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Wirtonia Cemetery
Cherokee County, Kansas

Information & Photos submitted & © 2004 by: Peggy Kreiger

Located 3/4 mile North of Jct. 69, 69A, 400, & Old 96 HWYS
(Crestline, Ks.), then 1/4 mile E to cemetery

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I began canvassing cemeteries in Cherokee County a couple of years ago. I don't have many completed yet. It is a very slow project when you work full time, have a couple of grandsons most weekends and of course, the weather to deal with. I am enjoying doing it though and have the help of my mother, Ruby Marie Bash Jenkins, who will be 84 soon. My sister, Orlena Marie Jenkins Bryant, even got to help with this cemetery.

Wirtonia Cemetery is the first cemetery that I did. A real challenge to say the least. The cemetery is quite old and in the early 1990's was vandalized by youths. I have only listed the information that is there. There are many unmarked graves and many missing stones. The information is as complete as I can get it as of March 16, 2004
Peggy Kreiger

There is one plot of graves in this cemetery that someone with mudjacking equipment would be able to save the solid cement slab graves topping as well as the tombstones. If nothing is done they will all be lost. The slab is cracked across all the graves and it seems mostly hollow under the slab. It is just a matter of time before it all falls into the cavity underneath. (Harshman graves)
The road into this cemetery, unless it has been fixed is also desperately in need of care. I'm not sure who is in charge of the road, but in the event someone would be so kind as to help save these really old still standing stones, I understand Carol Phelps would probably be the best contact.

Shawnee Township Board Clerk:
Carol Phelps
337 SE Highway Alt. 69
Crestline, Ks. 66728
(620) 389-2222 - This is the Crestline Post Office where she works.
The Shawnee Township board is over all the cemeteries in their township.
This includes Union/Union Chapel (Richey/Ritchie); Messer; Mound and Wirtonia..

Marie Jenkins Bryant
????? Ruben T. 4/26/1871 10/18/1872 s/w Sarah E. ????? (Broken)
????? Sarah E. 10/01/1869 4/03/1871 s/w Ruben T. ????? (Broken)
?????? Grace     Stone destroyed/first name is all
??????? Emma E.   8/23/1875 Aged 27y 4m 10d Wife of ?????? (Broken)
??????? James Isaac 9/24/???? 8/13/1876 Son of ????? (Broken)
Akins Alice   1926 Aged 2d One stone reads Alice & Lois
Akins Doris   1924 Aged 1d
Akins Emmaneil 1922 1927  
Akins Gladys 1900 1962  
Akins J.B. 1889 1943  
Akins Lois   1926 Aged 2d One stone reads Alice & Lois
Alderson Elizabeth 7/26/1830 8/31/1902 Wife of James A. Alderson
Alderson Elizabeth Bell 10/28/1813 3/06/1881  
Alderson Elizabeth C.     Dau of R.H. & M.S. Alderson (Broken)
Alderson James A. 4/26/1832 12/20/1893  
Alderson Martha E. 7/25/1852 2/22/1898 Dau of J.A. & E.R. Alderson
Alderson Maudy L.     Dau of J. & ? Alderson (Broken/Unreadable)
Alderson Reuben ?   10/23/1878 Aged 38y 11m 2d (Broken)
Alderson Reuben C. 11/21/1847 10/23/1876  
Alderson Robert 3/14/1810 2/11/1884  
Alexander J.R.   3/18/1870 Aged 66y 8m 13d
Alexander John   2/08/1872 Aged 26y 5m 23d
Altice Infant 10/15/1867 10/15/1867 Son of S. & M.E. Altice (Broken)
