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DOC#: 046   ST: MS   CNTY: NEWT                              PG: 1 of 1
   EVENT: Cemet,Census,Court,Geneal,IGI,Land,Marriage,Milit,Probate,Will
 SOURCE1: The Compiled Records of NEWTON County, Mississippi
 SOURCE2: Multiple sources.
NOTES: Collected by: John E. Cain                      DATE:
LOCATION: 1211 Maritime Ln; Wylie, TX 75098      CAT#:

The data in this document is a compilation of various records that have
been collected concerning this county.  It is by no means complete.
The format of this document is as follows:

CENSUS        - US, State, Territorial, Tax lists, slave,
COURT         -  All relevant court documents except probate.
IGI           - Data from the LDS IGI files.
IMMIGRANTS    - passports, etc
LAND          - Claims, Grants, Patents, Lotteries, Deeds, etc.
MARRIAGES     - From county records, genealogies, IGI, etc.
MILITARY      - Rosters, Records, Pension, DAR, etc.
PROBATE       - Wills, Minutes, Guardian, Inventory and Accounts, etc.
MISCELLANEOUS - Bible Records, Newspapers, Church, County History,
                Historical Accounts.

Data in Brackets indicates source, ex: [LDS #0158333]


Newton county was formed in 1836 from Neshoba.  Decatur, 39327 is county
seat.  Census avail 1840-1910.  Clerk of Chancery Court has divorce,
probate, civil court, deeds, from 1876.  Clerk of the Circuit has
marriage records. Most of the early records were lost due to a courthouse
fire in 1876.

                       >>>>>  Record Begins  <<<<<

LAKE CEMETERY, Scott county Mississippi on the line with Newton co.
located 2 miles west from Lake High School.  [LDS 1036313]

There are no Carrs in this cemetery.  isb = identical stone beside.

WARE, BILLY  June 17, 1918 - Jan 7, 1938
WARE, ELVY ETHA, Sept 13, 1889 - Jan 12, 1967; isb of OTHO R. WARE.
WARE, JAMES O., Dec 15, 1878 - Oct 16, 1957.
WARE, JOSIE, 1921, "Our Beloved Sister", beside Johnny Holmes.
WARE, O. BISHOP, July 8, 1914 - Feb 9, 1977.
WARE, OTHO R., Apr 25, 1886 - Nov 3, 1968; isb of ELVY ETHA WARE
WARE, VERMELLE G, Nov 22, 1882 - Dec 31, 1958; isb JAMES O WARE.

SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY, Scott County Mississippi near Newton
county line. [LDS 1036313]
Travel on blacktop from Lake, MS pass the Lake Middle School, until the
road dead ends.  Turn right. Go about 400 ft (road splits) and take the
right fork.  Go about .2 mile (road splits) and take left fork.  Go about
.2 miles to Church cemetery.

WARE, PEGGY JOYCE, Jun 16, 1940 - Dec 1, 1940.  dau of M&M J. D. WARE.

 ["Remember Me, Complete Directory of Cemeteries (white) in Scott County
   Mississippi"; DPL 929.37626 S251R.  Delores Pickering Sanders, Rt 2,
   Box 37A; Forest, MS 39074.  Pub: The Gregath Co., Box 1045, Cullman,
   AL 35055 (1986)]

Location: 12.5 miles from Forest south down Hwy 501; take a left at the
church sign.  Go about 1/2 mile & it's on the left.  T4N, R9E, S7.

Page 23.

48. CARR, BETTIE ELIZABETH / 27 Jun 1840, Newton county/ 18 Apr 1925,
Simpson co./ F: JOSEPH WARE/ M: CANDACY BUTLER/ Mother / 3rd w/o John
Washington Carr.

