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   EVENT: Land, Probate, Deed, Will, Court, Census, Tax
 SOURCE1: Miscellaneous Georgia Records
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NOTE:  My Smith family was in Cumberland County NC in the mid to late 1700s.
At least three of them moved to Georgia soon after the Revolutionary War as
shown by the Cumberland county NC Deeds directly below.  The various GA
records were collected in an attempt to trace their movement.  My primary
focus was Wilkes co GA but since it was broken up to form Warren county in
1792, I have gathered a few Warren County records as well.  There are also
records from other GA counties as well.  The records are all sorted by date.

Cumberland NC Deed Book 09-276
31 Oct 1787. RICHARD SMITH of Wilks County Georgia to Solomon Porch of
Cumberland, 20 pds, 200a on N side of Neills Creek, adj his own line,
Benjamin Womack.  s/ RICHARD SMITH.  w/ Benjamin Womack, Nathaniel Folsom.

Cumberland NC Deed Book 09-280
31 Oct 1787.  RICHARD SMITH of Wilks County Georgia to Solomon Porch, 150a
on Neills Creek joining the land whereon the within FRANCIS SMITH lives, adj
Simon Johnston.  s/ RICHARD (x) SMITH.  w/ Benjamin Womack, Nathaniel
Folsom.  Apr Term 1789.

Cumberland NC Deed Book 25-159
Oct 1787. BENJAMIN SMITH of the state of New Georgia, County of Wilks to
Benjamin Johnston of Cumberland, land in Cumberland.  s/ BENJAMIN (X) SMITH.
w/ Philip Johnston, John Adams.

Cumberland NC Deed Book 16-059
13 Oct 1794 FRANCIS SCOTT SMITH of Warren co. GA to Israel Folsom of Cumb,
100pds, 400a on the upper prong of Buies cr.  s/ FRANCIS SCOTT SMITH; w/ Jac
Atkins, Jr ?,  Wm Nunn ?.   (Francis Smith)

Cumberland NC Deed Book 28-012
25 Nov 1814.  BENJAMIN SMITH of Perlaskey co GA, JOHN SMITH of Warren co GA,
& REUBEN SMITH of Montgomery co NC to Gideon Warner, $100, land in
Cumberland on both sides of Black River adj old line of JOHN SMITH, SR,
crossing Black River Swamp.  s/ BENJAMIN (x) SMITH, JOHN (x) SMITH, REUBEN
(x) SMITH.  w/ Henry Howard, GILLEY SMITH.

Cumberland NC Deed Book 28-014
25 Nov 1814. BENJAMIN SMITH of Perlaskey (sic) Co. GA and JOHN SMITH of
Warren Co.  GA to REUBEN SMITH of Montgomery co. NC, $100, land in
Cumberland on N side of Black River Swamp.  s/ BENJAMIN (x) SMITH, JOHN (x)
SMITH. w/ G Warner, Henry Howard.

                MISCELLANEOUS GEORGIA RECORDS (Sorted by Date)

Colonial GA Probate
Available at Georgia Dept of Archives and History:
Colonial Wills Book A 363-8 (George Whitefield - testator 1770) Richard
Smith is heir.
Colonial Admin (loose papers) 295 (William Sherill -testator 1775) Richard
Smith is appraiser.
Colonial Wills Book A 441-3 (William Hixson -testator 1772) Richard Smith is
Available at University of Georgia:
John Rae, d(1773) Microfilm 32/64, #259 (misc est recd Box 14-42)  Richard
Smith is "other".

Greene  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
JAMES SMITH, b NC, d Greene Co GA.  served with NC Troops.  m Elizabeth
Cowan, b Scotland; d Cobb Co. GA, age over 100y.

Screven  GA  Court of Ordinary Minutes  53
AARON SMITH, admr, leave to sell property.

Richmond  GA  Administrators Bonds
JOHN SMITH, decd, JACOB SMITH issued L/A, undated, William Foster, Jacob
Johnson, secs.

Screven  GA  Court of Ordinary Minutes  132
WILLIAM SMITH, gdn, to sell land, p 132.

Colonial  GA  Will Book  WBA-171
29 Dec 1763  Will of MARY SMITH.  29 Dec 1763 / P 19 Sep 1766 / R 27 Sep
MARY SMITH, Savannah.
Legatees named: William Holzendorff, son of late Frederick Holzendorff;
Captain Nicholas Nielson; Thomas Goldsmith, son of Capt Thomas Goldsmith;
Sarah Palmer, dau of Thomas Palmer; Lucretia Triboudet, wife of John Francis
Triboudet; Elizabeth Ellis; John Mercier (negro boy Prince); Church Wardens
of Christs Church Parish; Thomas Loyd of Savannah; William Francis; Mary
Wit: Frederick Holzendorff, (Jr?), Charles Pryce, Charles Pryce, Jr.

Colonial  GA  Will Book  WBA-426
15 Mar 1764  Will of JOSEPH SMITH. 15 Mar 1764 / P 5 Dec 1771 / R 21 Dec
JOSEPH SMITH, New York City, mariner, "now on a voyage to sea".
Wife Elizabeth all my estate.
Extrx: Wife Elizabeth.
Wit: Theunes Thew, Joseph Montanga, Cornelius Cooper.

Wilkes  GA  Headrights and Bounty Grants
1770  Headrights and Bounty Grants of Wilkes Co GA
LOC         BK  PG    ACR    YEAR
Smith, Richard      St Pauls    I   159   250a   1770
Smith, Richard      Wilkes      NNN 608   100    1787
Smith, Richard      Wilkes      OOO 020   100    1787
Smith, Richard      Wilkes      SSS 580   200    1789
Smith, Arthur       Wilkes      LLL 482   100    1787
Smith, Arthur       Wilkes      MMM 066   200    1787
Smith, Benejah
Smith, Benejah
Smith, David        Wilkes      GGG 251   300    1785
Smith, David        Wilkes      OOO 118   200    1787
Smith, Francis      Wilkes      LLL 454   250    1787
Smith, Francis      Wilkes      MMM 197   150    1787
Smith, Needham      Wilkes      LLL 349   200    1786

Colonial  GA  Will
22 Mar 1770  Will of George Whitefield:
George Whitefield, clerk at present residing at the Orphan House Academy at
Bethesda in GA.------ to RICHARD SMITH, 50pds, all my wearing apparel.
Dated 22 Mar 1770, Prob: 10 Dec 1770, Rec: 13 Dec 1770.

Colonial  GA  Will Book  WBA-349
08 May 1770  Will of JOHN SMITH, 8 May 1770 / 2 Jun 1770
JOHN SMITH, Savannah, block maker.  Exrs to pay debts, selling 250a tract in
St Thomas' Parish, if necessary.  Remaining money to my wife and child,
evenly divided.
Wife: Ann, lot at Yamacraw which I lately purchased of Mr. Zubly; after her
death to my son JOHN.
Exr: Charles Watson of Savannah, Esq. and James Huston of Whitemarsh Island,
Wit: Clotworthy Robson, William Gregory, Ettsel Lawrance.

Colonial  GA  Land Grant  #33
03 Jul 1770  SMITH, RICHARD.  Town lot #33, Wrightsboro, St Paul Parish,
250a Wrightsboro twnshp, St Pauls Parish, bounded N by Wm Hixson, S by John
Surv: 27 Jul 1769;   Plat book C-313;   Granted 03 Jul 1770; Grant Bk 1-159.

Colonial  GA  Will
19 Sep 1770  Will of William Hickson of St Paul's Parish: 19 Sep 1770 / 23
May 1772 Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Timothy, John, William,
Dau: Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Kashiah,
Exr: wife and oldest son John

Colonial  GA  Land Grant  #655
25 Oct 1770  RICHARD SMITH, 250a, St Pauls Parish; Town lot 33 in
Wrightsboro & 250a bounded N by William Hixson, S by John Moore.  s/ by John

Colonial  GA  Will Book  WBAA-79
23 Oct 1772  Will of DAVID SMITH
DAVID SMITH, Sunbury, Gent. Children of my late brother Thomas of Belfast,
Ireland, and of my sister Elizabeth, wife of James McGee of Belfast,
Ireland, entire estate, after debts, divided into two parts, one each to
each family.
Exors: William Maxwell of Belfast, Georgia.  Wit: R Kelsall, John Stout,
James Crosswell.

Wilkes  GA  Early Land Grants
29 Sep 1773  NICHOLAS SMITH, SC, 100a resigned.

Wilkes  GA  Early Land Grants
30 Sep 1773  NICHOLAS SMITH, SC, a wife & 5 daughters from 16y to 7y.  100a
on Fishing Creek, incl a cabin built by John Duley.

Wilkes  GA  Early Land Grants
19 Nov 1773  JOHN SMITH, NC, wife of 3 sons & 4 daughters from 3y to 8m,
200a at the forks of Licks creek on s side of Little river about 3 mi from
Zac Phillips.

Colonial  GA  Will Book
30 Sep 1774  Will of EBENEZER SMITH. 30 Sep 1774 / P 15 Mar 1775
EBENEZER SMITH, St Paul's Parish, planter.
Wife: Jean
Son: John, Elierer, Samuel, James, Ebenezer,
Dau: Sarah, Mary, Jamimi, Jean, Abigail,
Extrix: wife
Wit: Abram Ayres, JEDIAH SMITH, Joshua Bradley.
Codicil to will: Son Ebenezer ten pounds when he is 21.
Document attached in which Joseph Maddox (Maddock), Jonathan Sall (Sell),
and John Oliver, Esqs are empowered to administer the oath to JEAN SMITH,
dated 1 Mar 1775.
Oath of extrx signed by JANE SMITH, her mark, 15 Mar 1775.

Wilkes  GA  Early Land Grants  12
10 Oct 1774  Dartmouth 10 Oct 1774;  JACOB SMITH, NC a wife, son and
daughter from 3y to 1m, 100a on upper side of Fishing Creek below Cherokee

Wilkes  GA  Early Land Grants  19
10 Oct 1774  Dartmouth 10 Oct 1774; BENJAMIN SMITH, NC, wife and 5 sons and
3 daughters from 17y to 1y.  100a, on Long creek, 5 mi below James McLean.

Wilkes  GA  Early Land Grants  19
10 Oct 1774  Dartmouth 10 Oct 1774;  WILLIAM SMITH, NC, wife, son and
daughter from 2y to 1y.  100a on s fork of Fishing Creek a mile up it where
he now lives.

Colonial  GA  Land Grant  #162
01 Nov 1774  James McKay, 1500a, township of Wrightsboro, St Pauls Parish;
bounded SW by James Coats, Jacob Castle, John Dunkin, William Mills; NW by
John Moore & RICHARD SMITH; NE by Hixon, Ross, Stubbs; SE by John Perkins.
(granted 01 Nov 1774, Signed 17 Apr 1775)

Wilkes  GA  Will Book DD (1779-1792)
1779  Index only: Orig Will book burned.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
1779  SMITH, DAVID, decd, estate: Mrs PEGGY SMITH, admx.  Dr Gilbert Hay's
acct 1779, attendance on dau BENEJAH SMITH'S acct 1793-1794 for mdse and

Wilkes  GA  Probate records pending
c1780  Records from "Historical Collections of Joseph Habersham Chapter of
DAR, Vol III"  GPL 929.3
Book of Mixed Records 1781-83, Wills, Admr, & Deeds.
NICHOLAS SMITH (not a will)
WB 1801 - John Smith, Ann Smith, Jas Smith
WB GG (1806-7) - John Smith
WB HH (1810-1816) - Francis Smith
WB GG (1818-1819) - Nathaniel Smith
WB 1819-1836 - Lucy Smith, Jesse Smith, Jole Smith, Guy Smith, George Smith.
Gdn Bonds (1800-1802) - John Smith, John T Smith
Admr Bonds (1800-1819) - John Smith, Francis Smith
Gdn Bonds (1828) - Joseph Smith

Wilkes  GA  Book of Mixed Records 1781-1783  Folio 37
28 Jan 1783  THOMAS SMITH, decd;  Richard Curenton apptd adm.
John Hill, Robert Genkins, Stephen Bishop, Jas Bishop apptd to appraise and
inventory estate.