Altice Lizzie B. 3/02/1871 7/14/1878 Dau of S. & M.E. Altice (Broken)
Altice Malissa   7/08/1872 Aged 30y 9m 18d Wife of Sylvester Altice (Broken)
Altice Nattie C. 5/06/1882 5/06/1882 Dau of Clinton J. & Sarah A. Altice (Broken)
Anglen Ona Bailey 12/09/1885 12/19/1958  
Arnold Sarah H.   10/01/1874 Aged 16y 3m 19d s/w W.H. Arnold Dau of W.H. & J. Arnold
Arnold W.H.   10/14/1875 Aged 45y s/w Sarah H. Arnold
Baker W.H.W.   12/08/1877 Aged 1y 2m 8d Son of W. & E.A. Baker
Barcus Birdie   4/10/1874 Aged 1y 11m 26d s/w Iva Barcus Children of C.W. & N.I. Barcus
Barcus Iva   7/20/1869 Aged 1y 8m 28d s/w Birdie Barcus Children of C.W. & N.I. Barcus
Barcus James A.   1/21/1881 Aged 1m 21d
Barigar David 3/18/1841 3/08/1884  
Barnes Dan 1876 1890 "Brother"
Barnes Ethel     s/w Minnie Barnes (No dates)
Barnes Mary Catherine 1845 1888 "Mother"
Barnes Minnie     s/w Ethel Barnes (No dates)
Baurcus E.G.   6/19/1882 Aged 64y 7m 19d (Broken)
Beal Cora   11/13/1877 Aged 9m 27d s/w Emsley C. Beal and Martha E. Beal Dau of J. & S.C. Beal
Beal Emsley C.   10/30/1877 Aged 15y 11m 19d s/w Cora Beal and Martha E. Beal Son of N. & S.M. Beal
Beal Martha E.   1/12/1878 Aged 2y 10n 26d s/w Cora Beal and Emsley C. Beal Dau of N. & S.M. Beal
Bell Alexander 2/27/1836 7/22/1918  
Bell Ann M.   3/14/1894 Aged 38y 5m 12d Wife of Alexander Bell
Betty Alpha   6/27/1894 Aged 8m 2d Son of R.C. & M.C. Betty
Betty Carrie E.     Dau of R.C. & M.C. Betty
Betty Ida May   2/28/1875 Aged 2m 28d Dau of R.C. & M.C. Betty
Betty Liddie A. 10/20/1889 10/09/1892 Dau of R.C. & M.C. Betty
Betty Lonnie 2/05/1870 3/09/1870 Son of F.M. & L.C. Betty
Betty Nora E.   5/09/1881 Aged 11m 29d Dau of R.C. & M.C. Betty
Boman Fredie   7/15/1882 Aged 5m 15d Son of J.A. & F.O. Boman (Broken)
Boman John C.   3/12/1878 Aged 6m 25d Son of J.A. & F.O. Boman
Bradshaw Elizabeth E. 1896 1963 s/w Robert Ray Bradshaw
Bradshaw Robert D. 1924 1942  
Bradshaw Robert R. 4/04/1895 7/02/1977 Sgt. US Army WWI
Bradshaw Robert Ray 1895 1977 s/w Elizabeth E. Bradshaw
Camp???? A.O.   2/10/1880 Aged 49y 8m 20d (Broken)
Carrington Lillian 11/19/1878 12/15/1897 Dau of J.A. & M.F. Carrington
Dasey Laura J.   12/01/1869 Aged 1y 3m 20d Dau of J.M & S.A. Dasey
Duggar William C.   10/08/1875 Aged 63y 5m 19d (Broken)
Dugger Infant     (Broken/Unreadable)
Dugger James S. 1867 1872 s/w Myrtle Dugger
Dugger Martha C.   5/28/1882 Aged 14y 5m 14d s/w Mary C. Dugger Dau of E.S. & S.E. Dugger
Dugger Mary C.   4/08/1882 Aged 14y 4m 24d s/w Martha C. Dugger Dau of E.S. & S.E. Dugger
Dugger Minnie O.   10/30/1882 Aged 6y 5m 12d Dau of E.S. & S.E. Dugger
Dugger Myrtle 1882 1884 s/w James S. Dugger
Dugger Nancy I.   6/01/1875 Aged 16y Dau of W.G. & C. Dugger
Dugger Susan E.   6/15/1882 Aged 42y 5m 19d Wife of E.S. Dugger
Everett Isaac H.   8/20/1873 Aged 1y 3m 15d Son of F.H. & M.E. Everett (Broken)
Fare J.B.   1/09/1879 Aged 20y 11m 27d (Broken)
Ferguson E. Gertrude (Dr.) 1879 1963 "Daughter"
Ferguson E.B. 4/26/1837 12/19/1917 s/w Eliza F. Ferguson
Ferguson Earl Augusta 8/08/1888 7/26/1914 Son of R.F. & E.V. Ferguson
Ferguson Eliza F. 4/05/1841 12/06/1907 s/w E.B. Ferguson Wife of E.B. Ferguson
Ferguson Elizabeth V. 1856 1939 s/w Richard F. Ferguson "Mother"
Ferguson Isabell 3/14/1840 8/19/1894 Wife of John Ferguson (Broken)
Ferguson John 12/11/1838 1/28/1901 Co. L.5, Ind. V-Car.
