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========================================================================= DOC#: 035 ST: NC CNTY: CUMB, PG: 1 of 1 EVENT: Cemet,Census,Court,Geneal,IGI,Land,Marriage,Milit,Probate,Will SOURCE1: The Compiled Records of CUMBERLAND County North Carolina. SOURCE2: Part 6 of 6. AUTHOR: PUB: Collected by: John E. Cain NOTES: 1211 Maritime Ln.; Wylie, TX 75098 DATE: 92/01/12 LOCATION: CAT#: ======================================================================== The data in this document is a compilation of various records that have been collected concerning this county. It is by no means complete. The format of this document is as follows: CEMETERIES - CENSUS - US, State, Territorial, Tax lists, slave, COURT - All relevant court documents except probate. GENEALOGIES - IGI - Data from the LDS IGI files. IMMIGRANTS - passports, etc LAND - Claims, Grants, Patents, Lotteries, Deeds, etc. MARRIAGES - From county records, genealogies, IGI, etc. MILITARY - Rosters, Records, Pension, DAR, etc. PROBATE - Wills, Minutes, Guardian, Inventory and Accounts, etc. MISCELLANEOUS - Bible Records, Newspapers, Church, County History, Historical Accounts. Data in Brackets indicates source, ex: [LDS #0158333] SPECIAL NOTES: ======================================================================== >>>>> Record Begins <<<<< ======================================================================== ************************************************************************ MARRIAGES ************************************************************************ DATE GROOMLAST GROOMFIRST BRIDELAST BRIDEFIRST CNTY ST ----------- ------------ ---------- ------------ ---------- ---- -- 19 May 1810 Smith David McCummins Nancy CUMB NC (signed: David Smith and Lewis Smith) 07 Jul 1812 Smith David Potts Eliza CUMB NC (signed: David Smith and Thomas Robeson) 17 May 1813 Smith Richard Brazier Rebecca CUMB NC 13 Dec 1816 Smith Duncan Smith Ann CUMB NC (signed: Duncan Smith and David McLean) 30 May 1818 Smith David Young Mary CUMB NC (signed: Daniel Smith and William L. Bristow) 09 Feb 1828 Smith David McLean Sarah CUMB NC (signed: David Smith and Alexander McNeill) 01 Jan 1821 Blalock Richard Smith Nancy CUMB NC And in nearby Orange County North Carolina DATE GROOMLAST GROOMFIRST BRIDELAST BRIDEFIRST CNTY ST ----------- ------------ ---------- ------------ ---------- ---- -- 23 Mar 1786 Smith (x) David Blalock Sarah ORAN NC Stephen Kirk, Bondsmen; S. Benton, Witness. ************************************************************************ MILITARY ************************************************************************ Revolutionary War Pension Applications: DAVID SMITH, S42016, Aged 63 in 1820 and residing in Cumberland co. NC. b in Duplin co.; served in Col Little's NC Line Regiment. Oldest male in enlisted in svc of US and in AL. 04 Sep 1820. David was a private in Capt. Rhodes co. in Col. Little's Regiment for 18 months. He was discharged in SC at Hadrell's Point c1783. His male children are all free - his oldest is enlisted in the US service in Alabama. Two daughters live with him at this time (1818). WILLIAM SMITH S452 VA NC TENN: On 7-1-1822 in Lincoln Co Tenn, WM. SMITH says he was on the NC pension roll as an invalid in 1803. On 6-12-1823 in Cumberland Co., WM. SMITH applies for a trf of his pension. He is going to Lincoln Co., Tenn. WM. and MILLY SMITH R9809 NC SC: On 2-3-1843 in Moore Co NC MILLY SMITH is age 101. She says WM. SMITH enlisted in SC . They m. 3- ?