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Jaqua Cemetery

Submitted & 2003 by: Marilyn Holzwarth

Andrews Hugh Johnson 15 July 1845 25-Sep-1928 h/o Minnie McQUARTER & Lydia JARUCHER s/o Christian C. Andrews & Susan L. MARSELLUS
Andrus Asahel 17-Jan-1905 November 1915 h/o Clara BLISS s/o Mr. Andrus and A. OMSTEAD
Andrus Horace 6-Jan-1905 January 1909 s/o Mr. Andrus & A. OMSTEAD
Armitage Joseph Boden 29 March 1850 27-Jul-1936 h/o Francis J. FLEEK Catherine M. E. MILLER & Margery B. COCHRAN s/o George Armitage & Sarah BOWDEN
Bliss Clara 27 August 1847 20-Apr-1930 w/o Asahel Andrus
Briney Katie M. 20 April 1893 10-Jan-1914 w/o Hugh V. H. Crites d/o Milton C. Briggs & Matilda GRAHAM
Brooks Thomas G. 02 October 1846 30-Jun-1915 h/o Hattie A. DUTCHER s/o Joseph Brooks & Mary GIBSON
Brown John Hiram 12 October 1875 20-Jul-1914 h/o Sarah THOMAS s/o John B. Brown & Lucinda GREGORY
Browning Son   no dates s/o Edward Browning & Elsie M. BRIGHAM
Cammack Minnie Belle 17-Feb-1905 30 October 1896 w/o Frank M. Spaulding d/o James J. Cammack & Martha M. J. HULL
Chadsey Lydia Ann 09 April 1847 5-Apr-1915 w/o Peter Helton
Chaffee Ira E. Rubin 08 August 1883 11-Sep-1906 h/o Elsie M. WITHAM s/o Edmond E. Chaffee & Annie A. FULLER
Chance Jehue Foster "John" 23 September 1861 17-Apr-1946 h/o Lucinda M. SMITH s/o Pleasant Chance & Ruth FINCH
Chaplin Adaline Addie 14 April 1871 23-Jul-1902 w/o Thomas Triplett d/o Gideon Chaplin & Susan W. HAINLINE
Chaplin Dexter C. 05 July 1854 24-Sep-1917 s/o Gideon Chaplin & Susan W. HAINLINE
Chaplin John H. 02 January 1853 4-Apr-1916 s/o Gideon Chaplin & Susan W. HAINLINE
Chapman Joseph D. 25 June 1858 5-Jun-1913 s/o Gideon Chaplin & Susan W. HAINLINE
Cody Mabel Edna 15 April 1884 1-Jan-1900 d/o James W. Cody & Delecta M. SUTTON
Collins Edward Monroe 08 February 1854 26-Jul-1923 h/o Eugenia S. FILE s/o James S. Collins & Susan HOWE
Crites Oscar Leland 23 August 1891 7-Apr-1910 s/o Charles W. Crites & Lucy A. ANDREWS
Davis Infant Son 13 February 1939 13-Feb-1939 s/o Grant W. Davis & Lucille E. EAKES
Dutcher Hattie A. 23-Jan-1905 1-Apr-1922 w/o Thomas G. Brooks
Enes Nellie Arvilla 14 February 1895 29-Mar-1918 d/o William G. Enes & Margaret J. RYTHER
Enes William George 28 April 1846 1-Apr-1913 h/o Margaret J. RYTHER s/o William Enes & Matilda J. FRENCH
Evans Lydia Emma 22 February 1834 24-Feb-1911 w/o George A. Spaulding
File Eugenia S. 24 August 1857 26-Mar-1927 w/o Edward M. Collins d/o William File
Fuller Eliza Ann May 1855/56 18-Jul-1938 w/o Ira N. Harbison
Giffin Lulu G. 05 September 1876 30 April 1899 w/o Ellis W. Pratt d/o Abele H. L. Giffin & Eliza J. ANTHONY
Hadley Flossie 24 March 1887 15 June 1887 d/o George A. Hadley & Anna K. ELROD
Hainline Susan W. 11 September 1828 10-Jun-1914 w/o Gideon Chaplin d/o John S. Hainline & Mary P. DEVERRE
Harbison Ira Newton 17 February 1853 1-Feb-1935 h/o Eliza F. FULLER
Hayward Electa 06 August 1841 29-Sep-1919 w/o Richard Tinkum & George Spaun d/o Lewis Hayward & Nancy SLOAN
Hayward Lewis 19 November 1843 25-Mar-1911 h/o Rachel A. NICKERSON & Mary NICKERSON s/o Lewis Hayward & Nancy SLOAN
