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Crystal City, North Dakota Extracts for Nov, 1903 - Nov, 1913
31 March 1904 - Crystal Wm. Ellis was in town Monday. Mr. Ellis says he intends to make quite extensive improvements in his residence property here, as well as build a new barn, before removing to town.

21 April 1904 - Crystal A deal has just been completed whereby William and B. S. Newell, of Hensel and Crystal, N. D., have purchased from Wm. Westlake of this city the celebrated black Percheron Stallion Chronometre. This is a deal the farmers of this vicinity much regret as his stock is in great demand and is selling at fabulous prices. We congratulate the farmers of Crystal and Hensel in being so fortunate as to secure the services of so fine an individual.

2 June 1904 - Crystal Mrs. B. S. Newell and baby returned home from Grafton Monday after a week's visit with friends there.

2 June 1904 - Hoople B. S. Newell met with quite a serious accident here last Saturday. He had his team hitched up to go home. The horses made some movements when a trace came unhooked. The pole dropped and the horses started to run; the pole struck something and broke in two. Mr. Newell was thrown out of the buggy, the buggy was badly broken and the team ran to the field, tangled in the harness and fell down. The accident happened about four o'clock. Mr. Newell did not recover consciousness until about nine o'clock.

9 June 1904 - Crystal B. S. NEWELL DEAD Benjamin S. Newell died at his home in this city June 9th after a brief illness from lockjaw, caused by injuries sustained by a fall nearly two weeks ago. Mr. Newell was 45 years old at the time of his death. The remaining members of the family are Mrs. Newell and nine children. The funeral will be held from the Presbyterian church Friday, June 10th at 3 o'clock p. m.

16 June 1904 - Crystal Mrs. B. S. Newell and family wish to express their sincere thanks to friends and neighbors who so kindly lent them aid and sympathy during the recent trial and affliction which they were called upon to pass through.

29 Sep 1904 - Hensel Last Saturday evening word came to town that two individuals driving from Crystal to this place had by held up by highwaymen, and as proof of the assertion one of the men exhibited a bullet wound in his hand. The story appeared so plausible that four of the most courageous citizens of Hensel procured a rig and set out to capture, if possible, the highwaymen. Wm. Newell, Thos. Cassiday, J. O. Mills and another gentleman of equal valor composed the posse....

20 Oct 1904 - Crystal W. R. Newell, Democratic nominee for representative, was here from Hensel Wednesday. Mr. Newell is an old resident of this district and a man in whom everyone has the utmost confidence. He has not yet traveled over the district to interview voters owing to the illness of his little boy, but expects to get out and see the people very soon.

20 Oct 1904 - Hensel W. R. Newell's little boy, who has been sick for several weeks, is recovering.

3 Nov 1904 - Cavalier Wm. Newell, of Hensel, one of the democratic nominees for representative in the second district, was in the city Tuesday attending the democratic committee meeting.

15 Dec 1904 - Crystal PLAIN SEWING I will do all kinds of plain sewing at my home on 3rd St. Prices reasonable. Mrs. Newell

5 Jan1905 - Crystal Mrs. B. S. Newell went to Hensel Tuesday for a short visit with friends.

19 Jan 1905 - Hensel Among those in our school who are worthy of honorable mention for good scholarship are: ... Gladys Newell of the fourth, and ...

30 Mar 1905 - Hensel Clare Newell, of Crystal, spent Sunday here with his sisters, Bessie and Gladys.

16 Nov 1905 - Hensel W. Newell was a Mountain visitor Saturday.

30 Nov 1905 - Tax List Canton Village, Wm. R. Newell, lot 8, block 2, 2.63. Crystal City Elizabeth Newell, lots 49-52, block 9, 1.03, 1.03, 19.14, 1.03.

7 Dec 1905 - Hensel Wm. Newell drove over to Cavalier Sunday.

7 Dec 1905 - Hensel Miss Stella Newell, of Crystal, spent a few days here with her friends.

14 Dec 1905 - Hensel Mrs. J. Norman and little Gladys Newell spent Monday with friends at Crystal.

16 Feb 1906 - Crystal Mrs. Newell and little daughter arrived from the Northwest Monday evening to visit for a while. Mrs. Newell is a daughter of Wm. Ellis.

23 Feb 1906 - Crystal Mrs. J. Newell and baby returned to their home in the Northwest Monday, after having spent about a week visiting friends here and in Hensel.