Wilkes  GA  Mixed Records  289
18 Sep 1783  BENJAMIN SMITH, decd, WILLIAM SMITH apptd admr.

Wilkes  GA  Book of Mixed Records 1777-1778  Folio 71
03 Oct 1783  NICHOLAS SMITH, decd.  ARTHUR SMITH, planter, apptd adm.

Wilkes  GA  Petition
c 1784  Petition to the Governor that fines b refunded to Robert Gill,
Howell Brewer, & William Weldon.....   s/ ......... RICHARD SMITH.

Wilkes  GA  Book of Mixed Records 1781-1783  Folio 13
15 Jan 1784  WILLIS SMITH, decd.  Wm Simmons apptd adm.

Wilkes  GA  Book of Mixed Records 1781-1783  Folio 13
15 Jan 1784  BARRET SMITH, decd;  John Lawford, millwright, apptd adm

Wilkes  GA  Mixed Records
15 Jan 1784  BARRETT SMITH, decd, John Langford, millwright, apptd admr 15
Jan 1784.

Richmond  GA  Administrators Bonds
12 Feb 1784  SAMUEL SMITH, decd, JOHN SMITH issued L/A.  12/2/1784.  Samuel
Blair, sec.

Richmond  GA  Administrators Bonds
12 Feb 1784  DANIEL SMITH, decd, MARY SMITH issued L/A 12/2/1784, Samuel
Blair, Thomas Jones, secs.

Warren  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
1785  THOMAS SMITH, b VA, d Warren Co GA, 1785;  a Revolutionary Soldier;
received bounty land in GA. for his service.  m Phoeby ??????.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  HH-244
05 Feb 1786  WILLIAM SMITH & wife SELIE (?) to Wm Cole, 200a in both sides
of south fork of Fishing Creek whereon sd Cole lives.  Orig grant 1784 of sd
SMITH.  w/ Thos McDowell, John Peters, John Edwards

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  EE-
18 Sep 1786  FRANCIS SMITH to SAMUEL SMITH, 100a on Rocky Creek; orig grant
1784 to SAMUEL SMITH.  w/ Thos Hubbard, ALEX SMITH.   Henry Ware, JP.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  AA-121
21 Nov 1786  SMITH, FRANCIS to Francis Webb, pwr of attorney,

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  AA-122
21 Nov 1786  SMITH, FRANCIS & LUCY to Newman Brokenbrough, 120a on Tisway

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book AA  AA-121
21 Nov 1786  SMITH, FRANCIS of Wilkes county, power of attorney to friend
Francis Webb of Essex co VA, to attend to all business in Virginia.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book AA  AA-122
21 Nov 1786  SMITH, FRANCIS and wife LUCY of Wilkes co GA to Newman
Brokenbrough of Essex co VA, 226a in Essex co on White marsh swamp, adj
Vincent Hudson & FRANCIS SMITH.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-543
07 Jan 1787  Richard Storey of Warren Co to John Hambleton, 15pds, 50a on N
side of Bryar Creek, part of 200a orig granted NEEDHAM SMITH on 7 Jan 1787.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  BB-
02 Apr 1788  FRANCIS SMITH to Hickson Cosby, 100a on Rocky creek adj George
Gresham, John Combs & Richard Revier; orig granted 1784 to SAMUEL SMITH.

Richmond  GA  Administrators Bonds
17 May 1788  CHARLES SMITH, decd, WILLIAM SMITH, issued L/A 5/17/1788,
Nathan Fowler, Edmund Nugent, secs.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-068
03 Jul 1788  Richmond County Georgia.  Received from Mr Samuel Alexander, Sr
a letter to Thomas B Nornes of Charleston, atty, requesting of him to give
Mr William Robertson of Wynton Co a full discharge against the judgement
obtained against him at Orangeburg court.  He, the said Robertson paying and
satisfying all necessary charges I, the undernamed STEPHEN SMITH do hereby
acknowledge myself when a full discharge is given to the said Roberson to be
justly indebted to him the said Alexander for whatever the amount may be due
on the judgement.  s/ STEPHEN SMITH.  w/ E Alexander, W H Castellaw.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  HH-016
01 Jun 1789  CHARLES SMITH & wife NANCY to GEORGE SMITH, 200a on Stoney
Ridge, orig granted to CHARLES SMITH & George Hoof.   John Crutchfield, JP

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-090
29 Jul 1789  JOSEPH SMITH of Burke co Georgia to Fitzmanuel Hunt of Richmond
Co Ga for 50pds, 200a on Reedy Creek adj James Temple (orig granted JOSEPH
SMITH 27 Jan 1789).  s/ JOSEPH SMITH.  w/ James Edwards, Mordecai Edwards,
Sarah Hunt.  Proven: 02 Mar 1795.  Rec: 29 Jun 1795.

Wilkes  GA  1790 Census (From Tax Returns)  10
Captain Abbott commanded the district designated by the author as District
PP in 1790.  The return for this district was combined with that of District
OO commanded by Captain Neal.  Taxpayers reported lands in 1792 on the
waters of Brier Creek, Little Brier Creek, Deep Creek, and Rocky Comfort
Creek.  The entire area was put into Warren County in December 1793 and the
same taxpayers can be found in Captain Trant's District of the 1794 Warren
County Digest.  The southern part of the district was put into Glascock
County in 1857 and the eastern part was put into McDuffie county in 1870.
  The treaty and the treaty map for the Ceded Lands, later to become Wilkes
County during the Revolution, showed the southern boundary thereof to be the
Lower Creek Trading Path.  This path crossed Brier Creek south of the mouth
of Little Brier Creek, as confirmed by plats and grants to Ruth Powell, Plat
Book H, Page 416 (Office of the Surveyor General) in Wilkes County including
the mouth of Little Brier Creek and to Jacob Mercer, Plat Book G, page 250
adjacent thereto between the creeks.  Many plats for surveys in Richmond
County and later in Columbia County the northern boundaries as Trading Path-
Wilkes County line.
   The area encompassed by District PP in 1790 is now identified by the
153rd District, south and east of Warrenton and all but the lower tip of the
150th (Panhandle) District of Warrenton County.  It also included an area
now on the western edge of McDuffie County as far east as the junction of
Sweetwater Creek with Big Brier Creek and south to the mouth of Little Brier
Creek and all of Glasscock County east of Rocky Comfort Creek except a
triangular area south of State Road S 1454 which runs east from the town of

Wilkes  GA  1790 Tax Returns
1790  1790 Tax List of Wilkes County Georgia
Name             Cnty   Acres   Slaves  District
---------------- ----   -----   ------  --------
Richard Smith    Wlks   800      1      Abbott / Neal
Needham Smith    Wlks   200               ..
Samuel Hart      Wlks   200      1        ..
William Smith    Wlks   200               ..
Alexander Smith  Wlks   100               ..
Hardey Smith     Wlks   100               ..
John Smith       Wlks   100               ..
Benjamin Smith   Wlks   100               ..
William Wamack   Wlks   100               ..
Nathl Smith      Wlks   550               ..
John Smith                                ..
Richard Smith    Wlks                   Grisham

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  HH-134
23 Jan 1790  PETER SMITH to William Green, 17a being a part of 400a granted
sd SMITH.  w/ Ben Ballard, Joshua Ballard, Benj Holmes.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-553
14 May 1790  Joel Tapley and Mary his wife of Richmond County to Robert
Thompson for 60 pds, land on Deep creek granted to sd Tapley 03 Jan 1786.
s/ Joel Tapley, w/ EZEKIEL SMITH, John Ragland.  rec: 29 Nov 1799.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  GG-157
19 Jun 1790  BENEJAH SMITH to LAWRENCE SMITH, 200a on south side of Little
river. w/ Wm Triplett, Jos Cook.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  GG-165
15 Jul 1790  JASPER SMITH & wife REBECKAH to Thomas Wilkins, 163a adj Samuel
Sewell, Absalom Baker, Jas Sheppard, Wm Harbin.  Thomas B Scott, JP

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book  GG-222
30 Jan 1791  ABRAHAM SMITH & wife WINNEFRED to John Parks, 200a adj Benj
Welch & m Thornton.  S Cosby, JP

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-284
21 Feb 1791  John D Young of the state of South Carolina to John Hull of
Richmond County Georgia, 50pds, 200a on Rocky Comfort adj William Landrum,
SHADRACK SMITH.  s/ John D Young   w/ Philip Gibbs, John Lawson.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-293
01 May 1791  Britain McCullers of Washington County to John Nunn of Wilkes
County, 100pds, 143a on both sides of Little Bryar Creek, adj WILLIAM SMITH.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-359
13 Dec 1791  Moses Hill to Jonathan Burson, Moses Hill and Hannah his wife,
for 50pds, land in Wilkes county (now Warren), adj John Dunaway, Ducks, J
Few, McCarde.  s/ Moses Hill, Hannah Hill.  w/ Alexander McDougal, JOHN

Wilkes  GA  Tax Digest
1792  Wilkes, 1792, Capt. Anthony's District
Robert Dearing, 100a on Fishing Creek, adj FRANCIS SMITH, John Springer.
Edward Brown, on Fishing Creek, adj FRANCIS SMITH, John Eidson.
FRANCIS SMITH, 666a on Fishing Creek, adj Jessy Herd, GRIFFIN SMITH.
Archibald Riddle, on Fishing Creek, adj FRANCIS SMITH, Wm Hughs.
Wm Hughs, on Fishing Creek, adj FRANCIS SMITH, Julius Howard.
Jessy Herd, on Fishing Creek, adj FRANCIS SMITH.
DAVID SMITH is on list.

Wilkes  GA  Tax Digest
1792  RICHARD SMITH, Watley's dist, Adj Nathan Atkins, 1 poll

Wilkes  GA  Court Records
07 Feb 1792  Court Cases: RICHARD SMITH & Micajah Williamson, plaintiff vs
Daniel Parker, Wm Stiles.  Petition of ejectment by RICHARD SMITH & Micajah
Williamson against Daniel Parker & Wm Stiles.  Land involved 300a on Harding
Creek.  s/ Peter Carnes, atty.  Papers served: 07 Feb 1792,  Feb Term 1792;
Found for Plaintiffs.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-249
01 Mar 1792  RICHARD SMITH of Washington Co to NEEDHAM SMITH of Wilkes co
(now Warren), 100a more or less, 25pds, s RICHARD (R) SMITH; w/ Joeday
Newsom, Carter Newsome.  Rec: 05 Apr 1797.  (Old Deed Book C)

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-296
21 Sep 1792  WILLIAM SMITH and PATTY his wife of Washington County to Daniel
Atkins of Wilkes County, 60pds, 70a on Little Bryar Creek, adj John Maynor,
Isaacs, Joseph Adkins.  Rec: 27 Jul 1797.

Wilkes  GA  Tax Digest
1793  Wilkes, Capt. Thorntons District
RICHARD SMITH, 130a adj Roberts.
(Other names adj: John Collier, Jeremiah Furlow, Samuel Thornton, Clabon
Maddocks, Sherwood Wilkerson, John Chesshier, Archiblad Farlow, Stuart
Farlow, Abraham Irby, Zechariah Roberson, Nathan Atkison, Thomas Atkison,
John Pryer,

Wilkes  GA  Tax Digest
1793  DAVID SMITH, Smith's dist, 1 poll, adj McLaughlin.
1793  NEEDHAM SMITH, Smith's dist, adj SMITH
1793  ALEXANDER SMITH, Smith's dist, 1 poll, adj Franklin.
1793  Samuel Avera, Smith's dist, 1 poll, adj SMITH.
1793  HARDY SMITH, Smith's dist, 1 poll, adj Nunn.
1793  DAVID SMITH, Holland Brown's dist, Fishing Creek, Adj Asa Hooks.