-1771 and he d. 12-15-1832. On 2-3-1843 in Moore Co., Nc Rebuen Oliver age 58 says he knew MILLY SMITH all his life. On 2-10-1843 in Moore Co., NC Sarah Johnson age 82 says WM. SMITH was from New England and he lived in her fathers, Andrew Shepherds house. She says Wm. m. Milly Oliver. A marriage bond is submitted: WM. SMITH and Andrew Shepherd put up bonhd in Cumberland Co., NC for WM. SMITH to m. Emelia Oliver. The marriage took place on 9-12-1770. WILLIAM and MEREDY SMITH W590 NC GA: Bl.wt 13865-160-55. On 9-3-1832 in GA WM. SMITH age 81 says he lived in Cumberland Co. and was b. in Wanse__ Co., Va in (1751?) He enlisted in Cumberland And Moor Cos. NC. On 4-28- 1855 in Corco__ Co., Ga Meredy Smith says they m. 3-26-1835 and he d. in 1851. WILIIAM and CELIA SMITH R9701 1/2 GA SC ALA: The file no. of 9701 and one-half is corrrect. On 7-15-1843 in Talapoose co., ALA CELIA SMITH is age 80 says WM. SMITH was a capt. in SC and GA. They m. before the war in Cumberland Co., Sc he d. 11-27-18?4. ON 6-14-1852 Elijah Jourdan, adm of the estate of CELIA SMITH, late of Talapoose Co., ALA says she was the widow of WM. SMITH late of Munroe Co., ALA> IN June 1852 in TAlapoose Co. Elijah Jourdan syas Wm. d. in Monroe Co., ALA in 1822 and she d. 10-20- 1849 leaving children: JAMES SMITH of TX, THOMAS SMITH of Pike Co., ALA age 76, Sarah McBurnet, Celia Jourdan of Talapoose Co., ALA and Ruth Buce of TAlapoose ALA age 75. On 7-13-1855 Ruth Buce of Talapoose ALA is age 78 and the dau of WM. SMITH. Says Wm. and Celia had 4 other children: MARY SMITH who is decd and wouldbe age 75, NICHOLAS SMITH who is decd and would be age 74, THOMAS SMITH who it is not know if he is dead or alive and would be age 73, RACHEL SMITH who is still living and age 71. On 7- 13-1843 in Talapoose, ALA Avariller Dobson age 70 says her uncle Mordica Moor was a solider in the Rev. War and served with Capt. WM. SMITH at SMITHS FORT, Wilkes Co., GA. On 11-25-1845 Wm. Crance and THOMAS SMITH of Pike Co., ALA make statement regarding Wms service. I am unable to make out any details of their statement. ************************************************************************ PROBATE ************************************************************************ CHARLES BLALOCK, 20 Nov 1790, No probate date found. Wife: Elizabeth Son: John (under 21), Richard, Son: William Blalock (under 21), 150 ac on north side of Cape Fear River joining lines of river. Dau: Lewrana Blalock, Elizabeth and Ann Mentions: Mark Meacham, Benjamin Chapman, Samuel Northington, Exrs: wife Elizabeth, brother HARDY. Bro: Hardy Blalock, Richard Blalock. Wit: Samuel Northington, Mark McMeacham, bro. Richard Blalock RICHARD BLALOCK. 21 Feb 1802 / July 1805. NR Arch. Son: Hardy Blalock, William Blalock, decd., Charles Blalock, decd. Son- in-Law: DAVID SMITH, husband of dau. Anne, 420 ac in fork of Kinny's Creek and being two surveys: 1 of 320 ac and two equal to 100 ac. where DAVID now dwells. Their two children: RICHARD and ELIZABETH SMITH. Grandson: Charles Blalock and William Blalock sons of my son William Blalock, decd. Granddau: Hannah Blalock and Sarah (husband: Henry Parlin), daus of my son William Blalock, decd. Grandch: five grandchildren, "lawful begotten children of my son Charles Blalock, decd. Others: Elizabeth Truelove, wife of Landon Truelove, Lurany Wooddis, wife of Berry Wooddis, Ann Blalock, Richard Blalock and John Blalock. Exrs: son Hardy Blalock and son-in-law DAVID SMITH. Wit: Saml. Northington, Jesse Jones, Laban Jones. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Full Copy WILL OF RICHARD BLALOCK In the name of God Amen, I RICHARD BLALOCK of the state of North Carolina and in the county of Cumberland, being low and weak of body, tho of a sound and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the following form and manner -- Imp_____ I give unto my son-in-law DAVID SMITH, husband of my daughter, ANNE for and during his natural life, the following four Negroes named, Patience, Issam, Kersy, and Phillis and in case the said David should dye before his present wife, ANNE, I desire she may