2 Mar 1906 - Crystal Wm. McIntosh and Wm. Ellis will leave Monday for an extended trip east and south. They will go to Duluth from which place they will join the merchants' excursion to New York City. From there they will go to Delaware, and probably visit James Young and family. They intend to look over that part of the country quite thoroughly before returning. Mr. McIntosh will also visit his old home in Ontario.

6 Apr 1906 - Crystal While in Delaware Wm. Ellis purchased a farm of 37 « acres near Dover. He liked the country very much and expects to go down there to live in the fall. He left Youngs and Rustons well and as busy as they could be.

27 Apr 1906 - Hensel Mrs. W. Newell made a business trip to Crystal Tuesday.

27 Apr 1906 - Hensel Mart Ault has purchased the property of Wm. Newell and expects to, well, ask Mart.

27 Apr 1906 - Hensel Clifford Newell spent a few days of last week at Grafton where he was taking treatment from Dr. Countryman.

4 May 1906 - Crystal Word was received from Mr. Ellis last week stating that Jo. Newell died and was buried before reaching his destination. Mr. Newell was taken with pneumonia and passed away suddenly.

8 Jun 1906 - Crystal Wm. Ellis returned from the Northwest Sunday evening, to which place he was called by the death of his son-in-law Jos. Newell, several weeks ago. Mrs. Newell and family will reside on their homestead this summer and next in order to make final proof. Mr. Ellis says things are looking prosperous in the Northwest.

22 Jun 1906 - Crystal Wm. Ellis took the election returns to Pembina from Crystal.

10 Aug 1906 - Crystal Wm. Newell and family leave this week for North Yakima, Wash. to make their future home there if they like the country. Mrs. Newell and family went to Grafton Friday to visit for a few days while Mr. Newell attended to some business matters in this vicinity. The Newells have been residents of North Dakota for twenty-six years, and their many friends wish them good health and prosperity in their new home.

6 May 1910 - Crystal NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION OF SIDEWALK To Wm. Ellis, owner of lots 37 and 38 both inclusive in block 9 of the cityof Crystal, North Dakota; You are hereby notified that at a regular meeting in the city of Crystla (sic), held on the seventh day of March, A. D. 1910, a resolution was passed condemning the plank sidewalk and another resolution was passed at a regular meeting of said council held on the second day of May, A. D. 1910, ordering the construction of a cement sidewalk in front of lots 37 and 38 of block 9 of the city of Crystal, and requiring that you, with twenty days of the date hereof, cause to be constructed a sidewalk upon said property, in accordance with the requirements of the city ordinance; upon your failure to comply with this resolution with the time named, the sidewalk will be constructed by the city and the cost thereof assessed against the property as provided by law. Dated May 2nd 1910 M. Kratt, Mayor Attest: L. M. Gilbert City Auditor

22 Apr 1910 - Crystal COUNTY COURT H. G. Vick, Judge Estate of Elizabeth Newell, deceased. Bond and oath of administrator filed. Bond approved and letters of administration issued to Magnus Brynjolfson. Order made for publication of notice to creditors - four months for presentations of claims. Order made appointing Fred J. Farrow, W. S. Johnson, and Robert McBride appraisers and warrent to appraisers issued.

6 May 1910 - Crystal Miss Stella Newell of Grand Forks is visiting at home this week.


7 Sep 1906 - Crystal Mrs. Newell went to Hensel Saturday to nurse her daughter Gladys who is sick with typhoid fever.

14 Sep 1906 - Crystal FOR SALE A house and two lots, with barn and buggy shed, also a horse, buggy and harness. For particulars apply to Wm. Ellis, Crystal, N. D. (This ad also ran on 21 Sep, 28 Sep, and 5 Oct.)

5 Oct 1906 - Crystal Wm. Ellis expects to leave for his new home in Delaware the last of the month and will hold a sale of his personal property and household goods on or about October 20th.

12 Oct 1906 - Crystal AUCTION SALE of Household Furniture Saturday, OCT. 20th, 1906 at my residence in Crystal. Sale to start at 1:00 p. M. sharp. Sewing machine, 3 dressers, one wooden bedsted (sic), 2 iron beds with springs and mattresses, one commode, clothes hanger, matting and carpets, 2 toilet sets, 3 stoves, 5 kitchen chairs, kitchen cupboard, kitchen table, 2 wooden rockers, 2 upholstered chairs, book case, extension table, center table, kitchen table, crockery, tin ware, delf ware, 6 dining room chairs, couch, scales, washboard and tub, wash tub, flower stand, clocks, churn. Also a driving horse and buggy and harness, buggy pole, set double harness, 30 bushels of oats, garden implements, 2 haves (sic) of bees, empty hive and other articles too numerous to mention.

