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Labette County, KS

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Jerry Adamson.
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Photos & Information submitted & © 2004 by Debbie Poelma

Located 4.7 miles down KIOWA from 14000 Rd. I also measured it from the road that goes to Parsons from Altamont. If you turn on 18000 rd, you will travel 3.9 miles to a concrete viaduct. Cross it and turn on Kiowa. The cemetery is 1.3 miles down that road (I think....). When you see a mailbox on the right that says "18035" SLOW DOWN and look will BARELY see the top of Silas and Mary's Rich's headstone

Labette Co. Map

Submitted by:
Debbie Poelma

Grave Location Number - GLN
    Name Date of Birth Date of Death Other Inscriptions Notes GLN
PHOTO ABEL William J   November 5, 1876 Age 42 yr 2mo 3 da This stone has broken and has been relocated to against a tree. Location #18 is a base missing its stone-possibly the correct location of this person. Stone now is very hard to read. 11
PHOTO ALSBAUGH John T   November 19, 1873 Age 27 yr   12
PHOTO BARNES Franklin P June 6, 1892 November 11, 1954 Kansas, Cox US Navy, World War I This is the newest burial with a stone at this time. 2
PHOTO BARNES           3
PHOTO BODENHAMER Jessie A. 1893 1898   Stones placed indicating single grave site,however Fannie  F Watson’s stone is inside perimeter of site. 9
PHOTO COOPER           4
PHOTO GARDNER Eneas Wise June 15, 1891 August 29, 1893 Son of HJ and EW Gardner   5
PHOTO HOLLINGSWORTH Lillie Belle   August 21, 1898 Age 1 yr 8mon, daughter of T and NE Erosion has taken most of the lettering away. She is buried outside large square of rocks, indicating a family plot. 14
PHOTO KNIGHT Unknown   June 24, 1877 2 yrs 10 1da This stone wasn’t previously recorded. Other reading says “children of _ and MJ Knight 17
PHOTO KNIGHT Unknown   __, _1,1877 Age 7 yrs 8 mo 18 days   17
PHOTO RICH Silas 1842 1918   This stone is one a large square cement plot, indicating a family plot. 7
PHOTO RICH Mary 1832 1913 His wife   7
PHOTO Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown None This rock was located as I was leaving. With the cemetery so grassy, it seems that this could be a possible marker. 1
PHOTO Unknown Lee Unknown Unknown   Stone broken only showing the LEE name in capital letters, possible SURNAME 8
PHOTO Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown This is a marker placed against a tree. 10
PHOTO Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Tombstone base only within large square of rocks, indicating family plot. 15
PHOTO Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Obvious stone too eroded to read. Located within a large square of rocks, indicating a family plot.  16
PHOTO Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown See Comments on William J Abel, Marker #11. 18
PHOTO WATSON Fanny F February 10, 1858 January 20, 1877 Wife of George This stone is in risk of being lost. The top part of it has been relocated to the grave of Jessie Bodenhamer. 6
PHOTO WILLIAMS Mary Lueally February 21, 1870 February 10, 1874 Daughter of Alexander and Sarah   13

Other notes:
Obituary and Death Certificate of Mary Louisa Padget Daniel (b November 12, 1866) indicate that Mary was buried at Wilsonton, KS October 15, 1939 after her death on Oct 11 in Commerce, OK. Family interviews with her daughter-in-law place Mary being to the right of the stone marked “Cooper” (#4). Her husband James Presley Daniel, and infant children Bertha, Merley and Mable are rumored to be there as well, but documented evidence has not been located to prove this as of May 26, 2004. As of June 25, 2004, other members present at the funeral deny this location as Mary Louisa Daniel’s final resting location.

Eleanor B Wilson, founder of Wilsonton, created the town in memory of her husband Augustus Wilson. Is located on the line of the Parsons & Pacific Ry., on sections 16 and 17, in Labette township. It was surveyed in August, 1887. The first store was started in the spring of 1888, by Samuel Jameston. Mrs. Ella B. Wilson is proprietor of the town, and has devoted much energy to its development and upbuilding.
Newspapers: THE WILSONTON JOURNAL was started at Wilsonton, May 1, 1888, by Mrs. Ella B. Wilson, since which time she has continued to conduct it as editor and proprietor. It was published monthly. THE WHITE BANNER, which was first published on a farm far a time, was published in Wilsonton from July 1894 to June 1895 when it was removed to Altamont, where it has since remained.
Church: The CHURCH OF WILSONTON announced its organization on the plan of the apostles, and of having one church in the town of Wilsonton. The first meeting looking toward its organization was held October 27, 1889, in the hall at Wilsonton. Rev. George E. Thrall was elected chairman and Mrs. Ella B. Wilson, secretary. A constitution was adopted and officers elected.
Post Office: Surveyed in August, 1887 for Wilsonton Post Office created in September 1877. John J. Melick first Postmaster. Store: The first store was started in the spring of 1888 by Samuel Jameston. Eventually there were two stores in Wilsonton.
Population: Reported to be never be over 30 or 35 people. Railroad Depot: On October 18, land in Wilsonton was transferred to the Kansas City and Pacific Railroad for $5,491.30. Houses: There were four or five homes in Wilsonton at its peak. In February 1912, Mrs. Wilson was declared insane, and consequently lost her land except for the townsite, amounting to around 40 acres.

Documented by Debbie Daniel Poelma, May 21, 2004. Using previous recorded documents, and photos.

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