55. CARR, Emanuel Wamer / 22 Oct 1836/5 Mar 1880/ F. Isaac/ M: Mary

57. CARR, Isaac / 1897 SC / 1851/ F: Christian Frederick, b. Bavaria,
Germany 1742, d. 30 Jul 1814 SC / M: Annie Whitsell b. Germany (w #2) isb

61. CARR, John Washington / 26 May 1824 / 1 May 1906 / F: Isaac / M: Mary
Mclaurin/ W#1: Elizabeth Ann Nichols/ W#2: Catharine McLaurin/ W#3:
Page 24

68. CARR, Mary/ND/of Simpson co./F: Daniel Mclaurin/M: Nancy
Calhoun/Calguhuon/H: Isaac/ isb Isaac Carr.

79. CARR, William Calhoun/ 26 Jul 1826/ 14 Jan 1902

86. CARR, Fredrick/1794 SC/ died 27 Jun 1870/aged 76y 8m 27d
/ F: Christian Frederick/ M: Annie Whitsell b. Germany (married 1802)/isb

87. CARR, Levisa Wamer w/o Fr./died 21 Jun 1862/ aged 67y 8m 6d.

NOTE: Isaac Carr's second wife was Lucretia Coleman.  He had children by
her c1844-1852.

FOREST, MISSISSIPPI CEMETERY (Located on eastern outskirts of Forest in
Scott co.)

WARE, BETTIE T. w/o J A WARE; b Nov 15, 1835, d Aug 29, 1897.
WARE, FANNIE E. d/o J A & B T WARE; b Jun 28, 1874, d Dec 12, 1890.

[NOTE: JAMES A. WARE is also buried in this cemetery but his grave could
not be found on a visit in 1990. jc]


PAGE = Page # on census schedule   L    = White female under age 5
CNTY = County where enumerated     M    = White female age  5 - 10
A    = White male under age 5      N    = White female age 10 - 15
B    = White male age  5 - 10      O    = White female age 15 - 20
C    = White male age 10 - 15      P    = White female age 20 - 30
D    = White male age 15 - 20      Q    = White female age 30 - 40
E    = White male age 20 - 30      R    = White female age 40 - 50
F    = White male age 30 - 40      S    = White female age 50 - 60
G    = White male age 40 - 50      T    = White female age 60 - 70
H    = White male age 50 - 60      U    = White female age 70 - 80
I    = White male age 60 - 70      V    = White female over age 80
J    = White male age 70 - 80
K    = White male over age 80

                     LDS SEARCH FILE 4 (1840 - 1849)

---------- -------- ---- ---- -- ---- --- ----------- ----------- ---
JOSEPH     WERE     NEWT   18 MS 1840 ST  ___________ ___________ ( )
JOSEPH     WERE     NEWT  138 MS 1840     02100010000 11110100000 ( )
JOSEPH     WERE     NEWT      MS 1841 ST  ___________ ___________ ( )
JOSEPH     WERE     NEWT      MS 1845 ST  ___________ ___________ ( )
WILLIAM    WERE     NEWT   18 MS 1840 ST  ___________ ___________ ( )
WILLIAM    WERE     NEWT  138 MS 1840     01100001000 10200000000 ( )
WILLIAM    WERE     NEWT      MS 1841 ST  ___________ ___________ ( )
WILLIAM    WERE     NEWT      MS 1845 ST  ___________ ___________ ( )


---------- -------- ---- ---- -- ---- --- ---
ABSALOM    LOPER    NEWT  176 MS 1850     ( )

DAVID      WEAR     NEWT  190 MS 1850     ( )
JOSEPH     WARE     NEWT  176 MS 1850     ( )
MICHAEL    WARE     NEWT  176 MS 1850     ( )
WILLIAM    WEAR     NEWT  176 MS 1850     ( )

FORMAT: State, County, Year, ED#, Sht#, Ln#
        Name, Occ, Birthplace, Age(or birthdate), Fb, Mb,
        Children: Name, Sex (M/F or S/D), Age, Birthplace.

MS  NEWT  1850  n/a  176  11
ABSALOM LOPER  Farmer    60
Littleberry,  m  13  MS;  Michael Ware (Teacher),  m  22  MS;
See attachment on Joseph Ware 1850 Sheet.

