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1897 Reported Deaths
Clay Co., Kansas

Death records for 1897 including a few from 1896 and 1898.

Name of Deceased  Age Date of Death Marital Status Place of Death Cause of Death
Austin, Ralph E. 10 12-10-1896 Single Vining Diphtheria
Haynes, Mary A. 61 12-30-1896 Married Vining Gastritis/peritonitis
Swenson, Olga 6 1-28-1897 Single Clay Center Pneumonia
Curtis, Female 65 2-5-1897 Widow Clay Center Heart failure
Blein, Henry G.      2y2m 1-22-1897 Single Sherman Twp. Not given
Douns, Catherine          5m 1-22-1897 Single Green Bronchitis/Meningitis
Whit, Philip 1-31-1897 Married May Day Dropsy
Hacker, J. A. 84 12-12-1896 Married Old age
Girrard, Mary 28 2-12-1897 Married Mulberry Twp. Septicemia
Hoffman, Fred 59 3-2-1897 Single Highland Twp. Tuberculosis
Yarrow, Eunice 65 3-9-1897 Married Clay Center Pluerisy/Pneumonia
Johanson, Selma 21 2/6/1897 Single Garfield Twp. Pulmonary pneumonia
Blane, George W. 77 2/25/1897 Widower Clay Center Twp. Influenza/old age
Ridgeway, G. 6 2-13-1897 Single May Day Membraneous croup
Sweet, Mari 64 2-23-1897 Married Sherman Twp. Angina pectoris
Graves, Mary 86 2-7-1897 Widow Broughton Pneumonia
Martin, Lewis 86 3-12-1897 Widower Clay Center
Harris, James R.      1y3m 1-2-1897 Single Morganville Lung fever
Wilson, James R.  67y10m 2-8-1897 Married Clay Center
Lockhart, Samuel 42 1-9-1897 Married Exeter Twp. Pneumonia
Alstrum, Bedy      7y3m 1-10-1897 Single Garfield Twp. Drowning
Smith, Alex 14 1-11-1897 Single Exeter Twp. Appendicitis
Cook, Emma M.          '5d 2-8-1897 Single Morganville Lung fever
Taylor, Mary* 53 2-15-1897 Married Clay Center Consumption
Sherbert, Howard 6y2m15d 2-16-1897 Single Grant Twp. Appendicitis
Maynes, C. W.    2m27d 2-24-1897 Single Clay Center Pneumonia
O'Harro, Peter 97 2-27-1897 Widower Bloom Twp. General decline
Huntress, ---------- 42 3-7-1897 Married Minneapolis, MN Cancer
Moon, Mrs. M. J. 67 3-19-1897 Paralysis
Stratton, --. L. 57 3-21-1897 Married Blaine Twp. Bronchial asthma
Shaw, Edith      2y2m 4-7-1897 Single Grant Twp.
Smith. Louisa 57 4-8-1897 Married Broughton
Thornton, James M. 43 3-30-1897 Married Clay Center
Flenniken, J. C. 77 4-3-1897 Married Clay Center
Belknap, Alice 4-10-1897 Married Idana
Kirchner, Louisa 72 4-11-1897 Married Bloom Twp. Dropsy
Olson, female          6d 4-19-1897 Single Hayes Twp.