Wilkes  GA  Deed Book (Will)  MM-420
22 Feb 1793  Will of JOHN SMITH; 22 Feb 1793
JOHN SMITH to Charles, John, and Lucy Smith, children of my daughter Mary
Smith, wife of JOHN SMITH of Wilkes County.  (Recorded in Deed Book MM-420)

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-388
02 Nov 1793  JOHN SMITH, SR of Wilkes county to Rubin McGee of Columbia
County (now Warren), 100pds, 180a part of a 200a orig granted to Nicholas
White 24 Sep 1784, on both sides of Beaverdam Creek, fork of Bear creek,
part in Wilkes and part in Columbia.  s/ JOHN SMITH, SR., SARAH SMITH.  w/
John Bayn, JP, JOHN SMITH, JR.  rec: 04 May 1798,

Columbia  GA  Deed Book  B-342
09 Jan 1794  JAMES SMITH and ELIZABETH, his wife of Columbia County to
Nathaniel Pearce of same, 100pds, 200a on both sides of the Great Kioka
Creek adj. JOB SMITH, and conveyed to Wm Candler and then to EBENEZER SMITH
& willed by him to his son JAMES SMITH.  s/ JAMES SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH;
w/ James Davis, Merryman Thorn, JP JANE SMITH, wife of EBENEZER SMITH
relinquishes her dower rights.

Columbia  GA  Deed Book  B-358
09 Jan 1794  JAMES SMITH & ELIZABETH his wife to Nathaniel Pearce, 25pds,
47a on Great Kioka; orig granted to sd JAMES SMITH.  adj James Morton,
Samuel Morton, s/ JAMES SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH.  w/ Wm Dearmond.

Wilkes  GA  Original Wills 1792-1801  135
27 Apr 1794  Will of JOHN SMITH;  27 Apr 1794 / 30 Jan 1795
Wife: Sarah
Son: Alex
Dau: Mary
Exr: James Kinman, Thos Grier
Test: James Melton, David Erwin
"Called Will of Capt John Smith"

Columbia  GA  Deed Book  B-333
26 Jul 1794  WILLIAM SMITH (son of heir of CHARLES SMITH, decd) of Warren co
and TELITHA, his wife, to John L Dixon of Washington co GA, 300pds, 200a in
Columbia orig granted to James Wright 2 Aug 1768.  s/ WILLIAM (x) SMITH,
TELITHA (x) SMITH.  w/ Hillory Fowler, SUSANNAH SMITH, Elishaba Fowler.

Hancock  GA  Wills and Estates Book  006
21 Aug 1794  David McGee obtained letters temporary to collect & take care
of the estate of Elijah McGlamry, decd.  ARCHIBALD SMITH, SR sec.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-192
04 Oct 1794  John McDaniel of Warren co to Henry Shelton of same, 50pds,
land where Elizabeth Johnston now liveth on E side of Rocky Comfort, 166.5a
orig granted to John McDaniel 22 Jul 1785, s/ John McDaniel, Mary McDaniel.
w/ Zachariah Harrill, WILLIAM SMITH.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-084
25 Dec 1794  FRANCIS SCOTT SMITH and MARTHA his wife of Warren co to James
White of Columbia co, $75, 200a in Warren on Main Brier Creek bounded on all
sides by vacant land being orig granted to ????? SMITH by warrant dated 21
Jun 1784.  s/ FRANCIS SCOTT SMITH, MARTHA (x) SMITH.  w/ Jno Torrence,

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-155
30 Dec 1794  Moses Powel et al to GEORGE SMITH of Wilkes county, 150pds,
180a on Ogechee river.  s/ Moses Powel (et al)  w/ James Rogers, Jesse
Bunkley, Steven Burnley and William Byrom, JP

Wilkes  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
Jan 1795  JOHN SMITH, b NC; d Wilkes co GA Jan 1795.  Married Sarah _____ in
NC.  Came to GA from NC with wife and two children in 1773.  He was a Rev
Sol (called Capt John Smith); received bounty grant of land in GA for his
1. Elizabeth
2. Martha, b Nov 15 1770, m John Walker, rev sol.
3. John Taylor, m Margaret "Peggy" ?????. Their ch: Elizabeth, Timothy,
   Nicholas, Francis, Jean.
4. Nancy
5. Franky
6. Margaret m John Pope Rev Sol
7. Mary "Polly" m James Wooton, Rev Sol Wilkes Co GA 1812
8. Charles m Nancy ????
9. Benjamin
10. William
11. Mildred "Milly" m Thomas Wooton, Jr   12. Alexander  13. David m

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-179
01 Jan 1795  John Mannon and Elizabeth his wife of Warren co to Parsons Pow,
merchant, 200a on Bryar creek, adj Thomas Mercer and WILLIAM SMITH.  s/ John
Manon, Elizabeth Mannon.  w/ Robert Isaacs, Samuel Avera.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-180
01 Jan 1795  John Mannon and Elizabeth his wife of Warren co to Parsons Pow,
merchant, land in Warren co on Little Bryars Creek, 100a, adj Walter Jackson
and Peleg Rogers.  s/ John Mannon, Elizabeth Mannon.  w/ Robert Isaacs,
Samuel Avera

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-074
05 Jan 1795  WILLIAM SMITH of Washington county to James McCormick.  WILLIAM
SMITH obtained a grant for 200a 07 Jan 1786, where McClain's branch runs
into Brier Creek, sold for 30pds, s/ WILLIAM (x) SMITH   w/ HARDY SMITH,
SAMUEL SMITH.  Rec: 25 Mar 1802.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-142
14 Jan 1795  John Slatter of Pendleton co South Carolina to John Bates of
Warren co GA, 225pds, land in St Paul's parish in Warren co adj J Evans. s/
John Slatter.  w/ WITHERS SMITH, Abraham Johnston.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-225
02 Mar 1795  William Franklin and wife Mary to ALECK SMITH, all of Warren
county, 20pds, 100a on Bryar creek adj William White, David Robison.  s/
William Franklin, Mary Franklin.  w/ Robert Isaacs, BENJAMIN SMITH.  Rec: 09
Dec 1796.

Warren  A  Deed Book  A-129
16 May 1795  Benjamin Rus of Columbia County Georgia to JACOB SMITH of
Warren County, 32pds, 100a in Warren adj Benjamin Res's Mill Creek.  s/
Benjamin Rus w/ Dorcy Howard, Thomas White.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-153
02 Jun 1795  Benjamin Rus of Columbia co (now Warren) to Edmund Hayes of
same, 100pds, 1288a.  s/ Benjamin Rus.  w/ JONATHAN SMITH, Thomas White, JP

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-003
12 Sep 1795  Anna Johnston, Wm Byrom adm.  GEORGE SMITH & Burley bound unto
Septimus Weatherby 1000pds, admr of estate of Malcom late of this co, decd.
s/ Anna J Johnston, Wm Byron, GEO SMITH, Stephen Burley,   w/ Leonard

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-145
12 Oct 1795  GEORGE SMITH and wife FRANCES of Warren County to Henry Burnley
of Hancock County, 125pds, 180a, orig granted to Moses Powel, Sr 05 Sep
1783, on Ogechee River, Lewis Powel's line, Jesse Bunkleys line.  s/ GEORGE
SMITH, FRANCES SMITH; w/ Jesse Bunkley, Henry Byrom.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers  1 of 2
1796  SMITH, CAPT JOHN, decd estate: Jas Kinman, excr.  Returns 1796, made
1800, cattle sold and killed for the use of the family.  Jas Kinmans acct
for tax on slaves Betsy, Esther, and Joe, 1780.  Jas Kinman and Thos Grier,
excrs ordered to appear before court Mar 5, 1800.  ELIZABETH SMITH, CHAS
SMITH and John Walker, admrs.  Sept 1, 1800, warrant of apprmt.  Returns for
1802 expense of dividing 408a of land in Greene co between NANCY SMITH, John
Walker, and heirs of JOHN TAYLOR SMITH, which land was granted JOHN SMITH,
decd.  Drawing of lots for land of JOHN SMITH, decd by heirs and legatees
Apr 6, 1801, signed by Harris Coleman, John Pope, John Walker, Jas Wooten
and CHAS, BENJ, WM, and NANCY SMITH, and the heirs of JOHN TAYLOR SMITH.
Receipts of BENJ and WM SMITH for their pay as overseers of the est 1799.
Reciepts of BETTY SMITH Dec 4 1800 and Feb 19, 1801 for her dower and one-
third of the crop.  (Betty must have been the widow of one of the sons,
probably JOHN TAYLOR SMITH as Capt JOHN SMITH'S wife was SARAH, (see Will
Vol 1, p65). Receipt of Thos Wooten,Jr 1806 for $95.00, being money allowed
for horse, saddle, bed, etc.  Receipt of BENJ SMITH 1801-1802 for legacy
form fathers est.  Receipt of CHAS SMITH, gdn of NANCY and MILDRED SMITH
orphans of JOHN SMITH, decd and gdn of heirs of JOHN TAYLOR SMITH, decd,
1802, 1803, all to John Walker, admr of Division of personal estate of JOHN
SMITH, decd, Mar 4, 1813, no admr mentioned, Robt Matthews gets Easter,
David and Matilda;  JAS SMITH gets Lewis and Jordan; BETHIAH C SMITH gets
Joe and STEPHEN SMITH gets Betty, Burwell, Phereby and Rachel.  (See Vol 1,
p183).  Receipt of Thos Wooten Jr to CHAS SMITH, gdn for $501.00 part of his
legacy in right of his wife MILDRED from her father's est.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-197
15 Feb 1796  Howel Jarrot of Wilkes County to Josiah Person of Warren co,
70pds, 375a in Warren on Harts Creek, adj Shaw and Webb, Dysart...  s/ Howel
Jarrot.  w/ B SMITH, Ambrose Edwards.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-328
19 Mar 1796  Ezekiel Alexander of Warren co to William Crenshaw of same,
$80, land on Williams creek and Carsons creek, 80a.  s/ Ezekiel Alexander,
Nancy Alexander.  w/ WILLIAM SMITH, Peter Hilton.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
06 Jun 1796  Benjamin Harding / Mourning Smith

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
18 Jun 1796  SMITH, ROBERT PAYTON, decd.  Warrant of apprmt. Jun 18, 1796.
BENAJAH SMITH, admr.  Purnal Truitt, Daniel Wagnon and Wm Simmons, apprs.
Inv. Jul 8, 1798.  Slave Major 45y old; slave Solomon in hands of Col
Graves, slave woman. slave Ned 21 years old, Sam 60 years old in hands of
Rebeckah Osborn.  Returns Feb 1800, slave Solomon sold to L B Wilson, Major
and Ned sold to Yelverton, Sam and slave woman to Rebecca Osborn;  Returns
Sep 1800, legacies paid Littleberry Wilson and wife, E P Wilson, RODA SMITH
and Rebecca Osborn, #320.00 each.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-387
01 Oct 1796  James Rowland of Richmond Co to Peter Cocks of same but now
Warren, 60pds, 200a on Sweet Water Creek.  s/ James Rowland; w/ Joseph
Stubbs, RICHARD (R) SMITH.  Rec: 4 May 1798.  (Old Deed Book D)

Warren  GA  Will Book  A-033
20 Nov 1796  Will of THOMAS SMITH; 20 Nov 1796 /
Heirs: Sister Mourning Harden
Mother: Phoebe Smith - slave Robin
Others: James Smith (son of Wilkins Smith), James Travis (son of John Travis
-relationship not stated)
Exr: James Travis
Wit: Jones Hendricks, John Jarrett

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-058
03 Dec 1796  RICHARD SMITH of Washington County GA to John Guthrie of
Warren, $215, 312a on Brier Creek in Warren co., 200a Orig granted to
RICHARD SMITH 29 Oct 1789 & 100a orig granted same on 12 Jul 1787.  s/

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-024
22 Dec 1796  John Rice of Warren co to RICHARD SMITH, 100pds, 150a on
Hardins creek, adj Rice's line.  s/ John Rice.  w/ Thomas Credille, William
Jerwin.  Rec. 4 Dec 1801.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-285
28 Dec 1796  John Hull of Camden Co Georgia to Bird Pruitt of same state and
County, of Warren, 50pds, 200a on Rocky Comfort adj SHADRACK SMITH, William
Landrum.  s/ John Hull,  w/ John Lawson,

