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An Indian Population Schedule was used during the 1900 census, which included "Special Inquiries Relating to Indians" in addition to the standard form.  Clickable links in the table below lead to a few sample pages I have transcribed to demonstrate what information is available.   I have also added the predominant Tribe for each IPS I have, to guide you to the appropriate portion of the census as transcriptions become available online.

In the meantime, if you need a lookup write to me.  Specify the Tribe [Absentee Shawnee, Iowa, Kickapoo, Pottawatomi, or Sac & Fox] and tell me as much as you can about the family you're looking for.  English names, Indian names, ages, where they lived.  The more points I have for comparison, the better chance I have of finding them for you.  

Lincoln Co. Oklahoma Co.

Pottawatomie Co.

38A Iowa 12A Pottawatomi



38B Iowa 155A Kickapoo 56B Kickapoo
39A Iowa     57A Kickapoo
121A Mixed     57B Kickapoo
121B Sac & Fox     58A Kickapoo
122A Sac & Fox     58B Kickapoo
122B Sac & Fox     59A Kickapoo
123A Sac & Fox     59B Kickapoo
123B Sac & Fox     91A Shawnee
124A Sac & Fox     91B Shawnee
124B Sac & Fox     117A Pottawatomi
150A Kickapoo     117B Pottawatomi
150B Kickapoo     139A Shawnee
189A Mixed     139B Sac & Fox
189B Mixed     140A Kickapoo
243A Sac & Fox     140B Kickapoo
243B Sac & Fox     141A Sac & Fox
244A Sac & Fox     141B Kickapoo
244B Sac & Fox     142A Sac & Fox
245A Sac & Fox     155A Sac & Fox
245B Sac & Fox    


Sac & Fox

        175A Shawnee
        175B Pottawatomi
        176A Pottawatomi
        176B Pottawatomi
        177A Pottawatomi
        231A Shawnee
        231B Shawnee
        232A Shawnee
        232B Shawnee
        233A Shawnee
        233B Pottawatomi
        234A Shawnee
        234B Shawnee
        235A Shawnee
        235B Shawnee
        Pupils at Shawnee School

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