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Cemeteries of Johnson County, Texas


A.R. Rawdah (Muslim)FM 917 West of Joshua to CR 1017
Antioch* CR 304a off FM 401 Between Grandview and Alvarado
Atchinson (Nemo)Hwy 67 S. to CR 1119/1234
Baker Lain CR 1239 off FM 14344 in SW part of County
Balch Cemetery (Alvarado) S. Commings Dr at Atchley in Alvarado
Barnsville FM 1807 out of Alvarado to CR 206 south of CR 107
Bethany Rest Hwy 67 between Alvarado and Cleburne to CR 810 N, south of CR 703
BethelWhere CR 204 and FM 2258 cross (Cemetery no longer exists)
Bethesda* Corner of E. Bethesda Rd and US I-35
Boatright §FM 916 west of CR 409B
BohannonCR 401 South of Alvarado to CR 311 1st private road to right
BonoHwy. 67 S. west of Cleburne to FM 2331
Buchanan§CR 1217 south of Hwy 171
BuellCR 317 south of US 67 in Keene
BurlesonMemorial Plaza east of US 35 in Burleson
CaddoFM 1902 north of CR 910
CahillCorner of CR 604 and FM 917 between I-35 and Lillian
Cahill (Old) §FM 917 east to High Medows; to Lakeview Ct. (residential) between I35-W and Lillian
Center League* CR 109 west of CR 211 near Venus.
Center PointSee Laramore listed below.
Chambers MemorialSouth of Rose Hill Cemetery on Island Grove Road (FM 2135)(African American) in Cleburne.
Chapman §CR 402 south of CR 311 south of Alvarado
ClarkHwy 174 (South Hillsboro) in south Cleburne (in pasture on left)

Cleburne Memorial*

405 Waters St., Cleburne.

CopeFM 2738 north of Roberts Rd.
CressonCR 1000 off of Hwy 171 near Cresson
CubaSee Sand Flat listed below.
Dendy Evansadjoining landowner at 5525 CR 305.
Doggett §Corner of CR 920 and CR 919 near Burleson
DukeCR 206 east of CR 206A near Alvarado
EledgeCR 401 north of Grandview
EvansCR 1015 west of Burleson
Faulkenbury CR 305A off of Hwy 171 south west of Cleburne
FriendshipHwy. 171 south of Cleburne to CR 307 to 422/423 first curve to right (This cemetery no longer exists.)
GlenwoodN. Parkway Dr. in Alvarado.
GodleyCorner of CR 1229 and CR 1230 south of Godley
Goodwin-NortonHwy. 174 south of Joshua (This cemetery has been destroyed. Three stones were moved to Chambers Memorial on Island Grove Road inb Cleburne.)
GrandviewFM 4 northwest of Grandview
Grange HallSE Corner of CR 1208 and FM 916 west of Reo Vista
Green Acres*Hwy 174 north of Cleburne
GreenlawnSouth of Rose Hill Cemetery on Island Grove Road (FM 2135) in Cleburne (African-American)
HartCR 1205 east of Rio Vista
HillCR 2415 and 401 south of Alvarado (No longer exists)
Hopewellon Hopewell Rd north of Cleburne
Hughes (Watts) §CR 406 off FM 4 south of Alvarado
Ingle §FM 2258 near Intersection of CR 206 south of Alvarado
Island GroveBetween FM 4 and CR 409 NE of Grandview
Jones §CR 807 near Egan
KeeneMaurice St. in NE Keene
Kemp §West corner of CR 914 and CR 914A SW of Burleson (Behind a Residence)
KennardHwy 171 south of Parker
Kyle-BullardFM 916 southwest of Rio Vista (1st right turn past Fisherman's Paradise)
Lafon §North corner of CR 1235 and CR 1236 (SW Johnson County
Laramore (Center Point) §End of CR 312A off FM 2415
Lane PraireOn CR 704 east of Hwy 174 north of Cleburne
LightfootWest Vaughn Road (CR 901) off Hwy 174 North of Cleburne
Lone CottonwoodOn FM 2331 north of FM 4 (Western part of Johnson County)
MarystownW. Bethesda Rd. (CR 805) and FM 917 east of Joshua
MidwayEnd of CR 316D off of CR 426 east of Cleburne
MorrowFM 916 west of Grandview
MossWest Vaughn Rd off Hwy 174 north of Cleburne
MyersBetween Hwy 67 and FM 917 on CR 600 (north of Alvarado)
Nemo (Atchinson)CR 1234 west of Cleburne State Park
NickelHwy 67 to Park Road #21, to FM 200, to CR 1118, left on CR 1237 SW part of County
OakPart of Rose Hill Cemetery in west Cleburne
OaklandFM 916 west of CR 409 west of Grandview
Odomon CR 205 south of FM 916 east of Grandview
Old BethanyCR 1126 south of Hwy 171 east of Godley
Old HillFM 2415 at intersection of CR 401C sout of Alvarado (Cemetery no longer exists)
ParkerCR 1103-B just off of Hwy 171 in south Johnson County
Pierce § Located off CR 1240 at GoatNeck not far from Goatneck community center.
Refer inquieries to
LD Pierce.
Pleasant Point* FM 917 east to CR 608A and FM 2738 or take FM 2738 from Hwy 67 (Between Alvarado and Lillian)
PowellCR 106 east of I-35W between Alvarado and Grandview
Prairie SpringsCR 714 south of Burleson
Price ChapelIsland Grove Road (CR 2135) from Cleburne to CR 312
ReaCR 603 east of Burleson
Rio VistaCentral Ave in Rio Vista
Rose HillCorner of E. 2nd St. (FM 4) and Island Grove Rd. (FM 2135) in East Cleburne
SalemFM 2258 to CR 205 between Grandview and Venus (This cemetery no longer exists)
Sand Flat (Cuba)Corner of CR 312 and CR417A between Cleburne and Grandview
SenterwoodSouth Parkway in Alvarado (African-American)
Smith-Haley §FM 916 west of Rio Vista
StanfordHwy 67 south to Park Rd. #21, right on FM 200 to 1137, right on CR 1237
Stubblefield §CR 313A between FM 2415 and CR 401 south of Alvarado
Thompson IHwy 67 south to Park Rd. #21 to FM 200 to CR 1118, left on CR 1237 (across from Nickel Cemetery
Thompson IIFM 916 east of Rio Vista at CR 1202
Union HillCR 803 off of Conveyor Dr. (FM 917) east of Joshua
UnityHwy 171 and CR 1000 northwest of Godley
Venus* Fifth St in southeast Venus.
Watts ChapelCR 308 off FM 4 between Cleburne and Grandview
WhitesideCR 519 north of Lillian
Wilkinson (Hough Community)CR 106 between CR 401 and I-35 north of Grandview

§ On private property. Call the Johnson County Cemetery Association, 817 641-1671 for access information.
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