Wilkes  GA  Original Wills 1792-1801  213
02 Jan 1797  Will of JAMES SMITH; 02 Jan 1797 / 09 Jul 1799
Son: John - land in Oglethorpe co
Dau: Patty Barron - land in Oglethorpe co
Son: Joseph, Jacob
Grandchildren: (Children of son Jacob) Mary White, Elizabeth, Rachel Smith
  and Sarah Thompson.
Test: Edward Butler, Nathaniel Rice, Samuel Rice.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-241
02 Jan 1797  WILKINS SMITH of Warren co to Matthew Parham of same, $201,
200a orig granted to THOMAS SMITH, SR.  s/ WILKINS SMITH.  w/ Zeph Franklin,
Wyatt Bonner.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-355
09 Jan 1797  Pearce Bailey of Warren Co to Pleasant Walker, 10pds, land on
Williams Creek.  s/ Pearce Bailey; w/ J Harmon, RICHARD SMITH;  rec: 18 Jan
1798 (Old Deed Book D)

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-354
09 Jan 1797  Pleasant Walker to John Harmon, 10pds, 20a on Williams creek,
Pearce Bailey now lives.  s/ Pleasant Walker.  w/ RICHARD SMITH, Pearce

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-302
26 Jan 1797  Arthur Fail of Hancock co to JOHN SMITH of Warren co, 128.5
(Pds or $ ??), land adj Moses Granberry, Rocky Comfort Creek, Alan Sims,
200a.  s/ Arthur Fail.  w/ Sally Robertson, Nowell Robertson, JP

Warren  GA  Will Book  B-006
06 Feb 1797  Will of George Waggoner; 06 Feb 1797 / 02 Sep 1811
Wife: Elizabeth - entire estate.
Sons: William, James, Henry, John, George,
Dau: Sarah Webb, Mary Shaw, Becky Ward,
Exr: wife Elizabeth, WILLIAM SMITH
Wit: William Luckett, Charles Webb, John McCray

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-026
09 Feb 1797  George Franklin admr & ALEXANDER SMITH, bound to Septimus
Weatherby ...  est of William Franklin, decd.  s/ George Franklin, ALEXANDER
SMITH.  rec: 17 Jul 1798

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-052
06 Apr 1797  NEEDHAM SMITH of Washington County GA to John Guthrie of Warren
County, $250, 100a in Warren on Brier Creek adj Guthrie, Storie.  Orig
granted to RICHARD SMITH, 12 Jul 1787.  s/ NEEDHAM (x) SMITH  w/ Parson Poe,
Anthony Carroll.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-308
27 May 1797  William West of Warren co to Richmond Terrell of Same, $10,
300a adj Thomases, THOMAS SMITH, Castleberry.  s/ William West.  w/ Matthew
McCrary, Willis Rowland.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-046
05 Jul 1797  Matthew Parham of Warren co to Nathaniel Parham, son of
Matthew, of Hancock county, for love and affection, 130a incl part of a 200a
grant to THOMAS SMITH, line made for Elisha Roberts, now Henry Walker.  s/
Matthew Parham.  w/ Patsy Franklin.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-381
17 Oct 1797  JOSEPH SMITH of Columbia County to John Grenaid of Warren co,
$100, 200a originally granted to JOSEPH SMITH 29 Apr 1797, adj Ruse,
McCormick, Ball, Hill, s/ JOSEPH SMITH.  w/ William Few,

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-589
29 Dec 1797  John Rudisell to Abner Chapman, $2000.  s/ John Rudisell  w/
Davis Chapman, A Grier, JP, RICHARD SMITH.

Warren  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
29 Dec 1797  John Travix applied for letters testementary on the Will of
THOMAS SMITH, decd.  and offered the same for probate.  It was proved on the
oath of Jones Kendrick and admitted to Probate.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-516
05 Jan 1798  MARY SMITH, widow, to son Abisha Brewer, for love, etc. 500a
taken up by husband ALEXANDER SMITH, decd,  s/ MARY SMITH  w/ Allary Simons,

Wilkes  GA  Original Wills 1792-1801  237
26 Jan 1798  Will of ANNE SMITH; 26 Jan 1798 / 25 Jul 1798
Sons: Esau & Anthony
Dau: Melina
To: John Leonard, Thena and James Hogan Leonard
Neice: Nancy Smith, dau of my bro Esau
To: Celia Smith, dau of Barsheeba Hogan
Exr: son Esau
Test: John Abernathy, Chas Finch.

Warren  GA  Will Book  A-050
30 Jan 1798  Will of James Napier; 30 Jan 1798 / no probate date
Wife: unnamed
Son: Drewery, eldest son, Caleb Napier, Benjamin Napier
Dau: Phoebe Brown, Creesa Ridgedall, Martha Presley,
Exr: none named
Wit: V T A Tharpe, William Cason

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-571
15 Feb 1798  WILKINS SMITH of Columbia Co to John Travix, $500, 134a. s/ W
SMITH.  w/ Nancy Dozer, William Dozer.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-019
17 Mar 1798  RICHARD SMITH have sold to Joseph White a certain Negro girl
for $200, s/ RICHARD SMITH  w/ T Harmon,   A Grier, JP ( Old Deed Book A)

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-617
13 Apr 1798  Micajah Stone to Luke Williams, $250, land on Williams Creek.
s/ Micajah Stone,   w/ JAMES SMITH, EBENEZER SMITH.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-510
28 May 1798  WILKINS SMITH of Edgefield co South Carolina, to Robert Moore
of Warren co, $70, 50a on Little river, adj Mulkeys land.  s/ WILKINS SMITH.
w/ William Stark, John Dozer, Leonard Dozer.

Warren  GA  Bills of Sale  26
16 Jul 1798  RICHARD SMITH to Jos White, a Negro Girl about 11 yrs named
Lucy for $200.  Mar 1798.  s/ RICHARD SMITH

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-467
09 Nov 1798  John Harman of Warren co to Josiah N Kennedy, 157a adj Pearce
Bailey, Williams, Zachariah Shuffield.  s/ J Harman,   w/ EPHRAIM SMITH,
Tilman Niblet.  Rec;  01 Dec 1798.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-578
08 Dec 1798  John Bustin to JAMES SMITH (blacksmith), $400, land on Williams
creek, adj John Baker, Saxon, Moses Darden, 100a orig granted to George
Murray, etc, etc,  s/ John Bustin.  w/ John Torrance, A Grier, JP

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-631
12 Dec 1798  John Pinkston of Washington Co to Josiah Randal, $400, 200a in
Warren.  s/ John Pinkston.  w/ Josiah Wright, ARCHIBALD SMITH.

Hancock  GA  Wills and Estates  p004
c1799  Jane Cathell and ARICHIBALD SMITH, admr of estate of James Cathell,
decd.   JEHU SMITH and John Montgomery, sec.  (no date- c1799)

Hancock  GA  Administrators Accounts
22 Feb 1799  ARCHIBALD SMITH, Sr, decd, LW dtd 2/22/1799, ch: JEHU,

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-074
30 May 1799  Peter Hodo & wife Sally of Warren to JAMES SMIT of Warren,
$160, 300a in Warren on Brier Creek.  s/ Peter Hodo.  w/ Peter Hodo, Sr,
Richard Hodo.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-140
10 Jun 1799  WILLIAM SMITH to James French, 30pds, 200a in Warren bounded by
Thomas Grier, George Waggoner, Williams Creek and Carsons creek.  s/ WILLIAM
SMITH  w/ Robert Grier, Henry Bonner

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
17 Jul 1799  SMITH, JAMES decd estate:  NATHAN, JOHN and JOS SMITH, excrs.
Inv Jul 17, 1799.  Returns of JOHN and JOS SMITH Feb 1801, paid JOS and
NATHANIEL SMITH, paid Wm Barron, paid David Collum and Wm Chaffin, in right
of his wife ZECHIE SMITH, for their wives in part of their legacies.
Returns of JOS SMITH, excr Feb 1802.  Receipt of Abel McIntosh, gdn of the
heirs of JACOB SMITH.  Returns Mar 1803.  Receipts of David Collum,
NATHANIEL SMITH, Wm Chaffin, Abel McIntosh, gdn, Wm Thompson for himself and
Demcy White, Nov 1802 in full of their legacies.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-474
(date unknown) John Buthria of Buncombe co North Carolina to Nathan Davis of
Warren Co GA, $250, 89a adj Brier and Whites creek orig granted to RICHARD
SMITH adj Hambleton, s/ John Buthria.  w/ William Cason, Williamson Rowland.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-536
(date unknown) I relenquish all my title to Negroes to GRESHAM SMITH. s/
Joseph Hutchinson.  w/ John Dantignal JP.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-605
(date unknown) MARTHA SMITH to son WILLIAM SMITH, land and stock etc,  s/
w/ Parsons Poe and Joseph White

Columbia  GA  Deed Book  B-410
(date unknown) Charles Linn to WILLIAM SMITH, $70, 1/5 of a grant to Charles
Linn, bought of John Neyland and Elizabeth his wife (formerly Elizabeth
Linn), s/ Charles Linn.  w/ Bailey Wilkerson, ? Beall.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-616
18 Dec 1799  BENJAMIN SMITH of Warren county to JOHN SMITH, $43, 100a in
Wilkes county when surveyed (now Warren county), on Brier Creek.  s/
BENJAMIN SMITH; w/ David Wheeler, Isham Wheeler.  Rec: 17 Mar 1800

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-626
23 Dec 1799  BENJAMIN SMITH to William McCowles of Richmond Co, $257, 200a
orig in Wilkes. s/ BENJAMIN SMITH, LUCY SMITH.  w/ James Roquemore, Joseph
White.  Rec 24 Apr 1800.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-602
28 Dec 1799  William Davidson to Peter Parham, $260, 115a adj NATHANIEL
SMITH.  s/ William Davidson   w/ Phelan, Martin Hayes.

Richmond  GA  Will Book  A-011
09 Jan 1800  Will of JOHN SMITH; 09 Jan 1800 / 06 Oct 1801
John Smith of Spirit Creek, Richmond Co GA
Wife: unnamed
Neph: John Smith, son of David; James and John Smith, sons of William all
  living in Scotland.
Exr: Friends, Alex Graham of Burke co GA, Edward Primrose of Augusta
Wit: Holland McTyeire, Seaborn Jones, Lucy Heard

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
21 Jan 1800  Aaron Smith / Elizabeth Abercrombie

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-163
24 Feb 1800  Robert Moore to Jacob Butt, $170, 50a orig granted to THOMAS
SMITH, decd, adj at the time of survey, to SMITH and Doyle and Mulkey.  s/
Robert Moore, w/ Jones Kindrick, Robert Burton, Eli Bull.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  A-617
17 Mar 1800  Ebenezer Starnes to BENJAMIN SMITH, 20pds, 200a land on N side
of Brier Creek, adj William Wammacks.  s/ Ebenezer Starnes, w/ William
Wamack, B McCullers.  Rec 17 Mar 1800

Wilkes  GA  Minutes of Inferior Court 1799-1801  45
31 Jul 1800  Dawson G Toombs, decd, Will probated & letters testimentary
issued to FRANCIS SMITH, Jr who has married Mary Toombs, excx.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-508
06 Aug 1800  Elijah Leonard to THOMAS SMITH, $220, 200a on Brier Creek adj
to grant of 600a made to said Leonard.  s/ Elijah Leonard.  w/ Michael Cody,
Joseph Leonard, Peter Hodo JP.

