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ELIGIBILITY: To qualify for a First Families of Johnson County Certificate, you must be a direct descendant of a pioneer who settled in Johnson County, Texas by 31 December 1899.

INSTRUCTIONS: You must complete a separate application for each ancestor. Only one ancestor will be inscribed on a certificate, except when the ancestor and spouse both qualify. Complete the Lineage chart beginning with yourself as Generation 1. Dates should be listed as Day, Month, Year, using the three letter abbreviation for months. Example: 21 Jun 1901. Places should be listed as City, County, State. If the city is not known, use the abbreviation for county (Co.) after the name of the county to distinguish between towns and counties of the same name, such as Rusk County and the town of Rusk which is in Cherokee County. Examples: Henderson, Rusk, Texas or Rusk Co., Texas.

PROOFS OF DESCENT: You must include proof for each personís name; birth, marriage, and death date and place; and the connection between each generation. The following sources are acceptable: vital records (birth, death, and marriage), census records, Bible and baptismal records, land records, court records, tax records, and military records. The following sources will be accepted if they are supported by an explanation: church, cemetery, tombstone, obituaries, and newspaper clippings.

You may include the following supplemental resources, but they may not be accepted as proof of lineage: published family histories, county histories, biographical records, and city and county directories. Private papers and personal records such as letters, diaries, journals and reminiscences will be evaluated on an individual basis.

SUBMITTED MATERIALS: All applications and verifying materials become the property of the Johnson County Genealogical Society. No original documents should be submitted. Send a copy of all pertinent materials. Applicants are encouraged to include biographical information on their early Johnson County, Texas ancestor. All pages must be letter-sized pages.

Incorrect or incomplete applications will be returned for corrections or additions and the applicant will be encouraged to resubmit the application.

Applications and proofs of descent should be sent to the address below. A $25.00 check or money order made payable to the Johnson County Genealogical Society should be included. The application fee is not refundable.


Mail to:             Johnson County Genealogical Society
                        P. O. Box 1256
                        Cleburne, TX  76033-1256

 Download applications:

Typed Application - Type on your computer and print

Printed Application - Print and fill in by hand

Or send us a note to the above address and we will mail you an application.