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According to a web page of Family Names in Japan (written in Japanese) by Mr. Hiroshi Morioka, the most common family names in each prefecture are as follows:

Prefecture Best 1 Best 2 Best 3 Best 4 Best 5
Hokkaido Sato Takahashi Suzuki Sasaki Ito
Aomori Kudo Sato Sasaki Kimura Narita
Iwate Sasaki Sato Takahashi Chiba Kikuchi
Miyagi Sato Takahashi Suzuki Sasaki Abe
Akita Sato Takahashi Sasaki Ito Suzuki
Yamagata Sato Takahasi Suzuki Saito Ito
Fukushima Sato Suzuki Watanabe Saito Endo
Ibaraki Suzuki Sato Kobayashi Watanabe Takahashi
Tochigi Suzuki Watanabe Sato Saito Kobayashi
Gunma Takahashi Kobayashi Sato Arai Saito
Saitama Suzuki Arai Takahashi Sato Saito
Chiba Suzuki Sato Watanabe Takahashi Nakamura
Tokyo Suzuki Sato Takahashi Tanaka Watanabe
Kanagawa Suzuki Sato Takahashi Kobayashi Watanabe
Niigata Sato Watanabe Kobayashi Takahashi Saito
Toyama Yamamoto Hayashi Yoshida Nakamura Yamazaki
Ishikawa Yamamoto Nakamura Tanaka Yoshida Yamada
Fukui Tanaka Yamamoto Yoshida Yamada Kobayashi
Yamanashi Watanabe Kobayashi Mochizuki Shimizu Fukazawa
Nagano Kobayashi Maruyama Tanaka Nakamura Ito
Gifu Kato Ito Yamada Hayashi Watanabe
Shizuoka Suzuki Watanabe Mochizuki Sugiyama Yamamoto
Aichi Suzuki Kato Ito Yamada Yamamoto
Mie Ito Tanaka Nakamura Yamamoto Suzuki
Shiga Tanaka Yamamoto Nakamura Nishimura Yamada
Kyoto Tanaka Yamamoto Nakamura Inoue Yoshida
Osaka Tanaka Yamamoto Inoue Nakamura Yamada
Hyogo Tanaka Yamamoto Kobayashi Inoue Nakamura
Nara Yamamoto Tanaka Yoshida Nakamura Matsumoto
Wakayama Yamamoto Tanaka Nakamura Matsumoto Maeda
Tottori Tanaka Yamamoto Yamane Matsumoto Maeda
Shimane Tanaka Yamamoto Sasaki Fujiwara Hara
Okayama Yamamoto Miyake Fujiwara Sato Tanaka
Hiroshima Yamamoto Fujii Takahashi Tanaka Sato
Yamaguchi Yamamoto Tanaka Nakamura Fujii Ito
Tokushima Sato Yoshida Kondo Mori Tanaka
Kagawa Oonishi Tanaka Takahashi Yamashita Yamamoto
Ehime Murakami Takahashi Ochi Yamamoto Watanabe
Kochi Yamamoto Yamasaki Komatsu Hamada Takahashi
Fukuoka Tanaka Nakamura Inoue Koga Yamamoto
Saga Yamaguchi Tanaka Koga Matsuo Nakajima
Nagasaki Yamaguchi Tanaka Nakamura Matsuo Matsumoto
Kumamoto Nakamura Tanaka Matsumoto Murakami Sakamoto
Oita Sato Goto Ono Watanabe Abe
Miyazaki Kuroki Kai Kawano Hidaka Sato
Kagoshima Nakamura Yamashita Tanaka Maeda Hamada
Okinawa Higa Kinjo Oshiro Miyagi Arakaki

Sato, Ito, Kato .... sometimes spelled as Satou, Itou, Katou,.... or Satoh, Itoh, Katoh....and the same kind of spelling problem is included in this list, because the family name is defined in Kanji form without kana, and because of the diversity of kana translation.

This information translated by Yuji Murakami.

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