Warren  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
11 Aug 1800  John Travix, Exr of Will of THOMAS SMITH, granted letters of

Warren  GA  Will Book  A-043
02 Oct 1800  Will of George Medlock; 02 Oct 1800 / no probate date
Wife: Feribee
Dau: Polly ("when 18yrs of age), Agatha ("when she becomes 18),
Son: George deLafayette (when he becomes 21)
Exr: EZEKIEL SMITH, JOHN SMITH and son George Medlock (when he becomes of
Wit: William Barden Jr, George Taylor, Asa Castleberry.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-090
02 Jan 1801  JAMES SMITH, bound in penal sum of $500 to EBENEZER SMITH, 100a
adj John Baker, Moses Darden, George Harris, John Simons, Pearce Bailey on
Williams Creek.  s/ JAMES SMITH.  w/ William Torrence, John Torrence.   Rec:
23 Apr 1802.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-108
19 Jan 1801  Moses McKinney to WILLIAM SMITH of Warren co, $300, 100a adj
Newsom's old fort where Tilman McKinney now lives adj Benjamin Adams, Edmund
Cody, on Brier Creek.  s/ Moses McKinney,  w/ Moses Neal, P Hodo JP.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-344
20 Jan 1801  JOHN SMITH to Moses Granberry, $500, 290a on Rocky Comfort
creek. s/ JOHN SMITH.  w/ William McDowell, Norvell Robertson.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
23 Jan 1801  William Landrum / Agnes Smith

Wilkes  GA  Minutes of Inferior Court 1799-1801  78
he is apptd gdn of FRANCIS & JEAN SMITH, all orphans of JOHN TAYLOR SMITH,
decd.  John Walker and Richd Worshin, sec.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-083
17 Mar 1801  Ichabod Cox of Warren County to Cary Cox for $100, 25a on the
north fork of Williams creek called Beaverdam.  w/ Ichabod Cox,  w/ John

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-106
08 Jun 1801  Ezekiel Alexander of Warren co saith that the annexed papers
contains a true copy of Mortgage given by STEPHEN SMITH to Samuel Alexander,
Sr for 3 Negroes.  s/ Ezekiel Alexander.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-107
09 Jun 1801  Moses Alexander swears that annexed paper is a true copy of a
mortgage given to Samuel Alexander Sr by STEPHEN SMITH for 3 Negroes.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
01 Jul 1801  Gardiner Smith / Sarah Nobles

Wilkes  GA  Minutes of Inferior Court 1801-1803  42
29 Jul 1801  John Grant, orphan of Thomas Grant and SARAH SMITH, orphan of
FRANCIS SMITH be bound to James Bray till of age.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-380
10 Aug 1801  Nicholas Pool to Wm Locket, $130, 50a on Williams creek.  w/
William Chapman, WILLIAM SMITH.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-048
20 Aug 1801  RICHARD SMITH of Warren co to Jesse Dewberry, $400, 150a on
Wardens Creek, s/ RICHARD SMITH  w/ James Henserson, Alsie Sanders, John
Battle JP.  Rec: 15 Feb 1802.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-032
21 Aug 1801  ALEXANDER SMITH of Washington co to ELIJAH SMITH of Warren co.
ALEXANDER SMITH and wife MOTHEW (?) SMITH 100a in Warren co on Brier Creek.
s/ ALEXANDER (X) SMITH, MOTHEW (X) SMITH;  w/ Jonah N Kennedy, Charles Ray.
Rec: 23 Dec 1801.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-249
16 Nov 1801  Willie Dorman and Allen Dorman to Amos Travis, 3 Negroes for
700 silver dollars. s/ Willie Dorman  Allen Dorman.  w/ William McDowell,

Warren  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
01 Dec 1801  HARDY SMITH applies for administration of estate of James
Napier on Feb 07 1802.  Lydia Napier and Samuel Ridgedale were apptd
administrators with the will annexed.  Solomon Newsome, Sr and Elisha Brown
were accepted as sureties on their bond.

Elbert  GA  Will  B-095
15 Dec 1801  Will of NATHANIEL SMITH; dated 15 Dec 1801; Rec: 4 Apr 1802
Wife: Sarah
Ch: Stephen, Alexander, Eady, Stephen, Delilah, Winne, John, William, Sara
Margaret Smith,
Exr: sons Alexander and Stephen
Wit: Samuel Woods, JP; Samuel Patten

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-094
17 Jan 1802  JAMES SMITH to Edmund Johnston, $550, 300a on Brier Creek adj
Guslin, Hodo,  s/ JAMES SMITH.  w/ D Sturdivant, Elisha Wright.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-120
03 Feb 1802  David Robertson of Richmond co, to John Matthews of Warren co,
$50, 50a on Big Brier Creek orig granted Absolem Jackson.  s/ David
Roberson.  w/ JOHN (x) SMITH, Thomas Westbay.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-569
19 Feb 1802  David Robertson, Sr to Isham Wheeler, $400, 200a granted to
William Wammack, 12 Jul 1787, conveyed from him to Fitzhugh Hunt and then to
David Robertson on Brier Creek.  s/ David Robertson.  w/ David Wheeler,
Thomas Westbay.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-089
01 Mar 1802  JAMES SMITH bound to EBENEZER SMITH for $500.  Condition: If
JAMES SMITH should pay $250 before 01 Mar 1802 the bound shall be void.  s/
JAMES SMITH. w/ William Torrence, John Torrence.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
02 Jul 1802  Daniel Connell / Pollie Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-407
14 Dec 1802  Charles Linn to WILLIAM SMITH, $500, 280a formerly in Richmond
(now Warren) s/ Charles Linn,  w/ John Hardin, Daniel McCowan.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
25 Dec 1802  John Smith / Patsy Slaton

Wilkes  GA  Minutes of Inferior Court 1801-1812  33
1803  FRANCIS SMITH, decd; EBENEZER SMITH apptd temp admr.

Richmond  GA  Will Book  A-018
10 Jan 1803  Will of JOHN ERDMAN SMITH; 10 Jan 1803 / 07 Feb 1803
John Erdman Smith of Augusta GA
Wife: Catherine
Moth: Barbara Smith of Nuremburg Germany.
Sister: Susanna Maria Krunsterin of Nuremburg Germany
Exr: Wife Catherine, Robert Cresswell, Dennis Smelt, George Graves
Wit: Zen J Gaines, Chas Lamar, David B Butler

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-297
01 Feb 1803  Dixon Perryman of Columbia Co to James Zachary of Warren
County, $400, 200a on both sides of Long creek granted to JOHN SMITH 20 Sep
1787.  adj Hayes line,   s/ Dixon Perryman.  w/ John Zachary.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-193
10 Feb 1803  Joseph Watson of Columbia County to Joseph Watson of Warren co,
$920, on n side of main prong of Big Brier Creek, adj Newsom, s/Joseph
Watson, w/ WILLIAM SMITH and Joseph Carter, JP.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-394
22 Feb 1803  WILLIAM SMITH to Irby Dubarry of the county of Washington,
52pds, 200a in Warren, adj Akins.  s/ WILLIAM SMITH.  w/ Reuben Underwood.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-167
03 Mar 1803  Benjamin Bruton of Montgomery co to William Simples of Warren
co, $850, 200a on Rocky Comfort.  s/ Benjamin Bruton, Jemima Bruton.  w/
Benjamin Upton, JOHN SMITH.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
24 Mar 1803  James Smith / Nancy Williams

Wilkes  GA  Wills 1806-1808  091
29 Apr 1803  Will of JOHN SMITH; 29 Apr 1803 / 15 Mar 1804
Friend: David Anglin
Exr: David Sidwell, Jr, John Sidwell
Test: Da Sidwell, Lewis Coppage, B Porter

Richmond  GA  Will Book  A-029
01 Jun 1803  Will of CATHERINE SMITH; 01 Jun 1803 / 04 Nov 1805
Catharine Smith of Augusta, widow.
Legatees: Patsy Cresswell, dau of Robert, Caroline Eliz Smelt, dau of
Dennis, etc, etc. (no family)

Hancock  GA  Wills and Estates Book  025
17 Aug 1803  Abraham Womack, admr of William Womack, decd.  Jesse McKinnie
Pope, sec.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
21 Sep 1803  Isaac Barbaree / Nancy Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-531
06 Nov 1803  CATHERINE SMITH, Sarah Farr, John McCarthy, Mary McCarthy,
SMITH of Counties of Columbia and Warren to JACOB SMITH of Warren County for
60 silver dollars, land on Middle creek   s/ CATHARINE SMITH, Sarah Farr,
John McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, CASSANDRA SMITH, Jacob Johnson, Dorcas
Johnson, JOSEPH SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH, James Granade, Catharine Granade,
JONATHAN SMITH, PEREBY SMITH, w/ William Duckworth, Gideon George JP  (all
of the signatories were parties of the first part selling to Jacob Smith)

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-437
24 Nov 1803  John Torrence to Mark Hardin, $600, tract on Childres creek adj
HANNAH SMITH,  s/ John Torrence.  w/ William Harris, G George.

Hancock  GA  Wills and Estates Book  024
10 Dec 1803  James Simmons, admrx of William Hudson, decd.  JEHU SMITH &
Robt Weddington, sec.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-410
c1804  Columbia county Georgia.  Charles Linn to WILLIAM SMITH, $70, 1/5 of
a grant to Charles Linn, bought of John Neyland & Elizabeth his wife
(formerly Elizabeth Linn).  s/ Charles Linn  w/ Bailey Wilkerson, Thad
Beall.  (no date given)

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-459
20 Mar 1804  John Vance to Peter Davis, $52, 50a adj P Cox, WILLIAM SMITH,
w/ Thomas White.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-439
05 May 1804  JAMES SMITH (blacksmith) to Asa Cox, planter, $500, 100a on
Williams Creek adj George Harris, John Sims, Pearce Bailey, John Baker,
Moses Darden, s/ JAMES SMITH.  w/ EBENEZER SMITH, Ebenezer Torrence, John

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-343
19 May 1804  Moses Granberry to George Granberry, 200a at mouth of the Mill
branch of Rocky Comfort, part of two other tracts, one granted to Arthur
Fail to other to JOHN SMITH.  s/ Moses Granberry  w/ Francis Wise, Daniel

Hancock  GA  Wills and Estates Book  026
21 Jul 1804  William Low, admr of William, decd.  Daniel Low and LEWIS
SMITH, sec.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-314
21 Sep 1804  Peter P Hodo to Joshua Draper, $20, 20a on Upton's creek adj
Granade R Hodo and JAMES SMITH.  s/ P Hodo.  w/ William Moseley, Jacob

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
29 Sep 1804  Thomas Redless / Nancy Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-319
c Nov 1804  NATHANIEL ALEXANDER SMITH formerly of that part of Wilkes county
that is now Warren, did in 1789 decease intestate, legal heirs and legatees
are his wife MARY SMITH, daughter NANCY SMITH, son JAMES SMITH, did own land
on Green's creek (or Childres creek) adj old line of Richmond county, lands
of William Scott, Thomas Ansley, 550a.  Since then NANCY SMITH has
intermarried with Isaac Barbarec of Warren co division of property.  s/
Isaac Barbarec, Nancy Barbarec.  w/ John Torrence, D Neal JP.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-507
01 Nov 1804  THOMAS SMITH to Henry Williams Jr, $550, 172.5a, 220a that said
SMITH conveyed to Elijah Leonard adj Thompson and Leonard.  s/ THOMAS SMITH
w/ Rhese Jones and John Bayne JP.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-507
01 Nov 1804  THOMAS SMITH to Henry Williams, Jr, $500, 172.5a, the 220a that
the said SMITH conveyed to Elijah Leonard, 27.5a adj Thompson & Leonard,
orig granted Elijah Leonard 25 Aug 1800.  s/ THOMAS SMITH.  w/ Rhese Jones

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-154
23 Jan 1805  JAMES SMITH of Warren to Jacob Watson of same, $300, land in
Warren bounded by Jacob Farris, Phillips, and Ball.  s/ JAMES SMITH  w/ C D

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-413
28 Jan 1805  WILLIAM SMITH of Columbia co to Henry Cox of Warren, $400, 350a
on Carsons creek orig granted to Chas Linn Sr.  s/ WILLIAM SMITH  w/ Walter
Dent, Joseph White.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-093
28 Jan 1805  Henry Cox of Warren co to WILLIAM SMITH of Columbia co.   Henry
Cox is indebted to WILLIAM SMITH, etc.  s/ Henry Cox  w/ Walter Dent

Warren  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
04 Mar 1805  The Will of John Brown was duly probated and SAMUEL M SMITH
qualified as executor.

