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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with R

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Rabb, Noah
Rabbe, Lorna Ethel
Radford, Cora
Radford, Danny
Raimondo, Michael
Raimondo, Michelle A.
Raimondo, Philip
Raimondo, Philip A.
Raines, Claude
Raines, Mary Rachel
Rallings, Leona
Ramsey, Cora
Ramsey, Helen
Ramsey, Unknown
Ray, Charles
Ray, Luther
Reed, Amber
Reed, Edward
Reed, Hugh
Reed, Jesse A.
Reed, Kathleen
Reed, Marguerita
Reese, Kevin Wayne
Reese, Kimberly
Regal, April
Regal, Dorsey
Regal, Ginger
Reid, Anna Rebecca
Reid, Anna S.
Reid, James
Reid, John Walling
Reid, Joseph
Reid, May Agnes
Reid, Michael David
Reid, Olga
Reid, Patricia
Reid, Robbie
Reid, Robert Grant
Reid, Sabina
Reid, Sarah "Sally"
Reid, Sarah Jane
Reid, Unknown
Reid, Unknown
Reid, Unknown
Reid, Unknown
Reid, William
Reid, William
Reid, William
Reid, William Capt
Reid, William David Floyd
Reinhardt, Navoid
Reinhardt, Rufus Pinkney
Renteria, Mary Ann
Reynolds, Dan
Reynolds, Isabelle "Belle"
Reynolds, Lisa
Reynolds, Paige
Ricard, Garnet
Rice, Jessie
Rice, Virgie Iola
Rich, Bryson
Richards, Martha
Ricketts, Annie
Riddle, Ed
Riddle, Mary Ann
Rinde, Dorothy
Rinde, James
Rinde, Joyce
Rinde, Marjorie
Rinde, Nicholas
Rinde, Robert N.
Rinehardt, Brenda
Rippy, June Carol
Risser, Sue Ellen
Ritchey, Fred
Robbins, Lucille
Roberson, Heather Renee
Roberson, James McClure
Roberson, Kristen Marie
Roberson, Tony
Roberts, Alma
Roberts, Ashley Danelle
Roberts, David
Roberts, James Bruce
Roberts, John
Roberts, Ronnie
Robertson, Alexander
Robertson, Alexander D.
Robertson, James Charles
Robertson, John Alexander
Robertson, Joseph Walter
Robertson, Mabel Elizabeth
Robertson, Margaret Helen
Robertson, Mary A.
Robertson, Minnie
Robertson, Robert Nathan
Robertson, William
Robertson, William S.
Robinett, Nathan C.
Robinette, Permelia
Robinson, Alfred H.
Robinson, Columbus W.
Robinson, Frederick B.
Robinson, Helen
Robinson, Joyce
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Ronald
Robinson, Unknown
Robinson, William McP.
Roebuck, Christina
Roethig, Charles
Roethig, Edwin
Roethig, Ferdinand
Roethig, Ferdinand
Roethig, Frederic
Roethig, Harry
Roethig, Julia
Roethig, Lillie
Roethig, William
Rogers, Annie Violet
Rogers, Edna Frances
Rogers, Richard H.
Rogers, Sarah A. "Sadie"
Rogers, Thomas
Rollins, Annie Mae
Rollins, Bertie Kate
Rollins, Edith
Rollins, Everette
Rollins, Gary
Rollins, Genevie
Rollins, George
Rollins, J. L.
Rollins, Josephine
Rollins, Peggy
Rollins, Rosa
Rollins, Unknown
Rollins, William M.
Rollins, William M. Sr
Rollins, Wyonell
Romanick, David Randy
Romanick, George
Romanick, Raymond George
Rorke, Donald Reoner
Rose, Sarah Marie
Ross, Artaminey
Rowe, James
Rucker, Elizabeth
Rue, Joe
Ruppe, A. Gus
Ruppe, Ashley
Ruppe, Cameron Joel
Ruppe, Cassidy Ciera
Ruppe, Catherine Lynn
Ruppe, Jamey Renae
Ruppe, Jennifer Marlene
Ruppe, Joel
Ruppe, Junior
Ruppe, O. B. Emerson
Ruppe, Tommy
Ruppe, Wayne Steven
Russel, Dorothy Rachel
Russell, Mary
Russell, Winslow
Rutkowski, Daniel Evan
Rutkowski, David Earl
Rye, Eileen Lorene

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