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DOC#: 041   ST: TX   CNTY: KAUF                              PG: 1 of 1
   EVENT: Cemet,Census,Court,Geneal,IGI,Land,Marriage,Milit,Probate,Will
 SOURCE1: The Compiled Records of Kaufman County, Texas
 SOURCE2: Multiple sources.
NOTES: Collected by: John E. Cain                      DATE:
LOCATION: 1211 Maritime Ln.; Wylie, TX 75098    CAT#:

The data in this document is a compilation of various records that have
been collected concerning this county.  It is by no means complete.
The format of this document is as follows:

CENSUS        - US, State, Territorial, Tax lists, slave,
COURT         -  All relevant court documents except probate.
IGI           - Data from the LDS IGI files.
IMMIGRANTS    - passports, etc
LAND          - Claims, Grants, Patents, Lotteries, Deeds, etc.
MARRIAGES     - From county records, genealogies, IGI, etc.
MILITARY      - Rosters, Records, Pension, DAR, etc.
PROBATE       - Wills, Minutes, Guardian, Inventory and Accounts, etc.
MISCELLANEOUS - Bible Records, Newspapers, Church, County History,
                Historical Accounts.

Data in Brackets indicates source, ex: [LDS #0158333]


From the Handy Book: Kaufman county was formed in 1848 from Henderson co.
County seat is Kaufman 75142.  US Census reports available: 1850-1910.
County Clerk has birth and death records from 1903 & probate records from

                       >>>>>  Record Begins  <<<<<

WARE CEMETERY; Tolosa, Kaufman County, Texas.

Name                Born          Died           Spouse
----                ----          ----           ------
Smith, P. A.        ?            ?               Smith, Callie
Smith, Callie       ?            ?               Smith, P. A.
Smith, Wm. Ernest   15 Sep 1906  06 Dec 1950     ?
Smith, Wm. Oliver   28 Feb 1869  10 Jul 1954     Smith, Arrie
Smith, Arrie        18 Mar 1881  30 Mar 1960     Smith, Wm. Oliver

Ware, J. E.         26 Jun 1859  10 Jul 1907     Ware, Lucie A.
Ware, Lucie A.      16 Apr 1859  09 Feb 1939     Ware, J. E.
Ware, Edwin E.      07 Jan 1884  24 Jul 1967     Ware, Mamie F.
Ware, Mamie F.      10 May 1884  26 Mar 1963     Ware, Edwin E.
Ware, Oran Michael  12 Oct 1882  06 Dec 1916     ?
Ware, William G.    12 Aug 1854  12 Nov 1925     ?
Ware, Michael       15 Jan 1826  06 Feb 1900     Ware, Katie E.
Ware, Katie E.      15 Sep 1830  04 May 1900     Ware, Michael
Ware, Ina Ltska (?) 25 Mar 1872  12 Jan 1920     Hutcheson, Wm.
Hutcheson, Wm.      10 May 1851  23 Jun 1936     Ware, Ina Ltska (?)
Ware, James I.      12 Oct 1852  14 Dec 1900     Ware, Camilla K.
Ware, Camilla K.    27 Feb 1855  10 Feb 1939     Ware, James I.


                         O Dallas         From Dallas:  Take Hwy 175
                         |                South through Kemp.  Just
                         | <-- hwy 175    outside of Kemp, turn right on
                         |                FM 274.  Go about 7 mi. to
                         O Kaufman        Tolosa.  Turn right at sign
                         |                "Ware Cem" onto Kaufman co.
              |          |                Road 4046.  Follow road about
 Kauf CR 4046>|X <-cem   |                1.5 mi.  Ware Cemetery is on
              |          O Kemp           the right.
       Tolosa O----------|
                FM 274   |
                (7 Mi)   |

                          WARE CEMETERY LAYOUT
    |  |      |                                             |
    |K |      |                                             |
    |a | T    |                                             |
    |u | o    |                                             |
    |f |      |                                             |
    |  | T    |                                             |
    |C | o    |                   x  x                      |
    |R | l    |                                             |
    |  | o    o                  x                          |
    |4 | s    |gate                                         |
    |0 | a    o     x  x  x  x  x     (X)Michael & Kath.    |
    |4 |      |                                             |
    |6 |      |                                             |
    |  | |    |   (x = general location of Wares)           |
    |  | |    |                                             |
    |  | V    |                                             |
    |  |      |                                             |


Page 32.  Ware, Sam   1866-1923
          Ware, Sue S 1872-1914



---------- -------- ---- ---- -- ---- --- ---
H A        WARE     KAUF  111 TX 1870     ( )

FORMAT: State, County, Year, ED#, Sht#, Ln#
        Name, Occ, Birthplace, Age(or birthdate), Fb, Mb,
        Children: Name, Sex (M/F or S/D), Age, Birthplace.

