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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with D

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Dafoe, Ada Rosetta
Dafoe, Albert
Dafoe, George Albert
Dafoe, George William
Dafoe, Nelly Maude
Dafoe, Pearle Irene
Dafoe, Robert Nelson
Dafoe, Sylvia Grace
Daggett, Frank E.
Daggett, Frank Elton
Dalton, Ada
Dalton, Ada Dora Delilah
Dalton, Alfred Anderson
Dalton, Amanda
Dalton, Amanda Jane
Dalton, Andrew J.
Dalton, Anna
Dalton, Arra E.
Dalton, Benjamin W.
Dalton, Bradley
Dalton, Bradley
Dalton, Calvin
Dalton, Calvin Pinkney
Dalton, Charles H.
Dalton, Child
Dalton, Christopher Columbus
Dalton, Columbus
Dalton, Cora M.
Dalton, David
Dalton, David
Dalton, David
Dalton, David
Dalton, David (Daffid)
Dalton, Eleanor J.
Dalton, Elijah
Dalton, Elijah Harvey
Dalton, Elisha
Dalton, Elixabeth
Dalton, Elizabeth
Dalton, Elizabeth
Dalton, Elizabeth
Dalton, Elizabeth "Betty"
Dalton, Elizabeth Elmira
Dalton, Ella Mae
Dalton, Frances
Dalton, Geneva
Dalton, Hattie
Dalton, Hattie S.
Dalton, Hester
Dalton, Hiram Y.
Dalton, Ida
Dalton, Infant
Dalton, Intha
Dalton, James
Dalton, James A.
Dalton, James Alfred
Dalton, James Allen
Dalton, Jane
Dalton, Jestine Avelina
Dalton, Johiel Calvin
Dalton, John
Dalton, John
Dalton, John
Dalton, John "Jackie"
Dalton, John Anderson
Dalton, John Morris
Dalton, John W.
Dalton, Jonathon "Tobie"
Dalton, Jonathon Calvin
Dalton, Joseph Banner
Dalton, Joseph Grayson
Dalton, Loman
Dalton, Lora C.
Dalton, Lucy
Dalton, Lucy Elizabeth
Dalton, Malinda "Lynda"
Dalton, Marena
Dalton, Martha "Matt"
Dalton, Martha Caroline
Dalton, Martha Jane
Dalton, Martha Matilda "Mat"
Dalton, Mary "Polly"
Dalton, Mary A.S.
Dalton, Mary C.
Dalton, Mary E.
Dalton, Mary Elizabeth
Dalton, Mary Etta
Dalton, Mary Louise
Dalton, Milley M.
Dalton, Millie "Lucretia"
Dalton, Mira A.S.
Dalton, Morning
Dalton, Morris
Dalton, Nancy
Dalton, Nancy
Dalton, Nancy
Dalton, Nancy Ann
Dalton, Nancy C.
Dalton, Nancy Elmira
Dalton, Noah Wesley
Dalton, Polly
Dalton, Rachel
Dalton, Rachel
Dalton, Rachel Lee
Dalton, Randal
Dalton, Rhoda "Rosa"
Dalton, Ruth
Dalton, Ruthie Catherine
Dalton, Ruthie Sara Ann
Dalton, Sally
Dalton, Sally
Dalton, Sarah
Dalton, Sarah
Dalton, Sarah "Sally?"
Dalton, Sarah Jane
Dalton, Sarah M.
Dalton, Sarah M.
Dalton, Sarah Malinda
Dalton, Susan
Dalton, Susan
Dalton, Susanna
Dalton, Susannah
Dalton, Susannah
Dalton, Susannah
Dalton, Tammy
Dalton, Thomas
Dalton, Thomas
Dalton, Thomas J.
Dalton, Thomas Josiah
Dalton, Thomas Morris
Dalton, Thomas S.
Dalton, Toliver
Dalton, Travis
Dalton, Webster
Dalton, William
Dalton, William
Dalton, William
Dalton, William B.
Dalton, William Bailey
Dalton, William Brown
Dalton, William Hensley
Dalton, William L.
Dalton, William Martin
Dalton, William R.
Dalton, William Sims
Dalton, Zachariah
Dalton, Zebulon Vance
Dalton, Zellie Louise
Dalziel, Sharon
Dameron, Allan J.
Daniel, David
Daniel, Michael Scott
Daniel, Ryan Thomas
Daniel, Stephen Lance
Daniels, Allen
Daniels, Eli
Daniels, Louella
Daniels, Mary
Daniels, Nancy Elizabeth
Daniels, Peter
Daniels, Sophronia Adeline
Daniels, William
Daves, Johnnie
Daves, Posey J.
Daves, William J.
Davidson, Bertha May
Davidson, Catherine
Davidson, Mary
Davidson, Olivia
Davis, Ada
Davis, Adline
Davis, America A.
