradling.
7 Elizabeth Gunter. *
8 Jeanette Gunter. Jacob Edward Barrow.
111213542516 Daniel Webster Lowrey. *
2 Henry Lowrey. Mary Parris and Emeline Evans nee Russell.
3 Lucy Ann Lowrey. Charles Hicks Campbell
4 Dollie Eunice Lowrey. James Fields,* Thomas Starr and Charles Galloway.
5 George Lowrey.
6 Susie Lowrey. Richard Robertson and Thomas Jeflerson Carter.
7 Eliza Lowrey. William Henry Davis.
8 James Monroe Lowrey. Susie Vickery.
9 Andrew Lowrey. Dora Pinckney nee Bruton.
111213543516 Silas Nave.
OK 2 Mary Alice Nave. William Penn Payne.
111213544516 Joseph Coody Nave. Sarah Downing, Rachel Pauline Starr nee Henry and
2 Walter Duncan Nave. Sarah Josephine Fane.
3 Samuel Nave. * Annie Cochran nee Coats.
4 Jennie Nave. Walker Russell.
111213545516 Andrew Ross Nave. Julia Eagle.
OK 2 Henrietta Jane Nave. William Henry Hinton.
111213546516 John H. Price. Ruth Ann Starr.
2 Mary Jane Price. Henry James, Wintield Gray and Rev. David Nathaniel Allen.
OK 3 Susie Ann Price. Alexander Gibson Murray.
4 Charles Cintoola Price. *

5 Joanna Gillis. Frank Alexander Billingslea.

6 Martin McDaniel. Delia Moore.
111213548516 Fannie N. Keys. William Henry Balentine.
OK 2 Riley Keys. Julia Turner.
111213549516 Alfred Carroll Cunningham. Laura Lombard
2 William Ross Cunningham.
OK 3 Minnie Ross Cunningham. Richard Fields Vann and Sidney Elllsworth Bell.
1112135411516 John McDonald Nave. *
2 Susie Ellen Nave. Wilson Walkingstick.
3 Henry Dobson Nave.
111213641516 Elizabeth Ross. * Frank Nash.
2 George Lowrey Ross. Ruth B. Springston.
OK 3 Juliette Ross. William Roberson.
4 Mary Ann Bishop Ross. Andrew Hair and William Thomas Jones.
5 Minnie Ross. George A. Walden.
6 Andrew Enoli Ross. Catherine Cooper.
7 Susie Ross. Charles Nicholas Mitchell.
8 Jennie Ross. Joseph Sixkiller.
111213642516 James L. Ross.
2 Jennie Ross. Return Robert Meigs.
OK 3 McDuff Ross. Catherine Nave nee Reese and
4 Alexander Ross. Mary Armstrong.
5 Christopher Ross.
111213643516 Daniel L. Ross. Ruth Caroline Holland.

2 Houston Ross.
OK 3 Lydia Ross. Rufus William Twitty.
111213644516 Susan Ross. Jesse Cochran.
2 John Henry Ross. Fannie Downing.
OK 3 Catherine Ross. Silas Grayson Wills.
111213645516 Rosa Lee Ross. William Samuel Miles.
2 Susie Lowrey Ross.
OK 3 Joshua Ewing Ross. Nellie Banks.
4 John Yargee Ross.
5 Jennie Pocahontas Ross.
111213648516 Catherine Ross. Samuel Grayson.
OK 2 Jennie Ross.
111213741516 Emily Jane Clark. Thomas Ross, John Blackwell and Willis Battles.
2 Sarah Cynthia Clark. Allen Lynch.

OK 3 Ruth Elizabeth Downing. Alexander Buffington and Anderson Lynch.

4 William A. Smith. Sarah Huff.
111213742516 William Riley.
2 Sarah Riley.
111213841516 Jennie Hicks. * William Penn Crowder.
2 Hannah Hicks.
OK 3 Mary Hicks.
4 Charles Hicks.
5 Edward Hicks.
6 Jesse Hicks.
7 John Hicks.
8 Susannah Hicks.
111213842516 James Senora Stapler. Lelia Wilson Breedlove
2 Mary Louise Stapler. *
OK 3 John Brian Stapler. Ella Zaphora Morgan.
4 Margaret Hicks. *
111213843516 Edward Daniel Hicks. Elizabeth Henrietta Musgrove.
111213844516 Margaret McCoy. * John B. Brown.
2 Jennie Diana McCoy. Vann Chambers.
OK 3 Charles Renatus McCoy.
4 Daniel Homer. *
5 Nannie Rider McCoy. Walter Adair Mayes.
111213846516 Henry Chambers Hicks. *
2 Nancy Jane Hicks. Alexander Frederick Parsley.
3 Cora Archer Hicks. Dr. John Otto Rogers.

4 Eugene Ross Hicks.
111213847516 John Gunter Lipe. Sarah Lulu Foreman.
111213941516 Wiley R. Mulkey. Martha Mahala Paul
2 Annie C. Mulkey. Thomas J. Cowan.
3 Alonzo S. Mulkey.
4 Charles Alva Mulkey. Mabel Dell Bomberger.
5 Lewis W. Mulkey.
6 Jonathan Daniel Mulkey. Sallie Vann.
7 Jennie Mulkey.
8 Rose E. C. Mulkey.
111213942516 Lucinda Mulkey. William Askins.
2 Louisa A. Mulkey. Alfred Cox and James B. Kay.
OK 3 Jonathan Mulkey.
4 Isabella Mulkey. Ferdinand Farmer.
5 Julia Mulkey.
6 James Mulkey.
7 Vida Mulkey. William M. Carr.
8 John Ross Mulkey.
111213943516 James Daniel Mulkey. Mary Priscilla Wilson.
2 Mary Brooks Mulkey. Waiter Willis.
OK 3 Amanda Avis Mulkey. John Rankin Amos.
4 Eliza Maria Mulkey. John Thomas Miller.
6 s Mulkey
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