TX  KAUF  1870  n/a  111  xx  Kaufman PO
H A WARE  Farmer  AL  34
Huldah, f  12  TX; Wm H, m  10  TX; Mary J, f  8  TX; Jno E, m  6  TX;
James O, m  4  TX; Ernest, m  4  TX; Sarah D, f  2  TX;


---------- -------- ---- -- ---- -- -- --- --- --- ---
A D        WARE     KAUF TX 1880 10 TX  34   1  32 ( )
CYRUS      WARE     KAUF TX 1880        39     124 ( )
MICHAEL    WARE     KAUF TX 1880 54 MS  41   5   2 ( )
SAM J      WARE     KAUF TX 1880        38      34 ( )

FORMAT: State, County, Year, ED#, Sht#, Ln#
        Name, Occ, Birthplace, Age(or birthdate), Fb, Mb,
        Children: Name, Sex (M/F or S/D), Age, Birthplace.

TX  KAUF  1880  41  5  2
MICHAEL WARE  Farmer  MS  54  GA  SC
Ware, Catherine (Katie)    MS  49  SC  NC
James,  m  27  MS;  William G.,  m  25  MS;  Edward,  m  18  MS;  Emma,
f  16  MS;  Bettie,  f  15  MS;  Florence,  f  12  MS;  Ina,  f  8  TX;


---------- -------- ---- -- ---- -- -- --- --- --- ---
ABNER S    WIER     KAUF TX 1900 53 AL  81  21  31 ( )
ALLEN G    WARE     KAUF TX 1900 21 AL  69  11  91 ( )
ERASTUS J  WARE     KAUF TX 1900 30 TX  70   1  25 ( )
F J        WARE     KAUF TX 1900 38 TN 148  12  95 ( )
JAMES I    WARE     KAUF TX 1900 47 MS  81   8  51 ( )
JOSEPH E   WARE     KAUF TX 1900 40 MS  81  21  26 ( )
JOSEPH T   WARE     KAUF TX 1900 36 MS  81  18  29 ( )
LEILIA S   WARE     KAUF TX 1900 10 MS  75  33     ( )
LEROY      WARE     KAUF TX 1900 13 TX  72  17     ( )
THOMAS     WIER     KAUF TX 1900 21 TX  81  21  60 ( )
THOMAS P   WARE     KAUF TX 1900 40 AL  75  33  91 ( )
WALLACE    WARE     KAUF TX 1900  2 AR  25  13  44 ( )

FORMAT: State, County, Year, ED#, Sht#, Ln#
        Name, Occ, Birthplace, Age(or birthdate), Fb, Mb,
        Children: Name, Sex (M/F or S/D), Age, Birthplace.

TX  Kaufman  1900  148  12    N. Tex. Hosp for Insane
F J WARE      38

TX  KAUF  1900  81  19  xx  JP #1
JAMES WARE      Oct 1852
Mike,  m  Oct 1881  ;  Edward,  m    ;

TX  KAUF  1900  81  21  xx  JP #1
JOSEPH WARE    MS  Jun 1859  MS  MS
Lucy      Apr 1860
May,  f    ;  Mattie,  f    ;

TX  KAUF  1900  81  18  xx  JP #7
JOSEPH WARE    MS  Aug 1863  MS  TN
Ada,  f    ;  Alice,  f    ;  Bessie,  f    ;

TX  KAUF  1900  75  33  xx


The WILLIAM WARE who lived briefly in Kaufman co. during 1844-1849 and
who is described in the Kaufman co. History article under MISCELLANEOUS
was born in Kentucky according to the 1850 U S Census of Bexar co. TX
(Sheet 333).  Also according to Mrs. Lois Farmer of Concan, TX, his
gravestone also states that he was born in KY. WILLIAM WARE, his wife
TEXANA, CLARISSA EMALINE and ELIZABETH lived in Kaufman co. from 1844-
1849.  TEXANA and CLARISSA EMALINE were born there.
   This WILLIAM WARE also appears in the book "Wilder and Ware Families
in the Southeast United States" by William M. Wilder as being the son of
JOSEPH WARE of Richmond County Georgia.  JOSEPH'S will is in Richmond
Will Book A-044, dated 18 Mar 1808.  WILLIAM C. WARE appears on the
Census of Richmond co. GA in 1820.  There is no evidence of which I am
aware that JOSEPH WARE ever lived in Kentucky.  There are many obvious
inaccuracies in this book.  Mr. Wilder himself states that he made no
effort to verify the information that came to him from several sources.
   There is a reasonable doubt that the WILLIAM WARE of who lived briefly
in Kaufman (1844-1849) and the WILLIAM C. WARE of Richmond co. GA are the
same persons.