Ferguson Richard F. 1856 1936 s/w Elizabeth B. Ferguson "Father"
French Archie L. 9/26/1885 12/27/1887 Son of W.M. & N.A. French
Gartin Griffitch   11/07/1872 Aged 32y 14d
Gaston Leafy Jessie 8/01/1897 7/17/1959 s/w Vernon Z. Gaston
Gaston Vernon Z. 7/07/1903 6/28/1976 s/w Leafy Jessie Gaston
George Infant 9/20/1917 9/21/1917 Dau of W.S. & Lula George
Giffen Mary Akins 1939 1987 Devoted Mother & Nurse
Giffen Michael J. 1961 1993  
Gust Frank M. 1869 1936 s/w Lena Mae Gust
Gust Frankie 1915 1983 s/w Thersa Gust Married 9/12/1938
Gust Gwendalyn R.   1/29/1940 Dau of F. & T. Gust
Gust Ina 1909 1934 "Sister"
Gust Lena Mae 1872 1929 s/w Frank M. Gust
Gust Thersa 1917 1989 s/w Frankie Gust Married 9/12/1938
Hagler Iva 6/21/1888 11/03/1888 Dau of G.E. & A. Hagler (Broken)
Hagler Jas C.   10/21/1881 Aged 9m 6d Son of J.B. & S.E. Hagler (Broken)
Hagler Olie M.   8/26/1831 Aged 1y 9m 23d (Broken)
Haley Eddy   5/02/1873 Son of J. & M. Haley
Hall Earnest E. 2/10/1885 12/18/1885 s/w Robert R. Hall and Elizabeth Hall Son of R.G. & S.B. Hall
Hall Elizabeth 1/07/1855 11/29/1930 s/w Robert R. Hall and Earnest E. Hall
Hall Robert R. 5/22/1856 7/13/1889 s/w Earnest E. Hall and Elizabeth Hall
Harris Annie 12/18/1862 11/03/1932  
Harshman Catharine 1/13/1820 12/18/1908 Wife of Jacob Harshman
Harshman Edward 3/15/1860 9/09/1928 Aged 68y
Harshman Elizabeth M. 8/11/1843 8/29/1905  
Harshman Emanuel W. 3/26/1852 12/02/1918  
Harshman Louie E. 10/10/1867 8/17/1917 Stone reads "HARSMAN" but in same plot with all "HARSHMAN"
Harshman Montgomery J. 11/05/1845 2/26/1908  
Hart George A. 10/10/1871 11/12/1873 Son of J.J. & Georgeanna Hart (Broken)
Hart Isaac H.   8/20/1873 Son of J.J. & Georgeanna Hart (Broken)
Hart John F. 11/15/1868 11/10/1875 Son of J.J. & Georgeanna Hart (Broken)
Hayes Sarah L. 6/02/1818 1/26/1898 Home At Last
Henry Effie B. 8/01/1880 12/22/1902  
Henry Mark W. 1884 1948  
Hicks Lucinda 2/16/1831 7/25/1901 Wife of M.C. Hicks "Mother"
Hicks M.C. 1/24/1822 2/09/1896  
Hicks S.C. 11/20/1849 9/29/1925  
Hisel Lizzie M.   9/28/1879 Aged 1y 1m Dau of J.R. & M.A. Hisel
Huckstep Armildia 9/15/1875 11/28/1889 Dau of W.D. & I.B. Huckstep
Huckstep Virgia L. 11/09/1888 1/08/1889 Dau of Wm. & P.E. Huckstep (Broken)
Hughs Geo. T. 4/11/1862 6/11/1891 Aged 28y 10m
Hughs James W. 5/13/1871 2/05/1895 Son of T.H. & Sarah Hughs
Kennedy Sarah N.   11/19/1878 Aged 60y 2m 18d Wife of W.A. Kennedy (Broken)
Kennedy W.A. 2/07/1817 2/05/1894 (Broken)
Kenworthy Louie     (Home Made/Broken)
Keys William H. 6/05/1888 10/21/1888 Son of E. & I. Keys (Broken)
Kline Anna 1947   Derfelt Funeral Home Marker
Kline Ester R. 12/01/1861 11/08/1916 s/w Simon P. Kline (Broken)
