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Evergreen Cemetery

Submitted & 2003 by: Marilyn Holzwarth

Amsberry Goldie Grace 25 December 1888 14-Apr-1941 s/o George W.Seitz d/o Floyd M. Amsberry & Rose E. COMER
Angell George Hinton 8-Jun-1940 8-Jun-1940 s/o Duane R. Angell & Mildred A. CULP
Antholz Dwaine Larry 6-Jul-1939 14-Jul-1939 s/o Duane R. Angell & Mildred A. CULP
Beeson Earl Foster 27 June 1893 5-May-1971 h/o Mary J. PENN Gladys E. WAGGONER s/o Samuel C. Beeson & Lydia STUCKEY
Beeson Homer Hatten 18 April 1888 6-Jan-1957 h/o Clara D. LAMB s/o Samuel C. Beeson & Lydia STUCKEY
Beeson Myrtle Yvonne 16-Aug-1911 30-Dec-1991 w/o Robert J. Howell d/o Homer H. H. Beeson & Clara D. LAMB
Beeson Samuel Corbin 18 March 1858 11-Mar-1954 h/o Lydia STUCKEY s/o Horton H. H. Beeson & Rachel HUNT
Beeson Sybil 19-Jan-1921 19-Jan-1921 d/o Homer H. Beeson & Clara D. LAMB
Bowers Gladys 29-Dec-1902 24-Jan-1908 d/o Homer S. Bowers & Alfretta M. HEATON
Bryant Nettie 22 February 1873 29 December 1890 d/o John S. Bryant & Mary Jane
Burkhart Suzanna 01 January 1847 24-Oct-1938 w/o Mr. Tate & Joel C. Pyle d/o Jacob Burkhart & Sarah A. WIGGINS
Burr Anna May 8-Dec-1909 8-Dec-1909 d/o William Burr & Laura E. FOE
Calkins Freeman 02 July 1812 17 July 1891 h/o Laura G. VEELEY s/o Simon Calkins & Joanne WRIGHT
Carlson Edla Christina 08 June 1859 2-Sep-1944 w/o Andrew Malm
Carr Twins 27 August 1891 27 August 1891 c/o Grove J. Carr & Clara M. SMITH
Compton Oliver Earl 10-Dec-1911 12-Feb-1912 s/o Seth Compton & Olive G. RICKARD
Compton Seth 17 April 1875 13-May-1961 h/o Olive G. RICKARD s/o Benjamin Compton & Margaret WALTHAL
Culp Winnie Irene 06 June 1904 4-Feb-1916 d/o George H. Culp & Laura B. LAMB
Culp George Hinton 16 September 1882 24-Dec-1936 h/o Laura B. LAMB s/o Montreville H. Culp & Jessie P. GIBBANY
Ekey Martha A. 13 March 1855 3-May-1933 w/o William L. Wade
Freed Elton Wayne 13-Dec-1928 21-Dec-1928 s/o W. A. Freed
Gilbert Ole Francis 28 October 1887 13 November 1898 s/o Andrew J. Gilbert & Sarah BEVERAGE
Hasher Edith P. 10 November 1852 12 August 1894 d/o John G. Hasher & Ann BEER
Hasher Ella Corine 03 December 1846 2-Jan-1912 w/o Edwin M. Phillips d/o John G. Hasher & Ann BEER
Hauger LizzieH. 20 July 1841 24 April 1893 w/o Daniel C. Clevenger d/o John G. Hasher & Ann BEER
Heaton Alfretta Maud 17 October 1870 12-Feb-1908 w/o Homer S. Bowers d/o Lucius R. Heaton & Nancy J. ROUSE
Heaton Lucius Robert 13 September 1827 13-Mar-1912 h/o Nancy J. ROUSE s/o Lewis Heaton & Sarah
Hill Nellie E. 4-Feb-1905 08 July 1886 d/o James Hill & Nancy J. ROUSE
Hilton Infant ? 27-Jul-1908  
Hilton Infant 1-Jul-1909 3-Jul-1909  
Howell Robert Jesse 26-May-1905 28-Aug-1986 h/o Myrtle Y. BEESON s/o Charles M. Howell & Laura E. WILLIAMS
Hunt Rachel 24 September 1838 3-Feb-1914 w/o Horton H. H. Beeson d/o Zeri Hunt & Betsy MOORMAN
Johnson Charles Ernest 15-Feb-1910 19-Feb-1914 s/o William T. Johnson & Florence E. CARTER
Joy Ethel May 24 June 1881 31-Oct-1936 w/o Frank M. Turley & Juineau L. Lamb
Lamb Asel 31-Mar-1905 5-Oct-2003 1917 s/o Juineau L. Lamb & Ora D. ROSS
Lamb Clara Dell 07 June 1887 5-May-1964 w/o Homer H. Beeson d/o William J. Lamb & Sarah E. TURLEY
Lamb Infant Daughter 04 August 1916 6-Aug-1916 d/o Charles J. Lamb & Sophie FISHER
Lamb Infant Son 5-Feb-1915 12-Feb-1915 s/o Charles J. Lamb & Sophie FISHER
Lamb Ira Elba 29 March 1892 22-Nov-1981 h/o Ida M. LEBOW s/o William J. Lamb & Sarah E. TURLEY
Lamb Laura Belle 10 August 1884 1-Nov-1969 w/o George H. Culp d/o William J. Lamb & Sarah E. TURLEY