keep the said Negroes during her natural life and after the decease of the said DAVID and his wife ANNE, I desire the four above named Negroes may be equally divided between the said DAVID and ANNE'S two children, namely RICHARD and ELIZABETH SMITH, I also give to the said DAVID SMITH and to his heirs and assigns forever four hundred and twenty acres of land lying in the state and county above said, in the fork of Kinny creek it being in two surveys one containing three hundred and twenty acres and the other one hundred whereon the said DAVID now dwells. Item: I give to my grandson Charles Blalock, son of my son William Blalock, decd, ten pounds specie to be paid him by my son Hardy Blalock. Item: I give to my grandaughter, Hannah Blalock, daughter of my son William Blalock, decd, Thirty pounds specie to be paid to her, said Hannah, by my son Hardy Blalock in consideration of what I shall herein give my son Hardy. Item: I give to my grandson William Blalock, son of my son William Blalock, decd, and to his heirs and assigns forever, one hundred acres of land on Kinny creek, joining the Wake county line, I also give to said William, twenty pounds to be paid to him the said William by my above said son-in-law, DAVID SMITH in consideration of what I have herein given him, said DAVID. Item: I give Henry Partin, husband of my grandaughter, Sarah Partin, daughter of my son William Blalock, decd, fifteen pounds specie to be paid to said Henry Partin by my son-in-law DAVID SMITH in consideration of the legacies I have herein given him, the said DAVID. Item: I give my five grandchildren, the lawful begotten children of my son, Charles Blalock, decd, named Elizabeth Truelove, wife of Landon Truelove, Lurany Woodis, wife of Barry Woodis, Anne Blalock, Richard Blalock, and John Blalock, twenty shillings to each of them to be paid to them by my son, Hardy Blalock in consideration of the legacy I herein give him, it being in bar of any further portion from me to my five grandchildren herein mentioned. Item: I give my son Richard Blalock, thirty pounds, to be paid him by my son, Hardy Blalock in consideration of the legacies I herein give him, said Hardy. Item: And after the payment of all my just debts above said legacies and funeral expenses, I give all the remainder of whole estate both real and personal to my son, Hardy Blalock and to his heirs and assigns forever consisting of five hundred and forty acres of land including the house and plantation whereon I now dwell, It being in two surveys joining each other and seven Negroes namely, Robin, Bob, Jerry, Isaac, Charllette, Path, and Sterling and all my stock of all kind, working tools, and household furniture, and I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Hardy Blalock, and my son-in-law DAVID SMITH my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament, whom I charge with the payment of all the above said legacies, my just debts, and funeral expenses. As witness I hereunto set my hand and seal this 21 Day of Feb 1801. Richard (x) Blalock (his mark RB) In presence of: Saml Northington Jesse Jones Laban Jones Proved in Open Court July Term 1805 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WILL OF JAMES BRAZIER In The name of God amen, I JAMES BRAZIER of the county of Cumberland and state of North Carolina being in a low state of health of body but being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to God for it and calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament that is to say, principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hand of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the direction of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty powers of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased almighty God to bless me in this