MS  NEWT  1850  n/a  190  xx
DAVID WEAR  Farmer  NC  32
Malvina    VA  33
Elizabeth,  f  7  VA;  Mary,  f  6  VA;  Susan,  f  4  MS;  Joseph,  m  1

MS  NEWT  1850  n/a  176  28
JOSEPH WARE  Farmer  GA  51
Candesa    SC  48  x  x
James,  m  19  AL;  Anderson,  m  17  AL;  Caroline,  f  14  AL;  Nancy,
f  12  AL;  Elizabeth,  f  10  MS;  Amanda,  f  8  MS;  Sarah,  f  3  MS;
Martha Loper,    26
Joel,    6    James,    5

MS  NEWT  1850  n/a  176  xx
WILLIAM WEAR  Farmer  GA  60
Sarah    GA  45
Katey,  f  26  GA;  Hiram,  m  17  GA;  Harriet,  f  16  GA;  John,  m  9
GA;  Frank,  m  6  MS;


---------- -------- ---- ---- -- ---- --- ---
JAS        WARE     NEWT   73 MS 1860     ( )
JOSEPH     WARE     NEWT   53 MS 1860     ( )
MICHAEL    WARE     NEWT   74 MS 1860     ( )
WILLIAM A  WARE     NEWT   66 MS 1860     ( )
W          WARE     NEWT   67 MS 1860     ( )

FORMAT: State, County, Year, ED#, Sht#, Ln#
        Name, Occ, Birthplace, Age(or birthdate), Fb, Mb,
        Children: Name, Sex (M/F or S/D), Age, Birthplace.

MS  NEWT  1860  n/a  73  xx
JAMES A. WARE  Clerk  MS  30
Betty Ware    TN  25

MS  NEWT  1860  n/a  53  367
JOSEPH WARE  Farmer  GA  61
Candesa    SC  54
Elizabeth,  f  20  MS;  Amanda,  f  18  MS;  Sarah,  f  10  MS;

MS  NEWT  1860  n/a  74  xx
MICHAEL WARE  Merchant  MS  34
Catherine    MS  36
James,  s  7  MS;  William,  s  5  MS;  Mary,  d  3  MS;  Joseph,  s  1

MS  NEWT  1860  n/a  66  xx
WILLIAM A. WARE  Farmer  MS  37
Sarah    AL  28
William,  m  10  AL;  Mary (?),  f  5  MS;  Benjamin,  m  3  MS;

MS  NEWT  1860  n/a  67  xx
WILLIAM WARE  Farmer $4000 $3400  MS  70
Harriet,  f  25  MS;  John,  m  17  MS;  Franklin,  m  15  MS;

Paces in 1860 NEWT MS Census (incomplete)
63-411 Thomas T. Pace, 49, AL,
63-412 Wm. L Pace, 25, MS
63-413 Ramsay Pace, 23, MS
28-416 James B Pace, 28,
28-420 John G. Pace,


---------- -------- ---- ---- -- ---- --- ---
CANDACY    WARE     NEWT  424 MS 1870     ( )
DAVID R    WARE     NEWT  470 MS 1870     ( )
HENRY      WARE     NEWT  495 MS 1870     ( )
J S        WARE     NEWT  492 MS 1870     ( )
JAMES      WARE     NEWT  432 MS 1870     ( )
JAMES      WARE     NEWT  473 MS 1870     ( )
THORNTON   WARE     NEWT  480 MS 1870     ( )

FORMAT: State, County, Year, ED#, Sht#, Ln#
        Name, Occ, Birthplace, Age(or birthdate), Fb, Mb,
        Children: Name, Sex (M/F or S/D), Age, Birthplace.

