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Native Cultures of the Northeast 

This map depicts the general areas occupied at First Contact, so the "boundaries" are only an approximation.  It does, however, show which groups were united by a similar language and which ones lived in the same area,  thus providing some basis for understanding the shifting alliances in subsequent wars. The small color blocks in Oklahoma show where these groups were relocated in Oklahoma and Indian Territory.

Prairie Algonquin = Red

Great Lake Algonquin = Blue

Iroquois = Green

Northeastern Algonquin = Yellow

Algonquin & Iroquis = Brown

Northeastern groups removed to Oklahoma Territory and the Quapaw Tract.

Prairie Algonquin 

Great Lake Algonquin


Northeastern Algonquin 

Algonquin & Iroquois 


Algonkin Cayuga Abnaki

Meherrin (Iroquois)

Kaskaskia Nipissing Huron Malecite
Kickapoo Ojibway Mohawk Mahican

Nanacoke (Algonquin)

Miami Ottowa Neutral Massachuset
Peoria Potawatomi Onondaga


Nottaway (Iroquois)

Piankashaw   Seneca Mohegan
Shawnee   Tobacco Montauk Pamlico (Algonquin)
Shawnee     Narraganset Powhatan (Algonquin)
Sauk     Nipmuc
Wea     Passamaquoddy Secotan (Algonquin)
      Penobscot Susquehannock (Iroquois)
      Wampanoag Tuscarora (Iroquois)

Weapemeoc (Algonquin)


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