life. I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form first I give and bequeath to my grandson JAMES BRAZIER, son of ELIJAH BRAZIER two hundred and fifty acres of land where on my mill stands and likewise the mill with it. I give and bequeath to LABON BRAZIER one Negro woman named Trener(?). I likewise give and bequeath my riding horse bridle and saddle to JAMES BRAZIER son of WILLIAM BRAZIER. I give and bequeath to WILLIAM BRAZIER son of WILLIAM BRAZIER one feather bed and furniture. I likewise give and bequeath one feather bed to LEAH BRAZIER daughter of JOHN BRAZIER ___ and the remaining part of my household furniture with all my stock I give and bequeath to my two sons WILLIAM BRAZIER and ELIJAH BRAZIER to be equally divided between them ---- I likewise constitute my son ELIJAH BRAZIER to soul executor of this my last will and testament all and singular my land negroes and tenements by them freely to be possessed and enjoyed and I hereby utterly disclose revoke and annul all and every other former testament will legacies bequeaths and Executors by me in anywise before named wills bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In writing whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th day of June one thousand seven hundred eighty nine. JAMES (x) BRAZIER Signed in presence of: John Knight James B Booker Zachariah Miller HOCKADAY, WILLIAM. 16 Nov 1812 / Dec 1812. WB A-183, Arch Wife: Polly Dau: Betsey Jones, Son: Worreck Unidentified: China Jones, dau of Alvin Jones; Calvan Jones, Cimbrel Jones, Delpha Jones. Exrs: Hardy Blalock, Laban Jones, Worreck Hockaday. Wit: John Plylant, RICHARD SMITH. SMITH, ALEXANDER, Planter. 14 Dec 1779 / Jan 1782 WB A-199 Arch. Wife: Elizabeth Son: John Gson: John Dau: Rachel, Mary, Sarah (decd) Unborn ch: ? Wit: Alex Avera, James Turner, Joshua Gi. Exr: Byron Whitfield,David Smith Signed: David Smith, 29 Jan 1782 SMITH, AMBROSE Not Recorded Arch April 9, 1782 / April 1789 Wife: Margaret Children: unnamed Wit: Arch. Culbreth, Susanah Garland Exr: not named SMITH, ARCHIBALD WB B-218 Arch Jan 19, 1833 / March 1833 Wife: Mary, Mother: unnamed Suit of mourning. Wit: Samuel T Hawley, Alfred McKethan. Friends: Duncan McNeill, William Waddell, esqrs. of Fayetteville. Wm Waddell, Jr qualified. SMITH, ARCHIBALD A T WB C-292 Arch Aug 1, 1854 / Sept 1854 Wife: Ann Jones Smith. Children: unnamed Wit: A A McKethan, Alex Johnson, James Banks Extrx: Ann Jones Smith SMITH, CHARITY WB B-14 Arch Aug 4, 1817 / Sep 1818 Sons: Samuel Smith (decd) William Smith, Jonathan Smith, Needham Smith, Whitfield (decd). Daus: Edith Bryan, Rachel McAlester, Charity Williams, Grandch: Elizabeth, Samuel, Sidney, Rachel Smith, children of my decd son Samuel Smith. Wit: Hugh Smith, Exr: William, Jonathan and Needham Smith. SMITH, DANIEL WB B-364 Arch Wife: Nancy Smith Sons: Archibald, Alexander, Daniel, Neill, Lauchlin. Daus: Lovedy, Christian (desirous of moving to AL), Eliza Blue, Margaret, Anne, Sarah, Mary, Jannet. Gch: Daughter Ann's Son Daniel, Exr: 3 sons, Alexander, Daniel, Lachlin (McKay). (Daniel McLeod granted letters of adm. as execs refused to qualify) Wit: Lauchlin Bethune, Robert Graham, CODOCIL: Mar 22, 1841. Son Daniel has died, appoint nephew & son-in-law Duncan C. Smith as exr. Wit: Colin McIver, Daniel McLeod, Cumberland NC Will Book 1303 19 Jan 1758 Will of DAVID SMITH; 19 Jan 1758; proved Supreme ct Feb 1758; Bro: Hugh Smith Son: Robert Smith (under age) Friends: Martin (?) Griffin, James Michael Wit: Benj Morrison, David Brown, John White Proved: February Supreme Court 1758 SMITH, DAVID NR Arch Nov 8, 1775 / NPDF Wife: Mary Smith Daus: Margaret Huie (Buie?), Mary Colbreath, Barbra Colbreth. Son: Peter Colbreth, Niven Colbreth, Samuel Huie (Buie?). Wit: Ferquard Campbell, Peter Smith, Niven Colbreth Exr: Peter