Terms -- $10.00 and under, cash: over that amount time until Oct. 15th, on bankable notes at 10 percent. Wm. Ellis Wm McMurchie, auctioneer (This ad repeated 19 Oct.)

12 Oct 1906 - Crystal W. R. Newell arrived from North Yakima, Wash. last week and is closing up his business affairs here. He is pleased with the coast country and intends to become one of its permanent residents.

19 Oct 1906 - Crystal Wm. Ellis will hold a sale of his household effects next Saturday, Oct. 20th, after which they will leave for their new home in Delaware. Wm. McMurchie will be the auctioneer.

26 Oct 1906 - This issue is missing - probably noted Wm. Ellis' departure.

1 Mar 1907 - Crystal S. Newell was at Grafton between trains Friday.

19 Apr 1907 - Crystal Wm. R. Newell, who has been looking after business here for some time, left Thursday for Grafton to stop a day or two, after which he will go to his home at North Yhkima (sic), Wash.

11 Oct 1907 - Crystal School News Misses Stella Newell, Belin and Florence Morrison have returned to school after a two weeks absence.

29 Nov 1907 - Hensel Messrs W. N. Husband, Wm. Grabar, R. W. Ross, Josiah Greenwood and Mesdames Ross and Greenwood attended the funeral of Mrs. Newell in Crystal.

29 Nov 1907 - Hensel The many friends of Grandma Newell were very sorry to hear of her death. She used to live here and was dearly loved by all who knew her. Her many friends here sympathize with those she has left behind.

29 Nov 1907 - Crystal MRS. SAMUEL NEWELL. Mrs. Samuel Newell was laid to rest by the side of her husband on Tuesday in the Crystal cemetery. She was a resident of Hensel for a number of years, where she lived a humble, pious life in favor with God and man. Shortly after her husband's death she removed from Hensel to her daughter's home near Grafton where she remained until the time of her death. Her last illness was marked by accute suffering, but was born with remarkable fortitude and christian resignation. She had reached the mature age of 83 years, and is survived by five children, Mr. Samuel Newell of this city; Mr. Wm. Newell of North Yakima, Wash; Mrs. Geo. Swain, Webster, N. D., and Mrs. Thomas and John Miller, of Grafton.

31 Jan 1908 - Crystal Clare Newell returned from Ontario Tuesday night. He has been away since last fall.

6 Mar 1908 - Crystal Mrs. Newell and Pontie and Stewart went to Grafton Saturday to spend a week or two visiting Mrs. Newell's people.

13 Mar 1908 - Crystal Sam Newell returned from Grafton Saturday evening.

13 Mar 1908 - Crystal Miss Stella Newell entertained a few of her friends at her home last Friday evening.

29 May 1908 - Crystal Mrs. Newell and Pontie went to Hensel Tuesday evening.

28 Aug 1908 - Crystal Mrs. Newell left a fine branch of crabapples at The Call office last week, which was so heavily loaded that it split off from the tree, also a sample of cellery grown in her garden. Mrs. Newell has a fine bed of cellery and will have considerable for sale.

29 Jan 1909 - Crystal School Notes Irene Newell, who has just returned from Washington, entered school this week.

26 May 1909 - Crystal Wm. Ellis arrived from Dauphin, Man., Wednesday evening.

2 Apr 1909 - Crystal Miss Gladys Newell of Hensel visited here Thursday.

9 Apr 1909 - Crystal Wm. Ellis transacted business at Grafton Monday.

16 Apr 1909 - Crystal Miss Stella Newell and Mrs. Jas. Currens visited at Cavalier the past week, returning home Friday.

14 May 1909 - Crystal Miss Stella Newell returned from Cavalier Tuesday.

18 Jun 1909 - Crystal C. W. Newell was at Grafton Tuesday.

10 Sep 1909 - Crystal Wm. Ellis, of Winnipeg, spent a few days visiting friends in this vicinity during the week.

5 Nov 1909 - Crystal Voting Contest The voting contest at the Farmer's store....the other contestants won prizes in the order below: Esther O'Toole 1,429,813 : Mrs. Newell 4,964 Nettie Johnson 2,384

21 Jan 1910 - Crystal W. R. Newell of North Yakima, Wash., was in town this week. Mr. Newell is here on business connected with his land here and will remain for two or three weeks.