Kline Georgia 1923 1996 Derfelt Funeral Home Marker
Kline L. Dale 1915 1942  
Kline Melvin 1916 1996 Derfelt Funeral Home Marker
Kline Simon P. 5/18/1849 6/24/1927 s/w Ester R. Kline (Broken)
Layne Cary B. 11/02/1865 12/09/1870 s/w Marcus J. Layne Children of W.H. & E.M. Layne
Layne Marcus J. 8/27/1868 9/28/1870 s/w Cary B. Layne Children of W.H. & E.M. Layne
Lee Richard W. 12/11/1869 5/21/1916  
Lewis Infant   6/09/1913 Son of Harris & Grace Lewis
Lewis L.C.   9/15/1880 Aged 56y 9m
Liming Frank 9/2/1874 12/1924 h/o Grace
Liming Grace 06/13/1890 1/21/1966 w/o Frank
Liming Albert L. 12/12/1915 7/26/1983 Pvt. US Army WWII
Love Agnes 3/20/1863 4/01/1872 s/w Mattie Love Dau of R. & Mary A. Love
Love Mattie 2/05/1868 4/13/1872 s/w Agnes Love Dau of R. & Mary A. Love
Love Robert S.   2/03/1876 In His 52y MASON
Lynch A.   5/20/1895 Aged 84y 7m 1d
Lynch Phebe   2/15/1895 Aged 80y 10m 14d Wife of A. Lynch
Malocsay Edna Mile 1916 1936 Wife of Nelson Malocsay
Mason Jennie 8/09/1870 10/22/1870 Dau of J.A. & M.E. Mason (Broken)
Mason John A. 10/12/1844 11/03/1917 Co. F.47, Ill. V.I. GAR/IOOF/AOUW
Mason Margaret E. 1853 1892  
Mason Martha S. 2/23/1857 2/21/1940  
McDowell Archie H.   9/16/1876 Aged 5m 1d s/w William L. McDowell
McDowell Calvin C. (Dr.) 9/20/1820 10/25/1883  
McDowell Edgar   9/02/1862 Aged 7m Son of C.C. & N.A. McDowell (Broken)
McDowell James   9/17/1881 Aged 87y 8m 6d s/w Sophie McDowell
McDowell Sophie   8/22/1867 Aged 66y 10m 7d s/w James McDowell
McDowell William L.   9/02/1874 Aged 1m 6d s/w Archie H. McDowell
Meredith Emma C. 10/17/1873 8/22/1924 Wife of Sam Meredith
Meredith Essie May 10/23/1892 5/23/1916  
Meriwether Geof 3/06/1887 ??/28/1908  
Meriwether Lottie M. 2/15/1885 10/07/1893 Dau of E. & L.E. Meriwether
Miller Martha Ann 10/28/1827 7/01/1899  
Miller Nelson A. 5/20/1822 8/19/1896  
Montonya Clerabell 11/29/1877 7/12/1934  
Morrison Hugh S.   12/17/1875 In His 61 Year
Neil Herbert H.   10/19/1872 Aged 2y 17d s/w Lewis L. Neil Son of H. & E. Neil
Neil Lewis L.   9/23/1871 Aged 8m 27d s/w Herbert H. Neil Son of H. & E. Neil
Osborne Ethel L. 1890 1959 s/w James M. Osborne
Osborne James M. 1888 1964 s/w Ethel L. Osborne
Osborne James P. 1/31/1914 9/18/1914 Darling Baby
Osborne Pearl M. 9/15/1918 3/03/1919 Darling Baby
Perkins Willie 12/01/1891 8/30/1895 Son of Wm. & M.A. Perkins
Pike Ralph W. 5/13/1890 10/13/1892 Son of W.W. & Eva H. Pike
Prather Willard F.   10/28/1883 Aged 4y 3m 3d Son of J. & E.S. Prather
Preston Ellen 1845 1910 s/w J.S. Preston
Preston J.S. 1845 1916 s/w Ellen Preston
Preston James P. 2/15/1837 12/11/1888 Son of J.S. & E.K. Preston
Puckett Evealyn May 2/15/1917 1/24/1919 Dau of A.N. & Maggie Puckett