Colbreth, Niven Colbreth, Samuel Huie. SMITH, DAVID WB B-214. Arch Oct 29, 1832 / Dec 1832 NONCUPATIVE WILL. A will subscribed and sworn to by Benjamin Robinson and James H Dickson, Fayetteville, NC, Nov 10, 1832. "--called--to his dwelling house on Haymonut about 4 days prior to his death which took place the 2nd day of Nov. 1832--." "--wife Sophia and her two daughters to act as execs. SMITH, DAVID WB C-158 Arch Dec 17, 1848 / March 1849 Wife: Sarah Daus: Margaret, Elizabeth, Susan, Flora, Nancy, Sally, Jane and Mary. Sons: Lauchlin, David, John, James, William. Exr: Hector McNeill, Esq. (neighbor) and Arthur Davis (br-in-law) Wit: Neill G. McNeill, John McDonald. SMITH, DREWRY (DRURY) WB C-92 Arch Jan 4, 1845 / March 1846 Wife: Seney Son: James M., William D, Arthur C, Gch: sons of Thomas Smith, decd, Richard, Alexander, Thomas Drewry. Wit: Ezekial Smith, John E Becton, Exr: James M Smith and wife. SMITH, DUNCAN WB B-33 Arch March 24, 1819 / March 1820 Wife: Christian Smith Dau: Sarah and Ann Son: John McNeill Exr: Lauchlin McNeill, Malcom Smith, John McNeill, wife. Wit: Neill Ray, John McKinnen. SMITH, JOHN NR Arch 28 Nov 1784 / Jan 1785 Wife: Flora Smith Sons: Malcom, David, (134a where I now live, 640a on the Juniper) Mentioned: Dau and other unnamed ch. Exr: wife Flora, Patrick Smith, Daniel Clark, Malcom Smith, Archd Smith. Wit: Archd Smith, Flora, Patrick Smith SMITH, JOHN NR Arch #1309 26 Sep 1795 / Oct 1795 Wife: Nancy Smith Dau: Fanny (eldest dau), Chey ? (Cloy ?), Nancy, Sons: Benjamin, John, Son: Rheuben ("my land that Benjamin Smith lived on") Mentions: Elizabeth Blalock and ?inney Johnston (possible daus) also bequeaths "lidia" one hundred fifty acres. Signed: John (x) Smith. (his mark: 2 dots over a cross) Wit: Tom R____ John Green, Rheuben (his x mark) Smith, Jobe Smith. Full text below: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Will of JOHN SMITH of Cumberland County North Carolina NOTE: The original will, which was not recorded, had evidently been folded. Before filming it had been opened and taped together in several places. Some of it had evidently crumbled away. All of it was very hard to read. 26 Sep 1795 / 13 Oct 1795 #1309 Not recorded. In the name of God amen, I, JOHN SMITH, of the county of Cumberland and the state of North Carolina, being very sick but of perfect mind and memory; Thanks be given unto God calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die; I do make and order this my Last Will and Testament; That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent christian burial at the discretion of my executors; Nothing doubting but that the the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as that touching such worldy estate where with it has pleased God to bless me in this life; I give, devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form as follows; First I give and bequeath to Nancy Smith my dearly beloved wife one third of my land that I am now (possessed ?) with also all my household goods [will is folded, broken and taped together at this point - one line and possibly more is missing] and allso _______ ________ heads of cows and their calves and to my eldest daughter Fanny I give five shillings and to ?inney Johnston I give five shillings; to my (Disha?) Nancy I give five shillings; also to my son Benjamin I give five shillings; and to Elizabeth Blaylock I give five shillings; and John Smith I give five shillings; and Richard(?) Blaylock I give five shillings; also Chey (or Cloy) Smith I give one ___ and one cow and yearling and one feather bead b_____ she and Nancy also to Nancy one young ____ and one cow and yearling; also to my son Rhubin I give all my land to him after the death of his mother and two cows and calves and one colt and all my working tools and to ______(looks