Davis, Anderson
Davis, Anna
Davis, Betty Kay
Davis, Caroline
Davis, David
Davis, David Clingman
Davis, Dorothy Varie
Davis, Edna Delore
Davis, Eliza J.
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elmira Elizabeth
Davis, Feldridge Crouser
Davis, Franklin McArthur
Davis, Hester V.
Davis, James A.
Davis, James A.
Davis, James B.
Davis, James C.
Davis, Jane
Davis, Jehiel
Davis, Jerry Rex
Davis, Jesse
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John A.
Davis, John Anderson
Davis, John Logan
Davis, Logan
Davis, Louisa J.
Davis, Lydia C.
Davis, Martha J.
Davis, Martha J.
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary C.
Davis, Mary Jane Elizabeth
Davis, Mary T.
Davis, Merdith Calvin
Davis, Meridith (Marida)
Davis, Nancy L.
Davis, Patrick
Davis, Patrick Elcane
Davis, Reuben H.
Davis, Robert
Davis, Ruth
Davis, Ruthie Elizabeth
Davis, Salatial
Davis, Sara A.M.
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah L.
Davis, Silas
Davis, Sophia
Davis, Stanley Eugene
Davis, Susan
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas A.
Davis, Thomas Joseph
Davis, Thomas Marion
Davis, Unknown
Davis, Walter Ransom
Davis, Walter Ransom
Davis, William
Davis, William James
Davis, William Judson (Jud)
Davis, William Leander
Davis, Willie
Day, Christine Jo
Deal, Aaron Thomas
Deal, Benjamin Cleveland
Deal, C. D.
Deal, Easly? Leo
Deal, Lillie Etta
Deal, Marie Octavia
Deal, Newtie May
Deal, Unknown
Deal, Unknown
Deal, Unknown
Deal, Zeno Kerby?
Deans, James
DeBord, Elisha
DeBord, Thomas A.
Deese, Chasity
Deese, Dotty
Deimler, Ruth Naomi
Delgado, David
Delgado, Nichelle
Dellinger, Johnette
Dellinger, Mary Adeline
Dempsey, Anne Marie
Dempsey, Donna Marie
Dempsey, Heather Marie
Dempsey, Henry Wilson
Dempsey, Linda Catherine
Dempsey, Margaret
Dempsey, Thomas Allen
Dempsey, Thomas Edward
Dempsey, Valerie Ann
Denny, Jesse C. "Neal"
Denny, L. W.
Denton, Martha
Desilet, Esther
Deviney, Eliza Beatrice
Deviney, Harlan
De_Berry, Justin Miles
De_Berry, Timothy Craig
Diamond, Charles Stewart
Diamond, Dorothy Ann
Dickinson, Julia
Dickinson, Riley
Dickinson, Sabrina
Dickinson, William
Dilger, Harry Howard
Dilger, Peter Maurice
Dimmick, Marcia
Dixon, Frances Emma
Dobbins, Hattie
Dodge, Abner Hubbard
Dodge, Dwight Abner
Dodge, Earl
Dodge, Eugene
Dodge, George
Dodge, George
Dodge, Gladys M.
Dodge, Grace H.
Dodge, Herbert A.
Dodge, Jessie M.
Dodge, June
Dodge, Lloyd L.
Dodge, Lucille P.
Dodge, Martha
Dodge, Martha Mae
Dodge, Mary Jane
Dodge, Maude
Dodge, Otis K.
Dodge, Raymond
Dodge, Roy
Dodge, Roy
Dodge, Ruth
Dodge, Sarah
Dodge, Thomas
Dodge, Virginia
Dodge, William
Dodge, William King
Dodson, Delia Viola
Dodson, Hughie Nelson
Doggett, Catherine
Donaldson, Robert
Donovan, John
Donovon, Wayne Arthur
Dornbush, Sarah
Dornton, Ada R.
Dornton, George
Dotson, Bertha
Dotson, Dorothy
Dotson, Margaret
Dotson, N. B.
Dotson, Opal
Dotson, Virginia
Doty, Minnie Mrs.
Downard, Frank
Downard, Madeline Smillie
Downs, Edward
Downs, Malinda
Downs, Talmadge G.
Drayer, Debra Jean
Drew, Robert L.
Drum, Pertta
Dry, Sharon Virginia
Drysdale, Jill
Dujardon, Kayla
Dujardon, Yvonne
Duncan, Unknown
Dunlap, John
Dunn, Martha Ann
Dupilka, Allen John
Durbin, Amy Marie
Durbin, Mark Allen
Durbin, Paul Michael
Durbin, Seth Elliott
Durbin, Timothy Paul
Durham, Unknown
Durrell, Janet
Durrmire, Mary Elizabeth
Dutch, Patty
Duton, P. Louise
Dysart, John Samuel
Dysart, Louise

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