MS  NEWT  1870  n/a  424  38  T6, R10  Newton PO
Martha Loper,  f  45  AL;  Margaret Loper,  f  23  MS;  Caroline Allen,
f  35  MS;  Charity Allen,  f  13  MS;  Absolum Loper,  m  22  MS;
Margaret Loper,  f  18  MS; James Butler,  m  78  SC;

MS  NEWT  1870  n/a  471  20  T7, R11
DAVID R WARE  Farmer  NC  54
Amanda    VA  51
Joseph L,  m  21  MS;  Sarah A,  f  18  MS;  Missouri F,  f  13  MS;

MS NEWT 1870  n/a  495   T8, R10 Newton PO
HENRY WARE  (This is a black family)

MS  NEWT  1870  n/a  493  68  T8, R10  Newton P O
J S WARE  Farmer  MS  28
Sarah S    MS  22

MS  NEWT  1870  n/a  474  62  T6, R11
JAMES WARE  Farmer  MS  39
Betty T    MS  35
Mary A,  f  10  MS;  Joseph F (or T),  m  8  MS;  Lila A,  f  5  MS;

MS  NEWT  1870  n/a  498    T8, R10
JOHN G PACE  Farmer  MS  36
Nancy    MS  32
Anna C,  f  14  MS;  Sarah E,  f  12  MS;  Joseph A (or G),  m  9  MS;
Amanda C,  f  6  MS;  Edward D,  m  4  MS;  Virginia,  f  2  MS;  Edna,
f  4/12  MS;


Year First Nam Last Nam M F M21 Mch F21 Fch Sla P Acr Misc1    Misc2
------------- -------- - - --- --- --- --- --- - --- -------- --------
1841 Edward    Loper    4 5                           1845?
1841 Jos M     Loper    6 5                           1845?
1841 Joseph    Ware     4 6                           1845?
1841 Wm        Were     3 3                           1845?
1845 AbsalomJr Loper    3 1
1845 Absolem   Loper    2 1
1845 Edward    Beal     3 5
1845 Joel W    Loper    1
1845 Joseph    Ware     4 6
1845 William   Ware     2 6


1850 - Newton Co. MS:  JOSEPH WARE, 10 slaves; WILLIAM WARE, 1 slave

1860 - Newton Co. MS:  ROBERT H. WARE, 8 slaves, p12; JOSEPH WARE, 22
                       slaves, p23; MICHAEL WARE, 2 slaves, p29.


---- ---------- -------- --- ------------ - --- ----
1838 Wm         Ware                            NEWT

1839 Joseph     Ware     119 (adj Wm)     1     NEWT
1839 Wm         Ware                      1     NEWT

1841 Joseph     Ware                            NEWT
1841 William    Ware                            NEWT

1843 Joseph     Ware                            NEWT
1843 William    Ware                            NEWT

1847 Joseph     Ware                      1     NEWT
1847 Wm Jr      Ware                            NEWT
1847 Wm Sr      Ware                            NEWT

1856 James A    Ware                            NEWT
1856 Joseph A   Ware                            NEWT
1856 Joseph A   Ware                            NEWT
1856 Michael    Ware                            NEWT
1856 Wm Sr      Ware                            NEWT
1856 Wm W       Ware                            NEWT

1858 David R    Ware                            NEWT
1858 James A    Ware                            NEWT
1858 Joseph     Ware                            NEWT
1858 Joseph     Ware                            NEWT
1858 Michael    Ware                            NEWT

1863 David M    Ware                            NEWT
1863 Elizabeth  Ware                            NEWT
1863 J A        Ware                            NEWT
1863 J A & M    Ware                            NEWT
1863 Michael    Ware                            NEWT
1863 Mrs C      Ware                            NEWT
1863 S J        Ware                            NEWT

1867 Candesa    Ware                            NEWT
1867 Catharine  Ware                            NEWT
1867 David      Ware                            NEWT
1867 J S        Ware                            NEWT
1867 Michael    Ware                            NEWT
1867 W W        Ware                            NEWT
1867 R H        Weir                            NEWT


WARE, JOHN S. marriage to Maggie E. Loper, 17 Dec 1873; Batch# M520181,
Sht# 106.
WARE, JOHN S. marriage to Annie Ezell, 18 Jan 1883; Batch# M520181, Sht#

From "Abstracts of Georgia Wills, Vol I" by Jeanette Holland Austin.
DPL R929.3758 A936A.