like "lidia" -with a small L) I give one hundred fifty acres of land that Benjamin Smith lives on; one cow and yearling and half of one Bead and another one hundred & fifty acres of land lying on the south side of Black River and one cow and calf and yearling and the half of one Bead also one horse and the remainder of my hogs to be sold I _____ _____ constitute make and ordain ____ soul executors of this my last will and testament all and singular my land _________ and tenements them ? __________ to be possessed and ___________ I do hereby uterly disalow revoke and disannul all and every other forms testaments wills legacies bequests and executed by me in any _______ before named wills and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have thereto set my hand and seal this 26 of September 1795. John (x) Smith (Seal) (his mark is two dots over a cross) Signed sealed published and pronounsed and declared by these Tom R_______ (possibly Tom Roberts jc) John Green Rheuben (X) Smith Jobe Smith ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SMITH, JOHN WB A-86 Arch 26 Dec 1805 / March 1806 Wife: Katharine Son: Neill Ord ("a natural born son of my wife begotten of her body, by Neill Ord before wedlock, and born in wedlock."), Daniel, Archibald, John Dau: Anne, Mary, Exr: Archd Smith, Daniel Smith, Wit: Neill Smith, Ed McKay, Alexander Clark. SMITH, JOHN NR Arch 23 Dec 1816 / Wife: Jane Son: Archibald Dau: Eliza Jane, Mary Ann, Bro: Peter Smith, Duncan Smith, Bro-in-law: John Tyson, William Tyson, Exr: Brothers and brothers-in-law. Wit: Alex McMillan, Archd. Buie. SMITH, JOHN WB C-185 Arch 4 Jan 1848 / Sep 1851 Son: Farquard Smith, John C Smith, William T Smith, Dau: Jane Mallett (decd), Elizabeth, Isabella, Mary Exr: Farquand Smith, John C Smith, William T Smith, Jonathan Evans, Henry Elliot, Alexander Elliot, John Elliot Wit: J C Dobbin, J G Shepherd, CODOCIL: Nov 1, 1849, Wit: J Winslow, Archd A Smith SMITH, JOHN Stonecutter WB C-405 Arch 2 Aug 1859 / Dec 1859 Children: Marian, David L, Elizabeth L, Ellen, Margaret, George Exr: George Lauder, friend and guardian of my minor children. Wit: Thomas D Haigh, D G McRae. SMITH, LOVEDY WB C-395 Arch 8 Apr 1858 / June 1858 Sisters: Eliza Buie, Jannet Buie, Christiana C McKethan, Sarah McKeithan Bro: Lauchlin K Smith, Exr: Archd A McKeithan (nephew). Wit: D McLeod, Ann K McKeithan SMITH, MALCOM NR Arch 2 Jun 1778 / Wife: not named Sons: John (land between the poster Branch this branch to the dividing line between his and his brother's Malcom- Mr. James Campbell's.) Malcom (land below said branch and halfway down to Daniel McNiel's land.) Patrick (lower half of land). Archibald and Neill (340a) (104a back of Rev James Campbell's land to Malcom and Patrick.) All land on Juniper Creek Plantation to sons Duncan and Daniel. (150a between Rockfish and the raft swamp to be sold for my sons Archibald, Duncan, Neil and Daniel.) Daus: Margaret Ray and Ann Brown. Exr: sons John, Patrick, and Malcom. Wit: William Colvin, Archibald McNeill, Archibald Smith. SMITH, PETER WB B-120 Arch 31 May 1824 / Sep 1824 Moth: mentioned Bro: Duncan, Archibald, Sis: Flora, Jane and Mary McFatter - heirs of sister Margaret McMillan, decd. Archd A F Smith (nephew) and Eliza Smith (niece), not of age under the gdn of D Smith. Mentioned father's estate. Malcom Smith (note of hand) Wit: Angus Taylor, Edward McKay Exr: Duncan Smith, bro. SMITH, ROBERT WB A-187 Arch 7 Oct 1812 / Mar 1813 Wife: Cathren Smith Sons: David, John, Robert, William, James Dau: Nancy McLauchlan Exr: David Smith Wit: Angus Kelley, John Munroe, Hugh Kelley Will of Robert Smith of Cumberland county North Carolina In the name of God Amen, I ROBERT SMITH of the state of North Carolina and county of Cumberland being of sound and perfect mind and memory do this Seventh