Puckett Harry George 1/26/1913 2/01/2002 Loving Brother (Stone is in wrong place. He is buried on N. side of Evealyn - stone to be moved
Randall Betty Alleen 9/17/1923 9/17/1923  
Randall C. Emmett 11/07/1884 4/23/1931  
Randall Clarence Everett 4/08/1919 10/1920  
Randall Mamie 1888 1962 Mother
Randall Mary Jaunita 10/18/1929 1/28/1931  
Randall Russel R. 11/27/1927 8/19/1970 Mo. S2 US Navy WWII
Rhea Flora   9/26/1875 Aged 1d s/w J. Thos. Rhea Children of J.H. & V.I. Rhea
Rhea J. Thos.   9/08/1877 Aged 9m 11d s/w Flora Rhea Children of J.H. & V.I. Rhea
Riker Fred C. 12/12/1894 12/13/1898 s/w Pearl S. Riker Children of J.F. & Hattie O. Riker
Riker Hattie 9/30/1869 12/18/1894  
Riker John F. 1860 1939  
Riker Pearl S. 10/10/1890 12/05/1898 s/w Fred C. Riker Children of J.F. & Hattie O. Riker
Sayer Gladys 10/29/1898 12/06/1898 s/w Hazel Sayer
Sayer Hazel 8/16/1895 7/15/1897 s/w Gladys Sayer
Sayer W.L. 12/22/1862 10/22/1922  
Shoemaker Willie 11/19/1887 10/23/1892 Son of John & L.M. Shoemaker
Short John F. 2/25/1826 8/09/1888 s/w Matilda Short
Short Matilda 1/09/1835 9/07/1882 s/w John F. Short Wife of John F. Short
Shultz Don 6/21/1916/ 8/27/1991 s/w Pauline Shutz
Shultz Mervin W. 4/27/1884 1/04/1919 IOOF
Shultz Pauline 9/12/1922 12/16/1974 s/w Don Shultz
Sigars George W. 3/27/1850 2/05/1873  
Sigars Jane F.     Wife of Lewis Sigars (Broken)
Sigars Lewis 2/26/1807 1/03/1879 (Broken)
Smith Martha J. 9/17/1826   s/w James D. Smith
Smith James D. 11/12/1820 5/15/1883 s/w Martha J. Smith
Smith Wm. E.   6/11/1869  
Smither Dora E.   6/29/1876 Aged 23y 6m 2d Wife of John M. Smither
Smither Sarah J.   8/19/1874 Aged 1y 8m 13d Dau of J.M. & D.E. Smither (Broken)
Smittle Elizabeth 6/27/1849 2/18/1908  
Smittle Green McConnell "Budd" 1875 11/19/1911 Children Helen, Ellen, Elza, Ezra Son of Joseph and Elizabeth MASON
Smittle Joseph 9/15/1849 3/09/1916  
Southard Ray 9/28/1889 2/17/1937 Hand Made
Sproul Addie 2/02/1871 10/07/1904 Married to G.W. Whitaker 7/09/1902
Sproul Birdie 10/01/1872 9/29/1910  
Sproul E.L. 1869 1926  
Sproul Horace M. 9/02/1881 9/09/1913  
Sproul John Q.A. 6/22/1843 9/07/1906 s/w Leann Sproul
Sproul Leann 9/12/1845 3/07/1889 s/w John Q.A. Sproul
Sproul Lorraine 11/29/1909 7/09/1910 Dau of S.C. & S.E. Sproul
Stater J. Henry 5/01/1828 8/08/1890  
Stroter Lula O. Mason 7/19/1894 6/29/1929 FAC
Suttee George D. 12/30/1888 3/28/1891 s/w Sashel A. Suttee Children of H.P. & M.E. Suttee
Suttee Martha E. 8/19/1868 2/22/1917 Wife of H.P. Suttee
Suttee Sashel A. 9/08/1890 12/25/1891 s/w George D. Suttee Children of H.P. & M.E. Suttee
Terhorst Aaron 12/26/1819 5/27/1893 Pvt. Co. B-35 Mo. V-I
Thipp Mike 1/01/1890 11/11/1980 "Grandad"