Wilkes  GA  Probate Court Records
11 Mar 1805  FRANCIS SMITH, decd.  Stephen Martin apptd admr.  WILLIAM A
SMITH, Johnson Wellborn, securities.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
11 Mar 1805  SMITH, FRANCIS, decd, Stephen Martin apptd adm.  Wm A Smith,
Johnson Wellborn, Sec.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-530
12 Mar 1805  John Gutheria of Buncombe County North Carolina to James Person
of Warren County, GA, $600, 300a on Big Brier Creek, adj Jesse Storey.  Orig
granted to RICHARD SMITH 12 Jul 1787.  s/ John Gutheria.  w/ Williamson
Rowland, and William Cason, JP.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
05 May 1805  Richard Hopkins / Hannah Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-621
27 Jun 1805  State of South Carolina.  Michael Swicord, $500, sells to
Alexander Perryman a Negro 27 Jun 1805.  s/ Michael Swicord  w/ GRESHAM

Hancock  GA  Wills and Estates Book  022
01 Oct 1805  Vines Howell, admr of Owen Davis, decd.  JOHN SMITH, sec.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
12 Nov 1805  John Matthews / Mary Smith

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
15 Dec 1805  Samuel Smith / Elizabeth Hill

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-467
07 Feb 1806  Thomas Bazmore of Warren Co sold a Negro girl to JOHN SMITH.
s/ Thomas Bazmore.  w/ Joseph White, Isham Wheeler, Jame McCormick.

Jackson  GA  Court of Ordinary Minutes
03 Mar 1806  NEHEMIAH SMITH, decd, John, James, and Alexander McHargus
issued L/A.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-494
06 May 1806  David Newsome adj. Solomon Newsome, decd, to Thomas Dent for an
order of Inferior Court at Warrenton, land adj Butt, David Neal, a total
149.5a  s/ David Newsome.  w/ GRESHAM SMITH, Thomas Friend, JP

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-610
29 Dec 1806  William Hugg to Michael Cody, $564, 188a granted to Richard
Hodo and part to Peter Hodo.  w/ William Huff.  w/ JAMES SMITH, William

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
17 Jan 1807  Ebenezer Smith / Calary Rogers

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-487
17 Jan 1807  Weiry Rudicil of Warren co to GEORGE SMITH of same, $500, 103a
of land in Warren on Harts Creek.  s/ W Rudicil.  w/ Benj Hurt.

Warren  GA  Will Book  A-087
31 Jan 1807  Will of Nathan Davis: 31 Jan 1807 / 07 Sep 1807
Leaves $250 to the supposed daughter of Geherin Davis, decd, which I had by
Barsheba Grenade, now BARSHEBA SMITH, which she had before she married
Exr: none names
Wit: Winder Hillman, Edward McGlamoury, Thomas Storey.

Warren  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
02 Feb 1807  The Will of Drewry McCullers was probated on the oath of John
Sallis and JAMES SMITH, subscribing witnesses.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-570
09 Feb 1807  John Zachary to RICHARD SMITH, $400, 162a adj Solomon Ward &
Hardy Chambers.  s/ John Zachary, Sarah Zachary.  w/ Jesse Zachary, D H
Zachary, JP

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-574
02 Apr 1807  Jacob Watson to WILLIAM SMITH, $112, 28a adj Michael Coda s/
Jacob Watson.  w/ John Sanders, William Cason JP

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-575
02 Apr 1807  WILLIAM SMITH to Edmund Cody, $1400, 120a adj Michael Cody.  s/
WILLIAM SMITH  w/ William Bunckley, E Hurt.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-298
14 Apr 1807  Henry Kendall to GRESHAM SMITH, $1200, land adj the town of
Warrenton, George Cole, and Jeremiah Beall.  s/ Henry Kendall.  w/ A

Warren  GA  Will Book  A-119
09 May 1807  Will of James Carter: 09 May 1807 / 06 May 1811
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Jesse, Moore, Allen, James,
Dau: Sarah Hodo, Elizabeth Burson, Renny, Penelope Davis
Others: Bartheny Carter (rel not stated).
Exr: son Jesse Carter, Moore Carter, JACOB SMITH. John Bayne
Wit: V T A Tharpe, William Cason JP

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
16 Jul 1807  John Davidson / Linsey Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-175
21 Aug 1807  RICHARD SMITH of Warren Co to James Zachary of Baldwin co,
$400, 100a in Warrren adj Solomon Ward & Hardy Chambers.  s/ RICHARD SMITH.
w/ J L Zachary.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-150
14 Sep 1807  GRESHAM SMITH of Warren co to Henry Kendall of same, GRESHAM
SMITH is indebted to Henry Kendall for $700, etc.   s/ GRESHAM SMYTH  w/ A
Moncrief, A Locke.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
10 Oct 1807  Joel Smith / Sarah Banks

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
02 Apr 1808  Samuel Geesling / Mary Smith

Warren  GA  Georgia Express, Athens GA (Newspaper)
25 May 1808  From the "Georgia Express" of Athens Ga 06 Aug 1808.
SMITH, ALEXANDER of Warren County Georgia, shot and seriously wounded by
Indians 5/25/1808 on Wilderness Road between Bear Creek & 20 Mile Creek on
Natchez Road, left wife and 4 children.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
12 Jun 1808  Isam Wheeler / Eddea Smith

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
04 Oct 1808  Insil Farr / Catherine Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-179
21 Oct 1808  JONATHAN SMITH of Columbia co. to Henry Wilson, $400, land on
Childers creek, 234a, s/ JONAHTAN SMITH   w/ Jon Sill

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-586
21 Oct 1808  Jacob Darden to JONATHAN SMITH, $300, land in Warren co on the
waters of Childers creek, 200a.  s/ Jacob Darden.  w/ William Harris,
Charles Matthews

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
29 Dec 1808  Lovet Smith / Eliza Fort

Putnam  GA  Administrators Bonds
02 Jan 1809  ABRAHAM SMITH, decd, William D Lane and WINNY SMITH issued L/A.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-170
12 Jan 1809  GRESHAM SMITH to Jacob Burkhalter, $1900, land adjoining the
town of Warrenton on the North, George Cole on the east and lands of
Jeremiah Beall on the south and west.  s/ GRESHAM SMITH.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-228
12 Jan 1809  GRESHAM SMITH of Warren co. to Jacob Bukrkhalter of same, $800
sells the following Negroes: Henny and her children Emory and Rachel,   s/
GRESHAM SMITH,  w/ John K Reviere

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
13 Mar 1809  John Smith / Elizabeth Camp

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-214
28 Aug 1809  JAMES SMITH of Warren co. to John Morris, $450, land in Warren
co. on the waters of Childers creek, 120a.  s/ JAMES SMITH  w/ Thomas
Ansley, Henry Williams.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
22 Sep 1809  John Harrison / Elizabeth Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-447
29 Dec 1809  John Barrow to JOHN SMITH, $300, one Negro girl named Nancy,
12y.  w/ Thaddeus Camp.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
18 Feb 1810  Jacob Johnston / Patsy Smith

Warren  GA  Deed Book  C-445
25 Mar 1810  Samuel Camp to JOHN SMITH both of Warren, $400, land in Warren
on the Rocky Branch near Ogechee.  s/ S Camp.  w/ John Beall

Bryan  GA  Court Writs
1811  THOMAS SMITH, decd, Alton Pemberton and SUSAN M SMITH, admrs of decd
of Chatham County vs Mary Torrence.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
Jan 1811  Michael Moore / Pollie Smith

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
03 Jan 1811  Michael Moore Esq/ Nancy Smith

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
31 Jan 1811  Hampton Pariah / Sally Smith

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
06 Apr 1812  William Smith / Elizabeth Lacy

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
04 May 1812  John Smith / Elizabeth Peevey

Warren  GA  Administrators Bonds Book  A-008
04 May 1812  Robert Abercrombie, decd, Administrators bond May 4, 1812, of
Nancy Abercrombie.  William Jones and AARON SMITH, admrs.

Warren  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
04 May 1812  Mrs Nancy Abercrombie, the widow of Robert Abercrombie, William
Jones, and AARON SMITH were apptd temporary adm of estate of decd.  bond was
fixed at $50,000.  EZEKIEL SMITH of Hancock co and Solomon Lockett were
approved as sureties.

Laurens  GA  Administrators Bond
04 May 1812  JOEL SMITH, decd, HENRY SMITH issued Letters of Administration.
Lewis Maddox, sec.

Wilkes  GA  Wills 1810-1816  107
31 Oct 1812  Will of FRANCIS SMITH; 31 Oct 1812 / 04 Jul 1814
Wife: Lucy
Son: Reuben, (he having been absent)
Exr: Son in law, Peter Early
Test: Anderson Riddle, Henry C Dawson, Jane Hughes.

Wilkes  GA  Court Cases
1813  Court Cases: RICHARD SMITH vs William Stiles for seizing with force of
arms a tract of 140a on Powder Creek adj Henry Garland, ELIJAH SMITH, Lewis
Miller & James Langdon.  Samuel Langdon had devised the land to SMITH for an
unexpired term.  (Case occ 1813 - nfi)

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-137
21 Jan 1813  Elijah Leonard to JOSEPH SMITH; sale of livestock and tools.
s/ Elijah Leonard;  w/ Nathaniel Thompson, Henry Williams Jr

Jackson  GA  Court of Ordinary Minutes
Mar 1813  JAMES SMITH, decd, Last Will and Testament proved by Wm Ellington
and Wm Hancock.  JOHN and JAMES SMITH, exrs.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-067
01 Mar 1813  Wm D Taylor, tax collector for Warren co siezes a parcel of
land belonging to WILLIAM SMITH to pay back taxes.

Putnam  GA  Administrators Bond
05 Jul 1813  JOHN SMITH, decd, GEORGE W and ELIZABETH SMITH issued Letters
of Administration.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-008
20 Sep 1813  JAMES SMITH of Warren co to Drury Pate of Warren, $400, 100a in
Warren orig granted Joseph Stubbs.  s/ JAMES SMITH.  w/ Hardy Pitts

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-076
18 Dec 1813  Henry Williams Jr to SAMUEL SMITH and Dingley Lakey all of
Warren, 12,000 pounds of cotton, 100a on Brier Creek being part of 200a orig
surveyed for Cornelius Carnack 23 Oct 1787.  s/ Henry Williams.  w/ John
Williams, Jonathan Owens

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-440
20 Dec 1813  JAMES SMITH of Warrren to Ezekiel Miller of Morgan co, $550,
112a on Middle creek adj James Bishop (?), Jesse Miller, Dennis's line, Wm
Brand (?).  s/ JAMES SMITH,  w/ Jesse Miller

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-441
20 Dec 1813  JAMES SMITH to Theophilus Miller both of Warren, $300, 80a
where said SMITH now lives on Middle creek, adj James Bushop (?) & James
Miller.  s/ JAMES SMITH.  w/ Jesse Miller, Daniel Dennis

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
30 Dec 1813  John Smith / Nancy Anderson

Wilkes  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
1814  FRANCIS SMITH, b VA, came to GA; d on Fishing Creek, Wilkes County, GA
1814.  received grant of land in GA for his service as a Rev Sol.  Married:
       Lucy Wilkerson.
1. John, m Miss Walker.  Moved to TN then to MO
2. Ebenezer, of Wilkes co, m Frances Anderson
3. William Wilkerson, m Judith Heard.  Moved to AL
4. Thomas, m Cynthia White.  Moved to MO
5. Francis, m Mrs Toombs (formerly Miss Kelne). She mar (3) Andrew White of
   Tenn (4) Gov Blount of TN. (She m 4 times before she was 21yrs of age)
6. Reuben, m ?????, moved to MO
7. Ann Adams, m Gov. Peter Early of GA.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-046
17 Feb 1814  BENJAMIN SMITH of Pulaski county and JOHN SMITH of Warren
county appoint Giddeon Warner of Johnston co NC their lawful attorney to sue
for and recover damages for... etc, etc for events between 1800 and 1815
upon 300a tract of land in Cumberland co NC.  Courses of land as follows:
Beginning at a pine on JOHN SMITH, SRS old line....  crossing Black River
swamp, etc.  s/ BENJAMIN (x) SMITH, JOHN (x) SMITH