Gwinnett co. GA Will Book 1847-1886, p 25-36.
ANDREW J. HUTCHINS of Tishomingo co. MS, 1/15/1872:2/16/1872, proved MS.
WB 1847-1886 p25-36.  Little ch: William Bone, James Nathan, Mary Amelia.
Oldest bro: Nathan L. of Gwinnett Co., gdn of said children.  Sister-in-
law Mrs. Amelia Price.  Exrs: COL. JAMES WARE of Miss., Nathan L.
Hutchins of Gwinnett co..  Wits: W S J Adams, G. W. Ellenton, S J WARE,
Interrogatories filed to LWT, etc.

Index to Miscellaneous items:

John Washington Carr Bible pages
Lucretia Coleman Carr Bible pages.
Note from page 51 of "The History of Newton County"
Newspaper obituary of James Anderson Ware.
Notes from letter from Mrs. Loraine C. Bruner.
Notes from letter from Mrs. Etoile Hopkins to Mrs. Loraine C. Bruner.

[From the Bible of John Washington Carr (husband of ELIZABETH "BETTIE"
WARE and sister of MICHAEL WARE. Courtesy of Mrs Loraine C. Bruner; 10244
Kenlee Dr.; Baton Rouge, LA 70815.  According to Mrs. Bruner, the
handwriting is probably in her grandfathers hand (John Washington Carr).]

"JOSEPH WARE and CANDACY BUTLER were born in South Carolina, moved to
Ala., married Oct. 9th. 1823, moved to Hinds Co., lived there until 1836,
moved to Newton co., bought land from the indians, lived there until

Joseph Ware      died Oct. 17, 1862
Candacy  ..       ..  Nov. 1,  1873
Amanda   ..       ..  Feb. 11, 1862
Joseph A ..       ..  Apr. 15, 1862
Sarah J  ..       ..  Feb. 16, 1871
Martha Loper      ..  Dec. 10, 1885
Mary A. Small     ..  Oct. 5,  1876
Michael [Ware]    ..  Feb. 6,  1900
James A  ..       ..  Sept. 8, 1900 "

[From loose paper in same bible]

"Family Records of Joseph Ware Family

Joseph Ware was born Aug 1st 1799
Candacy Butler Ware  June 27 1804
Martha Ware 1st dau  July 17 1824
Michael Ware son     Jan 15 1826
Mary Ann d           6-28-1828
Candacy d            1-10-1830
Joseph Anderson s    6-16-1833
Caroline d           Oct 20 1835
Nancy                Feb 20 1838
Eliza Elizabeth      June 27 1840
Amanda Melvina       Dec 27 1842
Sarah Jane           July 8 1847"

[From the bible of Lucretia Coleman Carr (2nd wife of Isaac Carr)
..Courtesy of Mrs. Loraine C. Bruner.]

[Births - first page]
"Charity Colman was borned May 4 18??.
Creasy Coleman was borned Dec 10th 1816.
Levi Coleman borned Oct 8th 1820
James Oliver Johnson was borned June 19th 1883
Mary Ellen Johnson was borned January the 7, AD 1885
Winne B. Johnson was born Jan 23 1916

[Deaths - first page]
Isaac Carr died July 30th AD 1851
Lemuel Milton Carr died November the 22 AD 1863
James Oliver Carr died August the 9th 1883
Creasy Carr died May the 11th 1905
B F Johnson died Aug 23, 1908  age 61y 11m 1d "

[Births - second page]
Hugh Carr was born September 6, 1836
Lulzer Gowen [?] died Nov 24 1919
Luezer Carr was born August 20, 1842
James Oliver Carr   December the 9 1844
Evander Demcy was born Aprill 5 1847
Lemuel Milton was born October 22 1849
Cizite [?] Isaac Carr was born March the 23 1852

[Deaths - second page]
Lulzer Gowen died Nov 24 1919  age 77 3m 4d
Elzire Isaac Johnson died Aug 4 1929  age 77 4m 12d "


From "The History of Newton County" by: A. J. Brown, DPL 929.37626.B877H.