Everett, Oliver R.      6y6m 4-23-1897 Single Agenda KS Catarrhal fever
Swanberg, Olive 4 4-25-1897 Single Hayes Twp. Pneumonia
Logan Isaac 67 5-2-1897 Married Clay Center
Flemmiken, Caroline 71 5-3-1897 Widow Clay Center Heart failure
Nicols, Daniel 60 5-7-1897 Married Idana Softening of the brain
Long, Amy      9m7d 5-10-1897 Single Clay Center Gastritis
Samuelson, Sarah G. 56 5-11-1897 Married Morganville Cancer of the stomach
Wylie, Cora 28 5-13-1897 Married Bloom Twp. Pneumonia
Williams, Carrie 34 5-20-1897 Married Leonardville Septic pneumonia
Hall, Lucy A.    '44y9m 5-25-1897 Married Clay Center Abumeuna
Lower, Lillian M. 25 5-27-1897 Married Clay Center Consumption
Regester,  female      1y6m 5-29-1897 Single Clay Center Summer complaint
Sjoblom, Andrew 30 6-8-1897 Married Clay Center
Senn, Lydia 21 6-6-1897 Single Lasita KS
Webber, Earl          9m 6-19-1897 Single Clay Center Whooping cough
Dittmar, Albert     1m14d 6-25-1897 Single Idana Whooping cough
Babman. Minerva 75 6-20-1897 Married Clifton Insulation
Baker, Preston 1 4-11-1897 Single Sheridan Twp.(?) Pneumonia
McCaddon, Earl         6m 5-6-1897 Single Mulberry Twp. Pneumonia
Schlecht, Catharine 56 6-10-1897 Married Industry Enteritis
Matison, E. U.        10m 7-2-1897 Single Clay Center Summer complaint
Stratton, infant male 7-2-1897 Single Clay Center Stillborn
Roberts, Paul 82 7-4-1897 Widower Green Heart failure/old age
McCully, Marjorie 1 7-6-1897 Single Clay Center Cholera infantum
Price, Minnie         2m 7-5-1897 Single Clay Center Consumption
Bower, D. F. 46 7-9-1897 Married Clay Center Consumption
Carlson, Walfred 2 7-17-1897 Single Clay Center Strangulation
Mayos, Harry    13y3m 7-19-1897 Single Clay Center Malarial fever
Gamber, Frank 45 7-17-1897 Single Oak Hill Hemorrhage of brain
Cutting, infant male          6d 7-19-1897 Single Green Unknown
Ehrsam, Marie 61 7-25-1897 Married Clay Center Typhoid malarial fever
Young, Joseph 78 7-21-1897 Widower Clifton Consumption
Sutton, William 77 7-22-1897 Widower Oak Hill Oak Hill
Palmateer, Lottie 28 7-24-1897 Married Green Consumption
Haymond, Charley 28 7-26-1897 Single Clay Center Acute nephritis
Peterson, Ellen 15 7-27-1897 Single Clay County Peritonitis
Carr, Julius* 15 7-27-1897 Single Clay Center Consumption
Olander, infant          3d 7-30-1897 Single Clay County
Need, Jacob 79 7-31-1897 Widower State asylum Unknown
Lake, Addie 20 8-24-1897 Single Oak Hill Consumption
Milligan, Esther      2y6m 8-5-1897 Single Blaine Twp. Cholera infantum
Thompson, F. S. 46 8-14-1897 Married Morganville Fever
Stewart, Hugh         9m 8-12-1897 Single Oak Hill Cholera infantum
Buttler, Anna 25 8-27-1897 Single Clay Center Apoplexy
Williams, infant of S.         5m 8-15-1897 Single Grant Twp.
Price, Martha   30y10m 8-16-1897 Married Clay Center Twp. Consumption
Troxel, Abraham 43 8-29-1897 Married Exeter Twp. Malarial kidney disease
Kay, John    65y6m 9-7-1897 Married Clay Center Heart failure
Nelson, Oscar 2 9-2-1897 Single Clay Center Congestion of brain
Newell, Mrs. E. W. 9-4-1897 Married Clay Center Cancer
Armstrong, Ellsworth         4m 9-6-1897 Single Clay Center
Hoover, David    77y7m 9-7-1897 Married Clay Center Gravel (?)