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
20 Mar 1814  Gilham Smith / Patsy Sturdivant

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-297
16 Apr 1814  WILLIAM SMITH & David W Waggoner all of Warren, $260, 130a land
on Carson's Creek.  s/ WILLIAM SMITH.  w/ G B Mitchel

Wilkes  GA  Wills 1818-1819  081
20 Apr 1814  Will of NATHAN SMITH; 20 Apr 1814 / 01 Jul 1816
Wife: Salley
Son: Elbert
Son in Law: James Dorough, Chas Phillips
Dau: Sally w/o Chas Phillips
Exr: son Elbert and son-in-law James Dorough
Test: Bd Moore, Samuel Rice, Joseph Hurley.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
29 Aug 1814  SMITH, ELIZABETH of Franklin Co., one of the heirs of DAVID
SMITH, decd of Wilkes co to John Colly "one sixth part of y dec'd fathers
real estate, whereon said DAVID SMITH resided, described in a deed from
MARGARET, THOS, JANET and WM SMITH to said Colly, JAS SMITH having already
taken his share, Aug 29, 1814.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-288
17 Dec 1814  Samuel Ansley to WILLIAM SMITH, $133, 133a known as "Pine
Nursery" bounded by Granade, Ansley. s/ Samuel Ansley,   w/ John Ansley,
John Weaver

Jasper  GA  Court of Ordinary Minutes
01 May 1815  ABRAM SMITH, decd, Last Will and Testament proved by Isaac
Rosser and Jesse George, Letters Testamentary issued to SARAH SMITH.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-404
28 Sep 1815  AARON SMITH & ELIZABETH his wife of Hancock co, to James
Shivers of Warren, $1200, 180a on Ogechee River bounded by road leading from
Shivers Bridge to Augusta.  s/ AARON SMITH, ELIZA SMITH.  w/ John Wayne

Warren  GA  Deed Book  D-216
28 Nov 1815  John Chambless to JOHN SMITH all of Warren, $500, land on
Ogechee River adj Littleton Chambless, said SMITH'S line, Spring Branch,
93.5a.  s/ John Chambless,  w/ Littleton Chambless, Thaddeus Camp

Wilkes  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
1816  NATHAN SMITH; b 1751; d Wilkes co GA, 1816.  Mary Sarah Foster. Served
as private GA Troops.

Richmond  GA  Guardian Bond
SMITH, orph.  Richard A Blount, gdn of NANCY, JOHN, MARY and BURWELL.

Jasper  GA  Court of Ordinary Minutes
03 Nov 1817  CULLEN SMITH, minor orphan of NATHAN SMITH, Elias G Longham
apptd gdn.

Laurens  GA  Administrators Bond
02 Mar 1818  MATTHEW SMITH, decd, EZEKIEL SMITH issued L/A.  Lewis Maddox,

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
13 Dec 1818  William Smith / Dicey Parrish

Warren  GA  Will Book
08 Jun 1819  Will of William Anderson of Warren Co GA; 08 Jun 1819 / 05 Jul
1819 Wife: Sarah
Sons: John, William, Isaac
Dau: Sally; Betsy; NANCY SMITH (m JOHN SMITH, Warren co 30 Dec 1813) Polly
Roper (m John Roper, Warren co 04 Jan 1819)
Exr: wife Sarah, son John, Henry Carleton
Wit: Ann Carleton, Elizabeth Lowe, Hampton Parish.

Warren  GA  Will Book  B-080
23 Aug 1819  Will of John Parish; 23 Aug 1819 / 05 May 1823
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Hampton, William, Allen, Anselm,
Dau; Linny Cooper, Sally Rowe, Polly James, DICY SMITH, Elizabeth, Patsy
Grch: John and Thomas Parish (ch of sd Hampton Parish)
 Wilson and Epsy Parish (ch of sd William Parish)
 John and Elizabeth Cooper (ch of sd Linny)
 Lucinda and John Floyd Rowe (ch of sd Sally)
 James and Wiley James (ch of sd Polly)l
Exr: Thomas Friend
Wit: Benjamin Sandiford, Benjamin Friend, John O Friend, Moses Gatlin

Laurens  GA  Administrators Bonds
03 Jul 1820  ALEXANDER SMITH, decd, DAVIS SMITH issued Letters of
Administration 3/7/1820.  John Thomas, Lewis Sanders, Securities.

Morgan  GA  Guardian
03 Jul 1820  WILLIAM SMITH, orphan of JOHN SMITH, decd, Thomas Eliot, gdn.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
06 Nov 1820  SMITH, NATHAN, decd estate:  ELBERT SMITH, Jas Dorough, excrs.
Division of slaves according to the will at the death of SALLY SMITH, the
wid "and she is now dead." Nov. 6, 1820.  Jas Dorough, ELBERT SMITH,
children of Sarah Phillips, decd, Leonard Chaffin, Robt Moss, NATHAN, WM B
and JAS SMITH legatees.  Samuel Rice, gdn of WM B and JAS signs for their

Laurens  GA
08 Jan 1821  JOHN SMITH, decd, Joseph Shores issued L/A.  William D Algins,
James Brantley, secs.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
01 Apr 1821  Jesse E Smith / Mary Wood

Wilkes  GA  Will Book (1819-1836)  HH-084
03 Feb 1822  Will of LUCY SMITH;  03 Feb 1822 / 04 Mar 1822
Son: Ebenezer, William W, Thomas A, Reuben
Dau: Ann A Sherwood
Grdau: Lucy Ann Smith
Exr: sons Ebenezer and William W
Test: John Walker, Jane Hughes, Thos Wooten

Richmond  GA  Administrators Bond
09 Aug 1822  EDWARD SMITH, decd, James W Meredith issued L/A, John Marshall,

Wilkes  GA  Will Book (1819-1836)  HH-100
26 Aug 1822  Will of JESSE SMITH;  26 Aug 1822 / 02 Sep 1822
Mother: Phoebe
Sister: Jane, Susannah, Violet
Father: Charles Smith
Exr: Joshua Starr
Test: Jas Dorough, Purnal Truitt, John Truitt

Laurens  GA  Administrators Bond
04 Nov 1822  JOSIAH SMITH, decd, JOHN SMITH issued L/A.  MATTHEW SMITH,
Fleet Pope, secs.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
24 Dec 1822  Vincent A Smith / Charity Hayes

Wilkes  GA  Will Book (1819-1836)  HH-128
11 Jan 1823  Will of JOEL T SMITH; 11 Jan 1823  / no probate date
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: George, Henry
Dau: Frances, Nancy, Martha, Amelia, Maria, Margaret,
Exr: Father George Smith and Wm Rorie
Test: Thos Chaffin, Samuel Rice, G G Stubblefield.

Morgan  GA  Guardian Bond
15 Mar 1823  JAMES P SMITH, orphan of JOHN SMITH, decd, CHARLES SMITH, gdn.
Benjamin Brown, W S Stokes, secs.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
12 Aug 1823  SMITH, JOEL T, decd.  Warrant of apprmt. Wm Rorie qualified

Wilkes  GA  Admin. and Guardian Returns 1819-1826  294
06 Jan 1824  JAMES B SMITH, minor of NATHAN SMITH, Samuel Rice, gdn.
Returns for 1822, 1823, 1824.
pg 384 - Rept of WILLIAM B SMITH to his gdn Samuel Rice for $383.  Dist of
shares of my father NATHAN SMITH'S estate 06 Jan 1824

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
24 Jan 1824  Samuel Smith / Mary Akins

Warren  GA  Will Book  B-104
24 Apr 1824  Will of Thomas Posey: 24 Apr 1824 / no probate date
Mother: Rebecca Lewis
Bro: Samuel Marcus Posey (minor), Lemuel Posey
Exr: Sion Hill, Samuel Marcus Posey

Habersham  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
07 Jun 1824  JOHN SMITH, decd, Daniel Ford's return in part of sales on

Warren  GA  Administrators Bonds Book  A-132
25 Feb 1825  THOMAS SMITH, decd late of Richmond now of Warren County, Bond
of Spivey Fuller, temp admr.  dated Feb 25, 1825.  Sureties: Curtis Low,
Nathan Beall.

Morgan  GA  Administrators Bond
07 Nov 1825  JOSEPH SMITH, decd, BENAJAH SMITH issued L/A.  Jesse Mullins,

Baldwin  GA  Will  A-317
14 Dec 1825  Will of RICHARD J SMITH.  dated 14 Dec 1825, Rec: 6 Jul 1829
Wife: Rachel
Son: Levin J
Grdau: Harriet Smith
Son-in-law: John Howard
Exrs: John Hanson, Josiah Matthews
Wit: Henry Denslar, Thomas Denslar, Jesse Doles

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
1826  SMITH, JOSEPH decd, estate:  Wm C Armor, admr.  Receipt of WM SMITH
1826 for cash loaned to bear JOSEPH'S expenses to see the land he drew in
Habersham co.  Receipt of Lemuel Wooten to JANE SMITH, admx of JOS SMITH for
his tax 1827.  Tuition for dau 1825 to Elijah Norman.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
Feb 1826  FRANCIS SMITH, SR, decd;  est petition of THOMAS A, EBENEZER, JOHN
T, REUBEN & WILLIAM T SMITH and the heirs of Peter Early, decd - all heirs
of FRANCIS SMITH SR, decd, to divide 666a on Fishing Creek. 10 Oct 1825.
One lot allotted to Adriel Sherwood, admr of Ann A Sherwood, decd, late Ann
A Early.

GA  1827 Land Lottery
1827  The 1827 Georgia Land Lottery
--------------- ---- ---- ----- --------- -----------
Ezekiel Smith   Laur  99   14   Carroll   08 Dec 1827
Ezekiel Smith   Rich 146    1   Lee       04 Aug 1828
Hardy Smith     Laur  98    4   Coweta    04 Feb 1829
John Smith      Wlks  98    4   Lee       02 Mar 1832
Richard Smith   Warr 114    6   Muscogee  15 Jun 1827
William Womack  Effi  56   11   Lee       15 Mar 1836
William Womack  Effi  20   27   Lee       22 Sep 1834

Laurens  GA  1827 Land Lottery
1827  The 1827 Georgia Land Lottery
--------------- ---- ---- ----- --------- -----------
Ezekiel Smith   Laur  99   14   Carroll   08 Dec 1827
Hardy Smith     Laur  98    4   Coweta    04 Feb 1829

Richmond  GA  1827 Land Lottery
1827  The 1827 Georgia Land Lottery
--------------- ---- ---- ----- --------- -----------
Ezekiel Smith   Rich 146   1    Lee       04 Aug 1828

Wilkes  GA  1827 Land Lottery
1827  The 1827 Georgia Land Lottery
--------------- ---- ---- ----- --------- -----------
John Smith      Wlks  98   4    Lee       02 Mar 1832

Warren  GA  1827 Land Lottery
1827  The 1827 Georgia Land Lottery
--------------- ---- ---- ----- --------- -----------
Richard Smith   Warr 114   6    Muscogee  15 Jun 1827

Effingham  GA  1827 Land Lottery
1827  The 1827 Georgia Land Lottery
--------------- ---- ---- ----- --------- -----------
William Womack  Effi  56  11    Lee       15 Mar 1836
William Womack  Effi  20  27    Lee       22 Sep 1834

Warren  GA  Administrators Bonds Book  A-150
14 Feb 1827  Jacob Johnson, decd, bond of JACOB SMITH, admr dated Feb 14,
1827, Sureties: JOHN SMITH and James Granade.

Morgan  GA  Guardian Bond
22 Mar 1827  BARBARA ANN SMITH, William Hayes, gdn, Charter Campbell and Van
Leonard, secs.