Page 51.  ..."Long ago the town of Decatur was noted for the number of
men killed in it.  It was reported that sixteen or eighteen men had lost
their lives in the town.  From careful inquiry and comparison with old
men and women of the county, only nine persons lost their lives in deadly
combat.  There were several persons who were accidentally killed, and one
who suicided, and they may be included in the number above stated.
  The following are the men who were killed and the parties committing
the deed and are given in the order of their committing as correctly as
can be ascertained:  ...William Spradley killed Absalom Loper, Jr;...
There were none of these men punished except William Spradley, who was
sent to the penitentiary.  Most of these acts of violence were committed
while the parties were under the influence of liquor; yet it appears that
several of them were justifiable or had able criminal lawyers to defend
them.  These murders were all before the war; not one since.  The last
one was not earlier than 1856 to 1858.

Page ??.  Second Courthouse burned by Sherman's Army in 1864
..        Third Courthouse burned by accident in 1876.


[From an unknown newspaper, The Register, published in the area.
Courtesy of Mrs.  Loraine C.  Bruner of Baton Rouge.  Forest MS is on the
Newton / Scott County line]

                               JAMES A WARE

         An Old Citizen, County Official and Soldier Passes Away.

In Forest's silent city of the dead there is a fresh, new mound of earth
and beneath it lies in eternal repose the solid, still form of our true
friend, Maj. JAS. A.  WARE.  After two weeks of painful illness this
loyal confederate veteran and excellent citizen breathed his last at his
home in the eastern part of town at one o'clock Saturday morning.  He was
one of the old guard now so gradually crossing the dark river "to rest
under the shade of the trees," and who remained to the last a loyal,
staunch confederate, though like all of that group of heroes he had long
since buried animosity or bitterness which was the outgrowth of the
heroic struggle, having in defeat borne himself as proudly as was borne
the grand old flag of the confederacy.  His record as a soldier was such
as to forever endear his name and memory to the true-hearted sons of the
   On last Thursday his friends learned that his condition was extremely
critical, but knowing the vigorous constitution of his past life they
still cherished the hope that that his time for final surrender had not
yet come, but the "taps" were sounded and the brave soldier, loyal friend
and good citizen passed from the scenes of life.
   Maj. Ware was born in Hinds county in 1831.  When quite a child his
parents moved to Newton county where he grew to manhood.  When starting
out in life, he accepted a clerkship in the large business house of Ned
Richardson in Brandon, and was also for awhile with the mercantile house
of Chambers at Hillsboro.  In 1855 he was happily married to Miss
Elizabeth Coleman and in the same year was elected to the office of
chancery and circuit of Newton county, which offices he held for fifteen
or sixteen years until deposed from office by Gov. Ames, by whom every
democratic officer was removed during the siege of radical rule.  At the
outbreak of the civil war he enlisted in the 59th Mississippi regiment as
lieutenant, and was promoted to the rank of major.  With this regiment
and company Maj. Ware served for three years, when again being elected
clerk of his county he resigned his command to attend to the duties of
the office.  In 1878 he moved to Forest where he continued to reside
until his death.  During his residence here he has been in office the
greater part of the time serving as circuit and chancery clerk.  He was
elected _________ clerk in February 1897 ________________ expired term of
N. T. Liles and was again elected to that office by a very large vote at
the last election which was last year.  There was never an officer who
more conscientiously discharged his duties.  His sturdy honesty of
character, courteous attention to every inquiry and his untiring devotion
to the duties of his office and the interest of his constituents won for
him a place in the county that none could supplant.
   His first wife died in August, 1897, after a union of 42 years.  They
were blessed with a family of six children, five of whom survive the
parental heads - Joe, Alice, Lee, Leila, and Clarence whom will reflect
credit and honor upon the name they bear, having given their parents all
love and devotion, and in all things and at all times making their
parents' wishes their first consideration.  All were present in the last
sad scenes with the exception of Joe, who was detained in his Texas home
by unavoidable circumstances.
   Maj. Ware's second marriage to Mrs. C. Beason, occurred on June 3,
1900, and a good woman is bowed in deep sorrow over her irreparable loss,
but the grief is assuaged in some degree by the loving attention given
her by the children in the home that is so saddened.  A loving sister,
Mrs. Bettie Carr, of Gilbert, the last of a large family of children,
mourns the loss of an only brother.
   Friendship was in inborn quality of Maj. Ware's nature.  With him it
was no mere sound or pretense, but an actuating principle that influenced
his daily life.  There are many instances which could be related of his
practice of this rare gift.  Friends mourn over a severed tie that can
never more be united here.  Death has taken in the removal of Maj. Ware
one who was always ready to help the needy, and never refused to aid,
with means and an impartial sympathy, all who called upon him.  Many will
miss his cheerful presence and hearty handshakes.  But in the home over
which has been spread the funeral pall, now desolate.  Time will never
efface his memory there, and often eager ears will listen for the
familiar voice and footsteps that are forever stilled.
   The funeral service, conducted by Rev. D. Scarborough, was held at his
home and was attended by a large gathering of friends, and his remains
were laid quietly to rest in the eastern cemetery.
   To his bereaved family, who are bowed beneath the stern blow which
they have received, the REGISTER extends its deepest sympathy.