  [See WARE093]

WARE, CLARISSA EMALINE born 15 Jan 1846 to WILLIAM WARE and Betsy Ann
 Crane; Batch# 8501502 Ser Sht# 22.

Grantor              Grantee              Date        ST CNTY BK Pag
-------------------- -------------------- ----------- -- ---- -- ---
State of Texas       Ware, Wm assoc       18 Jun 1851 TX KAUF  B 254
State of Texas       Ware, Wm assoc       27 May 1851 TX KAUF  B 256
State of Texas       Ware, Wm assoc          May 1851 TX KAUF  B 259
Erwin, J A           Ware, H A            16 May 1871 TX KAUF  N 734
Ware, William        est of partition     06 Aug 1873 TX KAUF  P 165
State of TX          Ware, Wm associates  02 Jul 1851 TX KAUF  P 347
Ware, William        est of partition     26 Apr 1873 TX KAUF  P 543
estate of partition  Ware, Wm                         TX KAUF  P 543
estate of partition  Ware, Wm                         TX KAUF  Q 165

(Kaufman County Land Book P-165)
Partition of the estate of Wm. Ware.
  The State of Texas, County of Bexar.  I Mortemus Slocum, clerk of the
district Court of Bexar County, said court having jurisdiction in matters
of Probate do hereby certify that the following are true and correct
extracts from a Decree of Partition and Distribution rendered in the
estate of WILLIAM WARE, decd. at the August Term AD 1857 of the County
Court of said county for the settlement of estates, to wit:

Estate of WILLIAM WARE, decd.    |  Petition for partition and
R M WARE, adm will annexed, etc. |  distribution of estate.  Report of
R Kincheloe and wife versus      |  the Commsissioners of partition and
R M WARE, adm etc.               |  Distribution.

Henry Robinson, S W Brown, and J W Cummings commissioners apptd by court
at the May term 1857 to partition and distribute the estate of WILLIAM
WARE decd on the application of Robert Kinchloe and Sarah Jane his wife
to: SARAH JANE WARE, JOHN C. WARE, ELIZA A WARE, wife of Joel Tonley,
WARE, William Davenport, Jr, and John Davenport the just heirs of WILLIAM
WARE, decd., in obedience to the Decree and the Last Will and Testament
of WILLIAM WARE, decd.

To TEXANA WARE: an undivided interest of 200 acres and of a tract of 320
acres of land in Nacogdoches District situated on Kings Fork of Cedar
Creek granted to WM WARE by the State of Texas as the assignee of
Frederick Houston by Patent #866, Vol 3 dated July 22, 1851.  Valued at

To ELIZABETH ANN WARE: an undivided interest of 120 acres out of a tract
of 320 acres in Kaufman County on Kings Fork of Cedar Creek granted to
said WM WARE decd as the assignee of Frederick Houston by Patent #866 Vol
3, dated July 22, 1851, being the balance of the tract given to TEXANA
WARE and valued at $100.
                                      s/ M. Slocum, clerk
                                         County of Bexar.


James Watson and TEXANA Watson his wife of the county of Uvalde and state
of Texas to T E Taylor of the county  of Uvalde for $250.  Two hundred
acres in Nacogdoches district situated on Kings Fork of Cedar Creek
granted to WM WARE, decd. as assignee of Frederick Houston. Also
seventeen and one seventh acres in the 120 acres awarded to ELIZABETH ANN
WARE she having died before marriage in her minority.
                                   s/ James Watson, TEXANA Watson
                                       20 Jan 1873.