Lamb William Jefferson 12 July 1848 7-Mar-1913 h/o Sarah E. TURLEY s/o Caleb Lamb & Lucinda OZMENT
Lambert Rayburn Stanley 18 April 1890 20 June 1890 s/o George M. Lambert & Harriet J. RAYBURN
Michael Elizabeth 15 November 1837 12-Dec-1910 w/o Sampson W. Turley
Miller Leanna June Laura 27-Feb-1926 7-Sep-1929 d/o Kenneth W. Miller & Gladys E. COMPTON
Nelson Chester C. 07 July 1889 02 June 1891 s/o William H. Nelson & Zoe E. SMITH
Pelstrom Emma Alberta 05 November 1887 26-Sep-1966 w/o Elza Rogers d/o Jonas Pelstrom & Cora C. LARSON
Penn Mary Jane 16 September 1891 27-Jan-1934 w/o Earl F. Beeson d/o Frank E. Penn & Clara A. MILLER
Perrine Bessie May 01 June 1888 07 October 1888 d/o William Perrine & Anna A. TOWNSEND
Pettit James Henry 12 August 1912 13-Oct-1975 h/o Rosie G. SEITZ s/o Ernest L. Pettit & Winniferd L. CHESLEY
Phillips Edith Irene 04 June 1887 21 August 1889 d/o Edwin M. Phillips & Ella C. HASHER
Phillips Edwin Miles 02 July 1843 25-Aug-1912 h/o Ella C. HASHER
Pyle Emory E. September 1889 25-Nov-1924 h/o Willie B. MATTHEWS s/o Joel/Joseph C. Pyle & Suzanna BURKHART
Pyle George William 25 April 1885 9-Jan-1943 h/o Mary E. KOHLER & Viola ___ s/o Joel/Joseph C. Pyle & Suzanna BURKHART
Pyle Joel/Joseph C. 13 March 1855 4-May-1913 h/o Suzanna BURKHART s/o Joal/Joel C. Pyle & Mary A. LIVINGSTON
Pyle Norval   no dates s/o Joel/Joseph C. Pyle & Suzanna BURKHART
Reynolds Infant Daughter April 1890 27 August 1890 d/o George W. Reynolds & Cora E. HEATON
Rickard Olive Gertrude 25 October 1875 12-Oct-1941 w/o Seth Compton d/o Lewis Rickard & Maria A. FELLOWS
Rogers Elza 21 August 1879 6-Jul-1932 h/o Emma A. PELSTOM s/o Byron Rogers
Rogers Isaac 28 August 1847 30-Jun-1915
Rogers Mae Luella 25 March 1925 21-Apr-1925 d/o Elza Rogers & Emma A. PELSTROM
Rouse Elizabeth J. 02 April 1824 20-Apr-1901 w/o Mr. Harvey d/o James Rouse & Helen TEMPLE
Rouse Nancy Jane 24 January 1832 4-Oct-2019 w/o James Hill & Lucius R. Heaton d/o James Rouse & Helen TEMPLE
Seitz George William 16 June 1867 5-Jul-1942 h/o Jennette E. SMITH Jessie L. LIEVALLEN Goldie G. AMSBERRY s/o John A. Seitz & Esther M. WALTERS
Seitz Rosie Grace 16-Jun-1913 9-Jun-1962 w/o James H. Pettit d/o George W. Seitz & Goldie G. AMSBERRY
Snavely Ina Ethe l 22 April 1895 03 April 1896 d/o John M. Snavely & Sarah P. SNAVELY
Snavely Infant   no dates c/o John M. Snavely & Sarah P. SNAVELY
Snavely John M.     Stone at Evergreen buried Benkelman Nebraska
Snavely Sarah Perlina 03 May 1854 12-Feb-1931 w/o John Enfield Albert Beaver & John M. Snavely d/o David Snavely & Elizabeth PIERCE
Steele William Owen Billie 25 January 1933 2-Feb-1933 s/o John C. Steele & Amy C. BARCLAY
Stuckey Lydia 02 March 1868 26-Feb-1924 w/o Samuel C. Beeson d/o Christopher Stuckey & Mary WENGER
Townsend George Washington 1830/33 19-Nov-1912 h/o Sarah HARPER s/o Nathan Townsend & Nancy WILLIAMS
Turley Frank M. Thomas 06 May 1875 26-Mar-1954 h/o Ethel M. JOY s/o Sampson W. Turley & Elizabeth MICHAEL
Turley Sampson William 12 November 1830 20-Oct-1909 h/o Elizabeth MICHAEL s/o William Turley & Elizabeth
Turley Sarah Elizabeth 09 July 1855 5-Jan-1938 d/o William J. Lamb d/o Sampson W. Turley & Elizabeth MICHAEL
Waggoner Gladys E. 28 November 1898 1-Mar-1972 w/o Earl F. Beeson d/o Cloyd R. Waggoner & Etta J. SALMON
Watts Harvey Oakley Okie 04 August 1892 06 May 1894 s/o John M. Watts & Ida M. GILBERT
Watt Lula Elizabeth 1893 bef 1900 bef 1900 d/o Charlie Watt & Ida M. NEFF
Watts Viola Pearl March 1890 08 May 1894 d/o John M. Watts & Ida M. GILBERT
Wiggins Marie 1899 30-Mar-1908 d/o Wise Wiggins & Ida


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