                              Card Of Thanks

We take this method of thanking the kind and sympathizing friends who so
willingly assisted us in the sickness and death of our dear father.  The
many acts of kindness to him and words of sympathy for ourselves in this
hour of our deep sorrow will always be remembered for those who
manifested such deep interest and grief at our loss.


                                                 Miss Alice Ware
                                                 L. A. Ware
                                                 Miss Leila Ware
                                                 Clarence Ware


Notes from letter from Mrs. Loraine C. Bruner of Baton Rouge, LA.  dated
4 July 1990.

"It is thought that JOSEPH, WILLIAM and LAIRD were brothers."

Ibid. Letter dated ?????.

"On WILLIAM WARE as a brother of JOSEPH.  Don't know where the
information came from, but it has always been said that Sarah Ware
married her cousin JOHN WARE, son of WILLIAM WARE."


Notes from a letter from Mrs. Etoile L. Hopkins; Box 434; Forest, MS
39074;  to Mrs. Loraine C. Bruner dated 4 Jan 1970.

"Yes, I am related to the Loper family of Newton County, Miss.  I am also
related to your Ware line.  I had tried to get some help from Hilda Meek.
Mable Carr (Mrs. H. D.) had given me the Carr history.  It was in it that

Your JOSEPH WARE had a brother WILLIAM (BILLIE) who married Leah
Price...according to notes that I have.  I have not found their father or
mother, but I did find a very old man living with them in Hinds County.
I think more work will locate him.  I find a Lard (Laird?) Ware in the
census that I am not able to place.  The Ware you have in Simpson County
would be a very good prospect.

On Butler...  I know a Loper who was working on lines for DAR.  She is
from Candacy Butler.  If she worked on Butler, I will let you know.

By the way... you do realize that both JOSEPH and BILLIE had daughters
who married Lopers.

I am the daughter of Otho Davis Loper 1880-1968  m. Emmett Edwards.
His father was William Perry Loper 1847-1941  m. Sarah Jane
Hollingsworth.  His father was Joel W. (Wadman) Loper  1817-1889 (?)  m.

PS: About 20 years ago Johnnie Ware of Union sent me the names listed in
the family Bible.  He was the son of John Ware and Sarah Ware, first
cousins.  He never did answer any more of my letters.  .... He said in
one letter that there were names in the Bible that he did not write to me
as he did not know who they were.  I have tried to locate his Bible, but
I have failed so far.  Of course these are probably our ancestors whom he
did not know."


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