day of October in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twelve make this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say I recommend my soul to Almighty God who gave it, and my body to the dust, and worldy estate as follows, I give and bequeath to my two sons in law Alston McLaughlin (?) and David King, each one dollar. I give and bequeath to my sons DAVID SMITH my old mare, and all my stock of sheep and hogs and all my household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils and also an equal share of the remainder of my live stock, books, notes, debts and money with my following children, viz; JOHN SMITH, ROBERT SMITH, WILLIAM SMITH, JAMES SMITH, NANCY McLaughlin (?). The above division among my aforesaid children to take place after my decease and the decease of my wife CATHERN SMITH, and all the medical expenses and funeral charges are paid. And I hereby make and ordain my son DAVID SMITH executor of this my last will and testament in witnefs whereof I hereunto set my hand seal this Seventh of October one thousand eight hundred and twelve. his ROBERT R SMITH mark Sealed, signed, published and declared in presence of us who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereof. Test: Angus Kelly (?) John Munroe Hugh Kelly (?) March Term 1813. SMITH, SARAH R (of Bladen co) WB C-71 Arch 6 Jul 1836 / Dec 1864 Dau: Margaret B Smith, Relationship not stated: Thomas Bartram and Eliz Robeson Exr: Thomas J Robeson (bro.) -(renounced), Alex(n) R Smith - qualified. Wit: John T Gilmore, James Robeson, Sr. Mentioned: McL. McKay SMITH, WILLIAM T WB C-330 Arch 3 Jan 1855 / Jun 1855 Wife: Mary Smith Dau: Julia J Smith, Sons: Walter J Smith, James L Smith INVENTORY AND ACCOUNTS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cumberland NC Inventory and Accounts 20 Mar 1818 A list of property sold by the admr of Elijah Brazier 20th March 1818. Names: Nathan Prince, Thomas Basham, Barnaba Thomas, James Battle, Buswell Rollings, Young Burt, David Stewart, James Burt, David Holt, Nathan Kimball, Charles Blalock, Jones Stephens, Benton Drake, Wiley Womack, Jesse Jones, Daniel McDaniel, Thomas Branch, RICHARD SMITH (one lot of books and one crock and coffee(?); Looking glass and three gums(?); open headed cock and meal bay (?); Table and lumber and ?????; scythe and cradle) James Booker, John Blalock, Rebeckah Brazier, George Luthar, Rosy Wommack, Owen Dowd, Wiley Jones. ************************************************************************ MISCELLANEOUS ************************************************************************ From: "A Dictionary of Scottish Emmigrants to the USA" comp: Donald Whyte; Magna Carta Book co., Balt. MD; GPL 929.3 Page 405. SMITH, DAVID. Settled Cumberland co. NC before 21 Aug 1775 when provincial congressman. (From Scottish Highlanders in America" by J. P. McLean) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From the "Physics Book". The following is from 6 xerox sheets sent me by Louise Word May of Baytown, TX. The book itself is entitled "Family Advisers, Plain and Modern Practice of Physics calculated for the use of families who have not the advantages of a Physician" By Henry Wilkins, MD. Published in Philadelphia by Henry Tuckniss; #25 Church-Alley and sold by John Dickins; #44 North Second Street near Arch Street. 