Morgan  GA  Guardian Bond
22 Mar 1827  MARTHA M SMITH, William Hays, gdn.  Charter Campbell and Van
Leonard, secs.

Morgan  GA  Guardian Bond
22 Mar 1827  WILLIAM MONROE SMITH, Wm Hayes, gdn.

Warren  GA  Will Book  B-172
13 Nov 1827  Will of JOHN C SMITH; 13 Nov 1827 / 19 Mar 1828
Wife: Nancy
Daus: Frances; Sarah, Martha
Sons: William, Benjamin, John
Exr: John Anderson
Wit: William Shivers, William Anderson, Jesse Smith

Warren  GA  Administrators Bonds Book  A-159
01 Dec 1827  Moses Thompson, decd, bond of Hannah Thompson and Moses
Thompson, Jr.  admrs.  Sureties: GILES SMITH, Jonathan Huff.

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
06 Nov 828  SMITH, JOEL T, decd;  Returns for 1828: paid WM SMITH $29.00,
Susan Cole $185.00.  Paid JANE SMITH for keeping slaves and board for the
JANE SMITH apptd gdn of WM R, EVELINA C, and MARTHA Q SMITH, orphs of JOS
Nov 6, 1828.  Wm C Armor and Wm Cole, Sec.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
22 Jan 1829  James Smith / Lucinda Sallis

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
19 Jan 1830  William O Smith / Eliza Ivy

Wilkes  GA  Loose Papers
25 May 1830  SMITH, SARAH G, decd,  John H Dyson, app admr May 25, 1830.
Inv. Slaves Eliza and Leonard all the est.

Wilkes  GA  Will Book (1819-1836)  HH-301
15 Aug 1830  Will of GUY SMITH; 15 Aug 1830 / 06 Sep 1830
Wife: Sally
Son: John, William, Guy, Thomas, Henry
Dau: Nancy Jennings, Mary Bailey, Sarah Goldsby,
Mentions: Jesse Stallings, Sr
Exr: Thomas Wooten, Thomas Anderson
Test: Joshua Kelley, William M Binns, Bolling Bryant.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
30 Dec 1830  Richard Jr Smith / Patsy Parish

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
03 Feb 1831  William I Smith / Elizabeth Gordon

Habersham  GA  Inferior Court Minutes
Nov 1831  LURSEY SMITH, orphan of ISHAM SMITH, decd, Coleby Wheeler, gdn.

Wilkes  GA  Will Book (1819-1836)  HH-365
01 Dec 1831  Will of GEORGE SMITH; 01 Dec 1831 / 05 May 1834
Wife: Mary - "I relenquish to her all the interest in the estate of her
father John Menzies, late of Rockingham co NC consisting of slaves Jenkins
and Jerry, as well as other slaves, etc, 275a whereon we live including the
dwelling adj Chas Lybas, ELBERT SMITH, ...
Son: George B Smith - Stephen G Burnley & Micajah Bedell apptd gdns.
Dau: Amelia Roberts;  Frances w/o James Sanford;
Son: Joel T Smith, decd.
Grandson: Daniel Roberts (son of dau Amelia) & George (son of Joel T Smith)
Dau-in-law: Elizabeth J Smith w/o Joel T Smith.
Mentions: Henry B Smith and Geo Sanford
Exr: Stephen G Burnley, Andrew Huling, Micajah Bedell
Test: Jos W Robinson, Mark A Lane, John H Dyson

Wilkes  GA  Annual Returns  1830-1836
Division: Legatees; Micajah Biddle, Andrew Huling, GEORGE SMITH, HENRY B

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
19 Jul 1833  Samuel Smith / Harriet Yarborough

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
12 Nov 1834  Stoddard Smith / Augusta Higdon

Tattnall  GA  Inventory and Appraisements
01 Jan 1836  SIMON SMITH, decd, Benjamin T Dowdy, admr makes return.  (The
heirs of Rebecca Strickland mentioned.)

Warren  GA  Will Book  B-084
19 May 1836  Will of JACOB SMITH; 19 May 1836 / 07 Nov 1836
Wife: Christine
Dau: Martha Johnson (m. Jacob Johnston, Warren Co, 08 Feb 1810)
Other: Daus of John Smith, decd: Nancy Collier, Epsy Smith
Grsons: Vinson Smith, Hillmon Smith
Gch: Martha (Farr) Jeter (m Robert Jeter, Warren co 18 Jan 1835)
Mary Farr; Cynthia Farr (m Vincent Smith, Warren co 25 Jun 1845)
Rebecca Farr; Jacob Farr.
Other: Moses Johnston, a relative I raised.
Exr: William Castleberry, Elias Wilson
Wit: Timothy Granade, Isaiah Ivey, James Sell Sanders, Gideon Granade.

Wilkes  GA  Annual Returns  1836-1841
11 Nov 1836  SAMUEL M SMITH, dec, paid JAMES M SMITH, Albert H Shipherd,

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
15 Dec 1836  Vincent Smith / Nancy Ivy

Wilkes  GA  Will Book  11-012
13 Feb 1837  Will of EBENEZER SMITH; 13 Feb 1837, 03 Jul 1837.
Wife: Fanny
Son: Reuben Smith, Francis E Smith
Dau: Mary Walton, Ann E Thornton, Frances Thurmond, Sarah Jane Smith.
GrSon: Francis E Smith
Exr: William D Anderson
Wit: Elizabeth Williams, Thomas Anderson, Thomas Wooten.
Mentions land in Cherokee County and Wilkinson County that was drawn by
  father Francis Smith.
Washington  GA  Letters of Administration
06 Mar 1837  BENNETT SMITH, decd, Letters of Administration issued Jesse

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
29 Mar 1837  John Smith / Melvina Youngblood

Emanuel  GA  Guardian Bond
04 Sep 1837  AMANDA E SMITH, illegitimate girl child of Robert Higdon, sd
Robert Higdon, gdn, Daniel E Rich, sur.

Randolph  GA  Guardian
16 Oct 1837  CALVIN SMITH, orph of WILLIAM SMITH, decd, James Baker, gdn.

Randolph  GA
16 Oct 1837  JOHN A SMITH, bound to EDEN C SMITH.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
02 Nov 1837  Hugh Smith / Adaline Jones

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
16 Dec 1837  Joseph Smith / Mary Smith

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
01 Dec 1838  William Smith / Rebecca Oliphant

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
26 Jan 1839  Joseph Smith / Esther Johnson

Laurens  GA  Revolutionary War Pension Application  W26480
02 Apr 1839  EZEKIEL and MARGARET (PEGGY) SMITH, NC line, W26480, BLW
#35690-160-55; Applied 02 Apr 1833 @ Laurens County GA, aged 69.  Enl Wayne
Co NC & later Wake co NC Apr 1781, then returned home to his father in Wayne
County NC in Nov 1781 & again Re-enlisted there.  m Margaret "Peggy"
________, 30 Apr 1832 & died 2nd week of June 1839.

Montgomery  GA  Administrators Bond  289
06 Oct 1839  EZEKIEL SMITH, decd, Kenneth McLennon issued Letters of
Administration 10/06/1839, John Morrison, security.

Meriwether  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
1840  ALEXANDER SMITH granted a pension as rev sol, 1840 while a resident of
Meriwether Co GA.

Washington  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
1840  COLESBY SMITH, b VA, 1765; d Washington Co GA, 1840.  Served as
private, VA militia; granted bounty land in GA for his service.  (Grave
marked by GA DAR) Married 1792, Anna Henry.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
28 Aug 1840  William B Smith / Elizabeth Thomas

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
17 Nov 1840  Moses Smith / Jincy Adams

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
07 Jul 1842  John A Smith / Elizabeth Jones

Stewart  GA  Administration  289
administrators.  Appraisers: Randolph Pearson, Bryan Gause, Samuel Johnston,
Allen Bates.

Randolph  GA  Guardian
06 Mar 1843  JAMES H SMITH, orphan of COLEMAN SMITH, decd, Richard Thornton,

06 May 1844  BENJAMIN SMITH, decd, Last Will and Testament proved 06 May
1844, wife, DEDAMS SMITH and JAMES M SMITH, exrs.

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
27 Jul 1844  Alfred B Smith / Frances Felts

Gilmer  GA  Miscellaneous Records
Jan 1845  ASHABEL SMITH, decd, James A Chastain, admr with Last Will and
Testament annexed.

Gilmer  GA  Miscellaneous Records
Jan 1845  ENOCH SMITH, decd, Henry Weaver and John Prather, exrs of Last
will and Testament.

Warren  GA  Will Book  B-155
27 Jan 1845  Will of SAMUEL SMITH; 27 Jan 1845 / 05 May 1845
Wife: Delilah
Sons: Jeremiah, Joseph
Daus: not named
Exr: Jeremiah Smith
Wit: Elisah Perryman, Elisha Burson, Thomas Norris

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
25 Jun 1845  Vincent Smith / Cynthia Farr

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
27 Aug 1845  Samuel Smith / Sarah Hobbs

Warren  GA  Marriage Record  A
21 Dec 1846  Jeremiah Smith / Lucinda Hamilton

Warren  GA  Will Book
06 Aug 1849  Will of EADY SMITH; 06 Aug 1849 / 07 Jul 1856
Dau: Elizabet Purkins
Son: Moses Smith
Exr: N C Bacon
Wit: Walter Wilson, William Watson, David Watson

Laurens  GA  Revolutionary War Roster
1852  HARDY SMITH, b Johnson Co NC, 1757.  d Laurens Co GA 1852.  Served as
private NC Troops under Col Armstrong and Col Johnson; received  bounty
lands in GA on Oconee River and was also granted pension for his service.
Married (1) ?  (2) 1796, Rebecca Thompson, d 1835.  Children by wife 2:
1. Hardy, Jr, (1801-1864). m (1)?, (2) 1836, Ann Anderson, (dau of Gaillard
Anderson of NC)
2. Thompson
3. Loftin
Perhaps other children.
Fayette  GA  Administrators Bond
1852  ALEXANDER SMITH, decd, William Matthews, exr of Last Will and

Warren  GA  Will Book
09 Jun 1857  Will of JAMES SMITH; 09 Jun 1857 / 14 Jan 1861
Daus: Rebecca Fitts, Martha M Johnson, Emily Felts
Sons: William, Joseph, Alford, John T,
Gson: Benjamin A (son of dau Frances Stedham)
Exr: Joseph Smith
Wit: William Scruggs, Robert Hill, Thomas Gunter

Warren  GA  Will Book
27 Aug 1859  Will of MARTHA SMITH; 27 Aug 1859 / 01 Jun 1871
Heir: Whole estate to neice Martha Woodward, whom I have raised since
childhood, and who is very dear to me.
Excx: Martha Woodward
Wit: Levi Fowler; Thomas Gibson, Lewis Felts

Fulton  GA  Administrators Bond
04 Nov 1861  BARTLEY M SMITH, decd, William Ezzard, Sr, admr. Joseph
Thompson, sec.

Warren  GA  Deed Book  B-320
c1879  NATHANIEL ALEXANDER SMITH, formerly of that part of Wilkes county
that is now part of Warren did in 1789 decease intestate.  Legal heirs are
his wife MARY SMITH, daughter NANCY SMITH, son JAMES SMITH.... did own land
on Greens creek (or Childers creek) adj old line of Richmond county, lands
of William Scott, Thomas Ansley, 550a.  Since then, NANCY SMITH has
intermarried with Isaac Barberic, of Warren co.  ... division of property.
s/ Isaac Barberic, Mary Barberic.  w/ Jno Torrence (no date given)

Warren  GA  Will Book
30 Aug 1886  Will of FRANCIS OLIVER SMITH; 30 Aug 1886 / 05 Dec 1887
Daus: Mrs Mary Veasey, Mrs Serena Ann Ivey, Martha B Ivey
Matilda Davis Humphrey
Son: William Otis Smith
Exr: Brother, William Smith
Wit: James Allen, John B Jones, T E Gibson

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