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Ahnentafel Chart - Zsedeny

To read an ahnentafel chart double the generational number to find the father and double and add one for the mother. So 2n=father and 2n+1=mother where n=beginning generational number.

First Generation

  a. Emory Francis ZSEDENY (ZEDNEY} b 9 Nov 1924 Sudlersville, Queen Anne, MD 
     d 26 Oct 1995 Brockton, Plymouth, MA
  b. Harold Stephen ZSEDENY 
  c. Garnett Joseph ZSEDENY
  d. Jeanne Emma ZSEDENY 

Second Generation

2. Istvan "Stephen" ZSEDENYI-6 was born 9 Feb 1900 in Budapest, Pest, Hungary?. He died 31 Oct 1955 in near Bridgeville, Sussex, DE and was buried 3 Nov 1955 in Bridgeville, Sussex, DE. Istvan married Frances Elizabeth NEWELL-7 about 1924 (MRIN:3).

3. Frances Elizabeth NEWELL-7 was born 18 Jan 1895 in Bowesmont, Pembina, ND. She died 2 Jul 1961 in Fort Campbell, Christian, KY and was buried 6 Jul 1961 in Bridgeville, Sussex, DE.

Third Generation

4. Istvan "Stephen" ZSEDENYI-18 was born 20 Dec 1870 in Hungary. He died 23 Nov 1925 in Flemington, Hunterdon, NJ and was buried 25 Nov 1925 in Prospect Hill Cm, Hunterdon, NJ. Istvan married Maria "Mary" NAGY-19 before 1900 in Hungary (MRIN:11).

5. Maria "Mary" NAGY-19 was born 14 Mar 1875 in Kisbaratfalu, Gyor, Hungary. She died 21 Mar 1909 in Toledo, Lucas, OH and was buried 23 Mar 1909 in Calvary Cem, Lucas, OH.

6. Thomas MOON-199 married Margaret Smiley NEWELL-248 (MRIN:114)..

7. Margaret Smiley NEWELL-248 was born 3 Feb 1854 in New Glasgow, Terrebonne, Quebec and was christened 23 Apr 1854 in New Glasgow, Terrebonne, Quebec. She died Jan 1896 in Bowesmont, Pembina, ND.

Fourth Generation

8. Imre ZSEDENYI-400 was born in Hungary. He married Terezia TAKACS-401 (MRIN:147).

9. Terezia TAKACS-401 was born in Hungary.

10. Gyorgy NAGY-426 was born Apr 1837 in Kisbaratfalu, Gyor, Hungary and was christened 7 Apr 1837 in Kisbaratfalu, Gyor, Hungary. He married Therezia KOCSIS-427 (MRIN:156).

11. Therezia KOCSIS-427 was born in Hungary.

14. Samuel NEWELL-30 was born Nov 1815 in Ireland. He died 1902 in Hensel, Pembina, ND and was buried 1902 in Crystal Cemetery, Pembina, ND. Samuel married Agnes "Nancy" SMILEY-225 on 25 Aug 1845 in New Glasgow, Terrebonne, Quebec (MRIN:18).

15. Agnes "Nancy" SMILEY-225 was born Jan 1824 in Quebec, Canada. She died 24 Nov 1907 in Grafton, Walsh, ND and was buried 26 Nov 1907 in Crystal Cemetery, Pembina, ND.

Fifth Generation

20. Terentz NAGY-462 was born 1806. He died 31 Dec 1848 in Kisbarathegy, Gyor, Hungary and was buried 2 Jan 1849 in Kisbaratfalu, Gyor, Hungary. Terentz married Anna MOLNAR-463 (MRIN:159).

21. Anna MOLNAR-463.

28. NEWELL-1010 was born in Ireland. He married UNKNOWN-1011 (MRIN:351).

29. UNKNOWN-1011 was born in Ireland.

30. Stewart SMILEY-529 was born 1797 in Annahilt, Down, Ireland. He died 1865 in Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario. Stewart married Mary MCINTYRE-530 on 1819 in Annahilt, Down, Ireland (MRIN:180).

31. Mary MCINTYRE-530 was born 1798 in Annahilt, Down, Ireland. She died 1877 in Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario.

Sixth Generation

60. Joseph SMYLIE-1199 was born 1760. He died after 1821 in Annahilt, Down, Ireland. Joseph married Mary MCKEE-1170 (MRIN:394).

61. Mary MCKEE-1170 died after 1821 in Annahilt, Down, Ireland.