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Family Moments

This page is reserved for those moments which occur to enrich our lives and which, when shared with family, enrich their lives also. It will consist of photos and/or anecdotes (in good taste) submitted by family members.

This first family moment occurred one summer when I (Garnett) was home on leave. Steve, our family genealogist, insisted that I see his "boat". The "boat" was this ingeneous, cheap and practical Tom Sawyer rig that Steve used to navigate an old gravel pit to catch fish, frogs and pick blackberries from. Steve was about 13 at the time, still of an age when fishing and frogging were more important than girls.

Some of us just never get over it. Here is Garnett and Steve in Nov, 2002 at Fenwich Island, DE on a memorial fishing day as the size of these blues testify. I remember taking Steve surf fishing 50+ years before in an old 1931 Model A Ford. We got stuck in the sand that day and if luck had not been with us that old Ford would still be there as I had no money for a tow truck. This time I was the guest and Steve had his 4X4 pickup and all the right gear.


This is Katherines's family moment, Daniel, her "little nipper" as she calls him.