J D Fenley and E A Finley, his wife, and JOHN C WARE and E A WARE his
wife and R H Kinchloe and SARAH J Kinchloe his wife and William B. Bowles
and AMANDA E. Bowles his wife all of the County of Uvalde and State of
Texas and the legal heirs of WM WARE decd to Jasper W. Johnson of the
county of Kaufman, 120 acres of land in Kaufman co. on Kings Fork of
Cedar Creek granted to WILLIAM WARE as the assignee of Frederick Houston
by Patent #866, Vol 3, dated 22 July 1851 for $500 in gold.
                                  s/ J D Fenley, E A Fenley
                                     J C WARE, E A WARE
                                     R H Kinchloe, SARAH J Kinchloe
                                     W B  (X) Bowles, A E Bowles
                                     21 July 1873


----------- ------------ ---------- ------------ ---------- ---- --
07 Jan 1858 Ware         W D        Irwin        Huldah     KAUF TX
22 Aug 1877 Green        E B        Ware         Mary Jane  KAUF TX
01 Dec 1879 Sharp        J K        Ware         Mollie C   KAUF TX
23 Oct 1881 Ware         J R        Todd         C K        KAUF TX
15 Jul 1883 Ware         W H        Pirtle       ???        KAUF TX
09 Dec 1884 Nash         W A        Ware         Dee        KAUF TX
12 Feb 1886 Nix          L C        Ware         Bettie     KAUF TX
15 Dec 1886 Ledbetter    R P        Ware         Emma       KAUF TX
28 Jun 1887 Ware         J T        Canady       Ada        KAUF TX
23 Nov 1887 Ware         Thomas P   Moore        Martha A   KAUF TX
05 Feb 1888 Morgan       William    Ware         C          KAUF TX
09 Jan 1895 Smith        William R  Ware         Annie Flor KAUF TX
25 Nov 1896 Ware         E J        Shaw         Sue        KAUF TX
16 Oct 1898 Hill         George     Ware         Fannie     KAUF TX
12 Jan 1899 Ware         James      Hart         Alice      KAUF TX

WILLIAM WARE, b 1800 in Kentucky lived briefly in Kaufman co. TX about
1845-1850.  He fought with Ben Milam at San Antonio and with Sam Houston
at San Jacinto.  (see more information under Miscellaneous)

LDS Tape 1302497. General Index to Probate Minutes, 1849-1933.

Item 1. Index to Probate Minutes 1859-1870.
WARE (Wade?), (decd), Book 1-14,21.

Item 5 & 6. General Index to Probate Minutes.
#978   WEAR, BEULAH (minor), Hillard Moore, gdn., E513-516. M264,296,297.
#1752  WARE, SUE SHAW (decd), WARE, SAM., adm., Q301,401,480,483,486,571,
        575,614. S222,314. T237.
#2221  WARE, MARY KATHERINE (decd or minor), Carrie Johnson adm or exr.,
        Book 28-628,629.  W517,518,520,521,524.
#15    WARE, SAM. (decd), Gordon Yates, adm., X189,190,290,313,314,482,
        483. Y152,153,176,177. Book 28-631.
#21    WARE, MARTHA (minor), Gordon Yates, gdn., X189,190,290,313,314,
        482,483. Y152,153,176,177. Book 28-631.


WARE BIBLE --Loose-leaf pages provided by Anna Mae Stark of Duncan, OK.

MICHAEL WARE and CATHERINE E. CARR was married Nov 6th 1851.

MICHAEL WARE born Jan 15 1826
CATHERINE E. WARE born Sept 15 1830
JAMES ISAAC WARE born Oct 12 185- (torn page)
MARY CATHERINE WARE born Nov 7 185- (torn page)
JOSEPH EDWARD WARE born June 28 18- (torn page)
AMAND EMMA WARE born Feb 7 186- (torn page)
ELIZABETH CANDACE WARE born Oct 12 186- (torn page)
ANNIE FLORENCE WARE born Jan 19 1867
INA LEISKA (?) born March 25 1872

"A History of Kaufman County",  Comp: Kaufman County Historical
Commission;  PUB: Kaufman County Historical Commission; 510 N. Catherine;
Terrell, TX 75160  $30.00; Texas State Library - Austin

Page 194.  WILLIAM WARE.

One of the first settlers in Kaufman County and perhaps the very first
settler in the Terrell area was WILLIAM WARE, a true pioneer and an
outstanding hero of the Texas Revolution.

WARE was born in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky on January 15, 1800, the
oldest son of a Kentucky pioneer, JOSEPH WARE, who was a gunsmith in
George Washington's army.  Accompanied by two neighbors, and his wife and
three children, WARE emigrated to Texas in 1828 and settled on a little
stream in Montgomery County now known as Ware Creek, about two miles west
of the present town of Willis.  Here he opened up a farm and was living
there when a call was made for volunteers to aid in recapturing Bexar
from the Mexicans under General Cos in 1835.  He at once raised a company
of recruits in the municipality of Montgomery and marched with it to
Bexar and joined General Burleson's command.  He took part in the siege
of Bexar, being slightly wounded during the campaign.  After the capture
of Bexar, and the surrender of the Mexican Army his company was disbanded
and his men returned to their homes.  When General Houston issued a call
for volunteers CAPTAIN WARE raised a second company and with it joined
the main army and became 2nd Company of the 2nd Regiment of Texas
volunteers. This company fought with valor at the battle of San Jacinto.