4 Feb 1910 - Crystal SCHOOL NOTES Roy Chambers, Charlie Newell, and Effie McNeil are new pupils of the grammar school.

18 Feb 1910 - Crystal SCHOOL NOTES Stuart Newell is absent on account of Mr. Wing's sale.

11 Mar 1910 - Cavalier Wm. Newell, now a resident of North Yakima, Wash. the great apple center of the west attended the ate (sic) farmer's institute with a show of handsome Yakima grown apples. The show was a nice one, and as to the good flavor of several varieties of the apples on exhibit the Chronicle editor can give good testimony. Mr. Newell left a good bunch of the Winesap, Jonathan, and Yellow Newton specimens with us, which we enjoyed very much. In the show which he gave here, Mr. Newell was representing the Yakima Reality and Investment Co., of North Yakima. Mr. Newell thinks the Yakima Valley leads the west in fine fruit growing and in good returns from financial investments.

15 Apr 1910 - Crystal COUNTY COURT Estate of Elizabeth C. Newell, deceased. Hearing had on petition for appointment of administrator. Proofs of service filed. On petition George Peterson appointed Special Guardian of minor respondants. Order made appointing M. Brynjolfson administrator, and bond fixed at $200.00.

22 July 1910 - Crystal Montgomery-Ellis Marriage On July 19th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Montgomery occured the marriage of their daughter Mabel Evelyn to William J. Ellis of Brandon, Man. The bride's dress of white Mouseline De Sole was a princess over dress with a lace waist. The groom wore the conventional black. The ceremony was performed at high noon by Rev. Walter Ingram of the First Baptist Church of Grafton, in the presence of a large number of friends. The bride was attended by her cousin Miss Edith Rodger while the groom was supported by Mr. Sidney Montgomery, brother of the bride. After the ceremony a four course dinner was served by Misses Clara and Ruth Rodger. The dining room and parlor were beautifully decorated with a profusion of ferns and woodbine. Loops of white ribbon decorated with ferns extended from the ceiling to the four corners of the table. The center piece was of sweet peas. The bride's traveling suit was green panama with braid, hat to match. The bridal party drove to Hensel and took the train for Winnipeg, where they expect to spend some time before going to Brandon, their future home. The Bride is well and favorably known in this community having lived here since childhood. The groom is a young man of sterling qualities, and will be remembered by many having spent his boy hood days here. A host of friends join in wishing them joy and success in their future home. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis received many beautiful and useful presents.

30 Sep 1910 - Crystal Mrs. B. S. Newell and family removed to Grand Forks this week to make their future home. Mrs. Newell has rented her house here to Robert Weaver.

2 Dec 1910 - Crystal Mrs. Wm. Ellis, of Winnipeg, is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. N. Montgomery, and will remain until after the holidays.

10 Feb 1911 - Crystal W. R. Newell, of North Yakima, Wash., was in town during the week. Mr. Newell was transacting business in Cavalier and Grafton, and was on his way home. He reported North Dakota people in his neighborhood are well and prosperous. Tween Rrunton (sic) has purchased a farm near the city and expects to make considerable improvements on it this year.

24 Mar 1911 - Hamilton At high noon amid a number of the relatives and friends of the bride's mother, Mrs. Catherine Smillie, on Wednesday, March 15, 1911, Rev. S. Newlove officiating, occurred the marriage of Miss Margaret E. Smillie to Herbert J. Graham, of Crystal City, Man. After the wedding ceremony the guests partook of a sumptuous dinner, and after a few hours spent in social disclosure and music the happy couple left via Grafton for Winnipeg on a short honeymoon trip. Mr. and Mrs. Graham will be at home at Crystal City, Man., where the groom owns and operates a farm, after April 15.

20 Oct 1911 - Crystal Miss Bessie Newell arrived from Montana Saturday.

20 Oct 1911- Crystal Clarence Newell died at the hospital in Grafton last Sunday and was buried in the Crystal cemetery Tuesday, Rev. Thos. Dyer conducting the service. His was a sad case. He was one of those unfortunate young men addicted to the use of intoxicants. A week ago Wednesday night he was placed in the city jail. In the morning smoke was seen rising from the jail and it was found that his bed and clothing were nearly consumed by fire and some holes burned through the floor (sic). He was lying on the floor, but not burned, though the smoke had evidently dne it fatal wrk (sic). He was removed to his home and later taken to the hospital where he died.