1795. Interspersed within the book are various entries similar to what would appear in a family Bible. Page 1 (flyleaf) ---------------- Rebecca Smith (and various scriblings of "W Smith, Brazier, Braser, etc) Elijah Brazier his book May the 8th 1796. bought of Phillip Sands. Elijah Brazier was born in the year of our Lord July 15th, 1756. Page 2 ------ Present date 1813 July the 15 then am I 57 years old. O may my mouth be ever fild with thanks to him that sits upon the trown. Sarah Brazier departed this life the last day of August in the year of our Lord 1814. Page 3 ------ Father W R Smith was born 14 Apr. 1823. Richard Smith's Book, price 50 cents; Thieves Steal not this book for fear of Shame, Book of Physics. Page 4 ------ Lucy Blalack daugh of Charles Blaylack and Sarrah his was born March the 12th 1802. wrote by her own hand January 7th 1821. Frances Blalack daughter of the above was born February the 15th 1804. James S. Blalack son of the above was born October 7th 1806 William Blalack son of the above was born December 10th 1808 and departed this life October 19th 1809. Rebecca Blalack daughter of the above was born August 24th 1810 Elijah Blalack son of the above was born August the 21st 1813 Richard Blalack son of the above was born December ___ 1815 Sarrah Blalack daughter of the same was born October 24th 1817 Page 5 ------ Adam was born June the 2 day 1812. Ned was born June the 14 1812 Eve was born ____ day 1813 Page 6 ------ In the year of _____ Lewis was born September 1800 Tom was born December the 8 1803 James was born June the 8 1803 John was born February the 8 1807 Candis was born 1807 Tildy was born 1809 Ned was born 1812. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cumberland NC DAVID SMITH Bible Record (from LDS Film 0859744) SAMUEL SMITH settled in Johnston co. His son DAVID SMITH lived in Cumberland (now Harnett). DAVID'S dau EDITH m Clement Bryan and moved to Montgomery co GA. DAVID'S son NEEDHAM m Sarah Rogers and lived in Biloxi MS and Lowndesboro AL. SAM SMITH Sr b 27 May 1708, d 14 Sep 1783, wife Edith b 7 Mar 1717, d 14 Apr 1785. DAVID SMITH b 7 Sep 1746, d 10 Mar 1793, m 31 Dec 1771 - Charity (1756- 1818) WM SMITH b Aug 1776, d 10 Oct 1833; RACHEL b 10 Jan 1778, d 20 May 1842; MARY b 10 Dec 1779, d 1 Feb 1799; DAVID Jr b 18 Sep 1781, 11 Feb 1805; JONATHAN b 20 Jun 1783, d 02 Sep 1819; WHITFIELD 07 Sep 1785, d 25 Mar 1817; CHARITY 08 Jan 1788, d 15 Oct 1843; ELIZABETH 27 Jan 1790, d 24 Nov 1790; NEEDHAM b 25 Mar 1793, (no death date), m 20 Apr 1819 - Sarah (b 13 Dec 1784). +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bible Record of SAMUEL SMITH Marriages: Samuel Smith,Sr (27 May 1709 / 1783) m Edith (7 Sep 1717-3 Sep 1785) David Smith (10 Sep 1746 / 10 Mar 1795) m Charity (6 Apr 1756 / 21 Aug 1818) Births: Edith Smith, (26 Dec 1772 - Mar 1842) Samuel Smith (30 Sep 1774 - 20 May 1842) Mary Smith (10 Dec 1779 - 01 Feb 1797) David Smith, Jr (18 Sep 1781 - 11 Jun 1847) Jonathan Smith (20 Jun 1783 - 2 Sep 1805) Whitfield Smith (7 Sep 1785 - 25 Mar 1817) Charity Smith (8 Jan 1788 - 15 Oct 1843) Elizabeth Smith (27 Jan 1790 - 24 Nov 1790) Needham Smith (22 Oct 1795 - 1 Sep 18??) Sarah Smith w/o Needham (13 Dec 1794) m 28 Apr 1815 [bible owner; Mrs Alexander MacNeill, Cumberland Co NC] SOURCE: "Georgia Bible Records" Jeanette Holland Austin; GPC 1985 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: "The North Carolina Gazeteer - A Dictionary of Tar Heel Places" William L Powell. UNC Press 1968 "Pocosin" - a swamp or boggy place that may also run or flow as a stream. "Lower Little River - rises in SW Moore co and flows E through Moore co. forms the N boundary of Fort Bragg in Hoke and Cumberland counties and in part along the Cumberland / Harnett county line to the Cape Fear River. "Neill's Creek" - rises in S Wake co and flows SW in N Harnett County into Cape Fear River. Named for Red Neill McNeill who settled along it's banks in 1740 "Hector's Creek" - rises in SW Wake co & flows SW thru N Harnett co into Cape Fear river. Named for Hector McNeill who settled along it's banks in 1740. "Kenneth's branch" - rises in S Wake co and flows SE into Neill's creek. =======================================================================

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