Hayward Lucy Bell 23 April 1911 5-Aug-1916 d/o Albert B. Hayward & Kittie A. VAN PELT
Hayward Sarinda 13 May 1827 30 March 191 1 w/o Jeremiah M. Williams & Josephus J. Spaun d/o Lewis Hayward & Nancy SLOAN
Helton Peter 14 January 1835 30-Jan-1907 h/o Sarah A. CARTER & Lydia A. CHADSEY s/o William Helton & Margaret ENGLE
Hull two children ? 1890/91 c/o Alex&er Hughes
Jarucher Lydia 12-May-1902 28-Jun-1920 w/o Hugh J. Andrews
Johnson Bertha May 01 June 1881 10 December 1895 d/o John P. Johnson & Augustina J. OLSON
Johnson Veda Augusta 16-Mar-1905 16-Mar-1905 d/o John P. Johnson & Augustina J. OLSON
Kennedy Floyd B. 5-Mar-1905 07 February 1896 s/o George S. Kennedy & Laura C. BLAKE
Liming Elsie Fay 28-Jun-1903 19-Feb-1906 d/o Chilton A. Liming & Alvena C. DAU
Loyd Betty 3-Nov-1931 3-Nov-1931 d/o Dick E. Loyd & Sally WHITE
Loyd Infant Daughter 12-Apr-1905 12-Apr-1905 d/o Roy Loyd & Iva WHITE
Loyd Infant Daughter 25-Jan-1935 25-Jan-1935 d/o Roy L. Loyd & Iva WHITE
Loyd Infant Son 20-Apr-1933 21-Apr-1933 s/o Roy Loyd & Iva WHITE
McGlothlin Child ? March 1890 c/o Mr. McGlothlin & Ida ___
Miller Mary E. 23-Jan-1905 16-Jul-1907 w/o Joseph B. Armitage
Moore Wilbur A. 04 October 1892 13 August 1893 s/o Joseph M. Moore & Mary E. MILLER
Powell Floyd Hollis 22 June 1904 4-Oct-1904 s/o Jasper W. Powell & Emma SPAULDING
Powell Frank Bentley 27 November 1890 27 July 1897 s/o Jasper W. Powell & Emma SPAULDING
Powell Infant Daughter 1-Aug-1913 0-Jan-1900 d/o Jasper W. Powell & Jennie J. SCARROW
Powell Jasper William 07 June 1864 28-Jan-1927 h/o Emma SPAULDING & Jennie J. SCARROW
Powell Myrtle May 22 June 1904 1-Oct-1905 d/o Jasper W. Powell & Emma SPAULDING
Pratt Infant Daughter 17-Mar-1905 2-Oct-1906 d/o Roy Pratt
Ryther Margaret Jennie 27 August 1853 24-Mar-1915 w/o William G. Enes d/o James Ryther & Isabella CALDWELL
Schwerly Eant July 1907 3-Oct-1907  
Sellin John ? 08 June 1887 h/o Louise L. VORDENSTRASSE
Smith Lucinda M. 23 November 1863 27-Dec-1930 w/o Jehue F. Chance
Sparks Eugene V. 23 March 1855 3-May-1913 h/o Grace GLOVER
Spaulding Emma 23 March 1872 3-Jul-1904 w/o Jasper W. Powell d/o George A. Spaulding & Lydia E. EVANS
Spalding George A. 14 June 1829 20 April 1896 h/o Lydia E. EVANS s/o Harry Spalding & Olive REYNOLDS
Stonebraker Sebastian 1-Jan-1905 09 May 1894 h/o Mary E.
Trusdale George 8-Feb-1905 25-Mar-1917  
Van Pelt Kittie Arminta 08 September 1876 17-Jul-1933 w/o Albert B. Hayward
Walin James Sanford 18 November 1864 07 November 1898 h/o Jennie J. NEALLEY
Walin Tracy 02 November 1891 8-Sep-1909 s/o James S. Walin & Jennie J. NEALLEY
Whitmarsh Mary E. 13 November 1859 1-Nov-1923 w/o Albert B. Williams
Williams Albert B. Ab 25 August 1853 18-Jun-1947 h/o Mary E. WHITMARSH s/o Jeremiah M. Williams & Sarinda HAYWARD
Wilson Lorence Arthur 28 September 1905 18-Apr-1906 s/o Leon J. Wilson & Myrtle M. CRITES
Wilson Lyle 24 December 1906 24-Dec-1906 s/o Leon J. Wilson & Myrtle M. CRITES
Wilson Mary Mae E. 26 December 1870 31-Jan-1904 w/o David P. Andrews
Wishon Philip 3-Feb-1905 26 May 1889 h/o Sylvania B. ANDREWS


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