Hills, Henry 56 9-10-1897 Married Exeter Twp. Rhumatism
Kulp, Jennie 26 9-21-1897 Married Clay Center Typhoid fever
Whemhoff, infant Single Clay Center Stillborn
Achenbach, Royal C.    18y7m 9-23-1897 Single Clay Center Accidental shooting
Mooney, George E. 42 9-25-1897 Married Garfield Twp. Typhoid malaria
Pattison, M. (male) 51 7-6-1897 Married Clay Center Bright's disease
Menan, infant male       14m 7-24-1897 Single Clifton Summer complaint
Sagen, infant male 1 7-28-1897 Single Vining Summer complaint
Brooks, Otis 35 Married Mulberry Twp. Nervous prostration
Lewis, Rebecca 47 4-29-1897 Married Gill Twp. Congestion of liver
Steppe, infant male          4d 6-30-1897 Single Republican Twp. Convulsions
Show, Jacob 73 7-3-1897 Married Republican Twp. Bright's disease
Carlson, Frank 4-11-1897 Married Clay Center Twp. Pneumonia
Locke, L. M. (female) 39 3-29-1897 Married Blaine Twp. Pneumonia
Pitts, Zephania 84 7-22-1897 Married Clifton Rhumatism, cardiac dropsy
and Bright's disease
Chapman, infant of A.G. 10-7-1897 Single Idana Stillborn
Salter, Edwina A.    45y6m 10-8-1897 Married Clay Center Consumption
Hoffman, David 65 10-15-1897 Married Green Heart failure
Ruhle, Carl 10-15-1897 Single Clay Center Suicide by shooting
Linquist, Annie E. 34 10-17-1897 Married Garfield Twp. Cancer
Burns, James 79 10-18-1897 Married Clay Center General disability
Winkler, Herman 27 10-18=1897 Single Clay Center Suicide by hanging
Starr, Mrs. N. A. 72 10-19-1897 Married Clay Center Bronchitis
Greene, Francis 73 10-26-1897 Widowed Clay Center Jaundice
Mitchell, Sarah E. 51 10-28-1897 Married Hayes Twp. Dysentery
Von Tungeln, Ernst 6 2-23-1897 Single Morganville Influenza/inflammation of
Messmore, Flora Dot   16y10m 7-9-1897 Single Clifton Typhoid fever
Feldtman, Carl 3 9-29-1897 Single Morganville Accidental scalding
Brill, John 18 11-7-1897 Single Bloom  Twp. Appendicitis
Nelson, Johanna 52 11-12-1897 Married Clay Center Consumption
Lair, Alice 35 11-16-1897 Married Clay Center General disabilty
Stilson, E. M. 23 11-19-1897 4m SE Ames, KS Consumption
Butler, A. C. 76 11-27-1897 Married Exeter Twp.
Clark, Margaret 83 11-22-1897 Married Fancy Creek Pneumonia
Walton, Eliza J. 51 11-24-1897 Married Clay Center Diabetes
Edmunds, E. (female) 87 11-25-1897 near Clifton Old age
McAlister, Albert 25 11-25-1897 Single Clay Center Chronic malaria
Brees, Zenia 16 11-28-1895 Single Alert KS
Isner,  James 35 11-29-1897 Single County poor farm Epilepsy
Dunham, C. P. 79 11-4-1897 Married Clay Center Inflammation of bowels
Ryerson, Amos R. 80 12-2-1897 Married Clay Center General disabilty
Deal, H. H. 26 12-8-1897 Single Clay Center Suicide by shooting
Brooks, George* 66 12-14-1897 Married Clay Center Cramp colic
Kline, Mary J. 67 12-17-1897 Widow Athelstane Twp. Heart trouble
Thompson, Clark 27 12-23-1897 Married Clay Center Hemorrhage of lungs
Larson, Jonas 64 12-24-1897 Garfield Twp. Consumption
Gifford, C. M. 81 12-28-1897 Milford
Boughton, infant    1m15d 1-3-1898 Single Clay Center
Chestnut, John 42 1-6-1898 Married Exeter Twp. Accident
*race given as "Black"