Thomas C.A. 1/07/1854 10/04/1921 Wife of C. W. Thomas
Thompson Francis A.   3/17/1881 Aged 26y 28d (Broken)
Thompson Ida May   11/16/1882 Aged 1y 2m 13d Dau of J.N. & M.E. Thompson (Broken)
Thompson James   8/13/1880 Aged 60y 10m 25d (Broken)
Thompson Jasper N. 1/31/1852 6/19/1917  
Thompson Louisa J.   5/12/1876 Aged 18y 9m 5d Dau of J. & R.A. Thompson (Broken)
Thompson Lucretia C.   5/17/1876 Aged 14y 4m 16d Dau of J. & R.A. Thompson (Broken)
Thompson Mary E. 1/04/1858 4/07/1921  
Thompson Nancy C.   5/15/1876 Aged 17y 2m 18d Dau of J. & R.A. Thompson (Broken)
Trevrer Violette   12/11/1888 Aged 1y 14d Dau of G.J. & E.O. Trevrer
Trotter David   2/17/1871 Aged 50y 8m
Trotter James 2/01/1850 7/22/1923  
Trotter Lou Maud   9/19/1877 Dau of J. & A. Trotter
Trotter Roy 2/28/1878 5/26/1917  
Truxal Benjamin F. 7/02/1846 3/31/1906  
Truxal Eli 2/27/1819 12/13/1893 (Broken)
Truxal Hannah   8/02/1885 Aged 61y 9m 1d (Broken)
Truxal Thomas H. 11/04/1857 6/27/1915  
Underwood Dollie Jaunita 2/05/1912   s/w Harold Robert Underwood
Underwood Harold Robert 2/09/1909 9/25/1983 s/w Dollie Jaunita Underwood
Varnum C.A. 10/22/1843 6/30/1883  
Watson Infant     Dau of Rev. & Mrs. J.J. Watson
Weaver Annie   3/04/1873 Aged 50y 9m 15d Wife of James M. Weaver (Broken)
Weaver Francis M.   12/21/1878 Son of J.M. & A. Weaver (Broken)
Weaver James M.   3/05/1872 Aged 49y 10m 20d (Broken)
Weider Patience   2/05/1874 Aged 69y 6m 22d
Wiggins Infant 8/19/1898 5/24/1899 s/w .Ledori T. Wiggins Son of H. & C.I. Wiggins
Wiggins Ledori 8/14/1892 10/11/1895 s/w Wiggins, Infant Dau of H. & C.I. Wiggins
Wilcoxen Alta L. 12/22/1882 8/??/???? s/w Ida L. Wilcoxen and Lelya Wilcoxen Children of John & Fannie Wilcoxen (Broken)
Wilcoxen Bazil 1813 5/04/1894 s/w Elizabeth Wilcoxen "Father" (Broken)
Wilcoxen Elizabeth 1823 8/05/1896 s/w Bazil Wilcoxen "Mother" (Broken)
Wilcoxen Ida L. 8/07/1879 8/30/1886 s/w Alta L. Wilcoxen and Lelya Wilcoxen Children of John & Fannie Wilcoxen (Broken)
Wilcoxen Lelya 11/13/1881   s/w Ida L. Wilcoxen and Alta L. Wilcoxen Children of John & Fannie Wilcoxen (Broken)
Williams Paul R. 2/07/1911 3/04/1917 Son of N.R. & S.E. Williams
Wooten Herman J. 3/04/1880 11/12/1881  
Wylie Malinda V.   1/02/188? Dau of C. & N.J. Wylie
Yandell Ida F.E.   11/30/1881 Aged 5y 6m s/w Mary D. Yandell
Yandell Mary D.   10/26/1881 Aged 1y 10n 15d s/w Ida F.E. Yandell
York Melissa I.   8/19/1875 Aged 5m 23d s/w Willie York Children of Payton & Emma York
York Willie   7/11/1875 Aged 3m 12d s/w Melissa I. York Children of Payton & Emma York
Zinn Harry D.   11/28/1877 Aged 11m 7d Son of D.W. & M.E. Zinn


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