27 Oct 1911 - Crystal Wm. Ellis arrived from Felton, Del., Sunday, and remains in this vicinity a week or so visiting friends, after which he will go to Brandon, Man., to visit his son William. Mr. Ellis says he likes Delaware as a place to live, and that the Crystal delegation down there are getting along nicely. They had dry weather the early part of the season, but plenty of rain later on. Tom Mills has a nice home about twelve miles from his place.

17 Nov 1911 - Crystal Wm. Ellis who had been here for a couple of weeks left for his home in Delaware Monday. He will go by Niagara falls and Bridgeberg, Ont., and visit John Yen at the latter place. Mr. Ellis likes Delaware as a place to live, especially because he can work all the year around.

15 Dec 1911 - Crystal Miss Gladys Newell visited at home this week.

29 Dec 1911 - Hensel Miss Gladys Newell came from Grafton Saturday to visit with Mr. J. Norman and family during the holidays.

5 Apr 1912 - Hensel Miss Gladys Newell came up from Grafton to spend her Easter vacation at home.

5 Apr 1912 - Hensel Gladys Newell of Crystal visited here a few days this week.

12 Apr 1912 - Crystal Mrs. Wm. J. Ellis, of Winnipeg, Man., is visiting her parents here.

26 Apr 1912 - Hensel Mrs. W. Ellis from Winnipeg visited with Laura Norman Friday and Saturday.

31 May 1912 - Crystal COUNTY COURT Estate of Elizabeth C. Newell - Hensel. Hearing had on final account. Appeared John W. Bechtel administrator de bonis non, who was sworn and examined. Final account allowed and final decree of distribution issued.

16 Aug 1912 - Crystal Mrs. Newell returned from Grand Forks Tuesday.

6 Sep 1912 - Crystal Miss Gladys Newell went to Grand Forks Wednesday to attend school during the winter.

13 Sep 1912 - Crystal Samuel Newell died at Devils Lake on the 10th as a result of some accident, the nature of which the Call did not learn at the time of going to press. The funeral will be held at the Presbyterian Church in the city today.

20 Sep 1912- Crystal Samuel Newell The funeral of the late Samuel Newell was held from the Presbyterian Church Friday afternoon. The remains were accompanied here by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of Grafton. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. Mr. Reinhardt. Deceased was at one time a resident of Crystal and Hensel and was widely known. He was an upright and honorable man in every way. The exact manner in which he met his death has not been fully learned. He was employed by a farmer near Webster, this state, to drive a team. He had been out in a rain and came in late. Instead of going to the house he went to the hay loft and buried himself under the hay. It is presumed that another man, who also went to the loft to find a place to sleep accidentally stepped on his head and fractured his jaw. He soffered (sic) this condition all night and the next day when he was taken to Devils Lake and place in a hospital. Strange as it may seem, neither himself nor those around him supposed his injury to be so serious. Being of a rather delicate constitution and exposure and suffering he had endured his case was hopeless by the time he reached the hospital (sic). He was the victim of an acedent (sic), but the neglect he suffered seems inexcessable (sic).

20 Sep 1912 - Crystal CARD OF THANKS There are hours that come into the lives of some when every impulse of the heart is buried under its weight of sorrow. We stand there to-day (sic); yet we would feign give expression to the gratitude that wells up from the depths of our hearts as we remember the kindness of friends at Crystal who done so much to brighten for us a starless sky. -- Eva and Agnes Newell Miller.

27 Sep 1912 - Crystal Mrs. E. Newell went to Grand Forks Saturday last.

25 Oct 1912 - Crystal SCHOOL NOTES These students were given one-half holiday Wednesday for perfect attendance. High School: ... Irene Newell ...

8 Nov 1912 - Crystal The following persons have entered the Call piano contest Alvira Holliday 413120 Esther Fairchild 129980 Irene Newell 32415 Mary Rowe 79924 Lena Bjelde 256795

18 Jul 1913 - Crystal Mrs W. J. Ellis, and baby, arrived from Winnipeg Friday last and will remain about a month visiting friends and relatives.

8 Aug 1913 - Crystal Mrs. W. J. Ellis of Winnipeg is visiting at the J. W. Rodger home this week.