CAPTAIN WARE left Montgomery County early in 1844 after purchasing two
tracts of land situated in the present city of Terrell in the then County
of Henderson.  He bought these two tracts of 320 acres each from
Frederick Houston and James W.  Cude, residents of Montgomery County who
had received state grants for being in Texas prior to 1840.

Sometime after his arrival in Kaufman County WARE contracted with public
surveyor R. A. Terrell to survey the two tracts, a task which he
completed in July 1844.

WILLIAM WARE, his wife BETSY ANN and seven children, RICHARD, SARAH JANE,
area where Terrell is now located.  Two of the children were born here,
CLARISSA EMALINE on January 15, 1846 and SUSAN TEXANA on February 19,
WARE was one of the wealthiest men in the county, owning three slaves, 22
horses, 52 hogs and 317 head of cattle for a total with his property of
$5447.00 on which he paid a state tax of $11.87 in 1847.

The first court of Henderson (Kaufman) County was held in the house of
WILLIAM WARE on August 4, 1846.

The land that WARE owned and lived on ultimately became the prime
residential area of Terrell in the case of the Houston Tract and the
heart of the business district in that of the Cude Tract.

In 1849 for reasons unknown, CAPTAIN WARE loaded his family in an ox cart
and driving his cattle along with him he headed south, eventually
settling in Uvalde County where he died on March 9, 1853.  Many of his
descendants are still living in Uvalde Area.          (by Edward A. Luce)

Page 194.  WARE FAMILY.

It was sometime during the late 1800's that JOSEPH EDWARD and LUCIA TODD
WARE settled in the Tolosa Community in Kaufman County, a few miles south
of Kemp, a nice, peaceful place to live and rear a family.  They
established their home among the beautiful oak trees, not far from
relatives and friends.

Three children were born to the Wares, two daughters and a son, the
oldest of whom was KATIE MAY, born March 12, 1885.  She grew up in the
Kemp area, was educated and taught school in that vicinity.  MAY later
married Jack Stevens, a well-known young man living also in the Kemp
area.  They later moved to Kaufman.  Four children were born to Jack and
MAY Stevens.  The oldest of these is Jewell, now living in New Orleans,
La. with her husband, Roberts Carson.  They are parents of one daughter,
Mary Alice, residing in Virginia, and grandparents of four.  Hollis was
next in the family.  He passed away in 1977.  He and his wife, Elizabeth,
were living in Virginia at the time of his death.  They were the parents
of two sons, Hollis Jack and Mike.  Lawrence is the third of the Stevens
family.  He now resides in Waco, and is the father of one daughter,
Madeline, and has one grandchild.  The youngest of the Stevens is
Virginia, who is well known in the Kaufman area, and presently resides in
Fort Worth.  She has taught in the Fort Worth school system 32 years.
MAY WARE STEVENS passed away in 1966, and Jack in 1968.

The second daughter of the Wares was NETTIE, born November 4, 1886.  She
was educated in the Kemp area, and also taught school for a time.  She
was married to Will Dover of Kemp, and they had one daughter, Marinell.
Marinell was reared in Kemp and married C. J. Poulter of San Angelo.
They are parents of two children, Mike and Rene.  NETTIE WARE DOVER
passed away in 1976.

Ten years later, ED and LUCY WARE had a son, WALTER born on June 13, 1894
at Tolosa.  WALTER attended school at Tolosa and Kemp.  His father passed
away when WALTER was only thirteen, and he and his mother moved into the
town of Kemp.  He later married Ruth Baker, daughter of Sid and Jewel
Baker of Kemp.  She was well-known as a pianist for church and public
functions, as well as teaching piano.  WALTER and Ruth moved to Kaufman,
where WALTER was employed in the dry goods business for many years.  He
was associated with Perkins Bros. for about forty years, retiring in
1973.  They had one daughter, Doris who was born in Kaufman, educated in
Kaufman schools and Southern Methodist University.  She, too has been
involved in a lifetime of music, playing for various programs, churches
and community.  She currently teaches piano in Kaufman.  She married  ?
K. Gillespie, of Kaufman in 1948, and they are the parents of four
children, Wayne married Harriet Sharp of Trinidad, Kathleen, M_______,
and Gay Nelle, all of Kaufman.  They are grandparents of four, WALTER
WARE passed away in 1973, his wife preceding him in death in 1948.